Right now another "reverse" it scumba...

Right now another "reverse" it scumbag "THRILL'

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Feb 8, 2013
Right now there seems to be another around of scumbags getting on people to "reverse" their belief in my story..ell thats the MO used all along..they are on me all the time..BUT back then they called "voices in your head" instead of scumbags a more appropriate name.

So as others deal with it ..I still remain the same..regardles..even off how the FBI shot one of their own to clue my sons BIRTHDAY to me..Now to me that has a very strong link to the taunts Tammy Rowe began to make as soon as I moved in to 151 of "They're gonna kill your son" "they're gonna set you for killing those kids"(Tammy Kennedys and that si why I went to see her and asked her if she knew Tammy Rowe..She said no then handed me Harbour Credit..Tammy insisted to me that she looked harboutr Credit up herself back then..and was using the service herself.
BUT now I hear she has a different explanation of that..

Now also the conversation Mary and Lorinda had in 2001 in Lorinda Fullingtons Oswego home..of Mary's line back to her "They'll never know which one of them did it." has something to do with that "friendly slain Feds 0225 badgen number link to my sons 2-25 birthday just like the 4-5-07 Hunterdon shooting fo the last one on my fathers..NOW ONLY an idiot would say otherwise at this point..since there has ONLY been 3 inthe FBIs 100 year hostory..and I think the first "friendly" was shot before I was born..so what's that leave in odds alone? BET anyone?

So involvment in this and prior knowledge to it in this County alone is HUGE..I still believe DA bickelson had some indication of the the Nicholas Ivie shooting while I was still homeless in Fulton linked to DA Nickelson also..from something he said in the courtroom to himself..about "he's got the same name as me" Who does? Lets hope there was an active case file...or a friend ready to cover it with the same name..a Dentist or Dr. maybe? Who knows..a cop maybe? YES DA Nickelson DID say it...It would be great if he could prove WHO had the same name as him OR he culd just deny it and then I would he's full shit and never stop saying it..See is "same name" shows up then I DO hear these "perfect" "COINCIDECE" issues..and FED named Nicholas gets shot also by Oct on a TWO 12s "perfect" date....HOLY SHIT...Did GOD want me to write this NOVEL or what? I mean what else could it be? Ask ? any scumbag who follows the "crazy" "take your meds" plan behind it all..

Ok so who is setting up who here? Ok we know someone is settng up cops to die..Just throw that part in the umimportant file for now.. Lets all incuding me get inthe anticipation mood of who will be next from the clues..Because there are clues..

I have TWO specific names drawn out of those clues..BUT "he" pulled another "trick" on me on 10-2-12..Ok so this I THOUGHT I had a name..YES FULTON PD I stand corrected on that one..before you say it..BUT I knew the time frame..so last time i had the clues RED COP" 13 and ONEIDA..This time I had the time frame..but wrong bullet direction..as you can see I'm not very good at the game of clue..an original version now called "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" of THE MILLENNIUM ZODIAC..

YES thank you for this syracuse input also..

The TWO MILLENNIUM dates..9-9-09 and 12-12-12..one is the Erin Maxwell trial date 9-9-09 and the other my boyfriends birthday..12-12-12..a "line up" date clue with his trial..

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Feb 8, 2013
CLUES are this...I had the "association" clue "RED COP" to ONEIDA right..I had the "add up like a score" 13 number right off what was the 6-7-date and the location..sort of ..BEFORE they set Deputy Wyman up..The REST -TIME FRAME was set up off the Fulton Post office and who ever complauned about my letters..that got it all to Fulton PDS ROGUE MIKE BLAZINSKI#29..just days before they shot him.. on all the right clues names etc..blah blah blah..You should know the Pattern by now...No wusing the talk from inside the Fulton Pd as a "he aid not get involed in her story" guide..to how Officer Marino and Batstone worked Dottie Mills set up on me..

I want to compare it all to how Deputy wyman went "down" See cuz Marino knew there as an audio..Dottie Mills boasted just like "JUDITH DEVENEY" does on the audio of her..while Bill mccarty only saw his VEGAS destination out of all of it..If Marino did not tell Batstone about the audio which I think he did out in the yard..then the brunt of the BS is Bill McCarty..and police not being through..
SO "He" got ya's again..Your own fault..

See and I am NOT a cop but at what point do you stop playing assholes off the assholes in all of this?

"They don't like the way she talks" scumbags rant...TOUGH SHIT have you ever heard a cop rant on?

"IT IS WHAT IT IS" and that is all it is ever going to be..regardless of what scumbags are sent out to bullshit feed you all..and YOU eat bullshit fast..YES YOU DO!

The TWO MILLENNIUM DATES 9-9-09 when "JUSTICE FOR ERIN MAXWELL" began LOLOLOL.(I hear they say its not over with yet ONLY been 4 years now..One long trial don't you think) Then my boyfriends 12-12-12..the "line up" with his trial date..that was "dismissed."

Now "The 9-9-09 and the 12-12-12 BIRTHDAY"..."Makes 3, 9-12 dates"..YES it does and GUESS what?..Here is how it works..

9-12 is a Chalrie Gasko clerks birthday..the drive Thru SUNOCO..She gave me a hard time whan I got hired there..YES she did..she felt threatened for her job..She also the one they set up to interview the sex offender..who wnted a job..She did the interview ONLY and passed that info on to Candy..Now this is the same pattern of how they suckered my son too..the way she says it YOu would think she did hire him..BUT she didn't CANDY did ..she just did the interview..as part of her job..passed the info to Candy who had the same impression of him..and hired him..thats where it stopped..The clerk was not told of his new position there..So yes she felt threatened again..Scumbags including Maegan claimed she "was setting Candy up" I was actually a "reverse" plan.. and the mind games came off rants..the clerk NOT having a clue she was being set up..and Candy of course making it look she hired a sex offender still under cpurt jurisdiction..WHY? The clerk was suckered..It's all "reverse"of why Candy hired me in 2005..and made all that money then sucked up to me when I got fired and how..She had the video that morning..even gave me a ride home.

The the sex offender gets fired..it was a mind game I began to think did this clerk hire him to get Candy fired? Then she told me how it took place..so as NOT to burst her bubble I said nothing..I already knew..YOU did not hire him Candy did ..you did an preliminary interview..and that's all...So scumbags could attempt to jack her ass off it later.If Candy and Rob don't still try to set it all up still..The scumbags were used for more "support" money so I got to wash there some..Well they were making money off it AGAIN..The clerk started her crap over truthful posts I made. So I left and she did not have a clue...She was used again in 2011 the same way she was USED in 2005 as the cover plan...Now she has the 9-12 birthday..ZODIAC set up on her clue..

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Feb 8, 2013
Now Rodney the man in ? The parole..knew and thats why he wnet there,,,Maegan BUCK knew too in 2008..Just like the "fat slob" who was hired right off the replace Rodney she knew too Maegan spoke of her...Now during all of this scumbags were told or lead to believe I might get rehired if sales were good..just like HOLLY at Wendy's promoted the same thing there "fill up the dinningroom" and of course DD..SALES it was ALL ABOUT THE MONEY..and here was NO intention of rehiring me..at all..SCUMABS who had converted and the general public who knows something is wrong..were being suckered again..Now you people have spent LOTS of money and should know this by now..If I get hired..then come BUT NOT BEFORE..foolish...I say so myself..as I have said all along..

Now that 9-12 #1 clue..

9-12 #2 story..
My mother's "fall" date..at a Mobil(MRT clue) station on Rt 11..she breaks her ankel in a pot hole on a rainy night..BIKERS is the clue..the BIKER T shirt was placed at the auction barn..my mother insisted we stop at on the way home fromthe casino one night..The BIKER T is different it's hand made silk screen just as Meagn described it..RETURN OF THE HOG to Wellsville dated 2008.(the year I beagn to research things) thats is exactly what the shirt readson a PIG in cop uniform smashing an old run down car with a basebat bat /ok club..with a Wellsville Lic plate on it..the Stevie Nicks TIMESPACE Cd -I wanted it and my mother took it to the register BUT the CD came up missing when I got home(still have the case the CD is newer relase and I was shocked it was there) The Woolworth bag..Nickel and dime store clue..very old was a quater..? All placed for me "perfect" clues..

My mother had not taken her "fall" yet..

She sued..

Then on 9-12-11 Mike Miller dies..Beverly's "cousin"..Ya know I was NOT at first suspicous ..till her and Valerie talked about it..Beverly already knew..His name and the "cancer" scumbags would taunt me about so much later..as I head into my new "profiled" health problems off what Dorothy Mills set up onme..so far no CANCER..BUT I jhear they have used that before..on victim's no one would suspect..Well if you smoke for instance whos going to be suspicous if you get cancer and died on just the right "line up" date by "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" of course..I understand it all now..

Now there IS one more a 4th 9-12 date..its a NATIONAL GRID POWER clue..at the "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego location..The OTHER 3 clues cannot be changed..or altered or well you know just vanish..like it never happened..as my family and their scumbags plan to play it all now..

So what do you think the "They do things in 3s" EXTRA clue is all about? It's the ONLY one of it kind..Looks like someone set up that ways also..BUT who? My boyfriend? He had no link to that bill not being paid..

Maryland..Mary land?
Did you know Peggy's boyfriend ROB..go figure was fired...and took her to Maryland..Then he dumps her at just the right time or she dumped him however Peggy will be covered in all of this(just as she said)..as all this fell into place off it..Guess where he got fired from?

So ROB was the scapegoat..
So the 9-12 Charlie Gasko clerk was the scapegoat.
So AFtin Deveney's boyfriends family are the scape goates..
So JARROD the nephew is the scapegoat..
So my father was my mothers "fall" scapegoat..
So my son is the 3088 scapegoat..

Now look at these few examples in all of this and look at what transpired from all of it..

Its all part to those who walk around going.."I don't knowo they just want me to say this now" or " do this now" or whatever..
it's all part of a mind game on someone else..DONT DO IT..People could have been walking by Adam Lanza doing the same thing..probably scumbags that "They" have something on..or will get something..or just those out for the "THRILL" of it all..


Utica, NY

#4 Feb 8, 2013
Diana did you know a "rogue" cop is killing his former co-workers in LA?
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#5 Feb 8, 2013
Now for those of you still to STUPID to understand..Don't worry or be offended.. I was STUPID ofr 3-4 years in all of this myself..I really thought police just did their jobs with in the law..LOLOLOL OK MY EYES ARE OPEN..BITCH SLAP ME I DESERVE IT..

Ok Rob is a cover plan for Peggy Deveney.
The 9-12 Charlie gasko clerk is a cover for Candy..
Brandons family is a cover for Aftin Deveney..
You lay out cheese and the mice will come..
"JARROD" is cover plan for "JUDITH DEVENEY."
My father Charlie 4-5-7 is cover plan for my family whom he "common sensed" off in all of this and now they say he will have a "heartattack" and "Angie Baby" WILL finally wipe my mother out..

That stroke was a cover plan for Chris Bower..My mother may not have known that part..Now if I die "That statement is out there somewhere and the FBI will find it" Todd's home rennovations are going now just as he planned in 2002..as they faced a bankruptcy..Cuz his mother can't help him now..My sister got "in the middle" of that too..

So the plan is to set up a "reverse" BILL(FACTOR) JETTY NOVEL IS plan on my boyfriend off his link to me..which brought us here to the NEWTOWN "association" massacre horrors..on of course a signature "line up" date..

So I still wonder how much of a THRILL" is all of this for the scumbags who take part in it..and those who play ostrich to it..?? WHAT exactly am I missing? I AM begining to wonder..So Valerie could finally get cleaned up? So Dorothy Mills could get some life time NYS State Disability and keep working also? So Beverly Davis could impress her grandkids and every lesbian that would talk to her? So my mother could have a small streak of luck from the TS casino? and so did some others in m family while others lost their asses there?....so CHRIS BOWER could be "in the middle" of it all..? So someone could clverely kill 7 cops so far? while the rest of them did not like me saying "someone is shooting cops" well tough shit.

So TWO little girls could die in TWO stories clued by the same links so unbelieveable..and NYS set up the rest of those clue links around it all?

So Bill Vickery can be their JETTY FACTOR for "gain' of it all..and blame his mother and sister(s)? because he did not ask them to do this for him? He just provided the info...from his own lawyer..on CHRIS BOWERS "I just want to know why"..then she slams into my Jeep off it to start the "encrypted" clues that lead to a BILL FACTOR JETTY plan..So now you know why they ant my father to have a heartattack don't you?

See I have an issue with this part..BILL just runs to a lawyer in 1994 and makes his "statement" some time in that time frame and then comes back and tell CHRIS BOWER "WHY?" From there..MOVIE talk begins off "Angie" they say..Charlie Diefenbacher said "Angie" wanted to know if I say his name hey 3-8-06 childs uncle..????

My mother hits my parked JEEP in May 2001 same way CHRIS did..

My mother was so sucked up the Raponi's ..who was trying to start the fraud issues on me off my Jeep? at that time..I sure wish I had that Ins report..

My car had been hit at BOCES while parked in 1997.. I told you that kids mothr was suspicous her words..She knew something..all after Cromie of course.

The scapegoat of the "THRILL" is in the Sheriffs in 1996..and another image link now also..

So they are working to "reverse" that part now off what I post GO FIGURE!

The Kennedy accident..My family was already in motion..and Marla Miller was the coming scapegoat..
Bill Vickery had told CHRIS BOWER why and she is the scapegoat now..and my mother and the non stop scumbags on MY back..

ok "Now that she wrote her fathers going to have a heartattack they will do it" scumbags taunt.. My mother told in 2010 that "He" said he will..now that Aftin had done her "gain" job and Peggy might be waiting to do hers..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#6 Feb 8, 2013
Gino wrote:
Diana did you know a "rogue" cop is killing his former co-workers in LA?
Gino it happens more than you know ..That story is just how that ROGUE FORWER cop chose to tell his story..The same violent way that got him fired in the first place that the now takes out out others..the way he sees fit

Now you don't need to take meds or be crazy or have a job to see what he doing..Do you? Because the press figured it all out for you first..This guy wanted the press to know..He has to much tough guy from the military issues..He could have whacked himself off somehow while in the miltary and died a hero...BUT he had other plans for himself..He's an angry ex cop..NOT a military hero..

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