The NYS LOTTERY WIN 4 todays...

The NYS LOTTERY WIN 4 todays...

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Diana Vickery

Watertown, NY

#1 Nov 6, 2012
Ok I am so HAPPY to be able to claim this..I was taunted last week about Marueen Levea's approaching 11-5 birthday -yesterdays date..I posted NO fears of the date in my "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" postings as it neared after this taunt about the LOTTERY was made to me..I knew from the way it was done just like the rest that it WAS legit..That # was 5623.

It was a "line up" clue taunts gave me as info direction..5-6 is the "line up" date with George Levea's birthday 5-5..MOTHERS DAY OF THAT Year death on 8-2-08..

11-5 is his wife's birthday and last night was the vigil for Ray Gregorys death on that same date in 2011 under VERY suspicious circumstances that you never get the Oswego County Sheriff's dept to acknowledge as they wrote it all of as drinking mishap..Then someone for some reason added Brian DOLBEARS 811 NYS LIC plate to the story(ALL BILL FACTOR clues)Ray comes into this at the "NON WIN" clue location in Fulton of how I met Ray in the first place in 2003.

The 23 is a MOVIE about numbers or as Fulton's Terry Reynolds described it outside my bedroom window in Dec of 2007 or 08 (have to check my notes)..In his unmistakable sarcastic monotone voice with "This scripts already been written" input about my signs then..from him one night in the dark..

The new LOTTERY input to me was well eeerie inlight of how much of this in FACT is out now..even if it is to "insignificant people."

5623 a "line up" date LOTTERY # two WAYS...two WAYS..THE 5-6 WITH Georges 5-5 BIRThHAY AND YESTERDAYS 11-5 DATE OF HIS WIDOWS on the day after 11-5 it came in..

I am now left to wonder from "leftover" info I have if this TWO ways clue is a forwarding clue to me about the last "friendly " FBI "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" death ..OR a conformation of my high suspicions one more FBI -FED will die BUT this time NOT by "friendly" means. i'm really thinking about the RED COP ..? is which Police dept will start the time frame input would be STATE..
Remeber this "HE" scumbag ICON is very redundant in his patterns and MO..

I gave the 5623 # to someone just BEFORE the drawing took place today a short time ago...NOW I AM SURE this will be wriiten off as a pure luck thing OR in scumbags terms I'm psychic..By "HE" and "they" who guide those kinds of scumbags...BUT I assure you like all the rest of my "crazy" claims in this it was NOT..

This time I have a witness NOT that it matters BUT to me it does..

Let me add that the scumbags who are on me outside 24/7 here in margaretville in Oswego were loud and quick to yell "IT WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN" ...This scumbag does not have a clue..and that is what scums yelled the last time too...I don't control this...
Diana Vickery

Watertown, NY

#2 Nov 6, 2012
YES I see GEORGE Levea's #s came in on the WIN 4 h on his widows 11-5 birthday..George's #s are 8-2 and 8-6

Now to "clarify" I calld out # as it was given to me 6523 and that is what I said ..It came in 5623 and hen the 5 came up I said "Tthere's my 5" we sat here watching it...Now the 65 was transposed-"reversed " in the drawing from the way I got it
I am sure..

YES 65 is the BILL FACTOR birth year and 23 a movie about #s..The directon "He" and "they" are in now called a NOVEL IS "scene" here off Margaretville in Oswego..

So YES now it all make sense..BUT from the non stop scums here ot the MYS LIC plates to the LOTTERY it's again an overkill of clues..

The dates of George Levea's death and HOW they fit the TWO primary NYS LIC plates here in Margaretville in Oswego..a 2889 = 8-2-08 and 9 as in baseball "signature" behind his sudden attack of illness death on a "MOTHERS DAY OF THAT YEAR" date theme. 1960 the year he was born on 5-5.

To the NYS LIC plate 7688 the 7 is puzzling but would be the # left over in my famly if I were to die as clues strongly suggest is "He" plans now..the left over The 688 is an "anagram" to the 8-6-08 funeral date of George's this all spins off his widows 11-5 birthday..GREGORY is the clue and that is a double as in TWO clues of a "drive by"

Then GEORGE Lundy himself shows on 8-18-11 in OSWEGO clues to the next "scene" FATAL ATTRACTION plan..

As far as already claims of 6523 being a badge number..Well thats highly possible to..Like we had the clues all along when it goes down..I give what I have...I am doing the best I can with this.

NYS POLICE OFFICER JESSE arrives(off a Fulton issue) as this all heads into a FBI "frendly" NICKEL LESS time frame on 10-2-12..which lead into the direction of the "Or low green state" plan established long ago in all of this..wayyy back before the 3-5-09 "WALL OF GREENS to the GREEN laces placement on 4-7-11 off Wendy Dumez's "suicide."

Understand it's NOT me that won't stop.."They" refuse to leave me alone..

I feel like the middle man in "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" who gets to stand back time after time after each horrible "scene" and say I told you so....

But no one is listening..
Diana Vickery

Watertown, NY

#3 Nov 6, 2012
I said "is 6 is 5 is 2 is 3 just before the drawing bean and then th 5 came up..I said "There's my 5" "OK 5623"..and then the 6 came then the 2 then the 3..and the one sitting next to me kgave a little "HEY" about it all ..his shocked "reaction."

YES that would be correct way to say this..
Diana Vickery

Watertown, NY

#4 Nov 6, 2012
NO I did NOT sit here to watch it..we were alresdy sitting..

The ONLY LOTTERY drawing I made a point to find out was the 4-5-12 my father's birthday drawing as I sat in Fulton's ARBYS and the 1354 in "reverse" of the 4-25-07 slain NYS Troopers 4531 badge number/Clay, New York ALLSTATE address came in on the WIN 4.
Diana Vickery

Watertown, NY

#5 Nov 7, 2012
Yes I could be the one who transposed "reversed" the numbers later off the original way I said them I do that some times..some think I am dyslexic..

"Ether way" the number are right on the way said they would be BEFORE the actual drawing. Yes I had to take into cosideration from taunts OUTSIDE no less after that the LOTTERY is usualy right when they send clues this way I must have transposed the 56 to 65 isssue in the moments of it all ..

BUT either way it all fits..and the clues are "overkill"

YES its pretty clear that this Margaretville in Oswego TIME frame is going to be full of TWO "trick" outcomes now in what "He" and "they" are manipulating now in their NOVEL IS plan..for "gain" off it later clearly being set up as a get the kids (of certian victim's)money off it cover story when the TRUTH gets "found".

I undersand now I was to take the money offered over a million dollars and shut my mouth and live off it ...Then in later years after MY death those "He" and "they" used in this to make it happen such as Maegan Buck all planned to "gain" off it later.. just as they were about to become mature adults..Now I had this insinuation thrown at me years ago before 2008 and I would would respond to scumbags outside with "THIS MOVIES GONNA SUCK"...
Diana Vickery

Watertown, NY

#6 Nov 7, 2012
And as for hose who jump from side to side in all of this at any signs of a glitch on this side..YOU NEED TO GO TO TE OTHER SIDE and dont comeback..please do ME The favor..REMAIN A SCUMBAG a role that suits you well...
Diana Vickery

Watertown, NY

#7 Nov 7, 2012
The past issues in "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" linked well more than linked used to narrate parts of the "HE" direction in all of this just like the names of his vicitim's Scumbags so loosely called "those cops" in 2008 when it all broke..
So go back to the use in the NYS LOTTERY WIN 4-not sure yet just exactl who that a refernce too...but on 7-7-09 the NYSLOTTERY WIN 4 ran just as megan Buck said it would..Utica Officer Thomas Lindsey 4963 badge number camein just that order.The same day NATIONAL GRID shut my power off..the warning clue to me from maegan Buck of whatwould happen to me if I "throws" what was called a casino game by her...That on 12-5-09 took place on me at the Turning Stone casino..the date was a clue link to my prents 1205 cell phone # and 9 as in baseball ..theme of the "enrypted" game of how it al "ADS UP LIKE A SCORE" Now this really went on..Then on 4-5-12 my father's birthday the NYS LOTTERY WIN 4 ran The basge number of the 4-25-07 slain by his own mn in Greene County,N.Y, as 1354 in "reverse" a well etablished MO clue in all of this since 3-29-05.. The NYS Trooper was slain just 13 days after the Lindsey "trick" shooting in Utica and 20 days after the also like the NYS Trooper "friendly fire" death...The shooting of the same of a Federal Agent on 4-5-07 my father's birthday..each man's name "decipher's" to narrate the plan scumbagwho back these horrors and others ICON "HE have in all of this that is now in motion gain to "reverse" it all on me ..because I "throws" th 12-4-5-9 csino "win" OR a NATIONAL GRID for me plan called a NOVEL IS BILL(FACTOR) JETTY plan that was a "trick" on CHRIS T MAS when she slammed into my parked Jeep thinking and believing that if I die as Todd Bower said in 2004 "The FBI will find that statement."

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