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Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#1 Apr 19, 2013
How "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" that one of the suspects in the Boston bombings "car jacking" a car to Watertown Boston.

WHY was George Lundy sent overseas in 2007? After the April 2007 shooting of "those cops"

Thank You GOD for Giving me such a "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" "line up" overkill of clues and links to a story I had in motion years before this went on..

Water Town is a FORT DRUM "association" link in all of this and now like the LIBRARIN clues and links on VER PLANCK RD and HOW suspect David Renz pulled it all off.

I'm a little confused her this is crime "scene" link #3..."They do things in 3s" That's the clue..and this is #3 so "perfect" its pointing in a WATERTOWN direction locally -> FORT DRUM.. IS Lundy a target now? Off how the LIBRARIAN was targeted..MO..Are "They" are angry at Lundy???

Nichola's Ivie -clearly FBI-NACO RHYMES with WACO-GUN CONTROL clue plans failed BUT the SANDYHOOK horrors to initiate it took place....the GUN CONTROL plan failed.

They brought the STRONG LIBRARIAN clues into it..SANDY the name to follow..has many directional links..Shootings, to Fulton to GOV Cuomo's G/G. There is your 3 clue. 3 stories being worked all at once.

Now to HERKIMER(Original ROGUE plan clue..HER OR KIMER Raponi Stevens..) "they used a scumbag recruit target to shot corrections officers..its a clue direction to the "or low green state" ROGUE plan..???

The "Line up" date crime clues were "encrypted" in it ..like the shootings of "those cops" 3 of them April 2007..was a Pay off plan that could "reverse" depending on my decisions. Maegan BUCK warned me about..it was NOT sympathy..she was warning me in tone..the plan was to incriminate me..at the TS Casino Gov Cuomos plan to open more of them TIME FRAME..off the "Angie baby" cell phone to his birthday link "encrypted" clue ROGUE plans.

To a rape of 10 year old and the murder of her mother by a scumbag recruit such as KURT Myers to David Renz..these crimes were pre planned...The Boston crimes were preplanned..the OVERKILL of clues now links to WATERTOWN .that is a FORT DRUM clue and why Aftin Deveney claimed she would "step outside my platoon"

FORT DRUM is the ORION link ..this is TOO "perfect" too much information..."He" and "they" do NOT want it overlooked..Clues like this lead to MORE bad things..it's all pointing at Fort Drum.

"They" set overseas in Oct 2007 unless Lundy arranged it himself.

I just want to add Dexter Ave in Boston..its an eerie link to Dexterville where CHRIS Bower claims she was raped..

Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#2 Apr 19, 2013
The suspects robbed a 7-11..a stupid move..then pulled a car jacking..reinforcement clue..They did all this in Boston and were not prepared after?

Robbed a 7-11..?(YES a 1-17 in "reverse" "perfect" clue also)

This crime is TOO "perfect" "They" want focus on FORT DRUM..linked the same way so far that the LIBRARIAN murder was to rape her daughter by a suspect pre recruited to do so..and 'they' had the Probation Dept allow Renz..ALLOW him to perfect the alarm bypass..Now a Judge Sharpe is covering the 'integrity" of the Probation dept in that issue...Like Fulton's City court Judge Spencer Ludington covered Oswego DA James Nickelson with an "other pressing issues" to help cover scumbag recruits Dorothy mills and Bill McCarty's asses.. Now Judge Sharpe is covering for the Probation dept..

BOSTON police probably will kill BOTH suspects.. and FBI output on the story can never be verified..as it all heads in a FORT DRUM location direction...off VER PLANCK RD..the "line up" date clue is there...etc.

It's an MO like that of Tanya Mellon's 10-29-09 death - Rochester clue to where Alan Jones appeal would take place.. "YA NOT MELLO" and John Lincoln's Emily's father knew Tanya Mellon was a target PRIOR to me being "saved" by my mother..and so did Maegan BUCK..

To how the road rage issue linked to William Levea "line up" one month later with Tanya's death..Cayuga County becomes the location clue..that on 3-12 11 was a Deputy's (Gallow) shooting death by his own son.. to how Jeff Galloways name was used on 8-18-11 in the WILCOTT obit clue the day LUNDY made his drive by appearance..now its all pointing to FORT DRUM-Lundys brigade..in the undertone of
it ..the "encryption"

The pattern is undeniable...YA NOT MELLO to a road age death conviction of an 82(?)year old man..

William Levea is the 5 planned number in the 357 DIRTY HARRY clue..YES I know they have cleaned Valerie Dedich and "reversed" that image to me that "HE" works heavily now running me down..and "he" has scumbags bring "Sue" Levea into to clue the VERY issue these ROGUES are trying to stop..the family's from getting what is rightfully theirs..The ROGUES want it on their terms..and NYS GOV Cuomo is the "encrypted" clue MO clue to that plan..

So most notably the last few "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" he BOSTON crimes SANDYHOOK to HERKIMER to VER PLANCK RD to BOSTON..was FBI to FBI to FBI right down the VER PLANCK Rd off the BOSTON 'line up' date overkill of clues is now pointing at FORT DRUM..by "encryption" and the DEXTER clue is there also..origin.

Is this all linked to the childhood pics the ROGUES use scumbags and my mother to taunt? Well YOU GO ROGUES!!!

Its VERY STRONG now that the ROGUE crimes reflect ALL the claims the scumbags and my mother made..So she has to be working WITH BILL VICKERY from that info direction..BUT does his "statement" fry her too? and that is the desperate need to avoid it now...CHRIS VICKERY BOWER and TODD BOWER knows "that statement is out there somewhere and the FBI will find it" As Bill Vickery sits waiting out the ALLSTATE clued novel is for "gain" and Jetty plan of fit all..NOW it makes "perfect" sense and what horrific "encrypted" clues were missing are now filled in..

It's got a bizzare almost confrontation like "encryption" of clues to it all..weird right now ...needs more info..

From the clues now I STILL believe William Levea because of "perfect" links was victimized in this to be a criminal of it...now that is "reverse" of Alan Jones and what ROGUES do for him..,_ that is linked to the origin.

Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#3 Apr 19, 2013
So this gives MUCH importance to the plan Beverly Davis gave to her daughter of how they DO NOT want her sticking up for Donna Levea's end of this..and why they used Sue to persuade her..in the ROGUE plan..the MOVIE ..after they kill me off and fabricate the story from there..as they have all along starting with Charles Runges set up on me..to start.. "He" and "they" had my mother slam my jeep in 2001...for the same issues but it did not work out in their direction..CHRIS clearly was working against my mother then on my head..it was a tug of war..YE my mother is feeding off her.. it's a no honor among thieves issue.

Beverly told Val who was working her "good woman" image off it all AFTER good scumbags got on her..Val made all her wonderful decisions..as long as she had lots of help Valerie was a success..It was NOT done by independent means on her part..it was handed to her..and she brags she did it herself.

Now that all points to a FORT DRUM military link plan..

Let me also add that TIME WARN HER cable went out yesterday..4-18-13. scumbags had earlier in the day ran a "he's going to shut her food stamps off and stop her from writing that story" Because according to them "He did not know she was sitting at home writing this" Then later the cable went off. Cable has NOT gone off here all winter.....???

So who ever Beverly Davis was feeding off of ..she can just blame window scumbags whom she LETS control her life..BUT yet "He" never said a word about the FOOD STAMP FRAUD Beverly was committing the whole time..? Just like "HE" said a word about Dorothy Mills FRAUD doings while collecting her NYS Disability and the "HE" set DA Nickelson in place to protect her interest in this just like she said it would be prior to it all..

To how its all slowly working out for Alan Jones..to how it all worked out for David Renz.

Watertown in Boston is going through hell right now...Police and FEDS are on the bombings suspects heavy now...it's a FORT DRUM "anagram" of clues focus..and that link is GEORGE LUNDY..

Rev Al

Brooklyn, NY

#5 Apr 19, 2013
Diane do you like sweet sausage

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