Take a look at this article and google zebra killings to do your own research. In the early 1970's a bunch of extremists, namely the type of people that hang around with Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan, decided to start killing whitey. They killed cops, Joanne Chesimard was influenced by this people, and any vulnerable white person they can find. How did this ideology start? Well, a negor muslim from Saudi Arabia came to Detroit in the 1930's and started preaching anti-white and anti-christian beliefs that turned into the Nation of Islam. In time, Elijah Mohammed took over and Louie Farrakhan took over from him. They hate whitey and think they are superior to everyone else. They went on a killing spree that has been covered up by the media. No movies about this type of hate. This is the same type of hate that led to the rise of the Ku Klux Klan after the civil war. The same kikes are behind it all. The brand of hateful Islam derives from Wahabbism which was started by a Turk named Shulman (oy vey) who migrated from Turkey to Saudi Arabia and converted to Islam. Again the jew tried to recruit others to their brand of supremacy. This movement was supported by the British in the early 1900's as they tried to gain control of the oil fields (think Lawrence of Arabia). The people in power there are tools of the Mossad and supplied the money for Al Quaeda and the recruits for 9/11. The jew knew in advance it was coming and they made a fortune in the stock market and Larry Silverstein made a bundle insuring the twin Towers for 3 months before the incident happened. And those jews filming the the incident knew in advance, didn't they, even if Keeler in the morning does not remember. Woe to those who help this filth keep us in bondage any longer. The time is coming my friends, when their whole scheme will be revealed. Are you awake yet? I am Moses!!