Sheriff Macioll's Bullsht Wyman Manha...

Sheriff Macioll's Bullsht Wyman Manhattan Proj.

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Dr Teller

United States

#3 Apr 21, 2013
oh well little girl wrote:
what will you do suck him dry fa ggot ?
have your dad do it ?
Awwww! The fcking degenerate can't get a defender that speaks like a human. More proof that anyone who supports the unaccountable fat clown are just the usual pervert minded undersexed scumfcks.
Truth fkn HURT BITCH?
Sorry pissant, unlike your little fishbowls, lies, verbal abuse and pettyass excuses won't get you across the finish line.
Fat doucheboy said it would be rendered now and gave multiple dates. Fat doucheboy is the issue here, name calling me won't bother me and it won't change the sad fact that yet another fat parasite under qualified moron deadline has passed and fatso hasn't explained his failures to anyone's satisfaction except the gullible sheep that support him in order to fkn EAT there in public parasite paradise.
So tell us, the fat parasite said the report would be posted already, were we wrong to believe him? YUP!

Wow what worthless human slime, actually thinking a joke would dismiss this MOST SERIOUS and flagrant failure.
Dr Teller

United States

#4 Apr 21, 2013
And another thing "Oh Well" doesn't affect me imbecile. I'M not the one who needs to run for reelection with an EPIC FCKING FAILURE to answer for moron. Fatbitch owns that one. Oh well!
Observer Tampon

United States

#5 Apr 21, 2013
They're probably delaying this until any appeals the suicide nut has are done. Lord knows a real lawyer would eviscerate McNamara and Maciol for the endless conflicting statements from the Sheriff and the DA.

They know the "report" [by 1000 monkeys typing in a room] can't corroborate the lies they've already told to try to explain and excuse away how fat doucheboy let a suicidal talkdown turn into a homicide because they initiated a gunfight with rubber bullets, like NO OTHER LEO agency EVER!!

I'm young so I promise to remember this disgrace and will post in the future to make sure that Wyman's kids read all about how everything mommy told them was a lie she believed and accepted because it must be "gods will".

God willed an incompetent fcking zero loudmouth for a "Sheriff"?

Fat Doucheboy is already on record in the media giving a deadline, yet the freepass OD lets him slide or their coward asses won't get anymore interviews.

Obviously that that's a good thing is utterly lost on WKTV and the Donna Donovan Observer Tampon. They'd much rather talk about boilerasm faggotwine tasting type bullshit like the rosey glassedfaggots they are.

I've NEVER seen a
Observer Tampon

United States

#6 Apr 21, 2013
I've never seen a county so full of uneducated, gullible and scared fools that they continue to support the excuse-making cowards that are supposed to serve THEM, even though their contradictions are literally printed in the paper.

So how long for the Wyman Manhattan Project you pension sucking loser? Rob Maciol YOUR cowardace and ineffective leadership put that man cold in his grave and your fat faggotass can't even man up and delever the TRUTH and deliver it in a timeley fashion without the help of some OTHER pack of upstate parasite fake law men after their own little pensions.

The report will be redacted to cover their EPIC FAILURES or will omit the details completely.
Observer Tampon

United States

#7 Apr 21, 2013
Isn't it amazing that the Chris Dorner Investigation's report has already been rendered and this flunkie Sheriff can't deliver ONE FCKING INCIDENT REPORT in under three years.

Says it all right there no matter what excuses they make to try to shed the blame they own.
Observer Tampon

United States

#8 Apr 21, 2013
"“The true intent of this review is really to help and assist law enforcement agencies in the future that run into similar circumstances,” Swenszkowski said."

I like Swensz but I seriously doubt any other police agency has a POA that involves starting gunfights with suicidal morons using rubber bullets.

Would any OCSD "bomb squad" go around diffusing bombs with sledgehammers?

It must suck to be swensz and having to suck up to that fat stupid piece of lying unaccountable shit for a boss and embarrass himself with this shytstorm desaster and epic fail.

New Hartford, NY

#9 Apr 21, 2013
Oh well is right.
Traitor of the Town

United States

#10 Apr 21, 2013
Lainey wrote:
Oh well is right.
It says as it goes back to talking about Kelly Monaco's daughter.

Obviously these concerns run a little too deep for you too. So lemme guess.... You seem vapid and gullible by your comment. Proctor grad are ya?
U asked for this jerk

United States

#11 Apr 22, 2013
Coward can't even settle on a date in two fcking years.
687 days and counting

United States

#12 Apr 24, 2013
687 days and counting!

Ithaca, NY

#13 Apr 24, 2013
Have that hore mother see if see can get it out like she did to all cowards like your fa ggot daddy.
687 days and counting

United States

#14 Apr 24, 2013
Again, how ironic the public servant defenders can only scream pervert remarks. So this is what the mindset and maturity of these people is hmmm?

Amazing, they released the Benghazi attack report and burgerboy can't cough up one dead cop indecent report.
Any excuse will do

United States

#15 Apr 24, 2013
Looks like 688 is in the bag too.
688 Days and Counting

United States

#16 Apr 24, 2013
Funny it too less time to bring the Iranian Hostages home!

New York, NY

#17 Apr 25, 2013
I heard they called in a team of plastic surgeons to graft into the report all the BS they possibly could after they redacted all the damaging parts.

Don't worry. The Wyman Report is healing at a nearby hospital and will appear about as fake as Joan Rivers' face does after countless procedures. It won't bother holding anyone else accountable, except Patterson, and Maciol will continue backslapping all his chums as "heroes".

The Wyman family themselves should be calling for a REAL investigation by an outside organization with nothing to gain or lose here, say the FBI or even the Justice Dept. The corruption in NY will just continue to pad over each other to continue that false sense of security those "heroes" lead us to believe in.
clik clik clik POW

United States

#18 Apr 25, 2013
Nice!! So true too!

Gouverneur, NY

#19 Apr 25, 2013
clik clik clik POW wrote:
Nice!! So true too!
WARNING: Cretin the Fat Rash's idiot twin is posting here. To continue will expose you to the world's biggest loser and Rash - Cretin the Fat Rash slob.
Theyre LEOtards

United States

#20 Apr 25, 2013
I guess it will be a few more hundred days. Fatman seems to be hiding for all hes worth.... which isn't much! This public parasite job coward promised the report long ago, and even the coward media gives the loser a pass.
688 Days Wyman gets cold

United States

#21 Apr 25, 2013
Soon to be 689!!

Maciol said over a year ago the report was imminent. Were we wrong to believe that lie?

Camillus, NY

#22 Apr 25, 2013
Why do you want the report so bad? You seem to hate the current and past "parasites". Some of you even intend on bringing up this shit later on to hurt the fallen Officer's children, why would you want to put them through something like that?

The truth is that no matter what is in that report you people will not be happy. It could be 100% on the mark and the Monday morning quarterbacks will go out of their way to bash everyone in sight because it doesn't fit what they believe to be true.

It really must suck for some of you to spend every waking moment focusing on the "parasites" that live among you. Life is to short, relax it will be over before you know it. Try doing something good for someone rather than being miserable pricks all the time.

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