The Bosnians destroyed Utica Part II....

The Bosnians destroyed Utica Part II..and beyond..

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Celtic Rage

New York, NY

#1 Apr 11, 2013
Some of my fellow Uticans-my family left years ago-may have read my post yesterday in the older thread-Oct12 2012-about the Bosnian Muslim Invaders. For those of you who have not, go take a look.

To summarize the previous Commentary:
Anyone who claims that the Bosnians were not heavily subsidized-and still are-is engaging in bold-face lying...that's all there is to it. Not only do they recieve direct goverment handouts including highly subsidized college education, the scummy and treasonous Lutheran Church recieves millionis of federal dollars to resettle Bosian and Somalian Invaders in economically distressed White American areas. You don't think for a minute that Rapist and notorious War Crimminal Bill Clinton was going to resettle Bosnian Muslim immigrants in his new hometown of Amagassent NY, now do you? The Rapist and War Criminal knew what he was doing:plop the Bosnian Muslims in vulnerable White American communities such a Utica.

The larger picture is this:just why the hell were Bosnian Muslims dumped on an economically distressed American Heartland City? I'll give you the background. Bosnia is a cesspool of Al Queda cells and mafiosa narco-terrorists. The Bosnians are very gifted when it comes to ethnic cleansing:the cleansed thousands of Serbian Orthodox Christians out of their Ancestral Homelands...Orthodox Serbian Christian Churches were desecrates and blown up and replaced with mosques. During WW11 the Serbians resisted the Nazis ferociously..the Nazis were never able to subdue the ferocious Serbs. But what Himmler did do was create a Bosnian Muslim SS that functioned as a death squad that hunted down and murdered Serbian Freedom Fighters.

Rapist and notorious War Criminal Billy Clinton-owned by the Corporations-for Hegemonic reasons attacked the Serbs because the Serbs needed to be taught a lesson or two about not having funny ideas in their head about National Sovereignty and an independent non neoliberal organized economy. The Bosnian Muslims were usefull puppets for attacking the Serbians. The Rapist and War Criminal Billy Clinton knew the case for Serbian atrocities was very weak, so he went out and hired the most powerfull PR Firm in DC to wage a propaganda war against the Serbians,and from this, a vicious propaganda campaign against the Orthodox Christian Serbians about Srebenica and the Rape of Bosnia emerged emerged. But 15 years after the massacre of Orthodox Christain Serbians, it has been exposed many times over that these Serbian atrocities were complete fabrications..the NYT..propaganda machine for War Criminals Bill and Hilary Clinton was forced to finally admit this a few years back on its frontpage. Leftist Journalist Dianna Johnstone has writen extensively about these fabrications on both leftist..Counterpunch...and PaleoConservative websites...Chronicles. So now you know the truth about your goverment subsidized...your tax dollars..."friendly" new Muslim Neighbors from Bosnia. By the way, everyone of you should have seen it comming.
Celtic Rage

New York, NY

#2 Apr 11, 2013
A few more points:

If you believe the enthusiasts for Muslim Immigration on this board, they would have you believe that Utica's economic decline was a direct result of having not imported thouisands of Bosnian Muslimis into Utica 45 years ago when the decline became obvious. But again, this is more bold-face lying from treasonous scum who are cheerleaders our demographic demise. Utica's economic decline is a direct consequence of the usual suspect:Globalization of the US domestic labor market in Heartland communities such as Utica. This labor market globalization has taken on a new viciousness,for now, the scab labor is being directely imported into these Heartland White American Communities such as Utic NY. So now, the White American Locals are in direct competion with Muslim scab labor on American Soil. And you will also be competing with the Bosnian Muslim Invaders for the environmental and recreation amenities in the Mohawk Valley and the Adriondacks. You will never be able to escape from them in the Great Outdoors:you will be competing with Muslim Invaders for hunting space,fishing space,hiking space,space on a river for rafting and and kayaking.Why do you put up with this nonesense?

In the Oct 12-the bosnians destroyed Utica threaad- comments, it was very clear that there was a large contingent of treasonous scum that represented cheap labor interests-psychopaths-and wierdo maladjsuted lefties. It was an overflowing cesspoll of hatred directed towards the Native Utica Italian,Polish, and Irish population. So it is obvious that the immigration enthusiasts and the predatory Bosnian Muslims harbor quite powerfull malignant intent towards Utica's White Population. So here is my question:why is the Treason Lobby in Onieda County and Utica shocked that the White American Uticans want the Bosnian Invaders out of Utica? Why should they be in favor of it?

When 9/11 occured, for one month after 9/11, the Natives were really fed up with the Muslim Invaders. There was intense talk...very open by the way...of expelling every Muslim out of America. The Bosnian Invaders in Utica were well aware of this. It was a one month nightmare for every Muslim in the US. There have been 12 attempted muslim terrorist attacks on Americns. One was very sucessfull, when a Muslim Major on the US Army base at Fort Hoos slaughtered over a half-dozen American Heartland Teenagers getting ready to deploy to Iraq-Afghan..the Treason goes very deep within the high ranking officer corp of the US Military. Go google Joint Chief of Staff meember General Cassey's comments about the Fort Hood shooting...complete treasonous scum. If there is another major muslim terrorist attack on American soil, every Muslim on American soil will be expelled-there will be no mercy.

Nightmare:a USN nuclear armed nuclear submarine manned by a Muislim "American" crew of submariners-including the Captain.

The Bosnian Muslims are part of a rapidly growing Muslim Fifth Column on American soil. Someone is committing big time treason-the Muslim population in the US has increased one million since 9/11. I suggest that you folks spend less time watching Sports Entertainment and pay attention to what the Treason Lobby is doing to our America..and a big part of that Treason Lobby is neocon owned Fox News.
Celtic Rage

New York, NY

#3 Apr 11, 2013
Final point:

Why is Utica being flooded with Muslim
Invaders? Not a very difficult question to answer:Both the Republican and Democratic Parties in Utica are infested with Sociopaths. Utica Politics has devolved into a freak show where a former Onieda County Republican Party Clubhouse leader-a retarded 4 foot midget freak who escaped from his cage-jumps ship and now heads the Onieda County Democratic Club. I mean what a freak show. Been this way since my Family left in the late 1970s. None of my brothers and sisters would ever move back there...especially with the possibility of my Family's next generation being a Euro-American Christian minority in a Bosnian majority Utica.The Bosnians have a gift for ethnic cleansing-just the Orthodox Christian Sebians who violently cleansed out if their ancestral Homeland.

To the scummy Treason Lobby of Utica'spare us the propagaand about the "Native Americans" and Euro-American Genocide..after all it doesn't seem to bother the Bosnian Muslim ethnic cleansers a bit-they took full advantage of it when they migrated to America. The Bosnians know all about ethnic-racial cleansing...and are very talented at it.

The American Injun-Ameridains-were engaging in ethnic cleansing amongst themselves for twenty thousand years. And now their is mouting evidence that the first migrants to noeth America are an earlier arriving European group from what is now modern day France-the National Geographic channel will be doing a special on this very soon!!! No doubt,this earlier arriving European group was exterminated by the Ancestors of todays American Injuns.

The Bosnians do not belong in Utica and America as a day they will be expeled for good...
Celtic Rage

New York, NY

#4 Apr 11, 2013
The Bosnian Muslim invaders have quite a racket:fresh from ethnically cleansing Orthodox Christian Serbians from their Ancestral Homeland, they get rewarded by the Rapist and War Criminal Billy Clinton..reward:Bosnians get to come to America to get all kinds of luxuriant goverment handouts,participate in Bosnian Mafiosa drug rackets in places such as Staten Island..and...get this..get to vote at election time to make the Euro-American Christian Population of Utica and America as a whole a racial minority in America.

To all of you treasonous and retarted lefites sipping your cappachino at Domenico's-come on and debate me...I'll enjoy mopping the floor up with you. Same for the Bosnian Scum.

Utica, NY

#5 Apr 11, 2013
i suggest getting a life.

Brooklyn, NY

#6 Apr 11, 2013
or it could be that racist Neanderthals like yourself, and your inability to play nice with others. is truly what ruins Utica. no need to respond. I have nothing else to say. have a miserable day. im sure you will.
No way

Albany, NY

#7 Apr 11, 2013
Celtic rage- Why dont you give me your name?


#9 Jul 17, 2013
thats why Utica along with other cities and towns are going to hell...the enemy is not out in another country ..death and destruction will come from with-in....American politicians are stupid

United States

#10 Jul 17, 2013
Thanks, Obama.

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