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concerned tenant

Whitesboro, NY

#22 Aug 14, 2012
Sorry but by law you can not get upset because you rented a place not up to codes. Stop blaiming tenents for being a scumlord. You also knew what you were getting into.
A Landlord wrote:
What landlords care about is our properties not being destroyed. We care about holes in the walls and windows being broken. We care about garbage in the cellar and batteries being taken out of smoke detectors.
Sure we care about getting the rent. Most of us have mortgages on our buildings, we have tax bills, garbage fees, insurance bills, and water bills.
If you don't like the way the property looks when you first see it, then don't move in. Don't move in and then start complaining. You knew what it was when you first looked at it.
When you have 6 people living in an apartment and no one has a job you will break things because you are there 24/7, it's not our fault.
concerned tenant

Whitesboro, NY

#23 Aug 14, 2012
Try and get those so called mandatory regulations enforced. Mandatory is a crock of poo.
Divoce-happy World wrote:
<quoted text>
fire hazards? I don't think so. rental properties in Utica have mandatory fire inspections. shall I repeat "mandatory" ??

Level 2

Since: Aug 12

Pitcher, NY

#24 Aug 15, 2012
concerned tenant wrote:
Try and get those so called mandatory regulations enforced. Mandatory is a crock of poo. <quoted text>

It is too. 4 years ago we lived in a appartment in uticathat the FD "inspected". Found 18 fire hazards and the landlord had a year... a f'ing year, to take care of them...and didn't.

Level 2

Since: Aug 12

Pitcher, NY

#25 Aug 15, 2012
Another Landlord wrote:
Then buy a small house. It's cheaper than renting and you have to fix things when you break them.(What a concept!!)

You guys could stay away from tax and foreclosure auctions so someone with just a little money could buy a house (WOW what a cocept!!). But ya'll too greedy to do that.

Waterville, NY

#26 Aug 15, 2012
John Catera Scum Landlord Houses Run Down And

Level 1

Since: May 12

Whitesboro, NY

#27 Sep 22, 2012
A friend moved in a charming apartment. Had a few minor repairs that needed fixing, back screen door, and drawer needed fixing and ceiling tiles. Three months later sewer smelled to high heaven, there was over a foot in the basement. A neighbor complained of mice.

The charm of the place sure went away fast!! Now all are looking for new places to live. Codes did nothing!!!
mulberry st

Utica, NY

#28 Sep 22, 2012

Baldwinsville, NY

#29 Sep 22, 2012
I would tend to say the title of this thread should be " Why does Utica have so many slimy scum hole tenants that don't know how to live like human beings" .

Syracuse, NY

#30 Oct 9, 2012
Utica and state codes says it is up to tenant to exterminate their own apartments and the landlord covers the common areas Unless it is a private house where it is only the Tenant. Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri and Sec 8 says it is up to the landlords to exterminate. Today i went to a tenants home, a private house, the place was messy but to them it was clean. They said they still had roaches. I had paid for a company to spray the place a month ago (about $400). They should be the ones to take care of this situation, however she on sec 8 and Mayor Palmieri forces landlords to sign a new form that says they will take care of it. But i told the tenant they will have to take care of it from now on. They become upset. I then said if i had roaches in my home. I know i would get rid of them. Because i'm spending on the treatment i would work hard at keeping my place extra clean. But here that is not the case. Someone else is paying so they see no need to trouble themselves they will just ask you every two weeks. The Sec 8 laws also state it is the landlord to keep the house clean too. This is crazy. I made up my mind if and when the tenant calls there sec 8 to complain on me i will tell them that they should just move. I want to point out something i want my house pest free however i think if the tenant don't take part in the treatment then it will never be resolved. Get rid of them! Get your place treated! start over! Sometime it is the tenant that is the true pest to be exterminated.

Syracuse, NY

#31 Oct 9, 2012
mike scarn wrote:
<quoted text>
You guys could stay away from tax and foreclosure auctions so someone with just a little money could buy a house (WOW what a cocept!!). But ya'll too greedy to do that.
Blaming others for your short coming, Utica City has always tried to give the houses first to people who wants to live in them. But yet you still don't have one. Some have been as cheap as $500 dollars. Yet you still don't have a home. So as you sit at home on your couch blaming the world, stop and think to your self maybe if i got up and started researching ways i can get a home them i don't have to blame other and i will have a home!(Wow! What a concept!!)

United States

#32 Oct 9, 2012
It is a challenge to find good tenants. You really have to be picky when showing an apartment to new tenants. You can tell somewhat if they are clean people. No pets and becareful if sec 8 tenants. The majority of them don't care. Draw up a lease and out a clause in about cleaning the property. That gives you an out.

Syracuse, NY

#33 Oct 9, 2012
concerned tenant wrote:
Sorry but by law you can not get upset because you rented a place not up to codes. Stop blaiming tenents for being a scumlord. You also knew what you were getting into.
<quoted text>
I think you missed the point in what he said. When apt are rented they have to be up to codes. In fact Sec 8 and all other programs will come in and inspect the place to make sure of it. Some tenants will damage things, take batteries out of the smoke detectors. I have a multi unit building that has hard wire smoke detectors, tenants unplug these detectors just so they can smoke in the Unit. Putting the the whole building at risk. Now if the tenant pays for part of their rent and spent the money they will call the same inspector and say things like my window is broken! my smoke detector has no battery. Codes then turns around to the landlord and say correct it immediately. They do this thinking this gives them a reason to not have to pay rent. The inspectors know what happens. But there job is to make sure it is fixed. Now it is up to the landlord to remove the tenant and charge them for those things. Unfortunately security will not cover damages or the time to fix the damages. Many landlords will keep the tenant thinking about many up coming bills. Regarding to knowing what we were getting into, many landlords do not know. They see a T.V. show and things seems to go well. So they think they can do it too. many thing enter their minds, It will help with there bills. When they get old etc... Not knowing what is to come.
tony tellington

Utica, NY

#34 Dec 31, 2012
Dom clemente total slumlord happy new year scum bag

Fayetteville, NY

#35 Dec 31, 2012
tony tellington wrote:
Dom clemente total slumlord happy new year scum bag
How did he shaft you Tony ?
tony tellington

Utica, NY

#36 Dec 31, 2012
moved in on the 1st in 20 days the water was shut off 2 days later the electric was off before i handed my key back to get my sec deposit and last months rent back he was nowhere to be found so much for all util included well now i know where to find him thank you topics!
Cmon Son

Clark Mills, NY

#37 Jan 7, 2013
concerned tenant wrote:
I am sick of Utica Landlords. WE pay rent therefore we have rights to a safe habitable home. Fire codes are not enforced sorry, law or not! you call codes because of safety issues you are evicted. The city does zero to protect tenants. In this economy not everyone can get a housing loan nor do we want to. I have never seen a city that treats tenants so horridly.
You sound like a whiny bastard. I sure as hell wouldn't let you rent anything from me. I'd evict you just so I wouldn't have to listen to you b*tch all the time.

Syracuse, NY

#38 Oct 18, 2014
My Landlord wrote:
My Landlord Promised me the world when I moved in!! Everything was nice and freshly painted. New rugs, etc. Now nothing gets done! There are 5 units here. But we are all afraid to complain. We don't want to get evicted. A landlord can evict you for anything and don't say they CAN'T!!! Two of the units furnaces are dead,tenents are using space heaters! They have small children too! Porch steps are broke and dangerous. Gutters fall in every wind storm, they do NOTHING! No carbon dioxide or smoke detectors installed. Sinks drain into pails because pipes are broke. Mice run around!!!We are not section 8 people! But all of us love the neighborhood and want to stay. So we keep quiet... This is Bull!!!! What can be done? Oh, by the way, we live in one of the smaller towns outside of Utica. Again we are to afraid we will get evicted for bitching. The system sucks and we know we will be kicked out if we complain!!!
No carbon dioxide or smoke detectors installed.

lmfao carbon MONoxide rofl

Bronx, NY

#39 Oct 20, 2014
Larry Spetts
No doubt

Fort Myers, FL

#40 Dec 14, 2016
bullied tenant wrote:
Joe Lapaglia is a bully and is trying to force us out of our apartment on Jan. 14, 2011 even though we paid rent through Jan. 31, 2011.
Well, he's trying to support his daughters cocaine addiction

Mohawk, NY

#41 Dec 14, 2016
xxxxxxx wrote:
What about the Landlord that rents an entire house located in a real nice neighborhood (N. Utica) based on a referral from a close relative? I inherited this house and knew nothing about the ins and outs of renting and took this tenant based on the referral and "face value".

What a mistake!!!!!! In the 2 1/2 years this family lived in this house, they did approximately $10,000 worth of damage. Furniture and items that were to be left i the house were either stolen or destroyed. Holes in ceilings and walls; bedroom painted BLACK and other rooms very dark and ugly colors,inlaid flooring in kitchen removed and sub-flooring painted black, wallpaper torn off walls, and all screens on porch had large holes in them and 4 windows broken. Doorbell chimes (made of brass) were missing and broken, and numerous DRUGS found hidden in various spots within the house!!!!

To top it off, husband had been in Rehab for 7 months for Crack Cocaine, and wife removed ALL her personal information of where she was living, and even from her employer's personnel records. But, since she already had 3 current Jodgments against her totalling $10,000, getting another Judgment against her would have been a waste of time.

This family was no more than WHITE TRASH pretending to be "nice". My only regret is that I didn't evict them before I did. They have been placed on a listing for other good Landlords NOT to rent to them - but they are currently living in a drug infested neighborhood - where they belong.

Will I ever rent to a "stranger" again? The answer is Hell NO!!!!!! One of my children and her family is now living in this house and taking very good care of it. The damages have been cleared up at my expense, walls repainted, and new flooring put down.

Word of warning - Don't ever trust someone you don't know personally!!!!
I agree with you. I just wished the system would protect the nice landlords. I feel we should have the right to post the names of all bad tenants and what they did. Then they should get denied any social service rights instead of free food stamps that they sell and money for drinks and cigs.

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