I have already heard the "Peggy Deven...

I have already heard the "Peggy Deveney" saga in this..

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Mar 31, 2013
I lived in her house for a few short months and while there i kept my end of the deal..That Peggy herself knew all laong was short term..and her sudden she needs us to move out ..is the cover for Aftin was going to pull on us for the Sandyhook "line up" move to our newtown off it all..and the str4ess those two created on a lot of leople though all of it to get it all into place..for peggys NATIONAL GRID set her up claims on my mothers 9-12 fall date..for not paying her bill all summer..

It was obvious to me that the issue they were trying to mentally creta eta me was how her brother my durrent boyfriend and YES JUDITH DEVENEY"s estranged husband..was being played as the one who was "involved" in all of this..

That BAD side story plan goes like this..He hooked up with me for "protection" according to bad scumbags and i with him off being homeless..as it was forced upon me on 3-19-12(his daughters BIRTHDAY clue that is now the JOHN NY issue 'encrypted" in all of this from 'JUDITH"S missing dogs to the JOHN Barbershop in HERKIMER..her husband JOHN is miitary active also like Aftin Deveney)

I kinda blew my boufriend off at first I was under a lot of stress..I told him why.. He was patient and told me his stresses.. it kind of all worked out off that..The image BAD SIDE presented is I am only with for a place to live etc(That would look obvious)..Well he did not provide that in 2012 and he knew my entire situation..until Peggy Deveney's -she agreed to it. she was living out of state and her and needed some big improvement..He was NOT supposed to be there..BUT "JUDITH DEVENEY" set him up off the barn burglary for it..To get him Peggy's for the National Grid use of him there..This was a week after I moved in there..So National Grid set Peggy up on 9-12..ok ya right..Off how his own nephew moved in the area where he lived and then his barn got robbed..ect. Things were being pushed on us into place for the ROGUE planned set up on him..He was NOT supposed to be there and was making plans for JUDIH to leave just as she claimed she was..and on 9-6 after a whole summer of him being with me.."JUDITH" decides to run her scorned woman image off it..it was part of ther overall plans..from there NYS officer L Jesse set him off more of "JUDITH"S bullshit..that was dismissed after a trial..all part of the plan to run him down financially also..nickel less. From there "JUDITH" let the DOGS out in March..JOHN NY is still missing..

Peggy and Aftin Deveney had a plan fo their own..i would meet Aftin and then she arrived on 10-25 my mothers birthday off a fight that got her boyfriend arrested and week later fired from his job.. he assualted his own father off an argument she started with his mother..BUT Aftin tells a "reverse" story version of it all..Then she started unknown to me her chit at her mothers house with my boyfriend...Then she started chit with me..over concern for the upkeep of that dump..that I worked hard on while there..I have many photos of that home..many. Taken while they BOTG lived there also..

Peggy knew the "profile" on her brother in all of this ..The ROGUE set up plan..She alsoi knows the story behind how her mother had a stroke and died on THANKSGIVING 3 years ago..the TIME FRAME Peggy was to start her chit on us..and DID..ROB her soon to be ex boyfriend was her cover for that..He'll say what she tells ROB to say or what scumbags will tell him to cover her..PEGGY had already said it in MY earshot..She can bullshit anyone else as much as she wants...

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Mar 31, 2013
Now remember tough all of thsi there was BAD scumbags sent to opush issues out side the windows..So Aftin and Peggy could claim having a cover..and these scumbags were like other deadly one nonstop..the told Aftin comply(she already knew the plan) and her boyfriend would get his job back..things like tha ..she pushed the issue on him also..He did not want to be involed..She already caused some major issues on him and his family with the law..That is how she worked her way to her mothers home on 10-25..my mothers birthday..Aftin had told me some of the mean things she had said to his mother previously..She was out of line with herself..AFTIN IS LIKE THAT A KNOW IT ALL..that lives with momma.

Peggy had begun in my eashot conversations with Aftin about her bother my boyfriend...they stood near the stairs to do it.."Lori" Peggy claimed told her "They said he (borther) as involved in this"..That could be from 2006..at BIRDSEYE or a blame it on scumbags now that that it's in motion..it was Loris son JARROD who si the issue of the barn burglary..That "JUDITH has BIG plans of of using as a scapegoat..Either JARROD did it all I doubt) or was the petty theif pawn though it all off his other issues..A "perfect" choice for a cover..JUDITH would NOT let her husband in there to remove items she lied to police about owership on and got herself arrested also for it(scorend woman sympathy cover...like missing dogs now)..BUT..made it clear she was going to target "JARROD" for all of it later..Yes JARROD ripped off some and his mother IS maing a fool of herself..BUT the BIG items seem to have vanished..no record they existed..That was "JUDITHS" doings..Her busband took pics of my stuff while she as threatening to "YOU"RE FUCKING DEAD" at him..Cuz sh JUST GOT WHAT I WANTED"..Police were not even there yet..?
.and her husband never gave consideration to his own documentation...He knew he had not pushed her..BUT he does no react well in situations like that..He did not even realize the value of the audio he had..He showed at my door upset etc..and YES that audio IS JUDTHS invovlement in this ..Scorned woman my ass..about as convincing as a car JACKIng rape.."WHO LET THE DOGS OUT" ?

"JUDITH" after all this still wants s $10.000.00 more in DIVORCE court off it all.

Now off the NYS OFFICER L JESSE bullshit..Aftin Deveney was making her plans now to get herself back to momma's.

So YES my mother Donna Willams(they set her husband up as a sex offender in get this 1994 for the 2012 Buffalo BILL link role they had planned on him) CHRIS BOWER dont forget her..she;s "inthe middle" of all of it a 3-29-05...$1929.40(9-29 MILLENNIUM ZODIAC clue ALLSTATE damage clue 'encryption at a HALLOWEEN time fo 10;31 am..To what is now Peggy Deveney ..and againthe "profile" of why her mother died on THANKSGVING...Peggy's TIME frame..on us..of how her daughter arrived there on my MOTHERS 10-25 birthday..as scumbags endlessly outside promoted issues for them to use a s a cover later...scumbags scumbags scumbags..there are plenty of scumbags in Oswego County at EVERY LEVEL..real easy to find them..

So I knew what Peggy was up to ..heard clues of it from the horses mouth..it just had to be worked into place..and that time frame was off her Daughter Aftin on 12-13-12 just after her uncle's MILLENNIUM BORTHDAY on 12-12-12...off the previous days "JUDITH DEVENEY" bullshit HANNIBAL court room trial..See how shit get covered up in the "THRILL" and you throw in all those shouting BAD scumbags to help push the ROGUE ideas into people's heads during it all idea..it's quite a plan..deadly one..very deadly.

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Mar 31, 2013
So Aftin arrived at hger mothers on my mothers birthday off another fight..and fromthere the Thanksgiving MOTHER plan kicked in..The newtown address we could afford was already waiting nd so were the BAD scumbags here..and on 12-14-13the day of SANDYHOOK ..one day after we moved they started their nickel less plan on my boyfriend..the BAD set up s paned her on us have gone on..The roof leaks now..Maegan said eventaully the pace would collapse...on me I hope not. This IS the place she talked about. The banging downstairs went on for a while..Maegan said it was "beam" issue..or I would "think" that..fromthings I lm going to see inthis apt..and tonight I did off the rain..as I sit her writing this..

So "HE" found a Willimas (BILL FACTOR) to sue possibly as a set up on my father..She also got a NYS job along with daughter..like that was in motion of KIM RAPONI STEVENS(POSTAL clue now to what went on in HERKIMER on 3-13-13) and her daughter way back..but the daughter screwed up..to what is now a "reverse" Margaretville in Oswege plan..Peggy Deveney..So what exactly is her boyfriend ROB going to say to cover it..? Can't wait to hear..

None of this would have been possible with out Bill 8-11 McCarty(McCarty blames the bank for the BILL VICKERY FACTOR date like Peggy Deveney blames National Grid for the 9-12 my mothers fall date)

Throw in some ROGUE DA'S and JUDGES off how the FBI is "working the case" and you have the "perfect" cover plan for mass serial killing murders..Any ? ask a BAD scumbag..I can give a LIST of BAD scumbag names from BEFORE I was "saved' by my mother in Oct 2009...forgt these new assholes...and SANDY the Fulton LIB will be on it also..

So as I prepare now as best I can with my limited resources for the "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT" JOHN NY "scene" ..I'll keep you posted as much as I can..

GOD GRANT ME THE SERENITY...To accept the things I cannot change..The courage to change the thing I can and the wisdon to know the difference..."stupid. "
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#4 Apr 2, 2013
I just felt like bringing mine to the top again.

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