Oswego Dr Dators THRILL link to it la...

Oswego Dr Dators THRILL link to it later "perfect" COINCUIDENCE"

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Feb 16, 2013
In about 2010 or so I spent about 3 adys in Osegp Hosp and from what I hear my mother claims the cause was too much Spaghetti sauce..

During this time I had a stress test done..the second one in two years..it was during test run by Dr Carlo's Dator in Oswego Hops who I would learn later is also my mother's Dr would say to me "they told me to set those numbers" as he told the nure to se the 110 over 80 BP number during the test..of course a 118 clue link..the obsession with # clues is NOT mine.. Now I posted this info as soon as I got out of the hosp..In fact I went to Fulton Lib that day..

Now like my claims about conversation I had with George Lundy in 2003 I refuse under any circumstance waht so ever to recant my claims about Dr Dators words to me that day as the test was taking place..and his concentration on the left side of my heart as I complained of pain on my right..as the value and contraction monitor was runing to view..I got NO relife fromthe disconfort and left the hosp...My meds continued and it was NOt until MY North Medical Dr DCD all BP meds that about a month later all chest pains stopped..So I am thankful Fulton Health center played the games with me they did..God knows how much disomfort I would have gone though as I did for years with them..The lower my BP went the more meds they gave me..

My stomach is better my GERD 100 better..I just have to deal now with the allergies etc and this new issue I have. Its all results of what I have put through in the last two three years in all of this..I never had medical issues before.

So my point is SOMONE told Dr Dator to do something..just as Judge Spencer Ludington set all the right dates all summer long right down the 12-18-12 "TEACH HER A LESSON" "dismissed" date of how scumbag going to get her NYS disability money back off it all Dorothy Mills set me up with her "gain"er partner Bill McCarty on 3-19-12. Yes Mccart gave me some strong heads up Dorothy was up to something BUT he signed the FALSE statement for her anyway in the end..She told him he get fired if he did not. he still has his job.

Dorothy got her NYS Disability payments stopped by Marhc 1st and she knew why and blamed me for it...? and by 3-19-12 set me up..Bill did not want her to call police..? Dorothy as far as I know was NOT under investigation by the NYS state they stopped giving her money..since she was working under the table also..YOU ro I do it and well its called BUSTED..handcuffs..immediately . I'm sure in claiming NYS wanted to give Dorothy time to set me up..19 days later..That's a soldier onward signature move "He" and "they" behind it all make.


The scumbags have the pormotion going on that my boyfriend can get some good things right now out of all of this and I am "trying to ruin it" They are setting him to look like a "gain"er scumbag..to fit the image of him they set up is whats going on behind all of that..BUT the input givn to me on it clues its all a deadly "trick" "He" and "they" want me nickel less..State Police Don't like my boyfirend..and sent Officer L JESSE to set him up..for the JUDITH EVERYTHING IS MINE" plan on him that leads ot the "YOU"RE FUCKING DEAD" finale on him off it..all they have to do like Officer JESSE did while sticking it up hsi ass...is make him think they are "trying to help" him..its a FALSE front I have seen it s face a thousand times..It 's still in motion and TIME WARN HER just him sent a clue also. He's fooled by these scumbags who talk good shit..Scumbags don't do good shit..Have YOU seen anything GOOD yet? in any of this? and COPS forget it..They are under STRICT I'm going to the WHTIEHOUSE on your dead asses orders..

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Feb 16, 2013
There are a few the scumbag who have defected fromthe "he" side of things..who have pulled a few anti things and this pisses"he" off when "he " finds about it.."the other side immediately works to counteracts it and counteract anythign hey poick up in motion on the technology anything talked about in range of me as I'm out and about..YES a few have outsmarted..the technology..No not all of them had suffered for it..just some who do things then brag about it..common sense. You tell scums what you did they get you..

Thats how that goes..Right now there is a push to make my boyfriend believe he can benefit after all that has gone on on him...to destroy his life..They needed to bring "JUDITH" on me and needed him to do it..the NYS LIC Plates..They used my son the same way..and have nothing BUT death linked to that now also..its an ongoing pattern of death clues..

Now JUDITH DEVENEY" gave him the plan.."EVRRYTHING HERE IS MINE" "I JUST GOT WHAT I WANTED AND YOU"RE FUCKING DEAD" "he" and "they even had the new location he was going to live at with me prepicked out and set up..and TIMED to happen..those clues link to my mother..same as they did on 4-8-04 on the NYS TIME od 10:52am on the NYS POLICE Mv104A MD Beiderman #4619 report for CHARLES RUNGE who set the "accident" on me..BILL VICKERY gave CHRIS and MY Mother the psychology just as he ewas told too..OK? How did they hook up with "he" and "they?" CHRIS was set up to hit my parked JEEP and Adjustor BILLVICKERY (FACTOR JETTY set the clues in the damage report..she copied my mother in 2001..it was BOTH of them while BILL played artful dodger on it all..He knew he told his friend and others..and waited it all out for them to set my future "profiled" boyrfiend up..he knew in 2010 he talked about it with my parents right in their home with them..We moved here off the plan Aftin had to set us up again..moved "He" and "they" closer the SANDRA LEE girlfriend plan.. The nickel less begann here on us by scumbags here in our NEWTOWN on 12-14-12..all part of the "reverse" BILL VICKERY FACTOR(JETTY) ALLSTATE NOVEL IS plan for "gain" off it all..

The latest player OFFICER L JESSE.

The "association" is "ERIN MAXWELLS JUSTICE FOR ERIN MAXWELL" Oswego County attempt now times 2.

FACT IS LANZA had it right the first time BUT the arrogance of Oswego DA and the inabi lity fo a county JUDGE consumed with the ROGUE 9-9-09 date on it all..YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT THE WHOLE STORY. NOT just what "He" and "they" wanted you to see.. That IS why and how the ROGUE NYS POLICE behind it all (3088) LIC Plate clue set it all up..

Did he secually abuse her? Probabaly..was he meentally taunted to do it from what Rowe talked about in 2005 yes..Was Jones then told to claim the priates story ..yes..Did Tammy know this I 2005 YES she did..Did she think it would be "interesting" which story would prevail the Pirates or the death story YES she did..Tammy knew Erin Maxwell would die and did who ever arranged that NYS 3088 plate to be on my sons GRREN Acheiva. Just like whomever arranged Angie babys 1206 cell phone number to be "association" to Andrew Cuomo's BIRTHDAY..

Now I do NOT care what Peggy Deveney has to say ..I listened to that woman myself talk out BOTH sides of her mouth. MONEY makes people do and turn their backs on alot of things including innocent children..LIKE IT OR NOT..Just depends on who you realy are..People can't wait to get back on shit soaked ship that drifted out at sea for 4 days....ok? WHAT DONT YOU BELIEVE?
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Feb 16, 2013

"They know George Lundy put that story out" All by himself?

WHO fired the all the "perfect" narration shots..I see one shred of evidence that Lundys finger was on any fo the trirgger or even his level of law enforcement(City-municipal..In fact here's what IS interesting..The officers shot dead at that level in all of this was done by civilian scumbags..and on once a Deputys son..Now take for instance the issue of the "RED COP" who ever arranged it WANTED me to the know the TIME was very near..and his own men stood thee and watched it go on also.. Think about it..The TWO FEDS "friendly The ONLY two "friendly" well their own men took that honor..and the NYS State Trooper the ONLY one I know of also..Own men..after HE shot the suspect "down". Lindsey was a "trick" set up traffic stop..The forwarding clue to Trooper Brinkerhoff was going to die..a traffic stop continuation..

Hunterdon a bank robbery there's an out of place clue..Hispanics..5 of them. tes did you know the Agent who shot Agent claimed his firearm accidently discharged as he exited his vehicle and either richoted off a vehicle into the body of Of Agent Bush was claimed to have been sitting in his vehicle waiting..now the nullet struck under his arm...So I can only figure his arm were holding a firearm..and he was strick in that small area on the side where the bullet proof does not cover..

Brinkerhoff was struck from about 4 feet from behind in the space edge his helmet and the top of his bullet proof vest...about a 4-6 in area..as it was claimed by Yearwoood who sot him that he suddenly sat back up from bent over or kneeling postion in front of him..Brinkerhoof suddenly moved that uncovered area of his body right fast enough infront of a discharged bullet 4 feet behind him..wearing all that protective gear also. Man Brinkerhoff must have been one fast cop.

This is just MY input from what I researched..and I a did alot of research ..That TENSE last few seconds when the deadly sots were fired...When brinkerhoff must have realized he shot Travis Trim maybe even more than once..as reported later one bullet to Trims head and chest from Brinkerhoff's gun..He then leraned up from proabaly a military like defense postion..with a gun..and a split second later he took a bullet in the back of his head. This is all reported to have taken place in a doorway..The claim is they dragged Brinkerhoff's body out as they left...Shots fired for safetly as they did so? No retrun shots obviously..Trim had a bullet in his head and chest...He was already done.. Almost 9 hours later like what we all ust watched in LA this farmhouse was torched..BUT Trim never made any commtion after the MRT pulled Brinkheroffs body out..they sent robots in etc..Nothing..and then the fire began 8 and on half hours later...for NO reason at all..What was Yearwood shooting at?

Now this gets me If you watch the LA videos..the cabin..there is cop standing by a pick up bullets are flying youc an hear it ..Cameras are too close..He turns gun in hand pulls it up not on them and orders them to back off and out..moves his arms waves to camera man leave..Then turns around and just fires a shot towards the cabin seconds later. He completely turned his back on the scene..wide open his back was..then he turns and fires on it seconds later..?..I thought WTF? This video runs on the CNN..If a cop had been suddenly running in that line of fire?..This cop is in camoflage behind a pickup who steps out from behind it to camera men back and turns his back on the scene with live gun fire going off all around..if the camera man whos way back is in potential danger than so are you cop..I sat there he;s gonna get shot. Just kneeling down behind the truck..to tell them..I can't believe it everytime I see it would have worked have fine BUT he turns completely around..Then turns and fire at the cabin?
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#4 Feb 16, 2013
Ok that part of all of this where it is claimed that George Lundy "Wanted something good looking to look at" ..those are my mothers words..That's exactly how she talks..What it means I don't know..

My mother had said all along George Lundy was the one behind all of thi sand so did Beverly Dedich who also told her daughter this the one who was I don't know hand picked or "profiled" rebuilt and cleaned up for him..I could careless that's a role she can have,.Lorinda can have it ..There is NO contest for it here..Have it girls..the issue is WHY? Military..is the answer.. "good woman" is the from..and the wrok they had to do on her is the joke the image ..the phony front of ti all..Valerie herself provides the rest...Oh yes the it was all my desision making BS..and it all then blends "perfect" as "He" and "they" would want it too..that is what the "THRILL" is about..Each and every "scene" of it.

Valerie does have facial bone structure of his current Gf I have seen pics and I thinks so also her body type sewn into place..her breast structure..I agree..She has Kim K body Type NOT her skin - laser fix maybe she's older..STYLE she needs..bad.. There is now after the surgery and clean up comparison..yes I say so also..something is up..She was built to be a lure or hand picked as joke..a "reverse" thing..Someone cleaned up a "fat slob" the hard unnatural way.."reverse" MO of the story line..to use her to be Fulton ICON.. it fits.. no one was supposed ot know..she lives in a Maureen Levea "anagram" address also..just as I did ..before I met her..and "throws" my chance at what she is being offered now to replace me as a "good woman" front with a miltary link..Do you understand it now? BUT her mother told her NO "He " does NOt want her to sit with Donna Levea...Sue Levea's ways more "He" style..ask Valerie herself what her mother told her about all of this..Now WHY would the FBI want to do this all though the Military? when FEDS are shooting FEDS?

Someone out there is always smart enough to figure it out even if NYS and Oswego County wants to stick its head 12 feet under each and everytime..and pretend they don't see a thing..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#5 Feb 16, 2013
OR the FBI wanted and NYS police wants to play a dirty joke on all of you and me..and Lundy?

2255 That means 2 of them..in "trick" ways?
Pleasure Kevin

Utica, NY

#6 Feb 16, 2013
Diana Vickery wrote:
2255 That means 2 of them..in "trick" ways?
No, that's a randomly generated capture code. Hit "refresh" and you will get another one.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#7 Feb 16, 2013
Ok from population tell have the "supporters" shifted again? You know flapjacked? I 'm somehat puzzld by that one as "you better tell" this one and that ne to back off etc from a "he" point of view..
talk starts here again...Like scumbags threats are abiout to begin ...NOT that they ever ended..

So any way I was at the Oswego Walmart today shopping scumbags (kids) were out in droves doing the shouts about me as I walk todnw the aisles all kinds of abd things..I sad NOt a words to counteract to it the story needs some life and refrsh new interest in why kids do this..So I will wait till they nwk till they build it up some more here in Oswego..

Seems I am still "right where they want her" and today when I made the post about Dr Dator all hell changed..again...Tell me had YOU all forgotten about my Dr Dator issue made when it took place? I have NOT and WILL not..and like my issues with George Lundy and the TS Casino regardless of scumbag Aftin Deveney pulled on their behlaf..I will not recant one word of it...The rest YOU all can nullshit yourself with..Like your "JUSTICE FOR ERIN MAXWELL" BS..also...

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