Wow Miami Herald reports on Nano Utica

Wow Miami Herald reports on Nano Utica

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One of the few proud

Utica, NY

#1 Mar 1, 2014





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One of the few proud

Utica, NY

#3 Mar 1, 2014
That's why i am one of the few proud and you seem to be not.
failure rash cretin

Clinton, NY

#7 Mar 1, 2014
One of the few proud wrote: 4/02/28/3964736/computer-chip- center-marks-1st.html
Just ignore the loser with the US address, this welfare POS doesn't even know what a PC is and his degraded brain can't even understand it.

He's lives on welfare and topix his entire life, the only thing this failure can do is post he has money, education, and is a Civil engineer, pro lester, chip designer, door knob printer.....

He's the stupidest loser on topix in the USA.

Watch the welfare failure fail.

Why does DDR3 1866 have a DRAM of 500MHz ??????

Now sit back and laugh at the failure as he dodges it.
swinghigh fromcross

Clinton, NY

#13 Mar 1, 2014
Ian Hob wrote:
Meant to type "fast".
Ok punk, is that what your hore pig stinking hore mother told you ?

Tell us again how you work on software but don't know what a PC is.

Just post address and watch hore mother get her teeth softened.
One of the few proud

Utica, NY

#18 Mar 1, 2014
Nano to nowhere wrote:
<quoted text>I'm very proud. I got out of NY years ago and made my fortune rather than waiting for another 15 years for a nano pipedream. Proud of hyping hot air are ya?
The comments are a massive hit-job and truthful. Looks like the word has long been OUT on you goofballs you're just the last to know. WOW!
Still proud? Uticans always were proud of lies and ridiculous claims to "awesomeness"> Enjoy your bitter spoonful of truth hunny.
One thing is clear it doesn't matter where you live now, because you never got out. You are here 24/7. That's the beauty of this area it's always in your heart. Negative or positive,you can't say that about to many places. I'm sorry if your dreams were shattered here. If you're truly successful now, I bet you can attribute it to your friends and upbringing in Utica, NY

Times have changed here and Utica's best days are ahead.

Should I start off your response

"oh yeah typical Ottican response".

One of the few proud

Utica, NY

#19 Mar 1, 2014
Also we were met with racism and offered bribe to say we were committing. As part of our research we look at local forums and news and find racist comments rife all over even the local police's facebook homepage is full of derogatory commentary about Asian Black and other minority it is disgusting and full of nasty people and bigots there.

That's funny, you did your research by looking at topics, blogs and the police Facebook page? Maybe you should have looked at the Zogby poll that ranked Utica as one of the most culturally welcoming communities in the country. Also, it might have been helpful to have gone to the Richard Florida presentation at the Stanley.
One of the few proud

Utica, NY

#21 Mar 1, 2014
Richard Floridas creative class of Utica speech
One of the many gullible

Sullivan, IN

#22 Mar 1, 2014
You mean you're one of the many gullible!

The retarded, the "proud" [of nothing but lies and hot steaming phony hype!] the UTERINES!

Anyway, I see you have NO refute for the sad truth and the word is out.

"Waaaah! WaaaAAAH!"

One of the few proud

Utica, NY

#23 Mar 1, 2014
Uticas Fat Run and Walk wrote:
<quoted text>
So you still can't name one private company then can you?
The news articles said six private companies and you poke holes in that. Nothing I say will ever be satisfactory. What's your point?
One of the few proud

Utica, NY

#25 Mar 1, 2014
Thank you for being open and honest. Certainly, I understand how you feel. For the record I don't care for either politic party and know of the many self serving buffoons that we have had. However, please don't punish the few good honest hard working that genuinely want to see the area move forward. Not for self gain. Maybe the only success for me is pride and a belief that things can change for the better. Maybe it's a belief of a fool but I can't stop trying.

Again thank you for coming out of character to shed light on your experience. Even if you decide to go back to bashing the area you showed true character and strength to explain your point.

Joe Friday

Rome, NY

#28 Mar 1, 2014
Ian Hob wrote:
Here is the comment for those who can't see it --->
I work for subsidiary of Taiwan Semiconductor. We reviewed this site last summer and chose to pass it by. We found that it is a complete political scam and lie that has been going on nearly twenty years.
The governor is giving out $1.5B to lure anyone with even remote connection to technology there so he may look good to his constituents. The site locates on federally protected wetland. It has no wetland permit and the US Army Corps of Engineers has been informed that the supposed commitment that would allow such permit is just NY schools spending public money there, not private real investment that is required for a permit. Army Corps Engineers indicated they know this is an end run around the rules hence no permit will be given until major manufacturer commits, which will not be happening.We would know. The supposed new building is little more than a classroom funded by the state for $150 million, and in fact they are lying about it being "ahead of schedule" there are many press conferences where a parade of lackluster politicians promised completion by 2010 and 2013 this is easy to look up and see for yourself. Also, Albany is in beds with Global Foundries, our competitor and Global is currently being sued by several major manufacturers for stealing IP so this is giant red flag to allow our protected IPs into their scope we learned this mistake prior and will not expose ourselves and our plans to GF again cardinal rules!
Also note that the only people and construction companies who benefit so far from all the state money they throw are friends of the same 5 politicians. NY state has no "Right to Work" status or rule and it is historically union congested and corrupt. This is another dealbreak for TSMC and Samsung Group. Never. They also have worst self defense laws in the US the Governor criminalized rifles holding any more than 6 bullets against Constitution which I think is why Remington is pulling out if he is reelected.
Susan yi is obviously a made up person. The whole comment reeks of the typical topix bs. Funny how that comment popped up after this thread was started. Nice try though that must have taken a lot of time to create.
Just wow

Herkimer, NY

#29 Mar 1, 2014
It's funny how off topic this has come...
One of the few proud

Utica, NY

#33 Mar 2, 2014

New Zogby study finds Utica a welcoming Community.

I don't believe a company would look at a UPD facebook page or topic and use that as a reason not to come here. It's a lie. Plus, if they hired you to discredit the area, shame on them. They clearly didn't do their
home work.

I would have to hear it first hand from the CEO to believe you.

Can't wait for you to disprove the facts.

One of the few proud

Utica, NY

#34 Mar 2, 2014
(Utica, NY – June 2013) A new study highlighting Utica as welcoming to immigrants and refugees will be used to help other communities around the world build tolerant, welcoming neighborhoods. The study, commissioned by The Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees (MVRCR) with financial support from The Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties, Inc., and in partnership with Zogby Analytics examined the attributes Utica has that make it so welcoming to immigrants and refugees. The findings now will allow the refugee center the opportunity to provide consulting for communities around the world seeking to build tolerant areas.

Among the findings:

- Polled Uticans are proud of their city’s tradition of welcoming immigrants and cite that more than century-long history of welcoming southern and eastern Europeans, Middle Easterners, and western Europeans to the community.

- Sixty-nine percent of Utica area residents said immigration was good for the area, including 70 percent of those 65 and older and 69 percent of residents who have lived here more than 10 years.

- Seventy-four percent of residents in Greater Utica and eighty percent of residents in the city of Utica wanted the immigrant population to either grow or stay the same.

- The study sites a sophisticated network of helping agencies, public/private cooperation, affordable housing, disorganized/ isolated opposition, vision and leadership from the education community, immigrant reputation and will to assimilate, support from a variety of places of worship, and the Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees as factors making Utica a welcoming community.

“The Greater Utica community enjoys its reputation for welcoming new people, feels that the city and its leaders are doing a good job, and believe that immigration offers the city new hope for the future and a fresh image to the rest of the world,” the report states.“Residents also appear to be very proud of themselves: the story of America has always been from the outset underscoring the values of ‘opportunity’ and a ‘second chance.’ Uticans seem to have internalized the sense that this community is responding in the best of both traditions.”
One of the few proud

Utica, NY

#35 Mar 2, 2014
Utica has been a city of immigrants – German, Welsh, Irish, Italian, Lebanese, Polish, Jewish, African-American, Bosnian and Burmese to name a few. Over the past 30 years, the work of the Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees in welcoming refugees has been a source of pride for many in the community as well as garnering national and international recognition. The United Nations High Commission for Refugees has titled Utica of all the cities around the world as the “The Town that Loves Refugees”.

“We wanted to transform the anecdotal story of Utica’s success into a blueprint for positive change,” MVRCR Executive Director Shelly Callahan said.“The more we know about the characteristics that define a welcoming community, the better we can promote integration of recent arrivals and a cohesive community for everyone. As a successful model of integration, Utica and MVRCR are uniquely positioned to become leaders in successful community integration and cultural competency. We look forward to working with communities in America and around the world to help them to create more welcoming communities. We are grateful to the Community Foundation for their community leadership making this Immigrant Integration Indicators Project possible and the superb work by Zogby Analytics and John Zogby.”
One of the few proud

Utica, NY

#36 Mar 2, 2014
Even the United Nations.

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees has titled Utica of all the cities around the world as the “The Town that Loves Refugees”.

I guess a brilliant company that does their home work, would ignore what the United Nations says about Utica.

Priceless, how can you even make up such lies.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
Uticas Fat Run and Walk

United States

#37 Mar 2, 2014
I like when Ian Hob licks my peenis.
Nano to Nowhere

United States

#39 Mar 2, 2014
I like when Ian Hob wraps his welfare lips around my peenis.
One of the few proud

Utica, NY

#41 Mar 2, 2014
What about the United Nation? Are they wrong? Please admit when your wrong!
Nano to Nowhere wrote:
<quoted text>You don't have to look far: Just search "Morris Chang" and "new semiconductor foundry" he has decreed unequivocally that all TSMC's new foundries are to be located in Taiwan from now on. Despite what NY wannabes tell you.
There will be no foundry in New York.
Also, and again, John Zogby jumped the shark. He was probably paid to produce that bullshyt to shore up opinions and, like you're helping them do, refute the irrefutable truth: CNY folk are systemically racists and hateful. The only reason the politicians arranged for refugees to go there was for tax incentives from the Fed and a whole new base of welfare hoardes who can be duped into voting for NY Democrats. You aren't very astute to the big picture, that's what reading the OD - designed to inform and talk down to simpletons- will get you.
All you need to do is a quick social media search to verify this. Obviously they noticed it these aren't the only missives from these people to make a note of the unsocial attitudes and unreliable/untruthful locals. But what does it matter? The ship has already sailed, the site was reviewed and dismissed. Maye John Zogby can make up a phony poll about what a terrible mistake it was next. At least it will make you all feel better.

Herkimer, NY

#42 Mar 2, 2014
One of the few proud wrote:
<quoted text>
The news articles said six private companies and you poke holes in that. Nothing I say will ever be satisfactory. What's your point?
No news articles, no personal opinions; just reality.
ALL private investment in nano tech has been, and continues to be, at Malta, NY.
Gov Cuomo promises during an election year should be recognized as such. They have
no basis in reality. Any monies spent in Marcy, NY have come from taxpayers who have
no say in his spending on SUNY IT.
The construction is part of new classrooms for non-existant students. It has nothing
related to any economic revitalization of a devastated community.

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