TOPS to Thrifty Shop latest "THRILL" ...

TOPS to Thrifty Shop latest "THRILL" activity

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Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#1 May 11, 2013
I wrote the story on another forum of what took place at TOPS yesterday in Mexico activity is still very oheractive in the "THRILL"

BAD scumbags taunt "those picures of the pizza's and that receipt don't mean anything" "you did not tell the manager" and MY decision about that was based on the words of the clerk who made the pizza's..It would be like calling police about a scumbag recruit that obviously this TOPS Market Pizza clerk in Mexico is also..when a deadly scene is fixed its fixed..and it has been my experience that the scumbag recruit involved will brag as this clerk about how she will be protected..even gave the name of the man who will protect her under a "if she didn't like the pizza's all she had to do was bring them back" cover...

I went shopping and YES I had to spend 20.00 cash for some groceries could not find my card when I checked out at the second store..Yes I found it later..Yes I will tell DSS about had all tiurned into a scumbag taunt of "FRAUD" before I even walked out of the store..

Went shopping yesterday at the THRIFTY SHOP..and as ussual they are now going to get a clerk fired..I spent less than 5 bucks on 4 glass items and they are worriesd about it? All of ti would have fit in a small storage bag..BUT here's the scumbag details.."Vicki" "is going to zoom down and check out orders" it seems employyes there belive that "Vicki" cannot "zoom down" on their orders..THIS IS what scumbags brag about.Somehow they have inside claims of knwoing how security there works..I myself don't care.."either way"

The Thrifty shop was yea kinda busy last night BIG SALE today everyone should go ..I am..Maybe I should ask "bicki" to check me out just to shut scumbags out BUT they will probably get on her too

So the point is scumbags are planning to again to try annd get someone fired there..OH they always pick on someone..

I did how ever having store security exp myself..pick onthe "plan" called "Vicki will mark some itmes and know if they have been rung up wrong" That won;t work..Tagging there is open to all and so tag removal..Its awful the staff there get harrassed liek this after the scumbags deadly HE" used and pressured staff there like he did in this to place dealy clues there.."HE"..anyone could Dr a tag there after its been placed on the shelf..and this time they claimed they knew which items I would "pick"..I did nto tell anyone I was going ..was my stop "profiled"? "cool"

So anyway I;m going to the sale today ..I hope the employees don't get harrassed..It seems like the only place scumbags do it anymore..I believe the camers there can zoom down most can..I would to volunteer my time there ans watch how many scumbags who claim to know all the security issuese rip the place off themselves..It could all be a HYPE ploy to someones else theft going on while scumbags focus all on me..You're even talking interesing amounts of money here...I spent less than 5 bucks..and this much scumbag focus makes ME suspicous..esp after all the "HE" crap that went on there..linked to deadly issues..

So I will be there to day if all goes well and I don't lots to spend and NO I did NOT hide items inthe store yetserday ..I LOVE that talk the night before a BIG sale...YES scumbags claim I go there the night before and "nide" items" in the store to buy the next day..LOLOLOL..There isn't much they won't claim if it sounds bad they use it..

YES I might start picking up cans and bottles while walking in oswego again..last year it was worth it..we collected some money off it..and YES scumbags TOLD everyone "sont thrwo your cans down she'll pick um up" and "HE" will get you for it..LOLOL good for "HE" You mean the scumbags "HE" sends willl "get" you..
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#2 May 11, 2013
Ok now all of this important MOTHERS DAY 2013 approahes and all the directional forwarding clues are bad....NO one has said that nothing bad is going to all my other claims were countereacted in the past..SO keep yhat mind also as it nears on 5-12. This is a deadly MOTHER theme time frame of the "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" Yes my boyfriend wants to eat out that day..and I will keep a close watch on MY food and his..I just think everyone should be more concered about MOTHERS DAY eps in this deadly clued year of the word MOTHER..Adam Lanz'a MOTHER to LORI Breshnahan to hwo the MOTHER of the Boston suspcts was showcased by the press..and all the dates and other links fit a very deadly plan insinuation link to it all started at the "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego and had NOT let up at all..The focus is a MOTHER and her two sons..Peggy Deveny's mother died on Thankgiving the same time frame 3 years later her and aftin staged their little "gain" games on me and her brother..HE rescues TIME FRAME CLUES..and "HE" MO is specific to's a MOTHER clue direction..There have been TWO vicitm's nancy Lanza and Lori "they do things in 3s" What is "HE" saying with the clues..Does he want focus on Peggy's mother's death or is he going to add to "HE" collection of them? Is it me "HE" taregts now? YES you could very well conclude that also..

I reas his clues this way..just like I did about the Boston bombers..3 of them was my claim ..and i will add this now..the third one is right here in the US also..and the deceased brother go overseas to bring his plan to "Al Qeada" after he was worked here to do it..He informed them of his plans..he was NOT recruited by them..In English the brothers made the BOSTON decison before one traveled to his homeland,,,He made connections there and informed them of his plans..then he came home and pulled it off..The brother's were self contained in the plan..There was no "Al Qeada" support..It all began here..and Maegan BUCK did say in 2008 also "they will killer her" me and then sheadded ot it in her squeaky voice that day.. "There did I sound nervous?" She as trying too give me that impression..

The pit stop they made foolishly at the 711,,and hen the SUV car jacking" after the bombings was "reverse" clue plans..and I beleive they had NO idea what it linked to..and I am very interested to know how it was worked on them to be in place..( I am sure upon the ROGUES FBI"S knowledge of this input by me they will refocus it in the press).. It's difficult to understand WHY two brothers capbale of making bombs and carrying it all out this destructive had no get away plans..HOLY shit was I nervous when the prss first reported the SUV was a Lincoln..I scrambled to find RHYME in it all.. "HE" left as far as I can see NO forwarding RHYME clue in this..

Now RHYME began in NACO RHYMES with NACO aFED "friendly fire" sooting where the STRONG clues linked to my son's birthday began.. and carries to APE RHYMES WITH RAPE on 3-13-13 off suspect DAVID RENZ..and those were the clues hat my sons juve records are the ROGUE target inthis..which is fine OPEN them..Its all linke dot what Terry reynold stole from apt in 1995 or so..partially torn paperwok that could be very misleading while my family sat around acting like they knew nothing to a plan already in motion..and then all this technology bullshit ..that so impresses scumbags..who have NOT prodiuced one issue that even comapares to the horrors off it .."HE" uses the to create issues of theft? Then wh y does Stevens have a federal job? Becuase they all lied their way though it so well with her "ace in my pocket?" How did Beverly pull off so much Food stamp fraud while I lived there..He never saw that?
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#3 May 11, 2013
He never had any clue what Dottie Mills how much Dorothy MilLs was ripping everyone off BUT he knew how well I had cleaned a house with her?..

Don;t get me wrong its amusing to me how much "HE" makes asshole sof everyone ecp COPS in :"HE" plan toi kill more..and hwo much they help him along with it..thats why BAD scums run around bragging about how "cool" it is..makes sense..all this off the "proof" my family lead them to believe they have..and "HE" also and the constant "wait" to see it all claims..

FBI Delauriis had gone off to BOSTON as the forwarding MOTHER clue name..linked to a librarian clue Oswego school "HE" is recapping how "JUDITH DEVENEY" is the LANZA ongoing name link issue..LANZA did hsi job and the "ill' look like LANZA sticks up for sezxoffenders" planned "HE" out link to how the image of my boyfriend is supposedot comeout of "HE"plans..BUT under a completely 'reverse" circumstance.."HE" knew Alan Jones was guilty.."HE""pr ofiled" it all and then manipulated it all into place..and Tammy Rowe knew alsoin was also the CHARLES RUNGE nameclue plan set up me "accident" location plan clue..calleda ship and a captian PIRATES plan..and the NYS Link likeMD beiderman to RUNGE to my sons 3088 NYS Lic plate ..they took the issue and made it real by killing Erin Maxwell..BUT I did not get the rope issue until Deputy Gallow was shot dead on 3-12 "line up" with my 3-11 BIRTHDAY so the CROSS dates would tip the cross onto MY back... it was all set up the same way they -scumbags my son in motion the 6-29 "CARRIE" "scene." they were at his windows constantly at the W-2 slumlord GEORGE house.

SO "HE" has a deadly MOTHER plan..while he keeps his idiot scumbags foucused on possible theft..LOLOL.."HE" sets prople up for this shit? BUT none of "HE" theiving scumbag recruits get fired? HOLY SHIT "HE"S" gotta love how Oswego County works so easy for "HE."

I know I know "wait" "till see what they got on her"(me)

"wait" "till you see what they got coming"

"wait till you see what she did to her brother"

"wait till you see what he;s going to do" in other words make sure scumbags keep everyone backed down for to continue..Like how JUDGE Spencer Ludingon jumped right on and covered for DA Nickelson..and Dorothy Mills etc..Can you imagine hwo different this story woudl be had i had my say in court on that issuse alone..the cover -ROGUE is to claim BIll did to becuase he knew dottie was in rouble..well that makes no sense ..he should have stayed out of it..when cops got there..McCarty knew the plan was to kill me of fit all to make sure I was here in newtown if I survived it..

BEST PART -how clean up(there is Cuomo's cover image) NYS politic's image NYS Gov Cuomo's 12-6 birthday links to Angie babys cell phone 1206 #.
as ROGUES to SANDRA LEE forward with his version of the girlfriend plan.

Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#4 May 11, 2013
So right now my main concern is getting everyone past MOTHERS DAY 2013 safe and sound and trying to alert eveeyone as I have before to eh "HE" deadly clues in it all hat link and ther is overkill of them if I have ever seen it..I don't knwo if my posts help..I don't know if I make any headway over how BAD scumbags counterate all my efforys as they have from the start. I dont knwo who sends them for sure BUT indications and my own first had knowledge is my own mother is one of them inthat effort...a great cover for Bill Vickery claims also..

If nothing happens I feel successful, I don't feel like a fool..NOT at all.. not now..I was unsure at time before...I knew a cop die on Oneida...I knew a cop would die in Spet or oct 2012 after the last POWER issue on 9-12..linked to my MOTHER in this also clue..I was NOT prepared for it to be another FED..and now heavily wonder about the Orlo Green image of clues "HE" created in all of this..It has gone cold..and the 12 "trick" cop shootings link remains at a two and "they do things in 3s" 5-12 MOTHERS DAY of this "line up" wiht the origin 'trick" date 4-12-07..that sa dead cop direction and MOTHERS DAY could be a ploy to throw off off clues a "trick" to another deadly plan ..issue is POWER has been ok..BUT TIME WARN HER(and that is a 1208 phone number not a cell phone) cable did go out on a pivotal day..and an Oswego scumbag librarian played the "tranformer" charade in front of me on it...The the last time a tranformer blew it was..on 3-10-11 in my mothers area in Fulton 11:17pm was the TIME power was restored..Liek the tine of officer gary Pervials lost my wallet report and hoe it was worked into his so suddenly hands from Walmart in Fulton on 3-3 11 I belive (have to check that report copy)..My birthday the next day and my mothers eviciton to me and then Depuuty Gallows his son..So what ever "HE" deadly plans are it all forwards off this part of information FACTS..Is it my son? Is it a cop? is it a mother? A pivotal it me? ONLY "HE" knows for sure and those who are "trying to help" "He."

My point is about Pervical..he's the Fulton cop 12 link badge number..he was the cop sent in Jan 2007 abou Birseye.."PERCY" YOU"RE A DEAD MAN WALKING" in 2005 both Tammy Rowe and hr scumbags heavily linke dhim to my son and threat made on him at me...and to emily will dissaper claims" Gary Pervial hit the house across the street from me in fulton in his police cruisernd he totaled it "chasing a cell phone." There are TWO dead cops linked to 12s..4-12-07 and 10-12-12..that's a two 12s clue date so "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" also set by ROGUE FEDS..there are also heavy clues that have slowed down that Gary Pervical is a target also or the one one who taregts..He also showed on CHRIS VICKERY BOWER -geroge levea;s funeral night 8-6-08 appearance in Fulton for the "able to gore" set up "scene" and how she claims she arrived so "perfect" that night..?? BUT I am sure she had something to work of fit all later..Tom Ablegore was there cuz scumbags told his wife something 2004 nd 05 TODD had said "you know your sisters not violent an you're doing this to her" ..Blazinski was there also ..the gruesome 3 some had arrived.. Now Percival told blazinski he was sure rhe sister _Chris had killed that little girl..YES she knew..erika was going to die..they se thr dates of it "in the middle" and the KURT name carried on wen to WHY MAN in Oneida off Chris's "MOM DID IT" claims behind it all to how it's in HERKIMER..

? is exactly how much do the ROGUE Fulton cops know? and did know all along..

MOTHERS DAY IS COMING..and there is a deadly scumbag recruit out there somewhere.

West Sand Lake, NY

#5 May 11, 2013
You should call the police and tell them that Tops markets are part of a criminal conspiracy. Please record their reaction.

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