People of Craigslist/Topix,

I see listings on Utica Craigslist for people asking over $300 for just the console. Here's my 2 cents....

Almost every retail store is now selling PS3's for $200.(LESS AT ONLINE RETAILERS)- YES TWO HUNDRED BUCKS FOR A BRAND NEW PS3 CONSOLE

for example:

GAMESTOP: http://www.gamestop.com/ps3/consoles/playstat...

(no this isn't an advertisement for a store, just an example... every retailer, Wal-Mart, Target, etc, has them at this price)

Because of the new release of the PS4, PS3's have gone down in price drastically, especially USED PS3's.

Gamestop sells refurbished PS3's for $129.00. YES, just under ONE HUNDRED THIRTY DOLLARS.

I know all you sellers may have invested hundreds of dollars in your system years, months or even only WEEKS ago, but just to let you know from a logical standpoint, it makes no sense to PAY MORE for a USED system from someone on CRAIGSLIST when ANYONE can pay less for a BRAND NEW ONE from a retailer. Sorry, all your outdated games and extra controllers that come with it don't make your OLD, USED piece of outdated electronic equipment more valuable.

PARENTS: DON'T get ripped off by the people on Craigslist charging hundreds of dollars for systems when you can buy your children a brand new system at almost any store for LESS!

So, SELLERS, if you plan on actually selling your systems, LOWER YOUR PRICES!(or don't - and let your system keep collecting dust and become worth less and less with each passing day.

BUYERS: Don't waste your money when you can buy a BRAND NEW CONSOLE for less, or a FACTORY REFURBISHED console for CONSIDERABLY LESS.

Sorry SELLERS, the fact that your system comes with an extra controller or game (which can be as little as $10-20 on AMAZON or EBAY) does not make your USED PS3 for $300 a great deal.


/end rant

Welcome to the new age of ever-evolving technology people!