The "JUDITH" "tractor" scumbag issues...

The "JUDITH" "tractor" scumbag issues continue..

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Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#1 May 22, 2013
The scumbags have carried on here in New Havne for hours..since I got home from the Thrifty Shop where the ZODIAC Pyrex was go I was first in the door there today..Actually I was the only one at the door..

THe scumbags immediately beagn countertion claims "they're gonna say you never saw it" "yopur mohers goonna say she had one" This was being shouted ouside the Thrifty shop the same types who know when out in tores etc..

Who gives a shit what scumbags say its not a police issue? So please carry on...

All day long caims have been made form scumabags "they picked Judy up" No they are waiting tying to goiveray time to change his mind" are the "technology has something on him" thats been going on for days..Ys we were Fulton the other day also..YES ..YES I am the one who did NO want to make the special trip to the consignment shop..and decided to wait..till we had things to do..Thats why we went to Fulton..It was chicken and biscuits day at MIMIS..I TALKED HIM OUT OF IT..YES I gave MY input on the JUDY issue also that day..The family is VERY stressed they want their land back..Peggy has gone back from all claims to mary;and after the issues her and Aftin started around CHRIS T MAS it appears "ROB" was in on this also..and WAS going to play it the way Peggy claimed to cover her..although we want little or nthing to do with them..we get filled in time to ime..we don;t whats accurate and what not..we jus go there anymore..and its choatic issues involving "JUDITH" she's a squater type there..She's pays nothing the family is working to gather their tax dealing with all her destruction also..Shes taken over by a marriage lic..???? She ays nothing and claims she "owns" everything..its all hers..She threatens people, harrass the well hell she did that wide open in Hannibal court also..

The plan is ROGUE wise is that her estranged husband started all this..Thats the image of him the other side wants..and was working..from the start..Is he the ONLY technically married who ever a g/f while th? Obviously he made some pretty dumb decisions and completely misjudged her..

That is how he was "worked" according to scumbags ..why Lori" told Peggy, Peggy claimed and made sure I heard it is that he her brother was behind it all....scumas added to "protect" himself..You think hes done that? With all he's supposed to know about this?

I was really thrown that Peggy would stick up for me before her own brother..and claim to not have a clue what Aftin was was all BS on her part..

JUDITH ran her role in this off it all from the burglary.

To pull off the real plan "JUDITH" Had to set up her EVERYTHING HERE IS MINE" plan on him..called in her own words "I JUST GOT WHAT I WANTED AND YOU"RE FCKING DEAD" that took 'seconds" to promote after she claimed he "pushed" her and she hit her head on the tractor wheel as NYS OFFICER Lee(lying) Jesse and the next Hafner Judge was waiting to play out theri clever roles in this..I really have to keep noting the "head" issue Hafner made off Judiths (endorphines)just as Maegan said he would..that was all in the "profile" talk Maegan BUCK made in 2008. Hafner tried to create the image that JUDITH really hit her head even JUDITH made gestures on his words off it all. JUDITH workedan act of a distressed woman even at the it was so shocking and traumatizing she was put though this..thats NOT the woman on the aduio..who shouted I JUST GOT WHAT I WANTED AND YOU"RE FUCKING DEAD" after se knew she had set her husband up..they told her NOT to touch him..that I know..and he never touched her.. ing out..and he was seeing me all though that part of her doings and she knew it..

Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#2 May 22, 2013
endorphines..a chemcial relase ofe body caused by different emotions..the issue of how actors make you "feel" their pain etc on the big screen..the feeling you get when you like someone..etc..the realease of endorphines makes your performance much more believable..

There is no part of the audio on 9-6 of JUDITH that you the feeling endorphones of pain were there.. and I look intensly for things her side can use off it after seeing her perfomarnce in hafners court and after the trial..There was no endorphines release whan JUDITH Played her "she's crying" charade a me to sync with the SAAB GOODMAN auto plans they had on him called YOU'RE FUCKING DEAD"

There was no on ebut me Judith, Lanza, her estranged husband and the Judge the day of the trial...No one was there for her..BUT her family was there the day she was screwing over for money...they knew how it would come out thats why..and they live in the trailer with her..Thi smay bthe same daughter hwo pulled in to herhusbands home the day she stood on her porch when we pulled in and began to harrass me..bragging how the Judge had NOT signed the restraing order against her..So I caled DA Bell .to me "JUDITH" was open target if she invited it off me..Now this was all after HAFNER
threw her out of his courtoom also for the same tyoe conduct..DA Bell as requested the order even before that..She JUDITH knew she had moe work to pull off in this right down other 2-24(line up with my sons the link to Nicholas Ivie's badge number to how it all links in clues tothe name JOHN SON now JUDITHS WHO LET THE DOGS OUT" act that she claims "someone took them" they were out in the woods..2 of them and JOHN NY as they claim as posted would not come to them.

BUT forget all that right now..

Right now New Haven scumbags claim that the cops are now going to set Ray up for challenging "JUDITH" Well who at this point would doubt this?

JUDITH did not as we expected start "selling"
again till I posted about the bank calling about the trailer paymen..Then she made her I need money scramble imae again..RAY had told her the tractor was his NOT the barn or anything JUDITH made a beeline to sell it also ..she said it's not she says its her by marriage.. It not anymore..Scumbags claim here allday long cops are giving "Ray" "time to change his mind" TIME to jut give JUDITH the tractor? Ok so lets keep an eyeon "cops" according to scumbag claims.. who off the technolgy claims they make carry on all day..

They zig from one side ot the other all day long

Years ago JUDITHS husband bought the tractor..and he can "prove" this..YES we went over that BIG "cop" line in all of this..We have pics of he sold it..How much is no ones business I can assure NOT what he paid for it..

Let me claify this does NOT matter how many times we were in Fulton NO I do NOT know RAY..BUT I spoke my mind the other day..and NOT "to" him but in front of him WHY is this family under all this tax pressure alllowing "JUDITH" to marriage lic squat on their land? She's been there 7 FREE months causing grief for everyone even the dogs..its clear my boyfriend like me has NO rights civil human or this BIG dead cop narration plan.

WTF is all this? A scorned woman did all this? To people and animals shes NOT even married to.. She lies to 911,cops and resisits arrest, gets herself arrested, she set her husband up..and lied about that too..she lied to the DA..and contiues her THRILL role under this scorned woman act also. as the ROGUEs play it as well its her her trauma act..

Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#3 May 22, 2013
JUDGE HAFNER knw before I came into his court on 1-24..that I did NOT have the paperwork I was supposed to research for value..BUT and I dont how this went on He did not know about my conversation with DA BELL the day JUDITH harrassed me...I was NOT about to spend more money to research every single item JUDITH dmaged that i wanted compnesation for that she made her 300.00 "offer" on..items I was unable to retreive that day I was so rushed by OFFICER Jeese who took me out here to get MY PROPROPRTY and see what JUDITH had done to it..I have an audio of her in full motion and STILL was NOT allowed to say she damaged anything because OFFICER-BILL FACTOR VICKERY- JESSE did not charge her with that ...MY statement he took and gave me a signed copy of says ..I want who ever destroyed my property arrested..and JESSE even tried to play that down for her on that ..Now tell why JUDITH knew exactly what date to "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT" torment me with the RGUE FBI clues..
JUDITH the only scorned woman Oswego County has ever seen and OFFICER Jesse knew the marriage issues..I believe my boyfriend loved her and she played him for a fool for HIS money from the start..and now my hunches all fit..,
DA Nickelson and Ludington did the same thing for Dorothy Mills..How many more cops are dead? well YOU GO OFFICER JESSE and those just like you..
Raping little girls again...whats next? Shot up a school..
"All the way down to Emmaline"..JOHN NY'S daughter.. JOHN LINCOLN knew just like Maegan BUCK did that Tanya Mellon was going to die before my mother saved me in Oct 2009.
SO are rogues going for the GUT this time to get her grndfather and father to comply so they can set them up and "JUDITH" will get everything off it all..
It's all the same clue links in each new scene
All this over a tractor that leads back to woman MURDER in Cayuga County on 5-3-10.and it was a murder just like Ray Gregorys 11-5-11 death..and hwo he walked(?) to it in such a bizarre the ROGUE incl LUNDY..GALLOW "line up" way of doing things the GALLOWAY reminder on 8-18-11 of why a WILCOTT(BILL VICKERY FACTOR prison cot they have for me called "or low green state plan." It does no good to tell Oswego County ..They walk around with their heads up their asses and do it very well hoping money or "gain" comes their way from it all.

I have to get pics of home sinthis area..who play this for the deadly ROGUES like they did in Fulton.

I'll explain you will have to use your heads for more than being ROGUE assoles

SANDY the Fulton LIBRRIAN was very interested in my conversations with my boyfriend when I met him..She was already inthe mindset he was involved in this and that was feed linked othe Fulton Pd and that plan was to protect JUDITH'S role in the end..its why she came to the lib that specific day supposed to be on the DA Nickelson "6 month contemplation offer" bullshit..and me being with her estranged husband would give Judge Ludington or Mirabito a scorned woman sympathy cover menatality like Hafner uses..Scums worked the Peggy Deveny issue on me in 2007 or so I thought I knew her..I knew Peggy mistake..Kathy Phelps can claim what she wants(I know now what was behind that talk in 2009 other than Lori's second deceased son) I thought I knew Peggy Deveny no its Peggy Taylor a red head also but the "fat" part threw me..I knew who Lori was I worked at Birdseye in 2006.

ALSO HUGE "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" clue JUDITH'S husband did not name the 9 extra(two corrections officers)innings DOGS or let them out..starting with Rosie to CODY to CHARLIE.

Now you tell me who's doing what ..Ray wants HIS tractor back..BUT its a tied to a ROGUE scumbag recruit..So what will ROGUE cops pull now to help JUDITH out again?

Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#4 May 22, 2013
YES I am very aware of how the image that Jerry Vickery Tarbells life is looking up now under the cover image that he found GOD and how..its unclear if his wife Sue has joined the military scumbag recruit planed outcome in all of this..

As New Haven deadly scumbags on Co Rt 6(photos of the non stop rant area soon) continue their the deadly technology input that controls "THE THRILL OF THE KIL" activity..

Oh really you think ROGUE cops dont know whee I live..and are wating for this post to send their next deadly scumbag recruit into action..

Its an act oF GOD? How deadly scumbag recruit David Renz picked the "perfect" "THRILL OF THE KILL" victim..LORI BRESNAHAN..That part of my whole "story is so bizarre its gotta be true."

United States

#5 May 22, 2013

United States

#7 May 22, 2013
Gee, any connections to the London beheading and the Fulton follies?


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