Control of my life by "THRILL" ways a...

Control of my life by "THRILL" ways and doings..

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Jan 17, 2013
I did NOT know whan I made the sudden decison to move to my NEWTOWN u under the THRILL" pressures that I did..That I would be slowly trapped here..

My boyfriend now fears I will "wreck" his only mans of transportation..Since we have moved here..Scumbags as in the past taunt..that "someone will hit it" If I drive it..Their was of keeping me out of the city for some kind of "reverse" control here for them to work the other sides version of it..

It's all part of "HE" plan to trap me in the life my mother chose for herself many years ago..Having children she could not feed or take care of many years ago..Its all part of why scumbags placed the now missing TIME magazine in my grip in 2007,,BILL(FACTOR) Clinton was the cover..He started "useless woman" welfare reform..Making women who have child after child married or nto who cannot support them go to work instead of sitting home collecting welfare..BILL Clinton as we all know whould later "make a fool" out of echo of my parents marriage back then..that was repeated over and over..All claimed back then to be WHY my mother really got involved in this with my fathers image as the front man in all of all of it with the name GEORGE "encrypted" in many of the scumbag "scenes" under it all...Her PAYBACK to him for his years of cheating on HER..BUT the effects of it all on her children was never an issue to him or her..

From there somehow my mother went on to have a small streak of luck " off I all the TS Casino where she also crowend QUEEN in 2005 ofr week as 151 was beginning at Birdseye after CHARLIE Diefenbacher moved in that NOV. 2005 by March 3-8-06 (DIMAGGIO died on 3-8-99) the first Child whom I have claimed from the start that CHARLIE knows more than he lets on about..from that time frame was killed just after he heard me "say her Uncles name..

Now I know my future has planned by "He" here to fall into the same trap by a man as my mother chose to let herself fall into back then..I will NOT have the children and swore I never would.. BUT the isolation has begun by scumbag control..

I have no money the EBT-1080 NYS LIC plate AKA 1080 is also my lawyers pone #..linked to Dorothy Mills doings also lik the NYS Plate of her TWIN.."THEY" got my foodstamps..POSTAL route again up me,,How "they" made fun of the "RED COP" death also..I never received the "letter" my GERM lawyer called me to tell she would send about my "dismissed" charge off Dottie Mills set up..Those behind "THE THRILL" view themselves as the most important people in the world..Like the Hitlers of this era.

Now as those involved..names like Ludington and Nickelson and Cianfarano, Blazinski and many other who BUILD THE "WALL OF GREENS"..Carry on in their roles off the "gain"er scumbags recruits put in motion just for I now deal with the deadly NEWTOWN clues and issues it brings upon me now.

I drive his vehicle as I chose at Margaretville and before that..Now it has all changed we had no money back then either..He argues with me about any idea I have and then goes and does it himself..It's now become and ongoing pattern..Yes I am headed into nickel less alone and I see how it's being worked on me now..they have already set the clues in place of hwo they will kill my son..Just as Maegan BUCK described.."She will have no money" No way to get the hospital and no one will help her"

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Jan 17, 2013
YES right now things at home are calm..No scumbags here in my Newtown have NOT slowed down at all..

YES-I did receive a leter from MEXICO DSS worker for a FS/SNAP phone interview..That by "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" was set to be made to me at the EXACT same time as my MRI appt yesterday..ONLY I have this much ongoing luck..

So here we go again..I AM starting to believe they DID get my Sept letter and shut my FS off on it anyway..for "THRILL" purposes now to effect and may have this health...

The caseworker Mrs Right, Wright, Rice whatever she talks fast..called on Wednesday as she added a few minutes early..for the 1:00pm phone interview..SEE when I got the letter of notice fromthem I immediately called the 5021 line as given in it and left a VM that I had an appt that day also already..and would NOT be avail from 11:00 to 3:00pm..had to go to Clay("where the story was molded" for the appt..So the casworker calls anyway of my message left on MONDAY..Then she calls back at the interview set by them..Well I was having a medical test done..

Ok so I since have left 3 calls..and its Thrusday..and have heard from no one there since..

SO here I go again...with how MEXICO DSS does things....NOTHING has changed..not a dam thing..

You know whats weird but NOT really..The OCO bus that picked me up was 210..and the phone # at was 5021..Thats a 5-21 "GREAT DAY TO BE ALIVE" DATE clue..and now it makes to what "reverse" direction "He" and "they" are headed..

Now let me get to the issue of the Fulton Taxi Driver..who picked me up FRANK I think his name is..See my address is out now if Fulton taxi has it ..its out..So here's the charade that goes along with FRANK...on yesterdays trip to CLAY "Where the story was molded"

We are rushing along..and FRANK gets a call..said his son told him "terrorist threats" have been made at 4 local schools and kids are being evacuated..??

Said his son called him and told him ..cuz they go MEXICO..Said he passed many cops at the Elm school here..and they were in Phoenix and Fulton schools also..This alarmed the passenger also riding who made phone calls of concern...I did not hear a word about any terrorist threats from anyone else..

NEVER a dull moment..BUT I don't know if it means anything linked to "THE THRILL" yet...I'll keep it all in mind.

A cop car zoomed by after yesterday just before I left and YES a SP SUV drove by today here in ????

Ok now in MY words what does it mean?

First if ANY terroist act is linked to "THE THRILL there is no warning BUT the "deciphered" it..and the scumbags who took part in it who knew WHO LIE anyway so..Now remember this is all off the taxi I get in.

DID the driver without even knowing it just CLUE me something? Very possible.

BUT in my experience in all of this if "HE" and "THEY" are going "terrorist" anything....The ONLY clues you get are "encrypted" for ME to "decipher."

WHILE numerous scumbags are sent out to throw all of you off on it..the masterbation for "HE" off it all is to watch me struggle to get people to open their eyes and minds to the reality of it all BEFORE it's to late for someone of a mass of someones..I cannot help but consider that someone like say Maegan BUCK or Jackie Martin sent scums out to set this up as a torment me clue again..because of how it night all link to something in the future.. THAT'S THE M O I know of...and it's "ROCK SOLID"...and this is all consistant with how "they" do it..

Right now my boyfriend is in between a rock and hard place in all of this...THREATS on/at him are just as bad,,I HEAR them too..Some talk some don't..I TALK.

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Since: Jan 08

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#3 Jan 17, 2013
WOW you are still here? I figured theyd send you away by now.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#4 Jan 17, 2013
UticaRox wrote:
WOW you are still here? I figured theyd send you away by now.
Send me where? I was told by "they" to tell it on the forums..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#5 Jan 17, 2013
OK correction..My dismissel letter is being rensnt address issue..on this end..mine..So I was assured the letter is on its way now.Phewww real geniune error..finally.

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Since: Jan 08

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#6 Jan 17, 2013
Diana Vickery wrote:
<quoted text>
Send me where? I was told by "they" to tell it on the forums..
No you missed the posts you THEY told you to post it in the San Diego forum get with it already. EVERY DAY they want a post. Not HERE! THERE! San Diego!
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#7 Jan 17, 2013
UticaRox wrote:
<quoted text>No you missed the posts you THEY told you to post it in the San Diego forum get with it already. EVERY DAY they want a post. Not HERE! THERE! San Diego!
I have already posted there,,,long ago..I LOVE it here on the other forums people caught on to fast to all of it..Here the challege of getting the minds of idiots with pieces of a real life puzzle and how it fits is for me VERY entertaining..and the Uitca forum has no shortage of idiots..

Since: Nov 12

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#8 Jan 17, 2013
Diana, do you really expect anyone to believe that the NY State Police, DMV, Fulton County DSS, National Grid and numerous doctors and hospitals are all involved in some greater conspiracy?
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#9 Jan 17, 2013
Utica Viscount wrote:
Diana, do you really expect anyone to believe that the NY State Police, DMV, Fulton County DSS, National Grid and numerous doctors and hospitals are all involved in some greater conspiracy?
That's just it..they were fooled..Yes specific plates where handed to certain people ..clerks never knew why..BUT some of the receipients did..
YES there is a LONG standing BAD link to me and out MEXICO DSS a dead Sheriff named Bill Cromie who died on 6-27-99 and mu Uncle GEORGE died samw day 11 years later..I dont have time to go into that link..
I worked in health care for 9 years..also took some nursing classes..One thing instructors impressed upon students "You are not going to like everything you see" "and you better know when to keep your mouth shut"...So don't go there.
YES I believe the NYS state police NO DOUBT was involved in this NOT all of them yet..
YOU have never heard of bad cop? well NYS police has them too..Unless of course you are a NYS cop..well then there are none right?
NATIONAL suckered into dates no clue as to why BUT thenagain maybe uppers inthe comany did or someone for payoff later....Like Peggy Deveney does NOT pay the at over 500.00 and non payment for a few months on it but its still on and being used..NATIONAL GRID could YES have very well been told by police or ?? to shut it off on a certain date thinking it part of ??? OR a person internal there could have been arranged to 9-12 date on it..computor wise. NOT that hard to set up...NOT everyone has to know..if no one is suspecting.. Are YOU really that nieve? NO you are not. BUT as one BIG picture compiled together it all looks "crazy." scumbags is a plural word meaning more than one..and YES there is more than one..I have named quite a few in these forum already and some are YES real live cops..Who did exactly what I post about them..along with the scumbags they work clues like dates and badge numbers was used to clue me under it all..3 of them by "friendly fire" Like the last one on 10-2-12 a FED ..a RARE way for a FED to die.. really rare..Last one die on my fathers birthday...4-5-07 same "friendly" way...This one "OFF MEXICO"(DSS clue here) dies and his badge number my sons birthday "anagram" not really 0225 to the date 2-25..
YES your ? is not hard to answer..If you just like police do break it all down one by one...each piece of the story, plan, crime..etc.I
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#10 Jan 17, 2013
HEY this

Thomas Lindsey is dead ..a deadly traffic stop..begins like this..break it all down..

So speeding car gets pulled over..Lindsey goes over to it and a man from out of an ally comes out at just the right time and shoots him..Hanging out in an ally that night....waiting to shot a cop? OR just by "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" is a male who hates Lindsey anyway and was inthe right ally at the right time with a gun..?? and BAM there's the guy who stole his woman also as the one being pulled over..So dam now for the shooter this could be a double payback..Not only does he nail the cop he hates BUT the asshole who stole his girl also..

No I believe from talk here in Fulton in 2005.. that the driver had NO CLUE what so ever Lindsey would get shot and maybe did not even know Lindsey was even going to be the cop..

So he sees Cirino behind the gun from the gun blast and floors it out of there..It's that JOHN ST that CHURCH is the suspicous part to me. Not anything before that..NO one talked about the church or the g/f that I know of up here in 2005 BUT the name Indio was used in 2005 here in Fulton ..Not as part of the crime..

So the driver won't talk ..Cop killer common sense says the driver knows who the shooter his own BAD neighborhood..He has to live there..YES I sat down and out all the shit from Fulton back then into the whole story and this what I get from it.

TWO commedies and THE BONE COLLECTOR is brought to a DD where I work by the name SETH in 2006..because my source of those 2005 Fulton conversations knew Lindsey was going to die then also..and how it was being set up.

Just take the FACTS of the story figure it out like cops do...When cops don't want to be cops but just collect the pay.. Don't ask me why...It's some "sexual predator" claimed way for all these mem to die in trade off. Its a NYS thing you would NOT understand.

United States

#11 Jan 17, 2013
Go make me a sammich. After that go get me a forty!

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