"THRILL" links between attorneys LANZ...

"THRILL" links between attorneys LANZA and GERMANAW.

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Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#1 May 8, 2013
In 2008 Fulton attorney Sal Lanza was appoined I believe to be Alan Jones public defender in the murder of 11 year old Erin Maxwell his step sister.

Jones claimed that on 8-29-08 erin asked for her dinner wile being well...contained in her room...When Jones came back with the dinner he found erin hanging by a GREEN("No ones ever gonna read this story" ask a Fulton,N.Y. Librarian SANDY the later HOOK clue link in all of this) rope around her neck and she was gasping for air..Jones claimed that erin had been play acting out a scene from a PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN movie and muxt have slipped on the bed and hung herself..She died the next day on 8-30-08 if her injuries..Jones was babysitting Erin at the time..

The media -press was used a great deal by bothe the DAS office and the defender attorney LANZA and these were the issues..

The press had put the med examiners findings that erin had been sexually abused BUT not at the time of her death and her body had scaring from it. Jones was NOT going to be charged with that ..there was no evidence against him.

The others issues were of course the MEXICO DSS and the deplorable conditions Erin had lived in for years..and the numerous calls made ot DSS about it from conerned neighbors who belived that the child protective unit there was an efficient and effectively run dept..BUT we all soon leanred it was just a name of a dept there. That dept lakced the trainng, money and correct 'policy" o allow them to precceed further with their findings of Erins living situation..in other words even though documentation was made to verify the reports they receivd about it..DSS wokers went there just to document and file it.."there was noting" they could do further..?? Lack of traing did nto allow then to properly identify sub standard living conditions...?

The County most of all people of Palermo,N.Y, ranted "JUSTICE FOR ERIN MAXWELL" during what was such a media circus over thr trial of Jones. The DA"S off raged it was "depraved indifference" on Jones part..The NYS POLICE who attacked the DSS via the press..also caused issues BUT gave no real physical evidence and Jones passed his polygraph..So from the time Erin requetsed her dinner to the time Jones returned with her hot dogs and canned dinner...Erin hung herself..by "accident." The sexual abuse was nto part of the prosecution plan BUT a HUGE media issue presentation in all fo this and HATE brewed towrds Jones off it all..the DA wanted depraved indifference as his plan..and even the JUDGE(9-9-09)Hafner seriously questioned his use of the law against jones BUT allowed his to proceed wit it anyway even when it did not fit the evidence being presented..This enraged his defense attorney Sal Lanza..as it should have...like my "eat chocolate" Dr he did his job to the best fo hsi ability then regardless..Now you have ot understand all the clues and info pointed to the "system"s again failure.. So it was made clear via the press that someone had sexually abused Erin Maxwell and nwo she was dead by "accident" in a home she should NOT have been in to begin with..DSS came quite a few times and left with notes about her living conditons that I bet caseworkers would ahve refused to live inthemselves..or their children from the reports they made while there.

Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#2 May 8, 2013
So Jones passes his NYS POlice polygraph also..there is no sexual abuse issue presented against him either..and the DA is screaning depraved indifference on him..and even the Judge is ? it via the media also..LANZA is taking a beating from the same Judge for his defense efforts..as hopefully any attorney would..under the same circumstances..

BUT the lingering unanswered issue is the sexual abuse scaring and how Erin was locked in her horse stall door like room because of her beahvious now..Her step mother Jones mother was also a nurse..

Now I had heard Tammy Rowe who lived above me in 2005 describe this very same scene then as being the doings of my own son..it's why tammy knew I did nto have the PIRATES toys in my collections and that enraged me..

Erin was sent home from a vacation on 8-11 my brother Bill Vickery's birthday and 19(soldier onward) days later she was dead...in an "OFF MEXICO" PIRATES claim..Hang like a Gallow clue. The incident took place on 8-"in the middle" clue->29-08..and she died on 8-30-08 like my sons 3088 NYS LIC plate #s..

WHO told Tammy Rowe the Erin Maxwell story in 2005 called "DAVEY JONES LOCKER"?

YES it's pretty clear Jones sexually abused her and then worked the "THRILL" "genius" plan to murder her and cover it up..Even though Erin Maxwell was a well watched child no body knows how she was sexually abused..

9-9-09 a JUDGE -ROGUE FBI "working the case" clue..off a HAFNER..

now the difference is how attormeys treat me..Liek Leslie Germanaw...who in her intial court appearance made some effort..I was suprised off the way she talked to me first ..she seemed really "Dorothy Mills" direction oriented..She upset me so bad in her office..and just believed Bill McCarty's "statment" was the be all end all "take the DA'S offer" issue..I REFUSED although she pushed and pushed and pushed me to do it..She heard the sudio of Dottie as well as many others did..She told me the DA has no case and he knows it BUT pushed me anyway to take his "offer" I made it clear to her ovr and over that I was NOT taking any offer from some DA asshole who can't take losing a case he should have never started in the first place..SO DA Nickelson violated my fair and speedy trial rights to "win" and MOST off all the set more "THRILL" clues in it all..So he can't blame ROGUE police for that either..

Now Sal Lanza knows now Jones is guilty...BUT the DA got a cnviction anyway..The ? is how much of the DA'S courtroom technique is going to work in JONES favor now in the end off this "genius" THRILL OF THE KILL" plan on erin Maxwell's life..See it's not Lanza..

I undersatnd that Germanaw could not fight a corrupt system also so she pushed to take the offers..BUT taking any DA offer is a HUGE mistake so I dealt with being honeless off it all cuz "THE JUDGE IN THE TOWNS GOT BLOOD STAINS ON IS HANDS" ...Yes that of littles girls virginity to begin with....The courts work for scumbag recruits..Any ? ask Dorothy Mills..and "JUDITH DEVENEY"..
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#4 May 8, 2013
It was clear to me that my Germanaw lawyer was not capable or willing to press for me in this the way a lawyer should with the FACTS she was givenin addition to the audio of Dottie...BUT there was also the issue of how Oswego DA Nickelson used the courts to violate my fair and speedy trial rights..

hank hill

Lake Geneva, WI

#5 May 8, 2013
Missed ya Di, where ya been?

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