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New Hartford, NY

#1 Feb 2, 2014
Topix users why not try something new. Only list something positive. I will start with: I won $300 on a scratch of today.

New Hartford, NY

#3 Feb 2, 2014
Utica does have some hope after all. I belive in good karma.
heres one

Utica, NY

#4 Feb 2, 2014
We only have to deal with barack obama for three more years :-)

Ilion, NY

#5 Feb 2, 2014
I asked God to give me a fun filled day the other morning,
filled with lots of surprises, He gave it to me big time and today I am still smiling
Ask and ye shall receive.....
Fat Tony Salerno

Rochester, NY

#6 Feb 2, 2014
So sad wrote:
The elderly lady in front of me at Price Chopper came up $3.27 short on her grocery bill and I payed it for her. The poor lady was trying to figure out what to put back. That was hard to watch, my heart ached for her. It's a wonderful feeling helping someone in need.
Yeah, I know the broad you're talking about. She pulls that scam at least once a week. Meanwhile, she drives away in a new Caddy. Not bad.
Absolutely the best

New Hartford, NY

#7 Feb 2, 2014
Cretin gives the best rimmer ever!
You can not be positive

Manassas, VA

#11 Feb 2, 2014
There can be no positive posts written on this thread, forum or all of this ugly filthy evil violent area. That slander and malicious gossip you have written about me and my family, I hope you suffer beyond any wildest dreams this family can think about! Even with those jack-me-off laws some dingbat named Harmony Speciale had passed, the maggots in this area called me a child molester and more.

How dare you and this area represents the garbage each and every one of you are! I hope one day you are broken down to your knees and if you are trust me I will pour acid on your wounds and in your faces.

You can never take back the things you have written about me over the years on this forum and other internet sites. I hope you suffer beyond our wildest dreams and I hope your children suffer for they must pay for what you have done to this family. They must never be able to get a job, I hope they end up a suicide!

You can't take those events back, you can never rectify what you have done and done so without any provocation or reason on your part for you got involved in a hoe's lie and I hope you pay!
Life is good

New Hartford, NY

#14 Feb 3, 2014
Cretin licked my mannncccrrraaacckk shiny at halftime while we watched Bruno!!!!!! Doesn't get any better than that!!!!!!!!
Sunny Day

New Hartford, NY

#17 Feb 3, 2014
Sunny Day wrote:
The lowlife are up in Oootuca and NH!
My post above was not positive because I have never said anything positive my whole life. I am the opposite of positive. I am Cretin! Feel my wrath!!!!

Philadelphia, PA

#18 Feb 3, 2014
I left there years ago. That's positive for me.
Not Positive

Schenectady, NY

#26 Feb 3, 2014
Utica -Better By Denial wrote:
LOL My mistake I thought you were another of OOotica's infamous "Walmart checkout LOBSTER CLOCKERS" looking at all the "colored's lobsters" forgive me. Utica topix is full of that and they don't even realize how leechy that makes them look!
Now Cretin, that's not very nice or positive. Say something positive about yourself if you can't think of anything else. C'mon........
heres one

Utica, NY

#28 Feb 3, 2014
Sorry Sunshine
I know what you were trying to do here and it was a good effort but by titling your thread this way and trying to get only positive responses, you only invite the usual low life haters in.
There's the one called cretin (can't figure out who that is)
the one that always says oooootica (very gay)
the ones who think the world can do without public employees (as if the garbage will pick itself up every week, crines will solve themselves, fires wont start, no one will get sick, etc....)
There are a few people on topix who seek out threads like yours just so they can take a big dump on them. They have no life and no independent thought. They are takers...not makers even though the other "oootican douche" seems to think otherwise.
My advice to you...keep being positive no matter what any of these a-holes say or do. Stay off of topix. Go out and do good things for people and you will feel great for it. Thank the Lord for each and every day of your life.
Take care and love the haters
Not so Cretin

Schenectady, NY

#29 Feb 3, 2014
Utica -Better By Denial wrote:
The subject it oootica no me. Save us the noise. When discussing ootica you really have to dig deep to find anything genuine, real or positive. I'm sure that must be my fault lol!
I'm betting schools in utica are configured like chicken coops hmmm.
The subject is open to anything. So, C'mon, post something positive about yourself.
Cmon Cretin

Schenectady, NY

#33 Feb 3, 2014
Cool Ur Engines Elroy wrote:
<quoted text>OOOtica and gay go well together handle it.
Annnd it also never fails that some OTHER trolls take over the posts you mention and like religious goofs hurling judgement and hate from behind a book and strawman arguments does same from anon. name.
I question the motives of any loser stuck in losertown utica who invests inordinate amounts of time desperately trying to deny the sad facts, the corruption, the public service lawsuits, arrogant union "demands" of glory and respect while their largely and demonstrably failures etc. See retard? It simply doesn't WORK on people NOT from OOotica.
And in rebuke they always reach for the retard semantic extreme "OHHH! Welll! YOU must not want any public service at ALL THEN!" Yes! This is how chicken-stupid and helplessly feeble in debate these rubes are!
Why act like losers all your life? There ARE people who would uplift Utica if the cavemen would stfu and stop trying to suck the life and control everyone who'd step in with a checkbook like you ain't ever seen and most def never will! Keep defending fail an mediocrity it's done you all so well so far.(Waaaah!! Waaaaah Its Creeeeetin wuthg THE TRUTH AGAIN AHHHHHH!) Ya swarm of fcking losers deserve every bad article and pisspoor poverty/education scoring you read in your news every week. You deny your area is a well-known povertyhole rust belt phony haven of crony capitalism union bloat and failure? Good luck with denying that too Elroy.
It's called laziness and learned helplessness with a touch of personal repulsiveness. OOotica owns it hands down just LOOK at you!
Listen you simpleton fckingasshole not everyone was born there and stopped logically evolving at 7 ok? If you have problems accepting the rather sad verifiable facts and need help with it you're probably one of the first obnoxious loudmouth simp uticans that should probably just shutthefckup. Seriously if you losers won't get out stop crying and denying it just makes uticans and cny people look that much stupider and denial prone. Honestly you'd have to be as stupid as a human could possibly be to believe your area is "on the up Joe Griff says so in the OD!!!"
Please say something positive about yourself!
yack off

United States

#34 Feb 3, 2014
Positive posts oh mother fphuck you maggot bags. This area is the epitome of hell loaded with inbred corruption you are evil maggots worthy of nothing but total fire of hell!
But Cretin

Schenectady, NY

#35 Feb 3, 2014
yack off wrote:
Positive posts oh mother fphuck you maggot bags. This area is the epitome of hell loaded with inbred corruption you are evil maggots worthy of nothing but total fire of hell!
About yourself! Say something positive about yourself! Is it that hard?

Philadelphia, PA

#36 Feb 3, 2014
Possibly the worst place in the country.
And theres Cliffy

Schenectady, NY

#39 Feb 3, 2014
Nope wrote:
Possibly the worst place in the country.
Please post something positive. If nothing else something nice about yourself.
This is utica

Utica, NY

#42 Feb 3, 2014
Sunshine wrote:
Topix users why not try something new. Only list something positive. I will start with: I won $300 on a scratch of today.
you spelled off of
heres one

Utica, NY

#43 Feb 3, 2014
Tune U out now wrote:
<quoted text>Not me, again retard it's analcretin talker signed in from his US posting now you can tell because he just double posted the same post on another forum proxfail from "Utica" and "United States".
Like I didn't know or cared! Now look you retards are never going to get this, it's not about "me" or "I'm cretin" or "on welfare" lah dee dah there's a good reason they always miss: I know otherwise and not being from "cny land of the spineless glory fiends" I don't care what they really say or think. Maybe you goofs will get it someday lol!
if you are not from here then why do you post here?

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