Oswego DA'S Ncikelson's ROGUE role in...

Oswego DA'S Ncikelson's ROGUE role in"THE THRILL"

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Jan 30, 2013
First of all Scumbag recruit Dorothy Mills had to get her set up on me complete..Dorothy spent a lot of her time working others to join her efforts of planning a set up on me prior to all of it taking place. It was TIMED for the 19th(soldier) date like the 19 days from 8-11 date Erin Maxwell was sent home on 2008 and died 19 days later..There are other examples of the 19 links in all fo this and it beagn on 1-10-09(1-19 soldier onward direction in "reverse" clue and what is puzzeling to me is how GEORGE LUNDY the soldier issue made all the appearances he did on this iof he was being set up..I last saw him in 2012-May on a "line up" date clue in Fulton.

Dorothy Mills pulled her set up attack on me. The TWIN NYS LIC Plate clue on her sisters vehincle was also link to my coming GERM lawyers phone number off it 1080 off the EBT -1080 Now Dorothy worked her twin sister hard to join her plans she was making for later "gain" of it. Then along comes City of Fulton Officer Marino..the ROGUR City of Fulton Officer sent for this 'scene" as Bill Mccarty Dorothy's "partner" made his false "witness" statement regarding the matter against me the real "reason" McCarty did NOT want police at his home that night and told Dorothy this also after he knew she had attacked me first..Dorothy had told McCarty repeatedly eh wold get "fired" if he did nto do this for her..BUT Mccarty was te sly in this also was WAS planning that trip to VEGAS..off it all..He used hsi brother who also finally got hired at HUHTAMAKI at this same time as a cover..for the VEGAS plan..talk at his home was his BROTHER ALBERT(the Hemingway continuation clue that Aftin Deveny was after at her mothers Margaretvilel in oswego home..I have already posted it..WHY would I hide it now? So Aftin could claim I set her up for that reason like her and her mother claim others were?..? STUPID) SO ALBERT McCarty would get hired at HUHTAMAKI if McCarty complied as he did..later becomes the 12th 'trick" dated GLORIA- movie about a woman who took onthe MOB clue DICKFOSS(dick-trench grave threat) letter came ot me from HUHTAMAKI as Bill Mccarty had JUDY throwmy RZ glasses out to do everythign he could to screw p any chance I had of really being hired there the image of helping me with my resume was a front to make him look good..and he knew it ..even went so far as to tell me at the last minute he cold not provide the ride to testing he had set up also..He made other plans One many FATAL ATTRACTION "scenes" he helped Dorothy Mills stage and set up on me..

Fulton ROGUE Marino would arrive off it all knowing completely well what he was to do in all of this and play dumb to how it was coming place..something Fulton cops and others do well..all part of Oswego Countys role in "THE THRILL"

YES I am aware that others were told to push on me that "You know his brother had worked there before" YES he had but as a temp..and this was his "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" time frame to get him hired. The ALBERT Hemingway clue "TEACH HER A LESSON"(8-18-11 Galloway-WILCOTT death clue along with a GEORGE LUNDY drive by that day in Oswego) "TEACH HER A LESSON" was in full motion and about to
clue again on 5-14-12..to remind me of the "JACK HIM WRIGHT" GREEN Achieva 3088 plan on it. Me the TYRIE "crazy" person thinks she can take this "WALL OF GREENS" on in court..Hence Aftin Deveney in motion plan first they had to get me there..and set the back up nickel(Dead 10-2-12 FED)less plan I motion now also up on me and my boyfriend now this time....

Do do that scumbag recrit "JUDITH(GEORGEtti) DEVENEY" had to work her marriage the way she was..to set her husband up off it..an ALAN JONES appeal TIME FRAME plan..
The same way "they" had to work hard ot make me look "crazy" off the first childs death in 2006..to how Erin died on that "anagram" to a GEORGE date clue.

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Jan 30, 2013
YES I know "JUDITH" plans to claim her husband treated her so bad and she has according to DA CIANFARANO "3 witnesses" as he was working the set up against her husband in court on the day JUDITH was yelling "READ HER INTERNET LETTERS at her husbands back the day he stood infront of the JUDGE facing the decision to stand trial or take the "harrassment" offer from the DA who was so sure he could prove his case..I KNEW He could NOT even in a ROGUE..something clearly would have been wrong..that IS EXACTLY what Dorothy Mills would have faced in City Of Fulton court..Had DA nickelson sed the other obligations cover to violate my rights to a fair and speedy trial.."He" and "they" "profiled" "JUDITH"S natural personality to bring it all this far..BUT had to get it all in place first..They set my son up on 6-29..to cover an image of him "they" needed again also.."CARRIE"

The 213 slumlord GEORGE house was the "scene" for all of it..the 2-13s an issue in the RED COP story confrontation I had wih Fulton PD..its came from the TS Casino receipt..OFFICER JESSE showed up with a 131D NYS LIC plate..2-13s either way clue..to what he was about to pull off all of this. I watched and heard him do it to her husband.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Jan 30, 2013
As far as hwo JUDITH manupilated getting out of paying what she knows she owes me if not more..JUDITH made the comment onthe audio I 'm seeling everythign in here at a garage sale" and what she was not going to sell was removed..it was "theft" of MY PROPERTY from that barn..But "JUDITH" who had control of EVEYTHING" that day and was not charged with that after leaving all the doors open for it to happen or to appear that way..

OFFICER JESSE all so knows that a tote of MINE was put out side barn and it was half full..Maybe to make appaear that someone had other than "JUDITH" removed items that day.."theft" in "reverse" way set up..The nephew knew she had taken things and jumped in to his share of it???..Doors were wide open..Now JUDITH plans to the nephew for a cover after making the inviation to him wether he heard it or not is NOT important..Scumbags may have been sent to tell him...She yelled his name and said he could "break in anytime you wants to" How he the nephew got in that well timed position location there is another issue..linkd to all of this..Someone set him up to be the scapegoat.??...To cover "JUDITH" just like Officer JESSE was doing..BUT I got in the way.. I know the walk and talk of a ROGUE COP when I see one..and this also came with all the "perfect" "association" clues to what he was in motion with..131D either way NYS LIC plate clue this time..thats 13 either way as I was nwo heading into the BILL(FACTOR) JETTY NOVEL IS nickel(Nicholas Ivie 0225) less clue plans ROGUES set on 10-2-12 off it all..that is when the SANDYHOOK, NEWTOWN Conn .horrors were set to take "association" place with all of it on another "line up" date clue..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#4 Jan 30, 2013
There are lots of "accociation" clues in this that all came into place "perfect"

For instance the death of Mike Miller on 9-12-11 my mothers fall date..The same date in 2012 that the power was shut off at Peggy Deveney's margaretville in Oswego home over her non payment o fthe bill becuase she needed to buy her daughter things ..So NATIONAL GRID seized the opportunity it sue it as a clue date again on her this time..? I am really trying to understnd her "they set me up" point of view..They set your brother up to to pay the bill you could not..See how the burglary fo hsi barn all fit into place? Now he has to prove what eh owned..It was set up on me the same way buy the same people..

Mike Millers 9-12 -11 death..he is Beverly Davis's cousin..YES I worked with his mother many years ago at TOPS.

Mike died AFTER Patrick "Pat ricks hid" Hyde's 4-18-11 death one week after I moved in at Beverly's (neighbor clue like Tanya's death)Beverly knew she was a scumbag recruit all along in this for her daughters "gain" off it. Now "He" and "they" want it to look like the daughter had no clue this was going on..and everything else in her life now changing was her own doing..See how "perfect" COINCIDENCE" works over and over?..Right down to her 115 Oneida link address..a later on 11-5-11 Ray Gregory death date..all while I lived there..as Beverly worked hard to force me into the new BILL FACTOR "scene" time frame at Bill McCarty's I was supposed to be homeless on the streets by CHRIS T MAS now move in then..

MIKE MILLER was Beverly's cousin and he diedon 9-12-11..Patrick Hyde died on 4-18-11.."Pat Ricks hide" rearend) name clue has something to do with my Uncle Rick whom my mother had that peciliar conversation with in Feb of 2011 just before she handed me my birthday eviction on 3-11-11 and Deputy Bernard Gallow was shot dead the next night in a blue garage-> fowarding clue to where the next cop would die..RED garage...The name CHRIS T Iam Patterson..My uncles sons name is Ian..So what did my mother ask my uncle Rick to do ..its linked to his "profiled" son is the clue.

Mike Miller is now dead on my mothers fall date..9-12 an overkill clue used in this that begin as SUNOCO clerk Brenda Meekels birthday and how they had her targeted in 2012 off me. Plan of how she knew things also and talked about them..to the day my mother took her fall in 2010..to Mike Millers 9-12-11 death to what is now a 9-12 power to dead oop coming clue at the "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego...

?is did Mike Millers cancr reigniit before I throws the 12-5-09 casino game or after..If after they set his death to happen on that day off it..medical cover up..scumbags call a "perfect' "COINCIDENCE."
OVERKILL of clues now his name..Mike-the scumbag behind my Jeep on 5-13-05 in Oswego promotoing my death..and in Utica following me around in his 4545 lic plate GREY truck to how claims of "don't let her go there again they will shoot her" begin..Same M O but I am NO cop..I was NOT worried..drive by is throw off clue. People in Utica were getting suspicious and "they" did not want me down there again..
SO its good for whatever reason the hood let me in in 2009. they " backed them off and made my trip safer...thats fine..Then spread stories Utica would shot me..Only it was not going to be Utica scumbags..just one set up to take the fall for it.

MILLER - Marla's last name..Hello its my mothers "fall" date this time clue..this is TOO "perfect"

Mike was on me during that time..for whom I don't know..NOT for Oswego's benefit thats for sure..Joe Wallen knew...and he knew how "BIG" this story would be someday..

"association" name and date clues...4-5-07 and 10-2-12..etc..etc..etc...overk ill
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#5 Jan 30, 2013
So as "He" and "they" progress in the ultimate POWER plan "they" have this is how they are all "makin fools" out of everyone on it..and the plan is you get a "good woman" named Valerie Dedich out of it..as your Kim Kardashian..thats the plan..and YES I saw the hints of how they "fooled" her and then set ot to "reverse" Kim K..It's why Valerie was rebuilt..

As HOLLYWOOD sets out now to make Kim Kardashian a serious actress name..in her model of the new American woman role model life..heard all this years ago..and look at how it fits now..

So as I am trapped here putting out the story of MY life that "He" and "they" have plans to use Valerie Dedich as the movie role "good woman" role model in..

All the stories of what they will do to me after they secure it go on and on..deadly of course..

The plan was this to get my boyfriend fired...as 'JUDITH DEVENEY" wipes him out..the stragetic manipulation of the law way thats being done...as I was to go into the "run down "phase of they plan off it..and be lving alone..to die alone becuase "no man will ever wnt to be with her" image off it of what could happen to them..as my boyfriend was set up to be the "reverse" BILL FACTOR clue to a nickel less plan on BOTH of us..off it all..for later use off Margaretville In Oswego plans..to get here in our NEWTOWN off it all..on a line up date with the next deadly overkill of "association" to it all SANDYHOOK..as LANZA here prepares to comabt scumbag recruit "JUDITH DEVENEY"

ABC NEWS is making fun of the story.."JUDITH" was a CBS link...?

It's that Alan Jones state appeal time frame ..link to how Erin Maxwell really died..off a "policy" "He" and "they" knew about all along and so did Tammy Rowe..3088.

It's TWO side fighting over the story..It is stongly clued by "association" of course right down to an ABC news reporter in Fulton on the 23(Happens all the time right?) that the side who set erin's death up is planning a ABC NEWS victory with it..also. Nickelson, Cianfarnao. Bell to an GREGORY OAKES clue name now..Gregory is "drive by" to a Ray Kinsella Feild Of Dreams plan..

If the story stays here..and waits for me to die.

"JUDITH" is DEAD END GEORGEtti clue at me AFTER the story is written..

Let me back this up so no one misreads it..to BILL McCarty the JUDY DEAD END CLUE origin..JUDY Blanchard is already dead..a GEORGE LEVEA date clue link..BIRTHDAY..ZODIAC signature..

BLANCH means clot ..JUDY was killed on 5-3-10 (a 1-35 in "reverse" clue) off a TRACTOR WHEEL accident..."JUDITH DEVENEY" hit her head on a TRACTOR WHEEL.She did not have to be there..She was agressing in her husband..at just the right time frame..she had all summer to do it...and did not hurt herself in her fall either except what she caused to herself..Like marla did nto in her fall either..only what she staged to look that way..Dottie Mills did the same thing on 3-19-12..."JUDITH" was setting her husband..then along comes OFFICER JESSE )the "reverse" DD JESSE clue in Fulton) "JUDITH DEVENEY" plans to head for CBS NEWS..BUT ABC NEWS is waiting for the ROGUE version.."JUDITH" has issues..The charge she set up on her husband was "dismissed." She gave the whole plan on audio as she was doing it..Like Dottie was promised to get her state money back..Like Marla was told by John Sullivan she will get that money..Like Valerie played artful dodger had her chair all picked out BUT she picked the wrong one.

"JUDITH" is the ongoing GEORGEtti clue name behind it..at Bill McCartys it was a male pussy cat named GEORGE..Dottie owned it. Valerie was being rebuilt..So off to the homeless set up on me "scene" I had to go for the next JUDY set up on me. A 1-24-12 a 4-12 in "reverse" that is no "trick" "crying" clue..

Somehere in all of this is the DEADLY ROGUE "gain" plan off it all.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#6 Jan 30, 2013
"JUDITH DEVENEY" is the consistant ROGUE scumbag recuit...She keeps doing waht she was recruite do to do under the promise ROGUES behind it all will fix it all for her..
.Just like Dottie was..and my mother and Beverly and others..

"JUDITH" did her "crying" clue..thats a deadly clue..Some say its a KD lang song clue(throw ploy break her and her boyfriend up image to distract people)..I say its link to my son and clues set on 10-02-12 the "friendly" way they were set..Tthis was never a LOVE story Kate and Leoplod ..not for real.."Crying" It's a story of revenge, harm and death.

So to me "JUDITH DEVENEY" is the BAD scumbag..ROGUES COPS are way ahead of her..either way..They cover their ass anyway they have to..used her to ge there..Let's watch how they wipe her asa again now..DA Bell for instance those clues have not changed TIME FRAME is "perfect".."JUD ITH" was given DA CIANFARANO who was to defeat her husband ...had he taken the offer and lost..?? AUDIO saved him from disaster.. OFFICER JESSE was there to throw a "REVERSE" charge on him no matter what as the Alan Jones state appeal neared..They knew it would overturn in his favor..

Then "JUDITH" stayed scumbag recrit sonsistant and did the "crying" clue on 1-24 off it..All being worked as a ROGUE clue link to my sons delivery nurse and a 10-2-12 shooting with a badge number of my sons 2-25 BIRTHDAY..thats a deadly ZODIAC clue..a Hannibal school.."reverse" clues now..That's a CHRIS BOWER M O.

"JUDITH" is the one working the ROGUE version..Now her "YOU"RE NOT GONNA WIN AGAISNT ME!" claims to him on 9-6..is half over..The first one "win" she set upon him was "dismissed."

In the situation I was in they were able to easlily railroad me on 1-24..I had no photos but what her husband took...I had no receipts..for years of possessions..I owned..SO "JUDITH" made a $300.00 offer ..on what soemthing she did not do? OFFICER L JESSE did the rest for her..and the Oswego school BELL DA did the rest..

That's how you get railroaded in "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" if "they" don't kill you first..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#7 Jan 30, 2013
There is heavy talk about claims that a NEWTOWN residence is being targeted by ROGUES,,,for not complying with THE THRILL OF THE KILL" demands..to "stay out of it" I will keep a close ear out for that issue..

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