Goodbye to Remington arms

New Britain, CT

#21 Jan 15, 2013
i used to like cuomo but he is acting stupid about this, he is picking on something that doesent even go to the core of the problem. he is a one term gov and he has no chance to win for president even with that bad accent. Where do these elected officials come from and did our local brindisi and griffo make this law.Did they vote yes.And by the way if you shoot a gun in a bar on bleecker street do you still keep your license. Remember that fiasco.

Herkimer, NY

#22 Jan 15, 2013
He is One OF are WORST Presidents we have ever had, and that’s even worst then clition who got, oh you know in the oval office…, Please spar me the OHHHH he is so great…, Please tell me 3 things he has done?...oh wait that’s right NOTHING!! Health care…yea wait till you really see what is is…NOW these GUN laws?, There goes are second AMENDMENT RIGHT!“The RIGHT to bear arms”,not the Right to bear arms with 7 bullets? it states “right to keep and bear arms (often referred as the right to bear arms or to have arms) is the enumerated right that people have a personal right to own arms for individual use, and a collective right to bear arms in a militia” WE THE PEOPLE ARE GIVING TO MUCH POWER TO THE WRONG PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

Rome, NY

#25 Jan 15, 2013
Ian Hob wrote:
Cuomo's rants are just theater to erode rights like tax & spend Liberals do while they distract from the real problems like the Albany sex scandal coverup with Silver and the fact that NY is at least in the top three "worst states to do business with in the USA".
All problems New York has are the result of bad leadership and voters who aren't paying any attention. Governor Andrew Cuomo even used privilege to remove the usual three day review the public and the legislature has to review whatever nonsense reactionary bill they are voting on this time.
This is a Kansas City Shuffle all day and the Senate rolling over on it is a sign that the Republican Shiesters in Albany will also get their hand washed somehow as the Dems look the other way. They'll probably have RoAnne destito award them all the contracts for all the extra crap they'll claim to need to support this rape of the rights of New Yorkers. Just the "Safe New York" banner hanging in from of the Governor and his two idiots in front of the tin state seal probably cost you $2000 bux.
The Mohawk Valley needs to rally once and for all and dump anyone who had their hands on this in any way. They're threatening to destroy you for the sake of the latest headline grab that includes eroding your rights.
This should be challenged with a blizzard of lawsuits and threat to "un-elect" anyone who had anything to do with this when the smoke clears. I hope Remington stays but their CEO doesn't play around and this could easily trigger a move.
Remington Arms is the oldest company in the United States that continues to manufacture its original products at that plant. There is a bomb dropping on you people like noneother and you'd better get one group together to raise holy fuckin' shit over this and start making ACCOUNTABILITY for this injury your priority. Nothing else is going to change your fate at this point but making this the biggest stink that Albany ever heard of. They are corrupt and just distracting from the fact they create 80% of your problems. Wake up you guys! WTF?!
Thank God that we have sensible and intelligent Liberals that make the right choices! This NY gun control law should have gone farther. I'd rather have 20 kids and 6 teachers alive and well than be concerned about Remington making 10 less guns per year. I'd rather have two firemen alive and well than to worry about the rights of some nut being able to own a military style rifle. Don't understand how people want to defend the rights of criminals and crazies to have guns and don't seem to worry about the violence they create.

Fayetteville, NY

#28 Jan 15, 2013
Ian Hob wrote:
<quoted text>Actually.. it's true and very very original. Remington is the oldest company in the United States that continues to manufacture its original products. This threatens to destroy it or at the very least aggrivate the owners right out of the area.
Starting with right now someone would make a fortune making a documentary about New York politics that broadsides ALL of those people. You've had the same three men in a room making deals and now this absolute vulture Andrew Cuomo.
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Weedsport, NY

#29 Jan 16, 2013
All the guys that work there come to my store and buy jock straps, if they go out of business it will sure hurt my business too!
Oliver Holmes

Utica, NY

#30 Jan 16, 2013
Andrew Cuomo will NEVER be president. His dog and pony show about gun control will NEVER sell outside of New York State.
A taxpayer

Greig, NY

#31 Jan 16, 2013
Wacko wrote:
<quoted text>So what's the solution? I totally understand owning a gun to protect yourself but do you need an assault rifle? Everyone thinks that they are going to take away all your guns which is untrue.
Who is to determine what law abbiding citizens need?

Vernon, NY

#32 Jan 16, 2013
Quick fact. If you look at the statistics of all murders in NYS .04% are from a long gun(rifle) .01% are from AR's. We need to ban mother nature cause snow because that creates more deaths. How bout this if you commit a crime you serve your whole sentence.

Memphis, TN

#33 Jan 16, 2013
obama at work, he will take out all us business. One world power , you democrats just wont believe it... whake up people its right in front of you
Shipwreck Lady

Syracuse, NY

#34 Jan 16, 2013
Actually you might want a handgun if you've ever been followed into the womens room by some freak.
Davey C

Syracuse, NY

#35 Jan 16, 2013
Da Law wrote:
<quoted text>
I own a Ruger 10/22. The same plinking rifle I learned to shoot with at Camp Russell. Millions upon millions of that gun have been sold since it was introduced in 1964. It is in no way, shape, or form a military weapon.
Because I have an after-market stock with a pistol grip I now own an "assault rifle" and will have to register it.
The 10 round magazines the gun has used for close to 50 years are now illegal. If I'm caught with one I go to jail for a felony.
you can get 25 round clips for the ruger 10/22 as well. ive got a handful of em
just me

Utica, NY

#36 Jan 16, 2013
It's too bad that when government fails, the first to get punished are the law-abiding citizens. I'm afraid that andy and the rest of leftist wingnuts have shot themselves in the foot. They have created a new class of criminal, the once law-abiding New Yorker who will now risk arrest to keep guns that have magazines that hold more than 7 shots. Some of these are antiques with a federal law governing them. Any of the legislators voting for andy's asinine, inane gun bill can't own a firearm under the mental deficiency part of this new insult. Their actions were anything but sane.

Utica, NY

#37 Jan 16, 2013
Wacko wrote:
<quoted text>Eddy, don't call people idiot, etc. just because you don't agree with them. Look, AR's are not needed in someone's home. I'm not saying that that is the only type of gun that's being used in mass shootings. The guns that are being used in these mass shootings are more than likely the ones that you're going to be able to keep in your home. With that being said, there are some owners that do not know how to be responsible owners. Background checks are needed and unecessaryguns should be taken out of homes.
Please stop saying assault rifles are not needed. There are a lot of things in society that people do not need but they choose to own. That is what makes this counrtry such a great place to call home. It is not a matter of what i need but more about what i choose to do. If we based all of our laws solely on what everyone needs and disregard what they want, what kind of world would this be?

Level 9

Since: Jun 10

Location hidden

#40 Jan 16, 2013
Heather knows wrote:
So true! I had a local cop stalk me my father's security company caught him at a rented house of ours. They told me to get a permit so I applied. I even listed that incident on my permit application along with another incident and am now taking my courses. It wasn't that hard, nobody else is going to protect you. I don't see why grown men are so afraid of weapons if I'm not and I'm 110 lbs. The world is just crazy.
The crazy ones are the morons that think Cuomo's law will save lives. If someone wants to murder a bunch of people,is this silly law going to deter them? NO!
Guy Fawkes

Manlius, NY

#43 Jan 16, 2013
Reason for the 2nd wrote:
<quoted text>Not everyone wants these ARs for hunting. Many rightfully want them to protect againt a potentially tyranical government PERIOD! You are forgetting the REAL reasons the 2nd amendment exists DON'T FORGET IT AGAIN! I wasn't aware of any such thing as an "unnecessary gun" either.
On the day when this government goes too far we will have the weapons to defend this country. This is not about what that retard governor tried to say it was "You don't need a 20 round clip for hunting" NO FKN SHYT!
That you would go along with this illegal overreach willingly speaks more about you than you realize.
Have you ever been in the military? Have you ever read any descriptions of War? Ever seen a Hollywood depiction of what our Military is capable of?
Are you really foolish enough to believe you can fend off our Military with an AR? You better think again.
If you don't like the direction of our Government, get involved or STFU.

Level 9

Since: Jun 10

Location hidden

#44 Jan 16, 2013
Heather knows wrote:
<quoted text>Yes! I think it only highlights the clueless idiots. Unfortunately they will learn when now the wackos use a bomb or whatever next time.
These people are just out to exploit a tragedy to grab the guns. If they cared they would have all upheld the Clinton gun ban. Yet somehow all these liberals didn't care then when the Clinton ban lapsed because there wasn't enough emotion or current events in it for them to get a press conference. This ban of Cuomo's will be challenged and repealed. People are already taking the lists of names of who not to re-elect. I will be voting accordingly and so will my friends who I am studying all these events with at school. This is a big issue and people aren't going to let it go. NYS is ruining it's citizens I am so glad I don't have to live here anymore soon. Have a nice night KY.
You have a good night too. If they re-institutionalized some of the higher functioning retarded,(for lack of a better term)there may be a reduction in the type of crime that precipitated this new law. Think about it and ask yourself,was the kid who shot up the school normal? The movie theater shooter? Was Jared Loughner a normal person? Most of these shooters have issues related to anti-social behavior,the gun law does nothing to address that. I think Cuomo grossly overreacted to this. I have no respect for him as a man,or as a leader of men. Hasn't the State of New York become enough of a laughingstock without this?

Level 9

Since: Jun 10

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#46 Jan 16, 2013
Ian Hob wrote:
<quoted text>Check history yourself, armed insurrections usually work if they are of sufficient import and size. FACT. Egypt, Labanon, Libya and a whole history before. Almost invariably the soldiers lay down their arms when enough of the population revolts. Look up any revolution and that's the common thread. Eventually the government loses that control, and by asking their army to attack their own civilians it seals the leader's fate eventually.
I went hunting once. That's not why I am armed to the teeth and go to pains to be the best armed mofo in my whole town, which is a tall order if you knew what they make in my town.
And I don't think most people are worried about the drones. The right people know how to drop them like flies with a higain patch antenna. Anyone with a good spectrum analyzer can tell when they're around. They need a constant carrier and they can be "splashed" into a hold pattern until they get out of your range or run out of fuel and drop like rocks. They do not run totally autonomously and therefore are always open to being oversaturated on their command freqs. I'm actually surprised they've only been hacked and dropped a few times. They're not as secure as people would think. Lucky Josh, Keirin and the gang are working on fixing that.
You must be an Ilion boy.

Lowville, NY

#47 Jan 16, 2013
Guy Fawkes wrote:
<quoted text>Have you ever been in the military? Have you ever read any descriptions of War? Ever seen a Hollywood depiction of what our Military is capable of?
Are you really foolish enough to believe you can fend off our Military with an AR? You better think again.
If you don't like the direction of our Government, get involved or STFU.

Syracuse, NY

#49 Jan 16, 2013
Obama's and Cuomo's efforts at gun control don't go far enough. The best thing would be to make all handguns illegal and require everyone to have a license to own any gun, and to take a gun safety course.
Social Worker

East Syracuse, NY

#50 Jan 16, 2013
Now Nobama wants us to evaluate the pschyological well-being of kids and ask them if they have guns. I will do that on two conditions; 1) give the school districts enough money to hire school social workers instead of laying them off, and 2) allow us social workers to be armed with a concealed carry license. I will be more than happy to follow these executive directives. For Coumo, the stupid Azz; Do you really think people are going to stop purchasing AR type guns because you said no. I have been trying to purchase one legally for the past month and every gun maker is sold out and back ordered. I wish I purchased more gun maker stocks to go with my portfolio last week. That being said, I will obtain one from another state and Mr. Coumo, you won't even have a clue that I have one, and, with my multiple 30 clips. Just don't come into my home unannounced. On second thought, please do!

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