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Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#1 Aug 30, 2013
YES the NYS POLICE SUV that was parked in front of JEVON WAt WAMELINGS home when the story of his "taken" son broke was 3011 ..AKA MY "if she ever come back to Utica they will shoot her in the back" 2009 claims made in Oswego County back" claims me about me then as I made several trips to Utica in 2009 linked to Officer Thomas Lindsey's 4-12-07 shooting and documents I have..That eeerliey "encrypt" clues the "trick" shooting set up on him..."TRICK" number one that stands out the most to me the 3-11-08 trial date of the shooter who is also claimed to have run to his cousin Jose's 1103 Utica St home..just after the shooting..Then there is the ALLSTATE documents set up on me by my sister CHRIS VICKERY BOWERS "reverse" slam in to my parked Jeep by "accident." Lindsey name HALLOWEEN movie time Tommy and Lindsey tw kids ALA the THRILLS BILL and CHRIS VIXCKERY now ..a TIME of 10:31am...nd her 9-29 BIRTHDAY In the middle" of the damage report...If was comp literate enough I could HTTP the documents to this page for all to see...BUT...

Right now I live in New Haven, N.Y. less than one mile from where 18 year old Heidi Allen vanished on 4-3-1994 from a gas station where she worked alone that morning..Oddly BUT not really this is the pattern a scooter was purchased by my BF at an unbelievable price..of 60.00...a YA MA HOPPER! The scooter I have learned was all part of why I "win" 250.oo at the TS Casino just a while before we saw it..I WAS supposed to buy it with that TS Casino money BUT instead I as "profiled" bought a piece of shit vacume from BIG LOTS..the ONLY one model they had left that day..

the LIC PLATE ON the scooter is the clue ..a "rock solid" NYS ROGUE MO In all of this for years..This one 4B370..the 4-3 the date Heidi Allen vanished..the 70 a "reverse" NOVEL of "thsoe cops" plan...WHO are "those cops" well Thomas Lindsey in one of them..Federal Agent Barry Lee Bush who died on get this 4-5-07 AKA MY FATHERS birthday ..who was shot dead by his own NYS Trooper Brinkerhoff shot dead by hs own men on 4-25-07..PAY HER OFF IN PIG LATIN from 12-5-09 AKA my fathers 1205 cell phone number to the scooter win money..a CLUE that was "reverse" on 4-5-12 the NYS LOTTERY by use of Brinkerhoff's laid to rest 4531 badge number that day in "reverse" YES again on my fathers birthday..

In the mid 80s I workd as a night cahsier also...where I also enountered the men who became the suspect fo the heidi Allen kidnapping..Her body has never been found...Gary Thibideau was convicted in 1995 of her kidnapping and is serving 25 to life..there was no physical evidence either..BUT his brother "Dickie" was inthe store just a short time before Heidi vanished..and suspicion on him and his brother BOTH tried in court BUT Gary only got nailed as what appears to be eye witness testimoney of circumstance and some DA "trick" to get testimoney out of Thibideaus GF who is now deceased at a young age of heart failure a while after the trial..I say "they" got rid of her for fear she would eventually talk...medical coverups in this county pulled off easy there is aL ONG "rock solid" history of circumstance of it also here in Oswego County linked to the "THRILL" "associations" also...Sharon Thibideau one day becomes tired of Garys situation...She was young then to young to be tied for life to a inmate..She would have talked to someone sooner or later..about her own suspions or knowledge...and "they" knew it.

How does this link to LEVON (AKA 3011 NOVEL) Wameling..?? next post...
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#2 Aug 30, 2013
So as "thsoe cops" lives and others continue to narrate the ROGUE plan in the "Thrill of the kill"

Narration ..forget the birthday and location and other overkill clues in each and every dead cop story for now..

Works like this..Barry Lee Bush 4-5-07 AKA a plan called "bury the lying bush" imaged as my fathers..while mother Dorothy was running the show ane still is..1205 Mother was there not father..

By a "trick" overkill of clues in THOMAS LINDSEYS death that lead t some of Utica;s finseist deadly scumbags..such as Wesly Molina Cirino...its and ongoing "female cop" COKE clue called SANDRA..confused? You would be if you did nto know of my now deadly claim a "female cop" will go down next..just about 6 weeks before Federal Investigator SANDRA COKE was killed by a SEX OFFENDER in CA every clue fit the THRILL right down to the suspect RANDY ALANA 4484 AKA the NYS deadly scumbag recruit CHARLES RUNGE ..Ver Planck Rd set up on me that day 4-8-04 by "accident" staged to look lik eit was MY fault..beacuse the law says you have the right of way a stop sign no matter how long you stall there or use your oncoming lane to cause a driving up it in front of the other driver..who's crossing over..GEORGE (B)29 ZIMMERMAN just used the same kill a black kid LAW MO..called STAND YOUR GROUND..just what I have done all along during the THRILL" how my father ran his "MOON CRICKETS" mouth at the TS Casino to fit the image ROGUES wanted..while my mother lied to look good of fit..shes hates BLACKS too always did..My father can be so stupid at time and yet so smart..He still cares for her 6-7-AKA one year later Deputy"RED COP" Wyman to keep him house bound with her stroke...PAYBACKS are bitch and this ones name is DOROTHY AKA a NEW MOVIE version of the Wizard Of OZ.

So the RUNGE ALLSTATE 4531 AKA ROGUE NYS POLICE report was set up on me just this way ...for thos ewho lack 4531 ST RT 31 is CLAY NY "where the story was molded" is the Address AKA brinkerhoff's badge number Insurance compnay RUNGE played off of..So did CHRIS VICKERY BOWER who set me up with them for my policy there for just this "reason." to "reverse" things on me off it.

So after my 4-15-08 TAX DAY encounter with ROGUE Syracuse FBI..I am NOT at all surprised that the Wameling childs mother believes she helped set JEVON up for the FBI..She does not have a clue..while JEVON sits right now still in a psych word..practicing his emtional breakdown for the stress..image or incompetent to stand trial image..NO charges filed yet..or he just needed some good head meds..Maybe some day we wil know BUT I have a feeling thats a long way off also The longer you stay the better your chances..JEVONS the smart one and he's done a great job so far.. times 2 now..S to be successful he needed coaching and practice...and complete understanding of the law like ZIMMERMAN etc.

Now I won't even get into my confrontation with City Of Fulton cops over my claims a RED COP Oneida cop was target now the ROGUES and scumb bags that became an overkill of clue links ot the Shooting of Deputy Wyman in 6-7-11 by a CHRIS tian..just days later.

SO little infant LEVON AKA plan to STOP my NOVEL by a "shoot her in the back " image off the name link who used tot be on my Facebook page I deleted her..She requested me..I was puzzled but now I wonder about her safetly..It's clear NYS ROGUE POLICE taunt by the standard "THRILL" clue LIC plate this one 3011 AKA My birthday they have manipulated a deadly scumbag plan thre on the cover to STOP the "PULITZER" NOVEL I write based on FACTS..because the "Pay Her Off In Pig Latin AKA 1205 AKA my fathers cell phone # at the TS Casino plan failed..

Hang in there cookie lee..
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#3 Aug 30, 2013
Yes after the 8-28 NYS FAIR "GLORIA HALBRITTER" is lost charade 88-AGE clue..direction called TWO little dead girls Erin Maxwell and Ericka yablosnki who died by NYS POLICE(fulton Barracks) name BOWER clue name "accident" on 3-8-06 to how Erin Maxwell died in the "JUSTICE" plan and the ROGUE final outcome on all of you to free Alan Jones from it all in the end..AKA 'reverse" that so far has backfired..THEY ARE THE BIGGEST HE FEARS IN ALL OF THIS...a 3088 NYS LIC PLATE..

So conclusion the TS Casino wil go silebt now in their "the FBI set that game up and this casino did NOT kill anyone" the FBI and NYS POLICE continue to make the TS Casino look GLORIA HALBRITTER guilty...This time on a taunting 88 year old clue called JACKIE BLUE "association" plan they have on me.. "They" did this infront of thoouseand at the NYS FAIR that night as my mothers people were heavy in motion to counteract me and version of the story.... "IT'LL SHINE WHEN IT SHINES" "BUT STOP THAT FUCKING PULITZER ANY WAY YOU CAN BOYS"...setting up scumbags in utica t pull it off for them while taunting me with eh POLICE 3011 clue off a probably dead by now infant plan..YES that IS the ROGUE POLICE style..

As Oswego County whines MASSIVE POWER PLAN now to their SILENCE HE will do it anyway...BUT where??
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#5 Aug 30, 2013
Ok so I posted this out over the New Haven "support" BS charade....that again begins with claims over my head..

I MAY GO THE NYS FAIR TO DAY FOR FREE..native american day... I am sure and counting on peace and quiet..unlike 8-28 My familys people were out in full with bullshit i simply just did not care not cis NYS POLICE deadly scumbags working of the charades there called a "GLORIA HALBRIITER" 88 years old is "missing" theme YES they announced it to thousands on 8-28...CLUE what NYS Police need to cover up and how,,,They are making LUNDY look better and better every day..3011-Utica travels just that way on LEVON WAMELINGS life..AKA off his FATHER..The ONLY "in the middle" link missing in GLORIA HLBRITTERS name is a RAY..GLORIA of course the POWERBALL FLA HUGE WINNER after the Hispanic Truck Jersey..she is 82 years old..

NYS LOTTERY CLUES are NOT run by RAY HALBRITTER..anymore than NYS LIC plate clues are..

Is this a who funded the "THRILL" time frame of clues now? Well NYS did their part also..So I see difference there...

Tammy a scumbag ROWE so they used her to look like a fool..Then comes psych Charlie Diefenbacher in it for the gain..and took it..then comes the military fronts Maegan BUCK and then JACKIE(LUNDY-BLUE)Martin(LUTHE R KING direction clue- Music Abraham LINK ON Martin and John Kennedy->after "HE" and "THEY" passed through the Kennedy Library by FIRE in BOSTON on their GEORGE way to TRAYVON MARTIN.. Martin..Martin - Jackie Martin /LUNDY to Trayvon and how/ A GEORGE image..or years ago plan with "friends"? Called They have to follow the law" joke on me in 2006 and on..
called the Bill 8-11 Vickery FACTOR ROGUE COP in "reverse" on cops plan.."What they don't know WILL hurt them" joke and how..

So you think Orlo Green really went to NYS police about the "THRILL" OR was he "told" to shut up also?

2225 OH that's not good if your a Fed..or my son...One is already a laid to rest badge number.. as New Haven pus out my mothers latest I told you they were not going to stop ...Sure they will if "HE" could man enough to confront me as I have attempted to do with "HE" the dark shadow of death here for who he really is ...BUT your asking a lot of weak entity that cannot show itself..for what it really is

Ithaca, NY

#6 Aug 30, 2013
Yes, Diana. A missing child living in abject poverty is certainly connected with the casino, the lottery, the state fair, and everything else in your mind. Go see a doctor.
Diana Vickery

Oswego, NY

#7 Aug 30, 2013
Terrible wrote:
Yes, Diana. A missing child living in abject poverty is certainly connected with the casino, the lottery, the state fair, and everything else in your mind. Go see a doctor.
tHAT THE SUCCESS OF THE "THRILL" PEOPLE EWITH MINDS JUST LIKE YOURS..A Dr CANNOT CHANGE facts ...They picked the Perfect" COINCIDENCE" poverty ridden child for just that this nickel less FBI clued time frame...DSid I tell not only abnout the FED who was shot dead on my fathers 4-5-07 named Barry lee Bush by his OWN man...and how it links to the "friendly fire" shooting of FED Nichola's(Nickel less)Ivie(poison clue direction called MASSIVE POWER behind it all) Mr Ivies 0225 badge number ios link to my sons 0225 birthday..Now can you reccommend a Dr who can fix that? So TERRIBLE, You have no idea what you miss in life being so judgemental and STUPID..You'd make a GOOD scumbag..
there was no kid

United States

#8 Aug 30, 2013
Bull, they don't want to offer a reward for fear of false leads!! There either was no kid or they did in the kid either sold it for drugs, put it out for garbage while drugged, or killed it.

In that neighborhood, why didn't the neighbors notice that brat missing? All brats his age scream etc, they didn't notice? The neighbors should've notice the old man going out without the kid why didn't they inquire? Maybe they were orchestrating those two weeks on a story for the public!

It was the grandparents when one of them had a step parent who was a cop.... bull!

In a dirtbag neighborhood they lived in, KNOWING the old bag was in the dry clinic, the neighbors would've noticed. Also, knowing the old bag was in the clinic one of their parents most certainly would have been around, so again, bull!

Most likely, there was NO KID to search for...neighbors are nosy especially in ghetto areas always on the look out for the fuzz that they would've notice the prick without the kid.

This it total bull!! This kid is not worth it for there was no kid.
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#9 Aug 31, 2013
YES there IS a child...The familys input may be influenced by lazy or just downright unconcered cops..But a very disturbing post was the out put the sisters questioning as to why they had to post the reward...I thought are you serious? He's you kin..MOST rewards ARE POSTED BY THE FAMILYS..immediately to pull in and weed out the "false leads" and focus on whats left...If anyone saw something suspious in the critical time frame thst TWO WEEKS the father stalled everyone on cover HIS ass..The crucial time frame has passed..Photos of JEVON were not pushed either on the public for possible ID purposes alomost like they did not want people to know what he looked like...???..As they all talk so much concern for this child..Even the mother believes the father did something to her son(Then get on HIS ass any way you can ASAP)..Then you have the revelation of the fathers past link hands on to another infants death in 2005.

The mother is cncentrating on having a balloon vigil and cake and BBQ this weekend for her sons 1st birthday..

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