bob wood (sara ann wood)
Sam Huston

Huntington, UT

#149 Apr 5, 2013
The problem in this case was the officers in charge were best described as "bad officers". Any literate American would have looked at CGN and noted rather memorable "sexually charged incidents", a notable suicide, insurance payoffs and reckless behaviors. Regardless of moral judgements, major inconsistencies between a professed "holier than thou" leadership and so called "professional" child care leaders would have certainly demanded further scrutiny. Instead numerous officers linked to the case devoted themselves to racial slurs, drug use (potheads) and pranks (in the name of "investigating". As a result actual physical evidence (it was never a "he-said-she said" case) was missed and it may likely be that chances to save lives were lost including the life of Sara Wood.

Ithaca, NY

#150 Apr 5, 2013
The day Sara dissapeared, there was a modular being put in on the Roberts Rd. end of Hacadam. The workers saw ONLY a grey station wagon go by that day on Hacadam from Roberts. But quite a few were seen coming from the Higby end. At the time I drove a grey Ciera wagon, and despite knowing ALL of the fireman and half the cops, my car was searched, THOUROUGHLY. At the time, no one except a few kids from Utica who would "jump the hill" and local knew about Hacadam. There were about 10 houses on the entire road back then. So how did the search for a grey station wagon end up being a blue van? The scent dogs only had her scent at the church and where the bike was found on Hacadam. "Reverend" Wood was NOT a minister. He was a lay minister, one of many men who performed the Sunday services at the church, since they were without a permanent minister at the time. None of the other men refered to themselves as Reverend, and neither did Bob until this hit the news. From the start, if anyone who lived on the hill was asked, 3/4 would say Bob was involved. Lent prefered boys, not girls, and IS borderline retarded. For anyone ever involved with the mentally retarded, it's VERY easy to get them to agree to anything you want them to say. Lent is a pervert and a murderer, but in this case,he is also a convenient scapegoat.
Sam Huston

United States

#151 Apr 29, 2013
Richard P. Smith formerly another Camp Good News supervisor was indicted on Camp Good News on multiple charges of sex abuse committed against children during the 80's.

It was just about two months a NY State Police Investigator was snarling at me by phone at what "good people" those Camp Good News people "ARE".
It really does make sense that a number of murders and kidnappings remain unsolved when one considers the standards and "opinions" of a thoroughly corrupt and/or incompetent New York State Police Force irregardless of physical evidence and the well known knowledge of sex abuses at Camp Good News Cape Cod.
bike ride

San Jose, CA

#152 Apr 30, 2013
Sam Huston wrote:
Richard P. Smith formerly another Camp Good News supervisor was indicted on Camp Good News on multiple charges of sex abuse committed against children during the 80's.
It was just about two months a NY State Police Investigator was snarling at me by phone at what "good people" those Camp Good News people "ARE".
It really does make sense that a number of murders and kidnappings remain unsolved when one considers the standards and "opinions" of a thoroughly corrupt and/or incompetent New York State Police Force irregardless of physical evidence and the well known knowledge of sex abuses at Camp Good News Cape Cod.
Mr. Houston,

Remember the Alamo! This is the Battle of San Jacinto, Santa Anna's
Army was defeated by Sam Houston's Army in less that 18 minutes, I believe over 300 of Santa Anna's men killed.

The Alamo (2004)- Battle of San Jacinto

They had to close that case, a cop was on the tail of the true killer. A closed cased stopped that investigation. It was an inside job with the help of politically connected loyal to the mob New York State Troopers who owed loyalty to for fill a contract request. Those psychics had information, but they were chased away by the troopers at the request of Bob Wood claiming 'it's devil worship'.

Also, there was a 4 page affidavit sent to a local judge pertaining to that kidnapping and her father's involvement and possible location of the girl's remains. Judge admitted seeing the letter he also said it was going to be stolen. A couple days latter, that letter was stolen and the letter writer 'silenced'.

Yes, it is a huge pedophile ring, yes it does involve Massachusetts and other eastern seaboard states. Most who are doing that bike ride are pedophiles who, with help, pass background checks. Remember, not all pedophiles have a record and many are those you would least expect. There are plenty of gays in this ring, males love boys.

Ask about Frank Williams and his involvement. They do KNOW where those remains are, always did. Her father was the player, he was a fake minister and his wife is the atypical submissive dummy wife. Also, the neighbor was involved, he 'found' papers in the road. WUTR News was NOT interested in the letter of the girl's whereabouts, they told the witness, "we're not interested in this story!"

Remember, the letter sent to a judge was stolen. He acknowledge receiving the letter stating where the girl's remains would be found and in writing, who the killer was and the people around him helping him cover the tracks. The witness has been silenced.

Mr. Houston, when your men 'let's kill them' they are to be named enemy combatants, denied their right, tortured, and death. Remember, you demand 'Texas' from them, meaning everything they own gone forever.
Sam Huston

United States

#153 May 2, 2013
Pastor Wood unwittingly associated with Camp Good News (and the now known decades long ring of pedophiles there). The NY State Police blew the case (and perhaps even missed final chances to save Sara's life) out of incompetence, internal corruption, inbreeding and trailer trash bigotry.
Even the most cursory glance by any literate individual (obviously NY SP Investigators are NOT in this category) would have noticed multiple "serious sexual dysfunctions" at Camp Good News going back decades. Instead the stupid pigs are to this day still snarling about how "those people are good people" AND how the multiple suicides, insurance sex payouts and paralyzed injured children and multiple sex abuse accusations (including a sitting United States Senator at one point) are somehow explained away by political motivations.

In short the investigators on this case were and are "bad people".
Where did the dog go

San Jose, CA

#155 May 2, 2013
Go back and pull up all those news archives on that case including Russ Davis, Joe Kelly, Andy Ryan, Karen Huxtable material.

Then demand an investigation as to WHY Russ Davis according to Donna Donovan, wrote up manipulative articles of fake news as his career went on. Ask yourself if he did those phony articles, why did he? What was Ralph Eannace's role since it was gossip Mr. Davis was employed by Eannace. What, if any, relationship to Elefante's investigation and Ma DAvis' arrest for those who-re-houses?

Where did the dog of Sara's go, what did they do with that dog? That dog would've been one of the last living remnants of Sara's legacy thus a true parent would hang onto that dog as a hope and testament of Sara's safe return.

Any parent would sell their soul to the devils if using devil's work such as psychics would save their child's life. A trooper noticed that and noticed no parent would've gone up North to Raquette Lake and NO REAL HONORABLE COP DEDICATED TO HIS JOB would've let any parent to help in the discovery phase of the investigation nor take the chance of having ANY EVIDENCE DESTROYED by someone who was NOT trained in forensics. If her remains were there, the material garnered would be used as evidence. Each decomposing maggots, worms, dirt etc would be instrumental in deciphering how long her remains have been on the ground.

So, what happened to that dog? If they had her dog, they upon the dogs death, he would've been cremated and saved until Sara came home. If that was me, I then would've had her remains cremated and her dog mixed in with her ashes and get myself a memorial and carry their remains around my neck until I die. I then would request my body to be cremated and then have all our ashes mixed together and buried together.
Sam Huston

United States

#157 May 3, 2013
A lot of the problem is in the low recruiting standards for police and law enforcement coupled with union benefits and UNaccountability. Screwups are routinely hired because of "family relations", affirmative action and purely because governments have been on spending sprees for decades. Law enforcement officers ought to be hired on merit and for service but with pay scales grossly dwarfing more productive and honest private sectors and the decline in education and morality standards, America's law communities have often become cesspools of incompetence, corruption and inbreeding far better at producing temper tantrums and further abuses than solving crimes.

The good news in this case is that the MA State Police indicted Richard P Smith (another former Camp Good News Supervisor)and that Chuck DeVita (former Senior Camp Director and supervisor) blew his own brains out as a result of exposure in the wake of the United States Senator Brown. The good news is one good person or even trooper from MA can help make the difference against the dozens of dirty, corrupt police union scum who screwed up the Sara Wood case for decades because they were too busy making political statements, leaking incorrect information to the press and in effect "smoking pot".
Sam Huston

United States

#159 May 3, 2013
With so many of the pedophiles now exposed in recent years associated with the Scott Brown disclosures (and lingering obvious questions), it's no great leap to suppose part of the problem with the investigators on the Sara Wood case was the fetish with "skinnydipping".

Why should any supposed police investigator be in charge of a "sex case" when he apparently gets his "rocks off" making young boys swim naked in broad daylight?.......despite the multiple complaints of campers AND staff over the years? Hmmmm?
Sam Huston

United States

#161 May 6, 2013
It just all seems like a lot of monkey business to me.
hide and seek

Riverdale, GA

#162 May 6, 2013
The troopers are no good, they know who killed that kid and where she is located. Arcuri ran that show of who was to be hired and most local troopers who were and are hired are politically connected must prove their allegiance. Troopers involved must lose their pensions.

The troopers are not the only criminally defunct agency around, many local clowns are totally corrupt. Such transients would be willing to place a gun in your car and nail you for it.

People must pay for their actions to harm. Someone must pay and celebrations to happen must be suspended. There will be no accountability unless everybody suffers from the wrath of a few.

Troopers must be held accountable for renting from Mike Arcuri, he was related to Joe Arcuri, the man who gave the nod of who was to be a trooper.

They know where that brat is located, they always knew. Her body has been moved many times after her death and they have jacked off on it and abused many people in the process.
Sam Huston

United States

#163 May 8, 2013
Cleveland police facing questions in rescue of missing women Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, Michelle Knight
One neighbor says a naked woman was seen crawling on her hands and knees in the backyard of the Cleveland house a few years ago. Another heard pounding on the home’s doors and noticed plastic bags over the windows.

Both times, police showed up, the neighbors say, but never went inside. Police also paid a brief visit to the house in 2004.

Now, after three women who vanished a decade ago were found captive at the peeling, rundown house Monday in a discovery that exhilarated the city, Cleveland police are facing questions for the second time in four years about their handling of missing-person cases ...
Sam Huston

United States

#164 May 8, 2013
Joe Anony

United States

#166 Jul 19, 2013
The problem in this case was also with the low quality of the "task force" involved. A group of self-entitled overpaid blowhards handpicked from a union population of self entitled overpaid blowhards was far more interested in making poetic press statements about how much they supposedly cared rather than doing actual legwork and following up important leads (such as the decades long large pedophile ring on Cape Cod and others). Just as the blind leading the blind is a bad idea it is difficult to hope "bad people" as investigators would recognize evidence and work as essential to actually recovering a lost child. After over 20 years the trail is likely too cold and likely too tampered with to be useful but true justice at this point would be holding those incompetent fouled up investigators up for the arrogant and even corrupt filth they really are.
Jay Walkingsmith

Las Vegas, NV

#167 Jan 28, 2014

A number of DC officers were also arrested or implicated in a child prostitution ring and abuses while ruling in uniform.
One could call the NY SP and give supplementary information but why bother?
The stupid arrogant pig animals would refuse to take the report and instead insist "those are good people".
One could point out to the same pig animal union scum of having no idea what "they do there", but the stupid pig animal would "wear the assertion as a badge of honor" having no shame at having not recovered a number of victims, not pursuing known criminals and reported criminals and obviously not honoring their oaths of office.

Not very constructive.

Have a Nice Day!

Whitesboro, NY

#168 Jan 28, 2014
The Messenger wrote:
Why would BW stay around here with all the guilt he has. We all know he had something to do with the killing of his daughter. He shut down his church just after Sara died and moved from his home not even one year later.
whoever wrote this should b ashamed of your self. How dare u say that. I happened to know Sara personally and her family and if they were ever to c this it would destroy them. Really u idiot. Her father. Your a scumbag
Utica Resident

Hartford, CT

#169 Jan 30, 2014
I love how somewhere in any of these posts...somehow...someone starts throwing around racial remarks about black and somehow Obama gets brought up. Neither of which has anything to do with this case.
Ozero did it

Utica, NY

#170 Jan 30, 2014
Utica Resident wrote:
I love how somewhere in any of these posts...somehow...someone starts throwing around racial remarks about black and somehow Obama gets brought up. Neither of which has anything to do with this case.
Oh, but it does involve Obama he loves dead kids to exploit for his propaganda to kill off the real Americans!

Clark Mills, NY

#171 Jan 30, 2014
Your all idiots I know he killed his own kid then blame that scum lent bob wood raped his own kid that is why they can't find her body he didn't do or he would know where the body was

Los Angeles, CA

#172 May 26, 2014
The original search was blown due to police and prosecutor corruption and politicization. Because the same bungling police union scum and politically ambitious prosecutors screwed up so badly in warning the most likely suspects its unlikely the child will ever be recovered. Worse, there simply is no motivation among the same filthy pigs and prosecutors (some of whom received political appointments for the coverup) to cooperate with accountability for their own broken oaths, broken promises and ongoing existence as threats to the general public. Even as late as 2014, overpaid pig animal state police union scum are still referring to widely reported child abusers (who had contact with Robert Wood prior to the crime) as "those are good people".

The case will likely remain a mystery for ever.

Los Angeles, CA

#173 May 27, 2014
" late as 2013,...."

which is still scandalously late.

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