Burrito Jonz vs Moes

Carthage, NY

#86 Jan 30, 2013
f you wrote:
Burrito Jonz is not fresh that meat is at least 2 weeks old every time you people eat it and that's the truth I hope moes puts him out I feel bad for who ever eats the chicken there I should know I have cooked it I see less and less people going to jonz now I love it :):):)
How do you know?

Utica, NY

#87 Jan 30, 2013
funny wrote:
<quoted text>
How do you know?

I cooked it
Dis Satisfied

New Hartford, NY

#88 Jan 30, 2013
Tom Herkiner wrote:
What's your grip with Jonz? Its fresh and its a very good local business.
<quoted text>
How do you know the food is fresh? Sorry to tell you but the only thing at the Jonz fresh is the salsa. The meat is made days in advance and by the time it's served it sometimes has mold on it that they scrap off. The products are generic because the owner owes money to all the vendors and has to buy the from stores and can't afford name brand items. The owner is fake and behind closed doors he's a jerk. I was in there one night and over heard a employee say the meat was rotten but she just called the owner and he said cook it anyways. Have not been back since then.
Hi kathy daniels

Carthage, NY

#89 Jan 31, 2013
So Kathy it sounds like you got fired again for doing and selling drugs. The cops are on to you and your little friend. How are those pills? Watch out. Go get your husband fired again for chronic drug use. You are a lunatic. Everyone knows what you are. Nice mugshot picture. Go back to being the low life derelict drug addict you are. Nice teeth. Sounds like someone gave you a shot at employment but you blew it again. What a piece of trash you are.
SMD John winters

New Hartford, NY

#90 Jan 31, 2013
You should be careful about what you say Johnny Boy. You never know when someone is out for revenge. It sucks for you that your business is going bankrupt. Maybe if you weren't a piece of shit entrepreneur you wouldn't be dragging your family into a world of debt. I'm sure that wasn't what your wife signed up for when she married your crusty ass scumbag looking piece of trash. Get a life. You can't save your business. If you need help looking for bankruptcy lawyers let me know. I'll look some up in the phone book for you. And I also know your meat isn't made fresh everyday. The beef has had mold on it that you told your workers to scrape off. You're restaurant has a fruit fly infestation which is so unsanitary. You can barely put anything but rice on anything because you're so broke you can't afford produce or meat. Get a life. Get your fat ass off of the computer and do something useful with your life. Good day.
SMD John winters

New Hartford, NY

#91 Jan 31, 2013
And you pay almost all of your employees under the table and half of them are on welfare. I'm pretty sure you all get in trouble or that.
Hi kathy daniels

Carthage, NY

#92 Jan 31, 2013
Kathy. You make your daughter so proud. Just think, before your drug years, of all those teachers that believed in you. Boy have you gone off the deep end. Isn't it a shame that you have thrown all that good will down the drain to become a topix gal? The cops are watching you because you are not smart enough to do the right thing.

Utica, NY

#93 Feb 1, 2013
So doesn't this absolutely confirm that the person posting in this thread from Thendara, NY is John Winter, owner of Burrito Jonz?

If you want to have some fun, please go back to page 1 and read all of the posts by John replying to himself and agreeing with himself. Very entertaining (and sad).
me and wife

Berlin, CT

#94 Feb 1, 2013
We actually thought Moes would be better but we both agreed it had nothing on Jonz.

Carthage, NY

#95 Feb 1, 2013
We are all from Thendara.
moes is a HUGE ripoff

Hamilton, NY

#96 Feb 1, 2013
me and wife wrote:
We actually thought Moes would be better but we both agreed it had nothing on Jonz.
my thoughts exactly! me and my wife and kids went there last night to try it and let me tell you, we were not at all impressed from now on its either blues or jonz for us for sure.....MOES SUCKS!

Carthage, NY

#97 Feb 1, 2013
John Winters is a huge snowmobiler up here in Thendara. He has a huge camp on White Lake.

Utica, NY

#98 Feb 1, 2013
Foodie wrote:
Welcome to MOES!! Give me a break. It is a nice building. Parking sucks. Food is bland. Coke machine cool. But Jonz is much better.
.. wait until MOE's finds out the the Olive Garden will be a neighbor! Bumping into the MensWear parking lot w/a traffic signal! Either way in/out of MOE'S you're turning AGAINST traffic, headed for the cluster "F" at the end bumping into RT5. Had to be the genius thinking of the Army Corps of Engineers.
Not even close

Ardsley, NY

#99 Feb 1, 2013
Comparing Moe's and Jonz is laughable. There is a reason Moe's has 500+ locations. It is cleaner, better priced, and the quality of the product is 100x better.

Brooklyn, NY

#100 Feb 1, 2013
I love the jonz!

Westwood, MA

#101 Feb 1, 2013
John Winters

New Hartford, NY

#102 Feb 1, 2013
Everything on this post about me is true. I have no idea what I am talking about. I am a loser and my business is junk
Katherine Daniels

New Hartford, NY

#103 Feb 2, 2013
First and foremost, anyone who knows me well knows I go by Katherine. John, your personal attacks were quite unnecessary being this is my first ever post on this site. I never attacked you, your business or your family as you have done mine. Personally, I am offended by the fact you read these posts even with the grammatical errors and misspellings, knowing how well spoken and written I am, that you accused me of writing them. And anyone who knows me will testify I do not take lightly to my girls being hurt. Tragically the only reason I am posting now is to defend the integrity of my daughters as they are the individuals that discovered your posts John. I may exceed the 4000 character limit so stay tuned for multiple postings. Allow me to say a few things being that is what this forum is designed for. I have never posted anything negative or positive because previously I was above such. Traditionally, I refrain from climbing into these gutters. However, I am furious, bitter and yes vengeful now. John you might need to watch out, as I will not have to stoop to personal attacks but simply speak the truth and leave the rest up to the consumers to determine whether these words I pen to paper are truth or lies. Furthermore, I will also be encouraging all the necessary agencies relative to the way you run your business to pursue any required investigations into determining what illicit activities you engage in regarding payroll, taxes, disability, social security, etc. Let me begin by opening up with how this all came to fruition. I was terminated from the Jonz after accusations of alleged drug trafficking out of Mr. Winterís business. Originally I was hurt, saddened and offended as I had never done anything other than put forth my best attempts at assisting John in retaining his current customer base as well as expanding his prospects for new customers dining here and returning as well as securing customers for his new location that is opening in Herkimer, someday. Never once did I ever commit any crime while I was employed for Burrito Jonz in his establishment or off the premises.
Katherine Daniels

New Hartford, NY

#104 Feb 2, 2013
Can you imagine me rolling burritos until 3 am making $8/hr. if I were selling drugs? Are you kidding me, I have two daughters in college and a tuition payment monthly of $283 owed to SUNY Cortland. Why else would I be working here? I had a full-time job upon my start at the Jonz Yes, absolutely, I admit I previously struggled with an addiction to prescribed pain medication after being in a severe car accident but so too have so many people in our society. I didnít think that made me a bad person, simply human. John McCainís wife is a perfect example. That was many years ago and that simply does not determine nor dictate who I am. That is only a small part of the individual I am now. I paid a steep price and learned a valuable lesson. Move on John, if my family, including my daughters forgave me that is surely none of your damn business. As for my husband and his job, we were legally separated and had been since 2005, my issues were completely independent of his resigning. John all that means is you googled my name and the two came up together. He is an adult as am I and must assume ownership for his life; please donít tell me about something you have no idea what you are talking about. Check out the lawsuit that was filed because of the blatant civil-rights violations committed against him first and then tell me whether he was fired or resigned. Clearly that was independent of me. As for my dental issue, maybe you can pay your employees on the books and offer them a healthcare option or at least allow them the opportunity to utilize subsidized healthcare. However, you have present and previous employees including myself that have never been paid on the books, receive only partial pay on the books as to portray the impression you are legit, you employ minors (by this I mean under 16 yrs. old) and pay them less than minimum wage, poor Cody is finally 16 and you still only pay him $5/hr. Tragic! You cheap bastard. Others receive unemployment and government subsidies. However, please allow me to enlighten anyone considering seeking employment at this business, this is assuming he [pays you on time. John you are notorious for paying your employees days late, which leads me to another issues
Katherine Daniels

New Hartford, NY

#105 Feb 2, 2013
You are in debt to all your vendors. This was not and is not a lie. Sysco, upon my departure had cut you off which resulted in you either buying products and food from another carrier and paying cash or have Tonyís of Washington Mills duplictily order merchandise from Sysco combined with their own order and you would pay him cash for such. You were avoiding your creditors and selling your customers off brand black beans you purchased from Wal-Mart at nine-teen cents a can. This hasnít even scratched the surface regarding the food. Yes absolutely, the food is delicious however, it IS NOT made fresh. All the meat is cooked days in advance. And the products, such as the Angus beef that are not as popular as the chicken have and will sometimes sit in the refrigerator for a week at a time. Every single item, including the salsa is made ahead of time. And being there are no preservatives or additives you do the math. Honestly speaking though, that comment about mold was not from me, but it is not without merit. There was an instance that I and another employee located a pan of beef that had mold on it and were instructed to scrape it off and then John preceded to text all his employees about rotating the meat properly. Allow me to introduce yet another example of just how John runs his business. Business had plummeted, sales were down, the weather was lousy, two significant holidays within a week of each other came up and Moeís opened all during the same time frame. The restaurant was closed for Christmas eve, Christmas Day, failed to open during a snow storm that week and was closed on New Yearís Day and unfortunately, this type of situation can be detrimental to a business such as the Jonz because unlike Moeís, John canít afford to discard food because he just simply does not have the wherewithal to replace it. Thus, the customers literally and figuratively eat the waste. I can say this because on two separate occasions I had sent John texts informing him of my concern for the safety of our customers based upon my fear that the uncooked pork and chicken had gone bad. I informed him they both had retained a foul stench and the chicken was a shade of green.

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