How DA Nickelson links ot a 4848 NYS ...

How DA Nickelson links ot a 4848 NYS Lic plate

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Mar 19, 2013
Ya know you woul dthink by now my boyfriend would learn that all these smiling faces that give him these lines when they were originally out to screw him as part of all of this would catch on by now..

Its the directions the guy with the tires gave him to get tothe house..He could have just said turn down his rd off the main road..BUT he took around the block first..

The GOODMAN BS really upsets me..The scumbags played him with the sister was trying to get the brother fired..That was a lie she gave him the money back..and GOODMAN Auot should NO allow behicle that are illegal to be advertised by employees to be sold off their property..

So I need to keep an eye on this truck he bought...its the same color as my sons Green Acheiva..The lic plate so far has no meaning..

The guy had the truck tires in his basement for four years..just decided to sell them now..That means they all knew he was going to be screwed on the SAAB deal..His lic plate 4848...tooo The SAAB charade was for "JUDITH DEVENEY"S HANNIBAL TOWN Court "crying" chrade during the value hearing of the property she detroyed off lie she told police to get away with it all a trial on her husband off a ridiclous NYS set up charge on him that became a "dismissed verdict..It all fits a deadly accident Maegan Buck talked about in 2008 on the Middle Rd....While JUDITH alos worked the 3 missing dogs charade who;s names fit "perfect" the narration plan of the next scumbag recruit "scene" set up on me..and the horre way is the or real life "association" of it in HERKIMER this time off it all..its called "JOHNNY"..who by the ONLY Missing DOG of JUDITHS now..

The SAAB issue was for "profiling" off my boyfriends personality of not getting involved in he naturally is..BUT fits the FBI/ State "profile" image when set up on him this way..

It all clues by "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" like this..

The DATE of 3-19-12 that scumbag recruit Dorothy Mills and "partner" Bill McCarty set me up on..where he was her "witness" it all..Then their hero Fulton cops come along for the rest..BATSTONE- Marino..If someone had punched a cop they would have listened to that audio..Now ususally I would post No wonder people dont care when someone shoots one of them..BUT talk has it there is a bad side promotion to counteract that when it happens ..Hundreds of gawkers will show up this time..The ususal for Fulton anyway..

3-19-12 is my cureent boyfriends birthday..JUDIH estranged husband the one she set up on 9-4 of it all with her scorned woman act..the clue on that one HISPANIC...NOT military..His daughtwrs husbands name is JOHN..and he active in the military right now like Aftin Deveney is...

JUDITH let her dogs out in TIMED Time frame of all of this..Their NAMES are the clues..Midnight(12 "trick") JOHNNY..
and BUBBLES..a champagne clue.

Now Herkimer on the "perfect" date also 3-13-13.. Her or or Kim mother even got her daughter Amanda involved in it years ago..Monitas home was robbed Christmas time etc ADAM began..Who would know years later my boyfriend leagl issue would be a LANZA name link to a Line up" date shooting off the day we moved out of the "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego setup in motion on us by scumbag recruit Aftin Deveney..who said she was in it for the "gain"..Well I wonder what Aftin got out of her role in this..a power "THRILL" that's for sure..ADAM LANZA pulled that trigger..and thr name are "perfect" just like the dates..still

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Mar 19, 2013
Ok so there is no doubt that son in law JOHN has his own scumbag recruit role "scene" planned in all of this.."JUDITH" has a plan in her mind to secure all the her husbands things off her I JUST GOT WHAT I WANTED AND YOU"RE FUCKING DEAD" words to him in her arrogant and positive tone of voice of them..That was the "reason" for the SAAB car her phony tears act in Hanniball Town court..That the Judge was all suckered into..Its was seconds JUDITH seconds..for your reaction to yourclaim of beinf "pushed" to come out of your motuh as "Karen I goota call the cops" This fuc??ing pri?? just pushed me" She took the time to tell "Karen" on the phone first very calmy no tears or emotion insteasd of calling police immediately..No claim of injury to her etc..The Judge made comment there was some issue of her head hitting the tire..Yes she staged it on herself..When he Judge made his comment for her "JUDITH" was quick to make gesture of issue that he had with her nod.

So you JOHN in motion..BUT you also have JUDOTH in motion with her own plans and the scumbags nehind it all to make it work..She le the dogs out and JOHNNY is the ONLY one missing now..The Herkimer shootings ..the Barbershop -JOHNS..2 victitms down..Then the DOG was shot..FBI dog..The clues to third FED were clear to me..but a DOG? APE- hairy man?

See JOHN probably has no knowledge of "JUDITH" crying plans on me..Like Aftins link to SANDYHOOK..She was told to work the set up on us.."He" and "they" did the rest..Bill M the same he was planning VEGAS ..HUHTAMAKI has hired his brother..all the go signs to him were there..He had to help Dorothy out..and did not want cops there..He tried to intimidate me also..

His daughters birthday(ZODIAC clue plan) was the day Bill and Dottie set me its lead to a JOHN name inthe military and there are already 3 links..."JUDITHS" is the deadly one..and a dead DOG is the clue..

Its almost like it s joke on the military..who thought they could pull this off..Dottie get her State money back did she? Aftin get her "gain" off it all did she? Her boyfriend beat his court charges for assualting his father over her that cost him his job? They cleaned up big deal a fat slob was cleaned up for the military to look good off it..there's a HUGE accomplishment for the military..Bill McCartys health take a turn for the better did it? Beverly Davis all cleaned up now is she? Now there are some MAJOR acomplishments..I can see where would be worth so many lives...Can't you? BAD scumbags sure did put a lot of work into..

Then you have DA Ncikelson who ho failed to give me a trial so the use of the 12-18-12 "TEACH HER A LESSON" date oculd be reused again in this..By "line up" date setter Fulton JUDGE LUDINGTON..well beats a MILLENNIUM clue like Walter Hafners 9-9-09..and that circus trial..


Bradford, VT

#3 Mar 19, 2013
You are absolutely insane, you know that? The amount of paranoia required to think that a guy selling tires on Craigslist giving crappy directions is part of an elaborate conspiracy is incredible

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