help us reform sex offender laws

help us reform sex offender laws

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Sentenced To Life

Hamilton, NY

#1 Nov 8, 2013
To Whom it May Concern:
My life is Hell! In 1996 I was involved in a consensual relationship with a
16 year old girl. I was 23 at the time, we dated 3 months. We broke up and
after 1 year she pressed charges.. I was charged with Rape in the 3rd degree in
New York State. I took a Plea dealwhich gave me 6 Months in county jail and 5 years probation. If I knew then what I know now I would have have seriously thought about the deal I was
about to make. took the deal in 1998, I was told I would also have to register as a sex
offender for 10 years. Of course around here in about 2006 the laws and
conditions changed dramatically. I was living with a relative in 2006, a
local ordinance was put in place where sex offender level 2 or 3 could not
live within 1500 feet of a school or playground. So I was given 30 days to
move. I am a level 2. Then I was informed that my picture was on the
Internet. So that's when I found out about . I was devastated
but still held out hope as at this point I thought I had only two years
left to be on the list as was my sentence. Well that has also changed. It was
first raised to 20 years I must register then went to 30 years and now is
aLifetime registration subject to relief. I have had several jobs that I
excelled at only after a period of time someone saw my picture and rumors
and pictures started to flow around the work place. I have not been able
tomaintain steady employment because of constant harassment and being the
general public sees no difference between Rape 3rd (Statutory) and 1st
Degree which is by force, I am a monster to my community. I am called
pedophile , child molester, rapist etc etc etc. I have had posters stapled
to telephone poles near my home which state this. Told by local police
this is not against the law.I am currently on SSI/SSD as I now have Severe Anxiety and Depressivedisorder. I have become some what introverted as I always think I am being
talked about and judged when I am around people, and in quite a few cases
i am correct. I live in a small town/city and I am VERY well known. I have
lost pretty much all hope of any kind of a successful meaningful life. I
almost feel uncomfortable around kids now , not because of what I might do
but because of the constant harassment I receive from others. I am dating
orin a relationship with a small town elected official. I lived with her in
the past but cannot live with her now as her address will effect her
re-election. She does not need nor deserve the attention or harassment
that I receive. These laws are so out of whack. I am lumped in with all other offenders,
from the man or woman who sneaks into a small child's room and commits
disgusting acts, to a man/woman who would kidnap and violently rape
someone.The general public hears " Sex Offender" and you are a POS that's it. I
havedone quite a bit of research on this since it has consumed my life since
and since the laws were dramatically toughened. In 32 other states what I did
was not even a crime. Sixteen is the legal age, but in New York it's 17
so Iam a Monster for life. I cannot attend a school play, go to a park. Reside
near a school or a park. I have my picture posted online like a Monster
and neighbors steer clear of me as if I am one. I have had no similar charges
but after 8 years the laws made me into one. This is unconstitutional. I
pled guilty and accepted a ten year term on the list but they raised it to
life. This in my eyes it is Double jeopardy, It would be no different then
for example Pleading guilty to say DWI accept a fine and a 1 year
on your license. Then when your fine is payed and your time without your
Sentenced To Life

Hamilton, NY

#2 Nov 8, 2013
license is almost over they just say well now we think you shouldn't have
a license for ten years, without a hearing or a chance to defend myself.
My only hope for relief is to petition the court for relief, to lower my
sex offender level from a level 2 to a level 1 , then after 20 years I can
petition the court to be removed. This is disgraceful. I know the Supreme
Court has ruled this to be constitutional but they are WRONG! I am no
saint by any means but I am not this monster society sees me as. I believe this to be a form of social torture. I cannot work, I have Anxiety and Depression I never had before, I do not feel comfortable being out in the local public asI feel I will be recognized and ridiculed. I have lost all quality of life and have contemplated suicide and actually been admitted to a Mental Hospital. Let me quickly discuss another situation i endured. In May/June 2011 I moved out of my Girlfriends house. I briefly went to stay with family while I found a place. Well I have 10 days to register an address or I am guilty of a Felony for not registering my address. Being Homeless is illegal punishable by 4 years in prison. Well I was staying with Family and I had register my address, well the address was flagged as me living there and the landlord of my family member was told i had to leave ASAP or she would be evicted. So I had no legal residence on the 9th day one more day I would be guilty of a felony so i went to the Mental Hospital and told them I was
going to harm myself. On the way to the Hospital I sent a letter to Albany
stating the Hospital was my address. After a few days I was released and
the clock started again. Ten days to find a place, well let me say that for
the next 6 weeks or so I was looking for a place and unable to find one would
go back to the Mental Hospital and repeat the cycle every 9th day until I was
able to find an apartment through help of public assistance. I am able to work Physically but Mentally I am a mess. I just do not know how much longer I can keep this up i am so sick of living with the false label society has
given me, I just do not know what to do anymore. I am asking for help. I have to fight these inhuman, unconstitutional Inhuman laws and try even though I may not succeed at some form of redemption. This happened 17 years ago and I have been charged with no similar crime. The Government try to make me the danger, but in all reality 95% of all Sex Offenders NEVER re offend. There is a 90% certainty your child if they become a victim of Sexual Abuse , it will happen by the hands of family members or someone close to them not a stranger. The laws trys to make you feel safe by letting you know where these people live. If a Violent Offender has it in their mind they are going to re offend, this will not stop them. I think actually in many cases this will lead to more criminal behavior as we ostracize these men and woman never allowing them to be whole again. We give them zero hope at a decent future therefore through frustration and anger they may just hurt someone. These laws need to change, they help no one but the politicians that try and appear harm on crime, yet their hardened stance may actually be in truth to them wanting to be reelected and not the facts surrounding these cases. I want a chance be normal again, I want a chance to live among you, to work among you. To have the rights I once had that have been taken away from me and my daughter, the simple act of attending a school play she is in is not allowed. Honestly because I DATED a girl 7 years younger then me 17 years ago, does that put kids at school at risk from me being around? Am I going to kidnap a child and run away with them while me daughter acts in her play? Of course not, and neither would you! In New York State 17 is legal this girl was 16. In 32 other states 16 in completely legal no crime, yet in New York I am a Monster for LIFE!!!
Sentenced To Life

Hamilton, NY

#3 Nov 8, 2013
Maybe I should just become the Monster they want me to be, What alternative do I have?

Utica, NY

#4 Nov 9, 2013
Sentenced To Life wrote:
Maybe I should just become the Monster they want me to be, What alternative do I have?
How about not having sex with 16 year old's, when you're 23. You had sex with a minor, when you were an adult. The shoe fits, perv.

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