The missing "JUDITH" dogs..SOPHIES CH...

The missing "JUDITH" dogs..SOPHIES CHOICE

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Diaina Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Mar 3, 2013
Ok this pos will read as confusing and "crazy" BUT here are the details and facts is how a "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" head game is workalk aed and is played scumbags who take part in it..all set to be a mind game of clues and hints to me..this one SOPHIES CHOICE..

You have to know the MOVIE SOPHIES CHOICE..about a woman forced by GERMAS to pick which of of her children was to live and die in NAZI Germany..she was foced by soldier to pick one of them..a male and female her hoor chose the male thinking he could surive more being stronger..and the soldier took the female child she to her death they took them by TRAIN to the gas ovens..One of the horrors of the NAZI GERMANY reality..on the Jewish people.

Now years later in 2008 Maegan Buck would talk about a woman would opent he door and let the dogs out..and they won't come home in back..ever as I perceived maegans was the womans intentions..who would then seek sypmathy for it all off thme being missing..she left the story there..It was interestiing and I wondered why someone would do this..

Now "JUDITH DEVENEYS" dogs 3 of them "they do things in 3s" 'association" came up missing after she let them out one day ans claims are they chased a cat and have not come back since..days ago the ad for them is posted on Craigs list also there have been Faceb ook post of how and elderly woman is so sadly looking for her missing dogs also..offering a reward..out inthat area..They are "JUDITHS" dogs..

Here is the part that is unclear to me "JUDITH has 9 dogs or had..BUT her first plan even before she set her husband up was for him by her order.."you better get your two dogs out of here" "Cuz I'm sellin um all" There was NO PAIN in her voice about doing this with them..It was clear she wanted just the money she could get off them 9 of them..she collected in just two years during her marriage..Now I belive it beagn with a diog named ROSIE (THE ROSE) BUT she also added a SOPHIA and a CHARLIE..and then the 6 others some named by her daughters..

I'm thining if "JUDITH" has any dogs left ROSE should be it..the TRAIN ticket clue was placed..and this was no "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" the TRAIN icket was placed in a piece of furniture "profiled" that I would like at the New To You Consignment shop in Fulton..The man there who sold it to my boyfriend and made comment to me about the piece of paper they left for" me in it..It was a GERMAN TRAIN ticket ..written in GERMAN also..Now to understand you have to what I went though during the SPHIES CHOICE torments t me by scumbags..JUDITHS DOGS disappeared a few days me in what everyone would call a "crazy" way it all makes "perfect" a cuelty story about me spreads around through "He."

So those 3 dogs are missing they are dogs used to sleeping in house at night..Unless someone took them in and I doubt they did..3 of them..think about it....They did not survive the cold this long..those dogs are NOT well mannered house dogs they are unruly and not well trained..They were brought in to destroy his home..along with the others..

All of s sudden she's having animal probelms..??

Lets hope thos edogs are ok..

It's THE ROSE..continuation plan..this one called "Or low green state" clued also on 4-7-11 by some GREEN laces as "They want her to know its something green" comment made from inside Tom Abelgores home to a female..who then asked the male "Did you know Wendy was going to die?" all part of an ongoing fronted image by the ROGUE NYS POLICE work it all into place..right now JUDITH DEVENEY is the scumbag recruit in help bring it all about..If one plan failed like "CROSBY HILL SHIT" did then "He" and "they" scumbag recruit "scene"o pull it all off..

Diaina Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Mar 3, 2013
In 2009 scumbags began the "Princess Diana" taunt clues..I could not make sense of them then BUT it makes "perfect" sense location of them the HERE AND NOW..of it all..They were placed begining at a yard sale scumbags insisted I got to..way out in Phoenix..I would see ao former TOPS employee there also BUT did not speak to was a large sale under a tent a womans mother had died..I still have the items..

Princed Diana "The Peoples Princess" made no sense.. Now understand back then I being forced into the my mother "saved" me from Fulton issues back then time frame.

Now the location makes "perfect" sense..
as to how all those taunts were "reverse" in in harmful in direction.

So how does Diana link to JUDITHS Dogsits all by "association" like the TRAIN ticket..placed inthe consignment shop item..The male seller knew the "piece of paper" was left for me BUT did he know why? We all know if you "reverse" DOG you have GOD..IF you "reverse" GOD you have a DOG...This one a ROSE plan..clue "association" have to know how "He" and "they "play mind games to understand it all...It's the same M O names to MO "reverse" and clues they lack they place this one the GERMAN TRAIN..SOPHIES CHOICE is THE ROSE(my mother set it all up image..The mother's choice was to replace her own daughter this way) Now whicion "He" and "they" are going..

Its like the use of Thomas Lindseys badge number in the LOTTERY on 7-7-09 and then slain Trooper Brinkerhoffs on 4-5-12..its all "crazy" till you understand it and know the missing parts..its a head game mond game..of clues.

It's like "JUDITH" set up to hit her head on the tractor wheel when she set her husband up pn all began on 9-4..thoise are YEAR clues behind all of this..94 to 96 BILL VICKERYS statement to BILL Cromie's arrival..It's why the Raponi's were talking about movies and starts who could play them..I lived on ONEIDA ST IN Fulton in 1994..till was a very BAD time of my life..began on March 17th 1994 the night the kennedy children died..BUT I still believe BILL VICKERY had just made his "statement" prior to it.

Then by 2006 you have a pissed off George Lundy who has some friends at the FBI and State Police.."friendly fire" is now big deal..Look what Mike Blazinski did..alking a ROGUE cop into something is no big deal is you use the irght psychology..all part of "profileing"..The badge numbers like Nicholas Ivies they paced..on a 30 year this time..I was so sure about Trooper brinkerhoffs having been given to him becuase when they did they knew then hey ouwld shoot him if Lundy had been fired. He waited till CHRIS T MAS time 2006 to pull the Marlas bullshit etc..MILLLENNIUM. My sister CHRIS had introduced me to Wendy Dumez in 1999.. it all spun into place off BILL VICKERY'S "statement" and what he told my sister Chirs and mother off it all.from his LAWYER.

BILL then suddenly(even if scumbags were on him then ??) just went to lawyer and confessed to his rape of hs own sister and then came back and told her why he raped her..from there how did my sister and mother make link tothe POWER nehind what they pull? With BILL V. playing artfule dodger through it all untouched..? The CLUE was in "reverse" on 3-29-05 by the name of a BILL(FACTOR)JETTY ALLSTATE plan.. off how my sister CHRIS BOWER hit my Jeep while it was parked..and JETTY himself set the HALLOWEEN clues behind it how my BIRTHDAY became the trial date of the Utica Officer Lindsey shooting by the ROGUE (CHARLIE GASKO) FBI plan behind it all..

Then you have those two ornamnaet deaths(embellishements) clues on 4-5-07 and 4-25-07 called "friendly fire."
Diaina Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Mar 3, 2013
Right now with how it all comes into accurate.

I am looking ahead..,of what is in place...You don't undersand it..until I can write it allo out in ABC for you..and then some catch on..

GERMANS -new an old movie SOPHIES CHOICE..about german train ticket..

Comparison..Germans picking on Jews.."He" and "they" picking on victim's(scumbags a "He" version of soldiers)..and how.."he" is laughing.."He" has achieved the the new clue the issues.. GAS a MASSIVE POWER clue direction..He is sending clues in that direction still...SOPHIES CHOICE is to kill THE ROSE(me)first. Is a cleverly set up "Or Low Green state" plan through use of scumbag recruit "JUDITH DEVENEY" and her preplanned "He" and "they" scripted" scene" roles in "THE THRILL OF THE KILL"

Another "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" scumbag recruit Aftin Deveney got us here in out newtown "association" for the time frame clue..of another NEWTOWN "He" manipulated into place..deadly "scene" ..This one a GUN CONTROL NACO rhymes with WACO "reverse" plan.


United States

#4 Mar 3, 2013
How dare you constraint your little interpersonal studies with the systematic slaughter of millions? You are one sick ticket!
Diaina Vickery

New York, NY

#5 Mar 3, 2013
Terrible wrote:
How dare you constraint your little interpersonal studies with the systematic slaughter of millions? You are one sick ticket!
How dare I do this YOU can bet I will doing this every where I can..with the name and story fo the German RAIN ticket and JUDITH DEVENEYS blame in it anywhre I can Hey didm't you post under the "sick ticket" AKA known as "ticket to ride" an expression I used when my sister described her rape as way to times to get attention for herself off issue covered by phydh claims that "victims" do this..So on that note I will saw the sick ticket post off "JUDITH"S name on another forum also..I believe YOU did too..Hey SICKO do you know how "association" clues are used by psycho's usually set in crimes..its an issue the FBI had enountered many times..and IS all part of what is taking place here in Oswego Couny is no exception..The movie THE BONE COLLECTOR was based on it also.

I get the feeling this post started by JUDITH herself..just like the last sick ticket post that was forumed before the GERMAN TRAIN ticket was placed for me to find..You know who would know about that the man at the consignment shop in Fulton.
Diaina Vickery

New York, NY

#6 Mar 3, 2013
My heart goes out to the dogs..who were used from the start in all of this..Then just sold off for money or given away BEFORE.."JUDITH" set her husband she knew he was out one way or the other ..even before she hit her head..
"You better get your two dogs out of here" Cuz I'm sellin um all" She had NO plans what so ever of keeping any of them..just making herself look good off it all what "JUDITH" is doing.

DOG in 'reverse" is GOD..

"HE" is playing GOD..

Now for those who lack brain power..clues still being set in all of everything that has gone on cannot be a good thing..

The consignment shop furniture sales man knew the "piece of paper" He snickered about had been placed fo rme in that item..he also knew there was issue with it...well I found was the GERMAN TRIAN TICKET..written in german..

so Fulton's BONE COLLECTOR "He" character is still in moion..

Then JUDITH let the dogs out..and the two issues merge..piece by piece from past taunts right down the dogs names..Now I would ROSE is the remaining dog..The dog "JUDITH" just had to have..that beagn the 9 total..or's one of the two..the other names don't fit now..the direction of SOPHIE and ROSE are "perfect" if you knew all the other FACTS and charades that went on..I hate ot keep bringing up the LOTTERY..BUT it can be checked by others..compared Brinkerhoffs badge etc..My fathers birthdya is the mystery part to them -two thrids there sparks interest as it has for some..YES 4-5 is my fathers birthday..anyway..

What was and is done to me along with clues like this new train ticket fits a direction.."He" taunts..that you all view on me as "crazy." Just what he there is no interference in "he" doings to get there..

In english "he" is having fun tormenting me about deadly things he will he has all along..knowing I have YOU to tell about it..Thats a joke within itsself..I see it now BUT years ago could NOT come to make myslef believe if anyone knew it was real it would continue thos easy..BUT it has..So I make no efforts to stop "he"..after all majority rules..I just dontto undersis time and your need to let real scumbags and criminal benefit off yourselvs from it all..BUT the choice is yours..I just watch it all go on now and those who have some of the we all have them in the end..

Like NOW if the casino gives me money if I ever get back there then they do..What's the BIG deal?
If they don't give it to me they will just give it to another whats the big deal? I had seen it go on many times...YOU pump it in and they pass it out..So if they pump some my way this time I'm taking it..I'm NOT going to beg you all to help yourselves.

SEE I was RIGHT the whole time NOT "crazy."
Now if you want to pay me for being crazy or right or whatever go ahead..I don't mind anymore since no one else does either way...except those who were at the casino on 2-28 promoting just that...WHY? who WAS SUDDENLY MAD THE CASINO MIGHT BE GIVING ME MONEY...? WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?
Diaina Vickery

New York, NY

#7 Mar 3, 2013
Terrible wrote:
How dare you constraint your little interpersonal studies with the systematic slaughter of millions? You are one sick ticket!
First off there was nothing systematic about the slaughte ro fthe Jews under Hitler..Theyu were taken as prisoners of soldiers tothe ovens and gased if not expiermented one first..Nothing systematic about it..Most were taken in TRAINS there to Auch. Your use of the sick ticket reference is gross and disrespectful..since all were sent to their deaths by just that method..

Let me explain "ticket to ride" I used ot snap at my sister when she boatsed about her rape..that is how she talked..I used ot say "It's not a ticket to ride" as in her way to be somebody off it ..from how she talked..she had no shame no "vicitm" issues..she was saying look at me world when she carried about it..I would say You calim you were raped it's not a ticket to ride' You know to get be important...She hated it when I said that ..I would tell her have some dignity..This after all was her own brother she talked and some found her downright insulting as she carried on they way she did. "My rape" was the way she said she owned it..She had to learn how to talk about it properly.

This sick ticket thing started out under a JUDIH DEVENEY name post ..on another forum BEFORE the ticket showed up..I think JUDITH did post it.. Then the ticket showed up..this si all part of conversation except the ticket tha Maaegan Buck had in 2008..

The ROSE(movie clue) part of it of course Valerie Dedich's bloom expectations..The Sue Levea talk of plan..all I had to do was die..

BUT it's moved on a new ROSE ..ROSIE issue..SOPHIA which ever one..they are DOGS names now..To me it all makes "perfect" sense..its the GERMAN TRAIN ICKET and past tauntes and scumbag charades..that have strong direction now..all linked to "JUDITH"..
and that is ROGUE NYS STATE POLICE Plan..I understand the husband..who they have sister for back up plan on if he intereferes..She's at Margaretville in Oswego the "reverse"one that is..for Obvious reasons..Brinkerhoff..and the reality of it they knew I would figure out..Her daughter set up the other "association" plans on us..

YES it is possible that those who took part fromthe start..within the "sysytem" are just reinventing their roles again by slightly newer scripts..That could be why Judge Hanfmer called at Margaretville and laughjed some after he asked if my boyfriend had hired LANZA..I guess everything was in place..this time it starts off as a BROTHER JUDGE in a new direction..The last one of course a step brother to the 9-9-09 MILLENNIUM date judge who's the BROHER of the Hannibal TOWN COURT JUDGE who manipulated the "JUDIIH" value issues and covered hiss ass doing it..while ROGUE NYS POLICE set and plan their next "Or lo green state" moves on me off it all..if my boyfriend intereferes( Orlo Green moves on it) It would make sense why his "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego sister would step up to the plate for them on him for the hit..just the way it was all planned from the start if need..If I lived this long..Dorothy Mills was so sure I would NOT survive the summer of 2012 and she would on her "witness" get her NYS Disability money back just like "He" promised her..That's is what she told others also..I have made it this far.."Or Low green state" is the ROGUE plan on me off all of this..NICKEL LESS is the finiancial plan they have for me and my boyfriend also whom they found with all the "perfect" clue links.

CLUE..they hype him now like they did me in 2005 and on till 2009 as they slowly stripped me..I see it happening again and how that leads to a sister issue. I don't care about the ex's input.

Ithaca, NY

#8 Mar 3, 2013
Diaina Vickery wrote:
<quoted text>
First off there was nothing systematic about the slaughte ro fthe Jews under Hitler..Theyu were taken as prisoners of soldiers tothe ovens and gased if not expiermented one first..Nothing systematic about it..Most were taken in TRAINS there to Auch. Your use of the sick ticket reference is gross and disrespectful..since all were sent to their deaths by just that method..
Look at how stupid you are. The Wannasee conference in 1942 was used to formulate and execute the plan to execute jews. It included the number of suspected semites in every corner of Europe, and how they would be dealt with. So once again:

sys·tem·at·ic [sis-tuh-mat-ik] Show IPA
1. having, showing, or involving a system, method, or plan: a systematic course of reading; systematic efforts.

Maybe if you weren't an unemployed gas station attendant you would know these things. Furthermore, trying to compare the death of a few animals to the slaughter of millions of Jews, Roma and political enemies is absolutely abhorrent and you should be ashamed of yourself. I know that you have been an abject failure in your life, but that is no reason to spit on the graves of many innocent people.

Ithaca, NY

#9 Mar 3, 2013
And stop saying you have "evidence" of ANYTHING. You don't.

Evidence is something admissible in court. All of the garbage you post would be LAUGHED out of any court of law.

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