The "He" "THRILL nuclear disaster clu...

The "He" "THRILL nuclear disaster clued off NEWTOWN

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Feb 7, 2013
Yes I DO believe a nuclear disaster will take place sometime before the end of the 2015 in America..Ok already..before scumbags start.. What is so hard to believe that this could really happen? Because I say it? Its better YOU don't belive it ..that when it happens I laugh YOU die..

I am as sure of this as I am that the "RED COP" was going to die..

I am as sure of this as I was in Sept,OCT and Nov 2012 that a cop was going to die..I just was "OFF" again his name...I went in the Fulton Police Chief Orlo Green direction of who the target was... I posted several posts about my claims then right here inthe Utica forum also..and SHIT I was "OFF" again it was Federal Agent who was shot dead by his own man in the "OFF MEXICO" clue location then on 10-2-12 to what is now my new addres clue..and the activity of scumbag recruit Aftin Deveney in her mothers "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego location..The FEDs 0225 badge number is my sons 2-25 birthday clue link..which means the ROGUE FEDS behind this FBI killing know my sons is a target in this also and clue me this way..Now why they killed FED in an "OFF MEXICO" clue location of how WACO rhymes with NACO..a confusing yet "perfect" "reverse" clue direction...

Now to you get a job posters..This is exactly WHY MAN ROGUE NYS and Oswego County won't let me have a job..They have scumabg recruits everywhere waiting to sabotage me inthat diretion..Now when they offered me blood money I told them to stick it..They even set my UI so I would have mone till took the offers..They put a we'll close your business presure on my MICROTEL in Bville boss(a job "He" and "they" arranged for me to have though another military scumbag recruit) scumbag back then to achieve the BILL FACTOR $118.00 in "reverse"(8-11)amoun t from NYS Unemployemnt..caused me some hardship living on it..No food for some time etc eating off donations etc..that was to be mental force plan to get me to take the money offers..Oswego County has BIG STORY plans for themselves off all of this just NOT with me around..NOT the citizens just the scumbags and higher ups in the county and state making it all happen off them...That NO ONE was ever supposed to know..I am NEVER supposed to "break though" with it all to anyone..thats the role of scumbags who post how crazy I am and should aget a job know it alls..IGNORANCE of society IS BLISS to the ROGUES behind this..they count on it.

So right ow Aftins margaretvilel instigation drama was aprt of the plna to "line up" my move with the Sandyhook, Newtown Conn shootings and it worked..

Now there are 3 stories 'encrypted" inthe FACTS and "associations" The "reason" of course WACO..Gun Control..pulled off it.

It makes about a smuch sense as shooting 7 cops to narrate the entire Bury the lying bush plan story that beagn by shooting his own men shooting a Fed..on 4-5-07 my fathers birthday Hunterdon the "revrese" clue behind it all linked to ORION George Lundys military brigade,,the Gigantic Hunter..They'll show you hwo to kill a exchange for their Hunterdon anger..Link to George Lundy knowing years ago he was never going to make it as Cheif in Oswego N.Y. They fired rehired retired him what ever the hell it was..him one month after he pushed his way into the position ending his carrer with Oswego.

See common sense is NOT a factor in an of this..Somebody has a vindictive nature towards cops Like Wesely Cirino did on 4-12-07..and is in a position with other vindictive cops to do this..

It's make NO sense that FEDS would shot FEDS to get their point across..esp on incest..BUT the unbelieveable has happened..

This is a mass murder in "scenes" and the mass will get bigger..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Feb 7, 2013
Ok how each to fighten and/or hang "scene" driection narrates now off my mother goes 3-11-11 BIRTHDAY(MILLENNIUM ZODIAC clue) eviction to me on the "line up" <- like how my move ot my NEWTOWN is a 'line up" with the NEWTOWN shootings "association" of it all..

The 3-11-11 birthay eviction from my mother..who received "He" "gain" in also in this at the ROGUE TS casino..(called a small streak of luck) was the "line up" clue date with the 3-12-11 shooting of DEPUTY Bernard Gallow..who's name means to frighten /hang..gallows..

Now extracted from that murder ..was the name and date and of course "line up" and how it links to police..a police line up..HELLO?..can see any "encryption" yet? garage was the forwarding location clue the next Casino the night before Gallows funeral the next day->18..<- now that address unknown to me then is inmy future also..called the 8-11 Bill McCarty VEGAS "gain"er home at the 18 the 8-18-11 George Lundy drive by date clue of it and the "sue" roulette and designer clothes etc at The Oswego Thrifty shop..all another "scene" coming at me ..BUT HOW is the story..BBUUTTT before all that there was a Beverly Davis where I lived when the RED COP" went "down" and scumbags jumped for joy..They had nailed another one..NOW they needed to get their new "good woman" Valerie Dedich in place on it they all worked there to get me by force to the GREGORY OAK tree clue..coming my way called were forcing Dorothy Mills..Sue levea was all for it etc.. "SUE" was NOT the plan "he" had for me I throws "he" game now he's "pissed" So he found some "fat slob" who by "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" made all these decisions to clean herself up and rebuild herself after all these years at just the right time frame(her friends will cover for her)..and she also just happens to be Beverly Davis's daughter.

Now let's go back and to the GREGORY name its a "TEACH HER A LESSON" clue link off an Onondaga nation teacher arrested on 12->18<-06..whos brother GREGORY is a drive by clue..To why man RAY(KINSELLA clue) GREGORY died in that VERY suspicous "accident" story on 11-5-11 Maureen Levea's ZODIAC BIRTHDAY CLUE..(RAY KINSELLA a "reverse" Feild of Dreams movie plan clue)..Now don't let me forget how easy "they" set up "accidents" and cover them up..ask NYS Police Officer MD Beiderman..

So to idiots like Dave 55 //"he" and "they WANT me ot write tis so "they" can make money fo fit later..No one wants ot stop the carnage..NO no at all..they just want me to tell you about it you know..and their use of the word "stupid" in all of it makes sense in "reverse" also after it takes place..and it will take place..YES it will..

I live in Oswego Co..there is a Nuclear plant here..called by locals 9 mile..EXCEPT I don't think that is "he" target..the target is elsewhere..UNLESS they plan to pull another "trick" on this dumbass county and those in it and take the story from there.. That would make "perfect" sense..It all looks like Lundy got some sleazy Feds in on it and did all this..well maybe he did..There are cops in the City Of Fulton PD who know who "He" is..and they cover "He" well..

So I'm thinking "OFF MEXICO" is a clue to the next cop he will kill..somehow.."sensor " is a clue that is all to "perfect" was the cover the set up..Alarm right? Like how Brinkerhoff came to die..This is all a "reverse" direction now..

Is Gary Percival #12..going to be shot off these clues?..By some of his standing right there they did on Wyman...Officer Marino does what "He" says etc.

The clue is the 0225 badge number link to DEAD MAN WALKING..Thats a cop "down"/ ZOMBIE clue..

Then it goes into the GREEN mile..makes sense to me.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Feb 7, 2013
So let me bck up a little cuz I know if I dont explain this in full scumbags will go into a state of I don't get it.. your crazy... get a job..rantings..

Ok scumbag recruit Aftin Deveney's role in this was to get the TS Casino receipt from me..each scumbag removed tiems fromme Dorothy is at the McCarty home its why BILL put them in hsi garage..and Items are missing ..Beverly did the same thing..So did my mother each did their own little part..Aftin was the get the TS casino receipt..she took a whole envelope of papers..while staging her set up on me..and of course playing it all in "reverse" just like "JUDITH DEVENEY" get my boyfriend there for the scumbag use of he was involved it cover plan they all have..

Who robbed that barn? Then "JUDITH" made her preplaned moves off it all..and was clear that she planned to use the nephew as the cover for her ass...All each scumbag recruit needed was thr ight scumbag idiot in place,,Now if the nephew DID rob the bran as a whole and not just little things..well then focus goes back onthe sisters...who helped "JUDITH DEVENEY" wipe their brother put..and that is the other "association" story scumbags hint at off how the sister planned her "gain" of fit all.

There are 3 potential directions off this "scene" ..They do things in 3s..Dottie is the ONLY one who would NOT give in to the deaths caused off it all..she was adament "He said it's not true."
and Jacki Maritn did not give a shit either..She was there to promote "after all Meagan did for her" crap. Maegan was the 'perfect" BUCK clue that moved off Charlie Diefenbachers I was headed by force into the "He" money offers.

BUT offically on 4-5-12 it's all in 1354 badge number 4531 "reverse" BUT NOT the cops killings that "association" with it..That WILL's oswego county and NYS "THRILL" part..and that part has to become a "sue" issue..
in motion now.

Ok so in my NEWTOWN I am now off it all..
there is a BUSH sign..the addresss here narrates a "perfect" direction to my birth year..YES i did knwo the sign was there prior that is why I did not want the apt..back then..BUT then Aftin started her shit to force us here for a specific "he" time frame...the 12-14-12 "line up" "association" horrors at sandy hook ..Here Sandy is another one who talks out BOTH sides of her mouth...I just went though that at my Drs office in's NOT mother does it too..Bill M did it Beverly did it..Peggy and Aftin Deveney did it..There is hundreds of flapjackers out there..also..They get choices the vicitms of their game don't.

The name LANZA is the "association" name here to what direction "He" is moving in.."sue" the long awaited plan he worked hard to set up..So "He" can "reverse" it all somehow(those are the scumbags you have to watch out for)..This all off a "JUSTICE FOR ERIN MAXELL" time frame link..just as it began in a NYS State Police and Oswego County court circus.

and no doubt with a "scene" clued as much as "sue" was..a cop will die in that one also..
Now that is why Federal Agent Nicholas Ivies badge number was 0225,,my sons 2-25 ZODIAC BIRTHDAY..uses in this before of it..The funeral of the WIFE of the ZODIAC killer her stange sudden hospital death at the DAVIS yes like Beverly's last name also...Medical center.

It's all rolls of the same names into the next scene.

WIFE-ZODIAC 2-25-1999 funeral date..I think my mother was supposed to die on 6-7-12..BUT maybe its just a sympathy ploy now of what Aftin did for "He" on me.

The clues to "He" next horror are in all of "He" progresses to a massive POWER plan though scumbags<-the ONLY consistant clue.

12-12-12 my Boyfriends MILLENNIUM BIRTHDAY..the "encrypted" 3rd "trick" dead cop clue a "sue" set up on him just for this "HE" plan off it.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#4 Feb 7, 2013
I have to go back now and throw in some other info to all of this that was refreshed ot me in Hannibal town court building talk..

"size" was brought up.."she said ti doesn;t matter what size" as a woman said "they said he towers over her" They were talking about Chris and me and BILl..Chris Bower had always said "do you know how samml I was when he raped me?" No becuase she never told me about it till years later,,,she was adult now..

She made this BIG deal about how small she was all the in the rape ..I did not see that as an issue..size did not matter she oculd have been bigger than him and still have been raped..BUT she kept pushing the issue..So what you were did not need or seek medcial help always puzzled me..she claimed she "almost died" and she also said BILL "admitted" he covered her mouth also..She must have fought back if it was force and needed medical care if this BIG issue was real..think about it..This is hwo she carried on about it BUT never wanted to bring POLICE into it..??? Then shut up is all I could say to her..then shut up..I could not do anything for her..she wanted to use the claim as an attention getter and that was it..I got sick of it..

Now in 2006 and on I would yell back at scumbags who tormenetd me about people and support outside..the courtroom..

I am about as in to that then as I am now..Oswego county is well established "THRILL" and "gain" oriented and nothing else..even the vicitms famlies are holding out..and they won't get "support" either until the money starts rolling off it..There is nothing else going on here..everyone plays dumb until then..for Chris and Bill their mother could make some small streak of luck cash off it also along with angie baby..there is nothing else going on..all your litle waste of time charades like yesterdays at the Drs office is a waste of time..while you all front "support" behind it all just NOT for the vicitms and potential of admit it..STOP the BS..

So I shouted outside support means nothing..I was not familiar with the issues..they have to go by the law" What and idiot I am..So on 9-9-09 that whole reality was brought to my attention also.

So maybe now they are on my Dr..I had nothing bad to post about him..The others at Fulton Health did their "THRILL" roles..I post it as it happens like it happens and no other way..

Ok so outside support was the cover the JUDGE- Hafner buckled to along with his "perfect" MILLENNIUM the media circus the NYS State police and the Oswego DA'S office used in the "JUSTICE FOR ERIN MAXWELL" hype of fit all..well it's been 4 years have anyone seen "JUSTICE FOR ERIN MAXWELL yet? You all got suckered into a "THRILL" plan..and some of you truely meant well..while LANZA was taking a beating in court for his efforts..that were right all along..He was fighting a ROGUE county in it for the "THRILL OF THE KILL" of it all..and that is the ONLY direction it is all it or not..

Tammy Rowe knew in 2005 that Erin Maxwell was going to die..and she knew how too..and Charles Runge was recruited to help set some of those ROGUE clues on 4-8-04.

I thin he did sexually abuse her..and later was worked to cover it ll up..her parents sent her off and home on 8-11 she came..she was attacked on the 29th and died on 8-30-08..a NYS 3008 li plate clue sitting in my driveway on a GREEN car..

Now from a double (12) to a triple clue in motion..When's the HOMERUN?

You know in 2003 an on Todd Bower had these strange comments of how on 911 someone sent so many oswego area cops to the nuke plant and claimed Lundy said "They could have just sent all those men to their deaths" weird now ....

BIG comments he made "What were they gonna do when they got there?" "What if a plan did hit it?" etc..
Please Diana

United States

#5 Feb 7, 2013
STFU you lunatic!
when is the next event

New York, NY

#6 Feb 7, 2013
You keep writing about old stuff what about something new, a major criminal event on the horizon? Please, I would like to know! Can you name names of those involved and who they will abduct, drug, forced to perform a crime via a drug induced coma but not be the sharp shooter but someone else is the sharp shooter and drop them off at the scene of the crime like they did with Adam Lanza and Jesse Holmes?

What is your take on Rob Maciol?

When do you sleep? I would think this stuff has to keep you up and wild all day and night long.!
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#7 Feb 7, 2013
Please Diana wrote:
STFU you lunatic!
NAHHH its just wayyy to much hearing from people like you..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#8 Feb 7, 2013
when is the next event wrote:
You keep writing about old stuff what about something new, a major criminal event on the horizon? Please, I would like to know! Can you name names of those involved and who they will abduct, drug, forced to perform a crime via a drug induced coma but not be the sharp shooter but someone else is the sharp shooter and drop them off at the scene of the crime like they did with Adam Lanza and Jesse Holmes?
What is your take on Rob Maciol?
When do you sleep? I would think this stuff has to keep you up and wild all day and night long.!
I don't of any abduction plans and it certianly would not fit the MO already established..I don't believe they dropped Adam LANZA off at all..I believe he was the shooter and NOT a sharp shooter at all ..I believe he just opened fire..I believe some of the victims had multiple wounds..He was angry tormented..pushed to his limits..and planned out his crime in the days prior..He had some direction..

I believe he was VERY angry with his MOTHER and maybe kept his feelings inside..and was pushed to his mental limits..and Sandy hook was the unbelieveable "act of violence"..part of a conversation issue I had with the Syracuse FBI on 4-15-08 as I was talking to a Nancy that day...that all eeeriely links to me by "association" clues off what took place in Newtown Conn. on I was settling into my new town..where scumbags were waiting to torment me again..WACO rhymes with NACO...a weak and or troubled mind is an easy mental target..this one had all the right clue links..just like my current boyfriend does to a "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego set up on him and me..

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