Utica and Oneida County Tourism missi...

New Hartford, NY

#223 May 10, 2013
It would take a group effort. We would need help from the hotel managers. Because they know which groups are coming in now and what they are looking for. We would need up from our business leaders. We would need help from our chamber and county tourism. We nee help from our politicians.

Don't you think it would be better to try to go after the tourist and family dollar vs building more jails for jobs? You see what happened there. I don't think that helped the area.
level headed

Ardsley, NY

#226 May 10, 2013
Give it a rest simpletons wrote:
<quoted text>What part of "What is without merit are your claims that Utica or Oneida county have all this great stuff going for it. Sorry footrace and rehabs don't cut it. If there was any big attraction you'd be overryn moron. I'm sure you idiots just think it's because you "haven't thought of the key angle" yet. Stay there and go cry and martyr yourself and troll angry at someone who doesn't just laugh. Small minds like small times." was wrong?
You just can't handle cold hard facts. It's you who seems angry I enjoy telling you about yourselves. No need for anger. Wipe your own mouth. Facts won't change just because you label the messenger angry. Maybe this is the "stellar hiwatt brainpower" fail that put you people there.
You can't accept the truth about yourselves without going ballistic. Crying and blaming the world for cny's sad lot won't change it but that hasn't stopped you losers from trying the last 40 years obviously.
Poorly worded and non-contributive "I know you are but what am I" nonsense. Tell me about myself? Hardly. What you write....the tone, the taunting, the name calling, the lol and heehees....tell us all what we need to know about you.

Your quest for the last word and insistance on being right is entertaining. And you're evidently having a blast so lets roll Poppa Bear.

I'll check in the morning for your stellar response.

New Hartford, NY

#227 May 10, 2013
Utica Prison Fort Center wrote:
<quoted text>
You're not getting help because your idea is ridiculous. Conventions are held in areas that have something to offer the attendees. No one going to a convention gives a sh it about a fu cking catholic feast. They happen all over. Obviously you have never been to a convention to realize this. Just look to Las Vegas and New Orleans...probably the two convention capitals of the US. Do people traveling there give a sh it about a feast? Do they care about a public school reopening? They're there for entertainment. Utica has zero drawing power in that realm. Believe me if that region of NYS had that type of drawing power the turning stone would have already been all over it. As of right now actually the turning stone has FAR more power as a tourist and convention attraction than utica can ever dream about.
What do you think Mardi Gras is? It's Fat Tuesday. The Day before Ash Wednesday. A catholic feast.
I am talking about state of NY conventions. They are called regional conventions. They meet in different cities throughout the state each year. Nys teachers or realtors or other professions or organizations. Look into it there is 100 s of groups and clubs that meet all the time.
Most conventions need meeting space. They are there for most of the day. Then they go out and eat and
maybe do light sight seeing. Which if you tried hard enough we could do.
Maybe they could take a boat ride through a lock on the canal. Maybe take the Adirondack scenic train.
In the winter snowmobile or ride on a dog sled. You take a trip around the county. Go to Sherrill Ny to Aqua
Vita to watch how they grow vegetables through hydroponics. Take a brewery tour, Tour Andirondack Vodka.
Go buy pastries at Cafe Caruso or Florintine. Check out a Polish Fest or some other culture. Get some vodka ridges or Utica greens or tomato pie or half-moons. We are known for a lot of stuff.
Oootica Menagerie

United States

#229 May 11, 2013
Yes!This is EXACTLY what Central New York has been missing! They need to charge admission so people can stop in off the thruway to see the "Utica Managerie"!

That sign over the canal is just waiting for the "Menagerie" letters....... they are making utica a freakshow exhibit like coney island for the massive hordes of upstate lazy crippled racist-inbreeds and rednecks!

I can see the hand-painted signs along the mohawk now like 1930s roadside kitsch Voss bottles now!

"See the great SEA COW!"



"The A-to-H typewriter-nano company"







"Come see the mercury canal and the genetic flipperboy ecodisaster it caused!


Fayetteville, NY

#230 May 11, 2013
See the SHEBOON, MANBOON, ANIMALS ATTACK FO MONEY cuz dem Obammy not give dem enough stolen money losers.

A manhunt spanning four counties from home invasions, to a wild chase, and a shootout with police – one man is shot and another on the run.

Eyewitness News has retraced each crime scene and was with deputies now as they search for the man still on the loose.

From the crash, to an SUV riddled with gunshots – investigators said it all started with a home invasion early Wednesday morning in University City. Then hours later the suspects robbed and beat a Cabarrus County man and his 92-year-old mother.

Stanly County deputies spotted them, and traded shots with one of them as they chased them into Anson County.

Neighbors said a K-9 track led officers toward Albemarle before they lost the trail of the second suspect.

Meanwhile SBI agents have been looking into how the other suspect managed to steal a detective's SUV just moments after a shootout with deputies.

"They said for us to stay inside, they are doing the search, and we would be OK," said Jane Van.

Stanly County residents were locked in their homes with two suspects on the run.

Deputies said Jarvis Marsh and his accomplice crossed the county line in a black truck after 7 p.m. Wednesday morning – spotted by a Stanly County Sheriff's Deputy.

After a short chase down Highway 52, investigators said a deputy saw Marsh in a field and that is when Marsh opened fire.

Neighbors heard the gun battle as deputies said Marsh fired at another officer and then managed to steal the SUV of an undercover deputy and took off down 52 toward Norwood.

The gun battle cracked the windshield and although he was injured, authorities said Marsh managed to drive just across the county line into Anson before he was stopped.

Marsh was taken to Stanly County Hospital to be treated for his gunshot wounds. Meanwhile, Marsh's accomplice vanished.

"Let the police find them, put them in a place where they belong," said Van.

Eyewitness News watches as deputies combed the field and nearby area for hours, guns drawn.

They are asking anyone who may have seen the man, last wearing a blue button down shirt and dark pants, to help with the investigation.

Go brotha cuz Royce, yo never gets a job.

A Jacksonville man who slashed his roommate’s neck with a butcher knife over a $40 squabble faces years in prison after his conviction Thursday evening of attempted second-degree murder, the State Attorney’s Office said.

A drunken Royce Mincey, 52, had been badgering her for two hours over the misplaced money last October. Then as she walked out of her bedroom into the living room, Mincey cut her throat requiring 14 stitches, the State Attorney’s Office said.

Mincey will be sentenced the week of June 3.


SHEBOON Dunasha need a orange.

A jealous Queens woman got behind the wheel of her car and allegedly made her boyfriend run for his life before fatally running him down, law-enforcement sources said yesterday.

Kaman Drummond, 26, was frantically ducking and weaving through parked vehicles as Hofstra University dropout Dunasha Payne, 21, sped after him in her 1994 Honda Accord just before midnight Monday night, the sources said.

Residents heard his pleas for help and called 911.

The first caller said Drummond was being chased by a vehicle speeding northbound on 208th Street in Queens Village.


New Hartford, NY

#231 May 11, 2013
Here's an idea. Tie the convention center into the Aud. it Must be away.

Florence, MA

#232 May 11, 2013
Utica Convention Center possible slogans.

"Come to utica to see or do nothing".

"We built it so why not come"?

"Come to utica happy and leave disappointed".

"We have tomato pie and half moons".

"Did the sign make you stop"?

"We have a road race once a year"!

"Home of the Matt's splats".

New Hartford, NY

#234 May 11, 2013
Disgusting wrote:
Utica Convention Center possible slogans.
"Come to utica to see or do nothing".
"We built it so why not come"?
"Come to utica happy and leave disappointed".
"We have tomato pie and half moons".
"Did the sign make you stop"?
"We have a road race once a year"!
"Home of the Matt's splats".
Problem,no leadership downtown!
Saratoga has Victorian Street Walk
Restaurant Week.
First night.
Fall Fest.
Chowder Fest.
Arts Fest.

They do interesting things because they have a strong downtown business group. Also,they have a special assessment district. That puts up seasonal flags,flowers,fix cracked sidewalks and lights.

In Utica on the other hand many events come out of city hall.
Fourth of July
Christmas on Main St and others.

It would be nice for downtown business to stop crying for facade money and main street grants and do something useful for themselves. Like start a business improvement District. Every city in the state has one. Some more than one.
Stay away from oootica

United States

#236 May 12, 2013
They will never get it. Any worse and they'd swear the earth was flat.
Utica Prison Fort Center wrote:
<quoted text>
You are highly delusional. Even somehow remotely trying to tie what maradi gras currently is with a catholic feast just proves that. Take a trip through a lock? Lol

New Hartford, NY

#237 May 12, 2013
Stay away from oootica wrote:
They will never get it. Any worse and they'd swear the earth was flat.<quoted text>
Why do post about it,if you don't like the place? Why don't you move? These people make me laugh. They hate Utica but yearn for any piece of information they can find out about it on topix.
Utica Prison Fort Center

Manlius, NY

#239 May 12, 2013
Definately tourist worthy. Lol

New Hartford, NY

#240 May 12, 2013
Utica Prison Fort Center wrote:
Definately tourist worthy. Lol
Did you say New Orleans as a tourist Mecca. One of the most dangerous cities in the country.

http://www.uticaod.com/latestnews/x1798483066... . On mothers day,no doubt.

New Hartford, NY

#242 May 12, 2013
Utica Prison Fort Center wrote:
<quoted text>
Who cares about the crime in the city? It certainly doesn't detract from people going there. The super dome always has something going on it.
How come you don't live there?

the Super dome. The only place for shelter after hurricane Katrina.

New Hartford, NY

#243 May 12, 2013
What is there attraction beside places to eat and drink.

New Hartford, NY

#245 May 12, 2013
Again I laugh because everyone argues that we can't have a convention center in Utica because there is nothing to do.
Well who plans a vacation to Syracuse,Rochester,Buffalo,Bin ghamton,Albany. Why would anyone want to go to conventions in those towns.
Sorry,your logic does not add up.

New Hartford, NY

#247 May 12, 2013
That's why Pro Bass picked Utica and not any of them be use we are the true gateway to the Aditondacks.
You know what else they don't have? You on their topic page because you secretly love it here and would not want to live anywhere else.

New Hartford, NY

#249 May 13, 2013
Utica Prison Fort Center wrote:
<quoted text>
Um actually bass pro shop picked auburn first. Conveniently located for the traffic heading east and north to go up 81. And I actually I did hear through the grapevine albany is soon to get one. The reason they haven't so far is there was no retail space available where 90 meets 87 which is very much true. Malta just recently through their hat in the ring.
Auburn is on the Finger lakes and not on 81.

You refuse the answer the second question. Why are you all over Utica Topix. If you hate it so much.

I have asked you 10 times with no answer. Did you get beat up here as a kid?
Avoid CNY

United States

#250 May 13, 2013
UticaPride wrote:
<quoted text>
Auburn is on the Finger lakes and not on 81.
You refuse the answer the second question. Why are you all over Utica Topix. If you hate it so much.
I have asked you 10 times with no answer. Did you get beat up here as a kid?
What does it matter but to give you a retarded excuse to say "we;;, look its bad in that other rust belt upstate ny dump?"

Maybe that denial-based reasoning id half your problem, halfwit.

New Hartford, NY

#251 May 13, 2013
Avoid CNY wrote:
<quoted text>What does it matter but to give you a retarded excuse to say "we;;, look its bad in that other rust belt upstate ny dump?"
Maybe that denial-based reasoning id half your problem, halfwit.
If you want people to avoid the area,then why are you so interested on what goes on here? Why Utica Topixs?

New Hartford, NY

#252 May 13, 2013
Saratoga has many problems.
Check out this article. Someone raped in Saratogian parking lot.
Utica has a much nicer looking downtown. Have you ever been inside the Gold Dome Bank? Train Station? some of our churches. Way better. Varick St way better then Caroline.
Clueless wrote:
<quoted text>
Doughboys? You think people pack Caroline St because of doughboys? How about Saratoga City Tavern? And part of what makes Caroline St better is what it doesn't have that Varick does; crime, bums... Saranac Thursday? Who cares? it's the same shitty ass local bands week after werk and year after year and I'd hardly brag about the trash it brings out. I've never seen cops have to set up a command center on Caroline St.
I know a bunch of people that go downtown after shows and before shows for dinner. How about the fact that downtown Saratoga looks nothing like Utica's. it's populated with great resteraunts & shops with a mix of upscale national chains.
How about the fact that 45% of the surrounding communities aren't on social services?
How about the fact that their chamber of commerce and business leaders have a clue unlike ours locally?
How about the fact that the track, SPAC, downtown and the city's history and reputation make it a highly marketable package? Want golf? How about Saratoga National?
How about a lack of air transportation? 50+ minutes to Syracuse. Saratoga is 20 minutes from the Albany airport and Albany is 10 minutes.
How about the fact that they have a multi billion chip plant with another on the way as well as a thriving and growing technology economy?
The reality is that Utica has nothing to market to create a draw and nothing that in a million years will overcome it's standing reputation. There's no way that Utica can compete with Capital Distrct be it Saratoga or Albany or anywhere in between.

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