bob wood (sara ann wood)
pumpkin head

Homer, NY

#123 Dec 25, 2012
"she buried with other bodies" says lent.
maybe heusing the where abouts of the body for better treatment?
Reichstag building

Smyrna, GA

#124 Dec 25, 2012
Diana Vickery wrote:
<quoted text>
the bike was tossed by Lent according to what police put out..are you suggesting an innocent man was convicted by police in this matter for??? The real killer would still be out there..Do you think that would set right with police who have children? I am NOT defending cops I know very well how they get gung ho o look good at anyone expense and I am one who knows for sure how a badge on the chest of one can be nothing more than a power trip and nothing to do with crime fighting beliefs.
BUT his details were you suggest was Lewis Lent the start of s serial killing..that was cut short?
He was smart enough to drive,,,he was smart enough to toss her bike..and what evers..he was smart enough to bury her body..BUT not smart enough to recall where..Police searched for days in their efforts to at least return her body to her parents until giving up after realizing his output was not sufficient. Did You watch the Lent sentencing? I believe he did it.
Oh really? Cops and kids? Lent is obviously NOT an innocent man as it goes with the types of crimes he allegedly has done, but possibly in this case he was a pigeon, a parrot to reiterate information that he was to do. That case had to be stopped, investigated. An on going investigation Bob Wood could NOT take anymore. Pylman was up his azz and Wood wanted him off his case. Pylman KNEW Wood was involved and Wood demanded that cases investigation be ended. When you have a suspect and finally a conviction the case is no longer live.

Cops who have children will NOT care about your especially if they are political. This government doesn't give a damn about anyone they are getting ready for a closed civilization. People are collateral damage, Obama has proved it, he ordered that Newtown stunt, it is a hoax. Obama pulled off Benghazi and Bin Laden's death, Bin Laden was not killed by the Navy Seals, that is a lie.

Lent doesn't know anymore than what he was told. You have Mike Daley, Frank Blando as two of the major perps in this prosecution. At the original arraignment that judge should have REMOVED Daley for impropriety he mouthed 'NOT GUILTY' to Blando. That is easily proven there are many video outlets, media clips which show that.
Andy Ryan, Karen Huxtable clip of Lent expressing cops bullied him into confession. Also, it is appropriate to have a 6-8 weeks to assign a cage, but instead, seconds after Andy Ryan's live media circus of Lent's sentencing, the Massachusetts immediately took him back to their state. That was a first. Also, he was to have been placed at the most notorious prison Walpole, but that didn't happen. Let's not forget Daley and his crap of going to see Lent until he confesses, bull. It was said by a cop that Florida baby Sabrina Eisenhower (sp) is the second body with her that Lent was ordered to disclose.

The writer who you responded to, I do not know, but he is right on some of his information.

Now, let's get onto you! How interesting you decided to write coherently in this structure! You're not who you say you are. There is a group together whom created this Vickery saga.

Lent didn't kill her, it was her father and Wood was getting VERY upset with that Pylman on his azz. The cops, including Pylman DO KNOW WHERE HER REMAINS ARE, but since she is dead, those remains mean nothing. Her father didn't give a damn but she is very useful to destroying innocent people.

Obama, if you think gives a flying fck about you, you're wrong. He is a sick dictator and would kill you as to look at you. He pulled off that hoax and that dirty evil fck is up to more, there, as he plans, another major event to terrorize and to destroy what this country once stood for. Obama is plotting his Reichstag building and that will be his swan song, he may even stage a fake assassination and make is appear real.

Joseph Anonymous

Wichita, KS

#125 Dec 25, 2012
I see dum people wrote:
Did you ever stop and think that their pain is re-hatched every time they drive by Hakadam Road let alone public events? The Woods Family was the victim.
Actually Sara Wood was the victim as well. You should pay attention and care. Another way to "care" might have been to do the investigation correctly the first time instead of 22 years later.
I wonder what the justification was for ignoring Camp Good News of Cape Cod in the first place? Or the justification for ignoring drug use, dealing and prostitution among uniformed police officers was? Most Americans would called a ring of pedophiles operating across New England for decades a "clue".

"Union scecialization"? "Focusing" the scope of the investigation? Poltiics? So that FBI union scum could get cushy political jobs? So that 150,000.00 dollar year special agents and 70,000.000 a year police union pigs could get raises and promotions participating in a multi task force political campaign to get raises for the national government employees unions?
Just asking.

Have a Nice Day!
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#126 Dec 25, 2012
pumpkin head wrote:
"she buried with other bodies" says lent.
maybe heusing the where abouts of the body for better treatment?
Maybe all the pro Lewis Lent supporters should get Rebecca Saverese version of of this story..She was the one he tired to abduct after SE Woods disappeared..This mans crimes ranged from Mass to NY as hey are known ..It is NOT out of place to suggest that he did bury Woods with his other victims and that police wrong goings had nothing to do with this conviction..Lent is prison in Mass. for Killing a young boy..That police inv is NOT linked to the same officers who convicted him in the Woods case..its TWO separate investigations and then there is Rebecca's account of him and his intentions on her..Thank GOD she outsmarted him like she did...

Cortland, NY

#127 Dec 25, 2012
your missing important connections to this and the huge pedophile pervert groups.

heres a hint "Douglas Legg"...

Brooklyn, NY

#128 Dec 25, 2012
Oh, he knows where he buried her. He just refuses to tell. That's his final revenge against The System. Keeps him getting visitors,too. They should just leave him to rot forever, just as he left that little girl. No more visits to ask him where he buried her - that just gives him a little more feeling of power over the situation.
who are you

Utica, NY

#129 Dec 26, 2012
maybe he had help, a accomplice?

i know this lent was seen at the 8th lake camp grounds (i think around july 4th week+,-) gauking pervert like at little kids. one dude reported him to the rangers at the gate that where there. he was smart enough to take down his licence plate and state it was from.

he later saw him and the van around the clinton area and his house stalking following him and two kids with him. the police were notified. about this character and the other vans he seemed to be aquanted with.

anyways near clinton there is a diner at the end of the road, and a gas station lent seen with the company of other weird looking perp's in another van along with his.(i forget the name of the road at the moment but a easy find).

he clearly was in the area stalking and trolling before, during, and possibly after the abduction.

he later was identified in the 1980's in the area as being or belonging with some weird strange like so called occult.

i thought that they did find some of her belongings on his possesion, i forget maybe i am wrong?
who knows

Utica, NY

#130 Dec 26, 2012
its like this.

"you got what you paid for"


"you got paid to do what you got paid for"

sad but, true...
who knows

Utica, NY

#131 Dec 26, 2012
apparently not enough to feed the monsters appetites?

Manlius, NY

#132 Dec 26, 2012
We know she was not killed by a BLACK, the city bus doesn't go out that far.

Manlius, NY

#134 Dec 26, 2012
YUPNUFF, dats the meds fo mammys sickle cell.

Manlius, NY

#136 Dec 26, 2012
Oh bus driver why yo not goes to dat county so eye can gets some white money.
cornscrapper jowls

Manlius, NY

#139 Dec 27, 2012
If she was in Africa she would be starved to death or burnt as a witch, the lowest form of thinking on the planet, Look at picks of greece from 2000 years ago, then look at africa today.

Africa is the poorest by far of all continents even though it has the second most natural resources in the world. It has the most fertile soil for crops in the world but yet has the most Mal-nurished population. Africa also has more genocide in its continent than the rest of the world in history has combined. Don't forget 1 in 4 Africans have aids.

So Africans having the greatest opportunity with its wealth of naturual resources and geography find a way to be the poorest, most murderous, most starving, and most disease infected people on the planet. Not to be cruel but is proof blacks just can't seem to help themselves.

I forgot to mention the only decent country not filled with disease poverty, and starvation in all of Africa is South Africa and go figure it was ruled by WHITES...
cornscrapper jowls

Manlius, NY

#141 Dec 27, 2012
Gar there starving to death in Africa.
Sam Smith

Wichita, KS

#142 Jan 3, 2013
What do the pig animal union scum call it when Chuck DeVita is groping children for years and years?

A. A "civil" case.
B. Outside the scope of their investigation.
C. They can't call it anything because naming it
would be a fbi/scum union work rules violation.
D. Fun! Fun! Fun!
E. Anybody who questioned the "skinnydipping" obsession as early as 1975, 1983 and 1990 was obviously "judgmental" and "unforgiving".

Have a Nice Day!
Joseph Anonymous

Wichita, KS

#144 Jan 3, 2013
The most telling aspect is the apparent refusal of the state of MA to extradite Lent to the state of NY.

Surely when a person with the stature of Governor Pataki endorses the request for extradition, the request should be honored. After all, Lent is already serving an effective life sentence (if not actual) in MA. So what's the problem?

Could it be Lent's so called confession was manufactured in order to divert attention from other much more likely suspects including a decades old, large and sophisticated child pedophile ring operating out of the state of MA?

Have a Nice Day!
Joseph Anonymous

Overland Park, KS

#145 Jan 11, 2013
The whole story is a sad cautionary tale of pedophiles, dishonest pastors and "Elmer Gantry" style hooligans. If only Camp Good News of Cape Cod could have been exposed or at least investigated in 1993, the story might have ended happily or at least differently. Instead, police union scum, prosecutors scheming for glory (in the wrong way) and local yokels indulged in bigotry, political ambition, and shortcuts. Most Americans would wonder why a large, long time, well known ring of pedophiles in close contact with the victim's church immediately PRIOR to the crime were ignored as a "clue" or lead. The answers are above.

As Americans we suppose and hope that we live by principle and the rule of law. Unfortunately, in this case, those who took oaths as pastors and law officers forgot their oaths and followed politics, bigotries, and indulged in laziness and personal corruption. As with so many crimes, the biggest lead was in plain and obvious reach all the time. Shortly before the scene of the crime, multiple pedophiles and criminals directly associated with a long pattern of sexual abuse and heinous sex crimes in the state of MA were misrepresenting themselves (or illegally stalking) to the victims and were already present.
The shock to all Americans would be how this FACT was ignored (obstructed)to and by the so-called authorities.

Palmer, MA

#146 Jan 23, 2013
Just Wondering wrote:
That guy that they charged who admitted to this is obviously a wack-a-do. Is there any possibility that he was admitting to it for attention and actually is innocent? Wouldn't be first time that evidence turns up against the prime suspect police know is guilty,in an attempt to crack him when he is actually guilty, but what happens when he is not? They can't admit to doing it. Numerous documentation to this occurring, including some local cases.
sara wood was killed by kevin noone who was on his way home from picking up hay on hacadam rd. the truck he used burnt in a hay barn in middleburgh ny to destroy evidence. the reecy farm in ny is where truck burnt had just 10000 miles on it. he killed holly piirainen and molly bish in ma was called to grand jury in this case. I think he put saras body at his grandmothers house mary farrel in broom ny house and 20 acres has since been sold was a colonial with 20 acres or so

Palmer, MA

#147 Jan 23, 2013
kevin noone abducted sara with hay truck 1992 f 450 blue super duty registered to his father joe noone from middleburg ny. truck was destroyded by fire in a dairy barn after murder fred reecy farm in middleburg ny i beleive you will find saras remains at his grandmothers estate in broom ,middleburg line her name was mary farrel property has since been sold. colonial house on 20 acres.kevin noone also killed holly piirainen and molly bish in ma was called to grandjury in molly case. He uses horse tranquilizer to abduct them. they should send bllod hound in house and cadaver dogs to search estate with ground penetrateing radar
Joseph Anonymous

Overland Park, KS

#148 Jan 30, 2013
The officer informed me that “some” of the Camp leadership (unaware apparently of multiple suicides, lawsuit payouts, current sexual accusations, 650,000.00 court judgements and more) were “good people” and that over 4000 leads were received on the Sara Wood Kidnapping case in the early 90’s.

As Mr. Wood lived about 30 minutes east of Utica, NY, I’m unconvinced that Mr. Wood had 4000 similar extended contacts (physically present by multiple members of Camp Good News) of a fraudulent (on the part of Camp Good News)“sexual nature/discussion” with Camp Good News with in weeks just prior to the crime but it is my duty as a citizen to report truths which are surely relevant to a crime.

There probably were 4000 leads or more received. I seriously doubt 4000 long time sophisticated networks of Camp Pedophiles contacted and were present in the days leading up to the crime.

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