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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Jan 11, 2013
On 1-24-12 "JUDITH DEVENEY" is going to attmept on the TAX PAYER dime again..to challenge the amount of money she OWES me for the destruction of MY PROPERTY. a LIE I did NOT claim to NYS POLICE on 9-6 like "JUDITH" DID that got her arressted for it..Her and her powerful lawyer are constesting the value now of my estimate of damage I suffered that day...WHICH I know now is really much higher..Especially on the mint conditions items that are NOT easily replcable..of which I only have parts now..and those that are missing also.

Now understand this "JUDITH" set this WHOLE thing in well pre planned motion by her own agressions, doings and LIES...all on TAX PYERS money ..Like Marla Miller did in 2001..off a "fall" she took..(YES this is all linked and I will post ow later in another post..I will give you enough to see the redundant pattern MO these scumbag recruits use)

So off to court we go on 1-24-12 in HANNIBAL again..

YES-now ley me 'clarify" how tough this all is for her husband..just as she beagn to make his life shortly after he married her..I believe he loved her and that was his blindness to her doings and what was behind them that he sees now ..He was trying to hang on to her for that reason inspite of all the damage she had caused him in TWO short years..and what "JUDITH DEVENEY" continues to rampage on him..

"JUDITH DEVENEY" conducts herself in public exactly the way her husband decribed her to me and wanred me many times she "might" start a fight with me because "shes like that" "you just never know with Judy" he told me of the death threats he made after he announce to her she would NOT be uising his insurance if she moved out as she was planning then..

He had me in JUNE.."JUDITH" was already according to him moving out soon..So I was cautious with the married man issue..

Then he told me about her..and I worried about him there..He was sure she was leaving and was puzzled at how she could afford the rents she was lokking into..He was NOT pushing her out those picks were hers..He learned from her she had linned up roommates etc..

He wanted HIS home..and that IS why he preferred NOT to send her divorce papers..He knew if he did he was out...she would have gottne him out somehow..he was having a hrd time getting sleep as it was with the noise she created at might..He works LOBG hours early am etc..and shift work..JUDITH sits at home collecting and had NO respect for that issue on him..She was planning to move..

People wonder WHY he did not send her DIVORCE PAPERS..well..You have to know "JUDITH" to understand that..and that is something we have all gotten a image of by her own output..

It was at that time a no win situation for him either way to get rid of her.

I could tell from he was telling me she was up to no good in every direction..I saw his home while she was out of the house on one of HER overnights and almost shit my pants.."You let this woman bring 9 mobil dogs into your mobil home and keep them?" The last dog she brought home was named CHARLIE. There was a cat living on the kitchen counter..etc..Living on the kitchen counter. there were 4 adults living in this two bedroom trailer also..11 dogs and two cats. He worked LONG hours and shift work..his furniture was RUINED..I had refused to sit on it..He told me JUDITH sleeps there at night and her daughter sleeps on the table next to the couch..

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Jan 11, 2013
So I learned about his situation from June to Sept 2012 and now beyond..and I have NO reason what so ever to doubt him..and "JUDITH" herself is the BIGGEST piece of proff of that..

Let me "clarify" this..We ALL know "they shot those cops" the words are "they (so far have shot all the cops they picked ot shoot) those cops." There are just as strong indications now that my claims of the next two will also go "down."

YES even JUDITH has made comment of how she believe they did too.. Well any idiot could figure that out from the facts and that IS what is intersting now..

There is NO doubt something is wrong here in Oswego County ..there is no doubt..

Marla was not involed ask her and she "fall" ask her.. Dorothy Mills wasn't involved and she knows WHY MAN she lost her NYS Disbalilty payments and took that out on me the way she did ..He had something on her..and she knew it and so did I..WHY MAN she was not approached by NYS on the issue like anyone would have been..is unclear BUT NOT really.. Beverly Davis wasn't involved etc ask any of them ..ask "JUDITH" she was NOT involved either..ask her "JUDITH" believes everything she says and that si all that matters to her..

YES- am aware of the plan to "seperate" the "they shot those cops" issue from THE BILL(FACTOR)NOVEL IS plan behind it all..

YES it IS all one story one scumbag time "scene" right after the other and then the COP NAME clue comes into if off it.

Somewhere between 6-7-11 and 12-13-12..TWO "trick" clues and 13 "in the middle" MOVE to MY NEWTOWN off follow up scumbag recruit Aftin Deveney and her move into the "HE" plan to set me up again..eithe r I move and avoid what her and her mother and boyfriend had talked about "TWO WITNESS" this time..OR deal with another set up..om me by a scumbag recruit..This TIME AFTIN DEVENEY..called a SANDY HOOK sync.."line up" date right down to the name LANZA here off scumbag recruit "JUDITH DEVENEY" timed for Sept "scene" in all of this..OR NATIONAL GRID was going to set 9-12 that date..

It's ALL TOO "perfect"

Scumbags roar my boyfriend was behind it all..and he set it up becuase he bought his Jeep and tractor etc..YES BUT "JUDITH" got use out of them in all of this..He bought the tractor because he was married now..and did nto want to rely on a brother who always throws fits and threatens to "sell" things out there..as he now again on his sister..etc..Those JEEPS were as popular then as Impala's are now..

WHY did he not serve "JUDITH" with DIVORCE papers?
Well it was tough on him..she was..She was planning to move out on him..and well if she dies he keeps him home..So he thinks its best to wait her out..I understood that..BUT her claims to him were peculiar and made me worry for him there.."JUDITH" and her move out plans did NOT change until he otld her no further insurance..for her thinking she was moving for sure anyway.. He was out with me evenings since June she was already in motion to move..and had spent MANY nights out of that home..
I know this for sure..You have to knwo the steps she took to plan this on him.

Now this is all before here 9-6-12 set up on him..

What I did not know is how Aftin Deveney was waiting to replace "JUDITH" as the scumbag recruit..That all flowed into it just shortly after..

BUT let me get back to "JUDITH" for now..One step at a time.

We met in June off a puppy send off at the DEAD END bar when BILL and Dorothy showed up there the same night to check him out..before I got there..Dottie had her new timed puppy BILL got her..LIke the meals he proved her etc the whole time I lived there..The jobs he got her etc..

Bill McCarty was rubbing it in..

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Jan 11, 2013
So I met him my now boyfriend who picked me up and I never expected BILL M to be there that TIME of day. BILL never went out for a drink at that TIME of day the whole time I lived there..I PICKED the day to meet the new guy..NOT having a clue BILL M was NOT working..That's what's werid..YES I PICKED the date and time feeling safe..and guess what?

SO let "they" work all that on ME. I was nervous about netting him in such an odd situation..So I asked a friend to get a look at him when he picked me up. I'm from HANNIBAL and I knew his family name BUT..you know.

So we met ..things were ok and I liked him..
he told me his situation..and I was cautious at first..and I told him mine..

This was JUNE 2012..he stayed with me alomost every evening until about 8:00pm ar so..and then went home had to work early in the am..and came in early when he worked evening shift..We NEVER tried to hide ourselves from anyone..BUT he was always nervous about hsi wife ..becuase as he said it you never know when she might start something..BUT then did not fear she was looking for him..I just got the impression she would start an issue if she felt like it type of woman and was ok with.

He then told me of the apts she was looking at and the price..and I asked what sode sshe do for a living? Why are you living in a trailer? etc of it..He told me about NYS Disabiliy and I was like uh oh 4th RED FLAG..I know about those "Disability" people..most are worse then welfare people..So now we have JUDY and a state link pattern and a Bill and Dottie show with a puppy..and his LIC Plate bothered me most of all..and I could not tell him about that.

So JUDITH IS out looking at high rent places to live and has roommates lined up..to help pay..I aksed HIM to find how she plans to pay for this thinking she's the one who's got money tucked somehwere,,My first thought she works under the table too..and he said no..and I said well YOU better find out how your wife is planning to pay for her new home..and so he did..he wondered also..and I said find out.

See he knew DIVORCE papers would have stopped her in her tracks from leaving..She wanted use of his insurance after she moved out..I told him that clings her to your money for a longer time period..So he told her NO insurance..when he mad
and that's is when "JUDITH" plans changed..now all of a sudden she's a scorned woman..

I know of at least 10 nights "JUDITH" was NOT in that home at night..Now her husband NEVER spent the night out of his home with me during any of this..NEVER..We had no place to go. BUT he was with me almost every eveing except when he was home doing what he needed to like laudry etc..and the TIME fit.

DIVORCE papers he knew would set he off and that is why he never sent them.

He would tell me about her and my biggest fear was she would harm him..I pushed and pushed and pushed him to get a recorder and camera..at least to protect himself there.

The woman who conducts herself the way "JUDITH" does now is the same woman he described..She was moving out and NOW her plan of "EVERYTHING IS MINE" and other explanations she gives on the audio also directed at him to her future plan.

Now some talk if she had left he would NOT have to pay her after she moved out..If he died she would get "EVERYTHING" in a unsuspicious way since they had a mutual seperation..and "JUDITH" is the one who brought dead up in all of this. He never threatend her once..and JUDITH is going for the "EVERYTHING" plan now on everyone's dime..So what's that leave.."YOU'RE FUCKING DEAD" times 2 from her mouth incase he what? He did not hear her?

Then how some of family is moving along with it all at the same time..to be the next "perfect" "scene."

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#4 Jan 11, 2013
Now you have to know some other things..about "JUDITH" that I found odd.

The DOGS she so loves..and cats(roamed the house)..Some penned up all day long while he was at work on nights she was out of the home for days.. I felt so sorry for them..Two and 3 in small cages..3 -4 cages in his bedroom..he was working some days 12 hours and stopped to see me after he ran home ot feed them and toliet them..Now BOTH of "JUDITH"S daughters went on that voer a week long LONG ISLAND vacation mid summer.

He worked and was there alone some 12 hour shifts..Even at 8 hours he needed sleep too..11 dogs and to cats.."JUDITH" was on vacation and did not give a rats ass about where or how those digs lived while she was gone. "YOU BETTER GET YOUR TWO DOGS OUT OF HERE" "Cuz I;m seeling um all" ove for them she had BEFORE she dse ther up for menacing in the "I JUST GOT WHAT I WANTED and YOU"RE FUCKING DEAD" plans she had mad now.

DOGS were in pens for at least 10 hours..EVERYDAY..she was gone..9 dogs.

No water, no food, no toilet..
I don't want to hear about her disqusting love for animals.

It was wither pen them up more or let them tear up HIS home even more..They were HER dogs..ask her.

So now you know why scumbags spread all over town in "revrse" that I treat his two bad..

Yes I also heard the story about her cat getting killd by a car...Don't know if it did..BUT YES he told me she does let the cat roam all over outside unattended..a house cat? Had since she lived here..
Now after she set him up..one of her cats was supposedly killed by a car?..I have also heard the claims that "JUDITH" tried to say I set it up on her..Well maybe someone did just that to make it look that way..I think so too..BUT if you take care of your animals and track once in a while these kind of things don't happen. It's NOT the cats fault.

This was a 2 year marriage of he got to really know her after he married her..and look what he found out.

Now YES I am very interested in how the sister in Margaretville in Oswego was set up by National GRID on 9-12 and then her daughter was set up on 102-5 by the boyfriends mother..yea right..and then to all the shit aftin deveny poulled there since her 10-25 arrival..that her mother was going to "witness" for her later..

See it's something about the boyfriend..His NAME last one is the HANNIBAL "suzy" TURNING POINT movie clue "perfct" "link". We know he's violent..
He got fired and from there she worked him even some more to get involed in her doings.

Now take all of this and here si much more mouch more and compare it to my soon to be post about Deputy WYMANS death and you will see the overkill of clues links and compasisons.. Just like that of SANDYHOOK now..Here in MY NEWTOWN and hw I got here on the "line up" 12-13-12 date with it..Off how a scumbag recruit works their role.

There are no new names since the start they all come back cround some way..Aftin's name does NOT fit..but links to me..though her uncle.

Yes I have heard the MONEY NEED A off Monitas name ..NO she did NOT put her son tough this for money later,,No she did not..Thats a ploy for the other side to use..

To how it all links to Dorothy MILLS and Bill(clue names) later so "perfect" at their 8-11 BILL FACTOR "partners" home in Fulton..

6-7-11 is an AGES clue twist..in a new "scene" link "TIME IS AN IMPORTANT CLUE" OFF each and every one of them.

YES I have heard how "HE" is not even going to mention ME in "HE" movie now BUT plans to steal all my writings to make it even if its in "reverse"..Sad there can only be ONE Dirty Harry 357.

I will explain AGES gain later..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#5 Jan 11, 2013
I do how ever like how my boyfriend married the "perfect" wife withthe "perfect" name to pull al fo this off on himself.."They got him thinking he's going to get money" No they don't..BUT he sould get money for how he was vicitmized in this by JUDITH and ROGUES..who set it all up for a nickel less back up plan..and that is how NATIONAL GRID set his Margaretville in Oswego sister up on the 9-12 date for not paying her bill over the summer..I want to talk this in their language..and see how it reads..To how JUDITH was a scornd woman looking to move out BUT now plans to make EVERYTHING IS MINE" out o it..

Its reads MUCH easier if you tell the scumbag version of how all these people set them up..WHY the boyfriends family started issues with Aftin on my mothers birthday etc..To how Dorothy was assualted by me she claims and it was all "dismised" even when she had a "witness" who did NOT want her to call police after watching her he claims get her ass beat not once BUt Twice..in front of him and he had to break it up..To my mothers "small streak of luck" at the casino..and why man she had a stroke on 6-7-11..that fit my story so well...to how she gave me my birthday 3-11-11 eviction "trying ot help"..GOD does anyone need this much help writing a "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" NOVEL?? I could just go on and on and on with the same details in each new chapter.

How "Luckiest" for me,,I wan t to thank the "friendly fire" FEDS in the NACO just "OFF MEXICO" shooting for that "perfect" badge number addition..etc..

It's a good thing I did not want to be a writer many many years ago..Everyone would be dead with the luck I'm having..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#6 Jan 12, 2013
Yes the date is 1-24-13 I forget it changed..its not 1-24-13

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