Hobika, police chief’s loser brother ...

Hobika, police chief’s loser brother get questioned- Longo case

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#1 Jun 14, 2013
Hobika, police chief’s brother to be questioned in Longo case


A local attorney and the repulsive racist brother of substandard Utica police Chief Mark Williams will soon have to explain under oath what the chief might have blabbed about police Investigator Joseph Longo Jr.’s mental state in the weeks before Longo killed his wife.

On Thursday, U.S. District Court Judge David N. Hurd ruled that attorney Joseph Hobika Jr. and Utica police "Investigator" William "Gary Busey" Williams can be questioned regarding an alleged conversation that has become a key part of the pending wrongful death lawsuit.

Hobika and William Williams are set to be deposed later this month before June 27 by attorney John Dillon, who is representing the family of Kristin Palumbo-Longo, and by attorneys for the City of Utica.

In the lawsuit, Dillon is alleging that Longo Jr.’s superiors “implicitly encouraged” his increasingly troubling behavior by failing to address his wife's concerns in the weeks before the killings on Sept. 28, 2009.

Although the department did take away Longo Jr.'s firearm shortly in a gungrab before the murder-suicide, Longo Jr. didn't let not having a firearm stop him and repeatedly stabbed Palumbo-Longo then stabbed himself at their Deerfield home following a divorce proceeding. The affair leading up to the divorce was exposed on Topix Utica where the case has been much discussed due to the revealing insights into the systemic attitude problems with Labellas, Williams and the secretive CYA environment within the city of Utica and it's largely bloated wasteful and unaccountable departments.

Mark Williams was deputy chief at the time, while Daniel LaBella was police chief until the state reminded Utica that retards can't pass the test and they aren't allowed to create their own.

The reason Dillon wants to now question Hobika and the chief’s historically repulsive and problematic racist brother is because Hobika had led Dillon to believe for two years that Mark Williams was willing to testify that Longo Jr. should have undergone a mental evaluation when his behavior became more erratic.

But when Mark Williams was put under oath in April, he lied-as-usual and said he didn’t recall ever making such remarks and reminded all listening that the UPD has 2500000000000 friends on facebook and loves the "blacks: no matter how it looks otherwise so 'thrust him on this'. And now Hobika is saying that it was the chief’s brother, William Williams, who had reportedly told Hobika what Chief Williams was prepared to say, not the chief himself.

When Judge Hurd granted Dillon’s request to question Hobika and William Williams, he limited the inquiries “to the issue of what, if anything, Chief Mark Williams has stated regarding the action that should have been taken with respect to Officer Joseph Longo in the days and weeks leading up to” the murder-suicide.

Read more: http://www.uticaod.com/features/x1484775012/H...

Utica, NY

#3 Jun 14, 2013
Ask them if they have seen a kid who was lost by a REGGIN ?
U R Correct

United States

#4 Jun 14, 2013
Ask them if they have seen a kid who was lost by a REGGIN ?
No the police are mostly racist, obviously, and no-one talks to the UPD but their badge bunny wives and clingons living the gloryhero mentality for 60k. That's why they're still looking!

Utica, NY

#5 Jun 14, 2013
helps yo cuz sista bro finin eyes lost mys watermelon

Little Falls, NY

#6 Jun 14, 2013
Everyone has always said that Billy Williams would be the demise of Mark Williams. Now he will either have to call his brother a liar or purger himself and feel the wrath of Hurd. What will he decide. Should be interesting.
worm haircuts

Utica, NY

#8 Jun 14, 2013
Have you seen the 25,587,00

U- mom & dad




Utica, NY

#9 Jun 15, 2013
Williams and Joe Hobica Jr. are two of the biggest liars this city has ever seen. Some of the root of all problems in Utica. Hobica should of been jailed years ago for those kids getting killed in north Utica car trunk fire.

Mark Williams was deputy chief at the time, while Daniel LaBella was police chief until the state reminded Utica that retards can't pass the test and they aren't allowed to create their own. roflmao
again and again

Whitesboro, NY

#10 Jun 15, 2013
Why is it everytime there is wrongdoings by lawyers, it's always Hobika or Aney?

Utica, NY

#11 Jun 15, 2013
Hobika is a criminal, that is why.
Marcus Fartsmell

Hatfield, MA

#12 Jun 15, 2013
All utica police are disgusting criminals!

Little Falls, NY

#13 Jun 19, 2013
To quote Chris Issak "somebodys lying" and my guess is its a Williams. The federal justice system doesn't like liars.
again and again

Whitesboro, NY

#14 Jun 19, 2013
Hobika should be in prison along with the Crocilla brothers, Dave Benner and Matt Cuda to name a few of those scumbags. Yet, they are out on the streets, giving Utica the reputation it has today.
again and again

Carthage, NY

#15 Jun 20, 2013
hobika disbarred once already then warned by the state supreme court that he needs to be investigated.. snake snake

Little Falls, NY

#16 Jun 21, 2013
This is sinply Williams teying to discredit Hobika when everyone knows the Williams family couldn't tell the truth if their lives depended on it.
same ole

Utica, NY

#17 Jun 21, 2013
Why is it that Joe Hobika always manages to get involved in situations that end up with him either having to stretch the truth or out right lie to get out of the trouble he brought on himself.
Fred Peters

Utica, NY

#18 Jun 21, 2013
same ole wrote:
Why is it that Joe Hobika always manages to get involved in situations that end up with him either having to stretch the truth or out right lie to get out of the trouble he brought on himself.
Joe has been a liar and a cheat since day 0ne. From has grammar school days at Jones, then Hughes to UFA and then Hamilton College, and can't imagine it was any different in law school. He made it a lifestyle of using people and he came out of the gate with an image problem. First, he thinks he's a good looking dude. Second, to thinking he is a tough guy(lol). Third, he thinks he's smarter than everyone. Fourth, He thinks he's some kind of power broker. Truth being known he's ridden on both Mommy's and Daddy's coat tails his entire life .... but I think that ride is coming to an end. But as you all say Kismet, Karma whatever, they are nasty bitches.
Spike Dailey

Albany, NY

#19 Jun 21, 2013
Be very careful fellas, you may be dealing with a crafty, ruthless, belligerent person. Don't act recklessly.

Little Falls, NY

#21 Jul 4, 2013
I don't know John Dillon but I do know Mark Williams, his retarded brother and Joe Hobika and I can tell you that anyone who knows these three knows that they couldn't speak the truth to save their lives. They lie so much that they belive themselves particularly Billy.
Somebody made a Mistake

Lowville, NY

#23 Jul 4, 2013
The way I look at this situation is that a woman was killed. She was he estranged wife of a Utica Police officer where there was apparently infidelity afoot. Matrimonial Court proceedings were fresh and ongoing and the Judge did not order the surrendering of firearms by the parties despite abuse problems. Attempts are being made to place the blame on the police chief and the City of Utica alleging their failure to take action in seizing the firearms.. Now the attention is somehow directed at individuals who were never directly involved during the time that these actions were taking place. Somehow the ongoing slander seems to be presenting itself as a form of therapy for those individuals authoring statements that attack certain individuals. Perhaps those individuals have been on the losing end of a Court matter with a certain lawyer representing the opposing side. Perhaps the authors have grown up in the company of the lawyer only to be jealous of his successes, perhaps its just plain ignorance. Either way, intelligent readers most likely just sit there and shake their heads thinking what a ridiculous venue we have that allows unnamed people to render hateful unproductive comments towards others. And by the way, I wouldn't be so sure that anonymity is guaranteed, in fact it is not as supported by various Court proceedings and decisions. It could be a very costly way to come out of the closet. It might be coming sooner than you think. I can't way to be there when it happens. If you are curious, please re-read the threads in this entry and specific allegations setforth herein. You might just be smart enough to figure out what I mean but I doubt it.
I hate you

Whitesboro, NY

#25 Sep 10, 2016
I have no problem with the police Department in Utica, I actually like some of the men and women on the force, there awesome, but there are some corrupt ones, that Mark Williams does know about, I wish he would wake up and smell the coffee, lets get together and put the bad corrupt people where they belong behind bars. Mark Williams is an OK dude, he just has to stop following and be a leader. Joe Hobika, Jr well hes a different story, he's a Womanizer. He's sexy, he knows it, just wondering how long before he realizes he married.

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