Beverly Daviswas the "THRILL" front f...

Beverly Daviswas the "THRILL" front for Valerie Dedich.

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Feb 17, 2013
Valerie Dedich is he daughter of THE THRILL OF THE KILL" scumbag recruit Beverly Davis.

Valerie is the one who calimes to have made all her life changing better her life decisions to clean up her health and life surgically and by what ever other means at just the same time frame her mother was being recuited into all of this..Now that was a phone call her mother was anxiously awaiting to make to me in March of 2011 of my other 3-11-08 my birthday eviction to me..The day that "line up" with the 3-12-11 shooting death of Cayuga County Deputy Bernard Gallow to frighten and hang by name definition'decipher") in his BLUE garage by his own issue on 3-13-11 that Fulton Fireman MIKE TETRO would from his porch that morning somehow observe and talk about my every reation to the newpaper article about the shooting of Deputy Gallow. He was just letting me know the output to scumbags about what I was doing in my own home that morning when I saw it.."trying to help" He's another one that is on MY shit list in this for may reasons..

YES MIKE is brother in law of City Judge Jerry Mirabito who is claimed ot be the one who told City Libriarian SANDY..when she beagn to talk come clean about what she knew..that 'all you did was incriminate yourself" I dont know if this is true BUT that is intersting and I would like to know...Jerry the one who had earlier pressured library staff to stop me from writing my letters there about all of this..He is on the library board..Do you how important SANDY is on all of this? SANDYHOOK te my NEWTOWN move set up on me in an apt wating for me to arrive in it off the set up in motion on me by "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego home of her MOTHER on Oneida st. Scumbag recruit Aftin Deveney and how and when she arrived there herself..To how our current NYS Goc Andrew Cuomo has a 12-6 birthday..and a girlfriend names SANDRA LEE. "decipher" that name Sandy is lying..The Gov.s birthday is "association" clue to "Angie Baby's 1206 cell phone number and these are just of few of the WHITEHOUSE STATION clue plans behind it all..

The "break" part when I went to the syeacuse FBI as "profile" I would from pressure upon me then..that was CHRIS T MAS and Todds "secretary" output in 2004 or so..They knew the time frame plan..THEN the ERIN MAXWELL 3088.."she worked with her mother" plan was set up. On 4-12-09 after they brought George Lundy back home to help cover his ass for some of the time frame deeds..They sent off by Oct. just after those April 2007 cops were shot dead..Then started killing Levea's and others..So by the time he came home..JEAN LEVEA"S death was the clue to me he was on his way I had called his daughter Danielle because the Lundy name was so furious in the air again around me..soldier onward "reason" appeared on 1-10-09 with my lack of knowledge about Jeans death to it..That I would learn on 1-29 in Oswego lib on my way to DSS..whenre aother conversation took place also..By the time I was driving home..the shock of it all was hitting me..THIS JUST COULD NOT BE REAL AGAIN..I stopped at friends to just get it out..I felt like I was going into shock...Who ever the DSS employee as having that conversation AFTER the sheriff walked away ..she knew...somehow quoted me "she says it needs outside intervention" YES I did many times back then you should hear what these scumbags are planning and cops kiss their asses the "crazy" games..So to "outside intervention" is where "He" and "they" were headed the whole time trying to stop me from getting there first with it and look at ALL the STATE and COUNTY help "He" and "they" have doing it for them...and how.

Well the horrors scumbags taunted about is almost complete..

"She talks in riddles" it wasn't me doing it..


Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Feb 17, 2013
So Valerie from what I'm hearing is under the cover that her "friends" may have talked ro put the idea in her head for her to do this..well that blows her original story then don't it?

Now it does how ever fit with what Maegan Buck carried on about in 2008..When Maegan Buck and her boyfriend became husband..about Jackie Lundy and her "butt" I knew it was NOT me they were comparing the issue of..I have a small "butt" and who ever they were talking about a HUGE one according to Eric..Maegans man..She they had picked Valerie out ..He said she was dirty looking..Maegan talked about "facial bones" they were comparing.

Now at the same time Maegan began her casino money taunts and LOTTERY taunts at me how how "pissed" they would be if I "throws" the games.

FYI the man who hired me at MICROTEL is a retired military "association" also just like Bill McCarty..a few months later I was laid off on the 118.00 BILL VICKERY FACTOR birthday "reverse" amount by NYS UI payments..NOT LUNDY or military payements..NYS..BUT Lundy has some of role in all of this....See that IS the kind of crap that throws me in this..The MONEY..Ok who benefits? The military? If the RIGHT Commander in Chief is in the Whitehouse? WHY do they need one in this way? They don't..The military does NOT need a bunch of scumbags to help them..NOPE..I myself do NOT believe that..BUT scumbags just like with in the FBI and police would cling to scumbags (a birds of feather thing) and find the right ROGUE and military more like it.

Not to degrade the miltary BUT you do NOT need to be smart to be hired by them..They hire let me say um..."Oakies" all the time.

So from the "CROSBY HILL SHIT" "scenes" that were very narration wise a very deadly time frame..

The MICROTEL issue breaks right here...The manager who hired me gets ready to retire..and does. They hire a new guy in the Lindsey badge number runs i in the LOTTERY I;m at work when it pops up on the screen..I almost I won't say failed but kind of yelled out in shock "There it is" as I was coming down the hall..and I wnet home and flipped the light switch..SHIT I did not buy the tickets..They must have known then I was going to "throws" the game..They knew in 2008 Maegan and Eric had already known about Valerie. Hell for me was about to really begin...The manager retired and the new guy came in and I was soon to be laid off..Now my boss there-owner was TOLD not aksed TOLD if he did not lay me off..he was going to lose his business..they would get into his computors and shut him down by getting on guests..He would see reservations "cancel" That's how "they" secured the UI for me...just before the GREEN(3088) Acheiva died. So YES the whole thing was "illegal from the start." Racketering..within the NYS "system."

Now remember Dorothy Mills a very dedicated scumbag recruit in all of this was told by "He" and believs she will get her NYS disablilty money back..No matter what.

Beverly Davis wasn't so sure anymore and relied heavily on what scumbag could arrange for her for monye off others..

My mother has her so precious family more precious than anyone else' help her through it.

Valerie's has her boys and her new life and you would to want to do disturb that she has worked so hard to clean it up in the past few years..ask her "friends"?

Bill McCarty he needs to finish his "man cave" in his 8-11 BILL FACTIR dated home..I wonder if he made to VEGAS yet? I'm sure some extra money would help.

"JUDITH DEVENEY" are still planing to wipe out who ever they can in the "EVERYTHING IS MINE" divorce plan off it all.

BILL VICKERY and CHRIS T MAS..such a complicated issue..BUT this new GOV. CUOMO "association"
next post.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Feb 17, 2013
Now before all of this there was a 151 Maureen Levea "Maureen said she can have him if she wants him" "assoiation" address set up on me in Fulton off my sister CHRIS BOWERS stunt that became the 3-29-05 ALLSTATE damage full of "trick" clues adjustor BILL(FACTOR)JETTY..

Now while I resided at Beverly Davis's off the cirsumstances I did in 2011..patrick hyde died one week later on 4-18-11...Deputy Wynan died on 6-7-11 and that is a story with in itself in all of how Mike Miller died on 9-12..and then Ray Gregory on beverly had caused issues on me for me to want to just move out suddenly she mde me physically sick..she tampered with my food. to time my move out with rays death to keep the "neighbor" death thing I was supposed ot be at Bill McCarty's by then for the CHRIS T MAS time set up on me by his and Dottie..Then Tammy ke was to do the CHRIS T MAS charade..and I would be homeless out in the cold off it ..Dottie would go to TWO judges..The DA'S office would do their thing etc..and sooner to later I would have run into my current "profiled" by control of my life in all of it..Then the DEVENEY women made their moves..and CHRIS T MAS horrors began again..This time my newtown "neighbors" are the "association" There's a dead law enforecement member clue link to Oswrego Countys BIRTHDAY plan and the ROGUE NYS POLICE AND FBI and MILITARY SCUMBAG "gain" plan as well...Same pattern...M O a different scumbags..and ROGUES, the names still FIT.

Now don't forget the song MRS ROBINSON in 2009 and how scumbags got on me in 2009 Feb..I ran to Walgreens ..Did not tell get pics developed..of the signs I had all over my home for years in Fulton about all of this..

Mr Robinson the manager "forgets" to put my negatives in the order..He gets a call from "Kristy Nichols" that distracts him...and I leave..i call him when I get hime and tell him to mail me my negetives..He had made comments on the phone to "Kristy" that I had taken photos of someones "living condotions" but "they look staged" "the home is a mess but the floors underneath it all are clean" I was so mad at myself when he said that..I did not think of it..that part. I realize now I was being compared to Valerie Dedich.. scumbags were telling me about her and her mother.."Toe fungus" "she lives like a scumbag" "fat slob" "their asses get stuck in chairs" all the time at my windows.. So I messed up my house and took pics could NOT figure out what they wanted out there? it was non stop shouts from them..drove me nuts.

So Mr Robinson "forgot" my negatives in my order..I was mad..I called him "mail them to me" Took him a while but he sent them dated 3-5-09..and I knew it was those #s again..

Use of the song Mrs Robinson copy is dated..12-18-09 TEACH HER A LESSON date in 2006. also and now my "dismissed" court I preinted it out just after I win the 12-5-09 casino game..I made the connection..of the paymaster nane..and what took place at Walgrens that became a "WALL OF GREENS" me..that I link o the Green Laces placed on 4-7- for m to find near Tom Abelgores driveway. to a Green Acheiva and a 3008 lic plate on it how it all links to my sons 2-2-5 birthday now off a "friendly fire" bullet on 10-2-12 in the WACO rhymes with NACO" location..

Let me note that the "Send In The Clowns" is dated 1-19-2010 so PJ died in 2009 on 12-6.It's one one geat big "line up" of dates and "associations". That my 2006 line supervisor would die on 12-6. "JUDITH" came to Kohl's on 12-4 the date my mother chose to go "line up" with my mothers 1205 cell phone # and my coming TS casino "win."

All this for BILL Vickery and a future ROGUE president?
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#4 Feb 17, 2013
"it was all good till" 8803..
DV Fan Club

Sherburne, NY

#5 Feb 17, 2013
Diana Vickery wrote:
"it was all good till" 8803..
Hi Diana, wanna meet today? I'll pick you up......
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#6 Feb 19, 2013
So all this becomes a "THRILLOF THE KILL" "scene" linked to why a Federal agent shot dead the "freidnly fire" way on 10-2-12 in the WACO rhymes with NACO location "OFF MEXICO" is link to why the ERIN MAXWELL's death date of 8-30-08 was placed as 3088 on my sons NYS LIC plate in March of 2008 just before she died just as the 0225 badge number of Fed Nicholas Ivie slain on 10-2-12 is link to my soms 2-25 birthday. Its all part of the deadly ROGUE gamae and WHY MAN Valerie Dedich was being clened and rebuilt to replace me the ROGUE way..
DV Fan Club

United States

#7 Feb 19, 2013
Diana, I want to take you away to a tropical island "off Mexico" where we can drink virgin margaritas (no tequila I know about your reflux) and lay in a hammock telling each other stories of green shoe laces and green Oldsmobiles.

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