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#1 Feb 8, 2012
Well, Delois is back at it again. Now she thinks the city clerk (& others) is campaigning for Mr. Steve Dyson. Heaven forbid that someone other than the 'old administration' should be the Mayor of Urbana. Never mind the fact that she is pushing Donn down everyone's throat! After all 'he is a smart man'. She wouldn't be campaigning for Mr. Donn, would she?
Now, I'll bet if she would 'think' for a minute she would realize that if the city clerk did want anyone other than Donn to be Mayor, she might just be trying to save her job! After all, Donn has been heard on several occasions telling everyone who would listen, that he would fire four people now employed by the city of Urbana.
So, if Mr Dyson doesn't like to hire and fire 'at will' that seems like a reason to want him as Mayor. I understand he likes to have a police force around as well. Who would have thought that having protection for the citizens of Urbana would be a bad thing??
Maybe we all should be out campaigning for Mr Dyson, for Mayor!

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#2 Feb 8, 2012
Mayor Pro Tem
She just can't help herself. Maybe she really is under a spell. CW (Merlin) may have been casting her form of magic again this week. They were both spotted touring the city together, partying, and just generally hanging out. Nothing wrong is those activities, but it seems after one of these episodes, Delois begins making mountains out of mole hills. Maybe she just can't help herself, after all, CW Merlin may have her under some sort of spell, or MAYBE Delois is just Carol in disguise! Only Ms Hood would know for sure. But there I go, putting the three Puppeteers together again..It just seems like after those three have been together the buzz is on again!
If Steve Dyson can change the direction this city is going, then I say, MORE POWER TO HIM!!!
New town

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#3 Feb 8, 2012
I agree Delois is a mini carol walker. Donn lives in a small room INSIDE the tire shop. He looks like he's not seen soap water or a razor since 1971. What has he done for the city besides quit as alderman at least 2 times then just quit as mayor pro tem. How has that helped the city????Oh and wait he wants to be the mayor of Urbana but does not want to do any work on city vehicles tires at his tire shop. Hmm seems he's bipolar and needs to go stay with his next door neighbor carol. He's borderline illiterate have you ever sat and listen to him??? His mouth runs non stop nothing but hot air is coming out. Here are some proven facts he is on Missouri case net for tax fraud. Look him up Donn Lancaster or look up Urbana Tire. He drove his old red ford truck for how long unlicensed and had license plates from another vehicle on it. I heard that from walker herself. So why would we want and non trustable trashy citizen like that as mayor! We don't vote Steve Dyson for mayor he has my vote. Seems to be an honest down to earth fella. I have talked to him on several occasions he has a lot of great ideas which we all know Urbana needs. Drive by his place it's well kept unlike donn tire shop. It needs what the laundry mat got!

Wellsville, KS

#4 Feb 8, 2012
My biggest question is why would anyone run for office and not come to the meetings. If your going to run for office you need to know whats going on in the city. Steve has my vote for Mayor, I think he will do a good job he keeps up on whats going on and aways reviewed his material before the meeting, and wants Urbana to go in the right direction. I don't alway agree with him and we usually agree to disagree, but never make it personal he has the right to his oppinion and I have a right to mine. We can walk out of the meeting and remain friends. There has been to many personal agenda going on in the city for along time. One other thing Candy has a right to her opinion too. There is nothing wrong with her campaigning for Steve as long as she does it on her own time and not in city hall while she is working. She has a right to say whatever she wants on her own time, and if the rummors are true and Donn really said he would be getting rid of 4 employees if he is elected, I don't think I would want him in the Office with me, but remember the Mayor can't get rid of the City Clerk only the council can do that.

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#5 Feb 16, 2012
Do you think it is right?

That someone should serve on Urbana city council just because they own property inside the city limits? They might spend a night or two a week in their house, but when they were appointed to city council they were even registered in another county!
Some who own property, but are non-residents of the city, and business owners would like to be on the city council. But have been told NO! Who could have anymore invested in the future of our city? Is this the law? There could be different opinions, ideas, and morals, than just those the current administration saw fit to put into those seats.

Do you think it is right?

That someone who is running for the office of Mayor could be overheard in a very public place, saying 'Just wait until I get elected, I will fire everyone employed by the city. Some were even called by name!
The city of Urbana has spent a lot of time and money on training those that work for us. These people are good at their jobs, what would be the reason for firing them?
No reason was given by this individual, and none could be offered except, vindictiveness, vicious spite, and total disregard for the citizens of this city! This same person has served and quit more positions of employment with this city than all the employees mentioned.

Do you think it is right?

That a person could serve as Mayor, the supervisor of the workings of Urbana, yet not spend one hour in the office. Some situations demand immediate response! Cell phones are handy, but being accessible should be top priority! Citizens could ask questions, give opinions, or just pass the time of day if they know that someone is interested enough to be available.
Paying the position of Mayor a small stipend,(I say small because according to my figures it works out to 45 cents per hour. This is based on the Mayor being on call 24/7!) But there is no requirement for the Mayor to even step foot inside city hall. We can't even demand it!
How much better if the person elected would consider that position important enough to be readily available? In the office, not at the end of a cell phone?

Do you think it is right? Think before you vote!!
Tired of the BS

United States

#6 Mar 9, 2012
Does anybody else find it highly amusing that Dirty Donn is advertising his mayoral campaign on the very sign he stole from the city?

Sparta, MO

#7 Mar 11, 2012
wonder if dirty donn has paid the taxes he owes to the mo. dept. of revenue yet? is this the kind of person you actually want running the city? apparently he cannot not even manage his own business let alone a city. what an embarrassment he would be if elected..

United States

#8 Mar 14, 2012
The city of Urbana is beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. YEA!!! If anyone out there has not read a copy of Paul Campbell's article in today's Buffalo Reflex paper, get yourself a copy. Delois Wallace has changed the opinion of some in Urbana. Some, as well as myself was a little leery about the association of Delois with past members of the administration. But I think we have finally figured out she does in fact have a mind of her own. It must be difficult to try to make some progress and yet not step on people's toes that have been her friends for such a long time. When you put your self in her shoes, she has managed to walk the line between past personal agendas and making Urbana a better city. A rose to you, Delois.
The board of aldermen has managed to gel into a team that is pulling together and accomplishing what is good first and foremost for the citizens of this community. I agree with Paul in the concept of citizens asking the candidates exactly what their intentions are for the completion of their term in office. If the people will just get involved enough to question, give constructive criticism when needed, show some interest in what will affect our communnity in the most positive way. It makes a hugh difference in the outcome when people stand up for and help honest, hardworking, community minded citizens, like the Mayor candidate, Mr Dyson. Yes, it is going to be challenging for the elected, the appointed, the hired personnel as well as the citizens who's everyday lives are, well, involved everyday! Let's support those who ultimately will be making YOUR decisions for Urbana.

Since: Mar 12

Location hidden

#9 Mar 15, 2012
I would like to let anyone who is interested to know that I am going to be a write in candidate for alderman. I believe there have been too many people in the past who are using our little town to make themselves feel important. I have a wife and 2 children who live in the town and would like to see some improvements to the city and not my own ego. Once again my name for write in candidate is Robert F Bailey III thank you
Steve Dyson

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#10 Mar 23, 2012
To the citizens of Urbana:
My name is Steve Dyson and I am running for Mayor. Having spent the last 7 months on the city council, I realized we had a multitude of problems, which I have tried to chip away at, sometimes at the expense of becoming a target for gripes and complaints. I have no problem being that target as I feel that all the citizens and business owners should have a voice on this city council. I have alway's listened to your questions and have answered them when I could. Anything that I have been involved in on this council was weighed before I brought it to the floor, by the following characteristics:

1. Is it good for the whole town?
2. What is the cost to the taxpayer?
3. Will it improve our city?
4. Is it frivolous, or a necessity?
5. Will I be proud to vote for it?

These things enter every agenda item I look at. It's your money we spend and we should be certain it's well spent. Running a town is like running a business, get our priorities in order to be profitable, to increase in our investments and to expand. This does not require a brain surgeon to figure out.
This day and age with the economic problems in our nation, we must be careful how we handle a shrinking tax base. This takes all of us as citizens, not just the city council. We are a community and as such, we need everybody's input and ideas.
As your Mayor I will listen, I will hear you and I will take any ideas you might be able to provide. The people who know me also know that I am honest, fair, and believe in getting things done the cheapest, best way possible and by the way, I don't mind getting dirty and sweating a little in the process.
Respectfully, Stephen R Dyson, USN Ret.
concerned citizen

Brighton, MO

#11 Mar 26, 2012
The election is almost here! I wonder if the good folks of Urbana are really paying attention. Please let's not go down the same old road again. If we want things to be different then we must make the change. Do you all know the candidates?
Mr Steve Dyson: He has done an excellent job of saving the taxpayers money and still getting the job done. As alderman, he is always ready with an idea to improve the condition of this city. Yes, he can be a little rough around the edges, but from all that we have observed, he is fair, he listens, and then works until the problem is taken care of. The suggestions that he brings before the council have all been voted on by the rest of the members. Mr Reser and Mr Dyson seem to want forget what been in the past, but for some reason, Ms Wallas and Ms Hood can't let it go.
Mr Duncan: He is related to someone in town who apparently has been here awhile. We are not sure if he even knows what to do, when to do it or where it is to be done. We've heard he is going to nursing school. A fine occupation, but if anyone out there knows a person who has gone to nursing school, knows it is a 24 hour a day schedule. If you are not in the classroom, then you are studying, studying, studying! It is an extremely hard curriculum and requires your full attention. We don't know Mr Duncan personally. He may be perfectly capable of juggling class, odd jobs, and being Mayor all at the same time. But we worry because he has been to only one council meeting! How could he know procedures, statutes, and the personnel. He doesn't know. Should this be ON THE JOB TRAINING? Who is going to train him?
Mr Lancaster: We don't know Mr Lancaster personally, but he seems always to be annoyed. He gets mad at the drop of a hat! We've been here long enough to know he is a quitter. Gets mad and quits. Repentent, but never any apologizies. Guess he just expects everyone to just forgive and forget everything he says or does, but we don't see him forgiving or forgetting. He's elected, then quits, he gives donations, then takes them back, he gets offended then he wants to fire someone, he wants the City's business, then says NO, he doesn't want any Urbana employee on his property!! Well, maybe to read his water meter..that might be OK. Come on, give us a break!

Citizens of Urbana elect the person who CARES!!!
Elect the person who has the TIME!!!
Elect the person who can & will GET THE JOB DONE!!
Just Sayin

Brighton, MO

#12 Mar 26, 2012
Delois! Delois!
There you go again; blaming Dyson for doing exactly what as mayor pro tem you should be doing. Now let me get this straight, first, you blamed 'Dyson' for getting the dumpster removed. Didn't the whole council vote on a proposal that Mr Dyson brought to the table?? One that I heard saved the city over $4000?? Who is complaining about the dumpster and why? Wouldn't it be nice for every city to provide a trash dumpster for their citizens? At no cost? Times are getting hard, people, how many out there feel that the board is spending too much money?? Have you been to any council meetings, observing where your money is spent and why? Or are you getting your information second hand? From an Urbana council member that should be supporting the other council members? How long are you going to try to tear down, instead of build up? If you don't agree with a proposal, why vote AYE???
A city police car needed repair. We take it to Huberts, as we have so many times past. They were heard to say that repairs would be difficult, since there seemed to be no "check engine light", but they quoted an estimate anyway. It would take a while 'replacing parts, until we find the right one'. Does the city have to pay for all those parts that might or might not work? They are a repair shop? Can they make repairs? City was told they would eventually 'get to it', so the police car sat.
I understand Mr Dyson proposed (after making a phone call to be sure of his facts) that the city could take the car to a reputable REPAIR shop in another city. He stated that the shop could run a diagnostic check on the car, cold, even with no 'check engine light' visible. Since the car belonged to a municipal city, all other work would cease and the patrol car would take top priority. And they would also discount the labor by $10 an hour. Mr Dyson's proposal was meet with consent of three members, one stating it seemed like a long way to take it for repairs. Some discussion... then all council members voted again with all AYES. Now again, we hear 'Blame Dyson' for that money going out of the city!!! If you don't agree with a proposal, why vote 'AYE'?
Why do we hear comments from you about how Mr Dyson,'oversteps his bounds' & 'runs roughshod, making decisions on his own'????
Looks to me like you voted YES! YES! YES! on every proposal that is made. Why do you want to 'BLAME' anyone that is saving this city money?
Or are you just concerned about what your friends think? Maybe you need to think about what exactly it is your 'friends' want from Urbana.
Young Blood

Ozark, MO

#13 Mar 27, 2012
Get out and VOTE! Out with the old, in with the new. THINK YOUNG VOTE YOUNG. THINK NEW VOTE NEW.

Since: Mar 12

Location hidden

#14 Mar 27, 2012
I would like to announce again that I am running for alderman as a write in candadate. Ive been told by election officials that to vote for the write ins that you not only have to write in the names but also check the box beside the write in line.
Wake UP

Branson, MO

#15 Mar 28, 2012
Whoever young blood is you need to open your eyes and WAKE UP!! The only young candidate is a full time nursing student, and has ONLY EVER been seen at one council meeting!! He has just moved back into the city just a year ago!!! He has been gone from urbana area for a LONG TIME!! How is he going to have time to be mayor being a full time student??? We dont need another DELOIS WALLACE in there that no one ever sees in the office!! I know many of people who have went through nursing school and they have little to NO free time. I was told at the last meeting Phyllis Hood tried to introduce Duncan, and he replied " not at this time". So it appears Hood is behind hime running for mayor. I am for someone who has the TIME and KNOWLEDGE to run a city, and I believe that is Steve Dyson!! Dyson is retired , so he has the time, and in my opinion he has the knowledge! Has anyone seen Delois around?? Did you see her at the meeting I was told she was going through the meeting so fast, she was forgetting to vote on matters or get a second!She was probably trying to get home to her boyfriend. I dont believe Delois has done her job the last month, I believe Dyson has been the mayor just doesnt have the official title.We need voters to vote for COMMON SENSE!! Who will do the best job!! AS far as Donn Lancaster, he has been on the council MULTIPLE times in the past, and got mad and quit! Donn does not even own a house he LIVES IN THE MOLD INFESTED TIRE SHOP AND PAYS NO I REPEAT NO RENT!!!! So how does he contribute to our city??? Look on case net he has MULTIPLE charges of tax fraud!! So why would we want a person who is in violation of tax fraud in as our mayor!! So what tax fraud in my eyes means is he has not paid up on his city taxes, so he is cheating the city out of money!!! Has anyone ever seen Donn in a presentable pair of trousers and shirt, not covered with filth and grease?? I have not, he is a person we DONT need as a mayor!! His ad in the reflex was all bogus!! He cant write a grant to save his life, he can hardly read or write!! Those grants the city has received in the past were not wrote by Lancaster!!

Please remember to get out and Vote on tuesday, and vote with Common sense!! Vote Steve Dyson he has the time and knowledge our city needs!! I have gone to a few meeting, missed the last, but he has great ideas!! he served our country for many years in the military, and he has what it takes!!! VOTE DYSON!!!!!!
Come on Urbana

United States

#16 Mar 28, 2012
Council meeting tonight.Com e on Urbana citizens show up and meet the candidates and ask them the tough questions. We need to get this town on track.
New town

Brainerd, MN

#17 Mar 28, 2012
So is Duncan already thinking he is above the law since he's running for mayor?? He's been riding around in a black SUV with one headlight for over a week. Let's see if he can answer some of the questions the citizens will have for him. I heard he has no job and is running to make a little $$$ since he's not emotes and the mayor gets like 300 a month. People wake up and come meet the candidates and remember to vote for someone who will be an assets and cares and that's Dyson!!!!

Since: Mar 12

Location hidden

#18 Mar 29, 2012
Dear Urbana Citizens,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you and the posters on this site. My name is Jamie Duncan and I am running for Mayor in the City of Urbana. Yes I am a nursing student however I am not in school or a book 24/7 as some posters on here would have you think. I attend my Old Testament Bible class on Tuesdays from 4pm to 7pm, Pharmacology for Nursing on Thursdays from 12:30pm to 3:30pm and Human Growth and Development on Fridays from 1:40pm to 4:00pm and 95% of the time I study on Saturdays and Sundays. So for those of you who might have doubts about my commitment to the city and the position of Mayor you can put those to rest as I will be available 7 days a week for this city and all its citizens. As I stated this past Wednesday during the meet the candidate’s night I am proud to be from and live in Urbana. I was born and raised here and also moved back to raise my current and future children here. I would be proud and committed to serve Urbana and all its citizens. As for the statement I am related to someone here in town and that would somehow affect my judgment, well that’s just not true either. While I do have relatives in town none of them has served as mayor and I will not be an extension of past members agendas. Now as for me thinking I am above the law, well that’s just plain laughable. It is true I have a headlight out. I have fixed that same headlight 3 times in the past 2 years and neither Reliable Chevrolet or Firestone Car Care (place of business my father manages in Kansas City) can figure out why I have this problem. I will also state it is a known problem with my model of vehicle. And so you know, I have an appointment to have it looked at yet again. Now, about Ms Hood introducing me two meetings ago and me electing not to speak, it is true I chose not to speak. I did this because I was told by the City that I would have a forum to speak during the meet the candidates’ night so I made the decision to speak there. Now as for me needing to “learn on the job”, as with any new position there will be a learning curve I am sure but to say I have no idea what’s going on with this city is also not true. While I did move to Kansas City for my job in 2006 I have always visited Urbana on a regular basis as my parents live ¼ mile or less out of city limits. I have also spent the last several months trying to get the opinions of the people of Urbana by going door to door and talking with our residents (I have not spoken with everyone but I would like to) and talking with the business owners in the city. I also tried to obtain information from the City about budgets, future and current projects, etc but was told I could only have access to that information if elected per City policy. I fully understand the challenges and work ahead and if elected I will not shy away from it. Now for the final post about me! Not one person in this city that’s outside of my home has any knowledge about my financial or employment situation. If you would like to know I encourage you to speak with me about it instead of printing lies and rumors under an anonymous name in a chat forum. Let me be crystal clear on this point, I am NOT, repeat, AM NOT running for the money. While it’s no one’s business I will share on here that I am in a very fortunate situation in which my wife is able to provide for our family while I am in school, just as I did while she was in school for the previous 3 years. Her employment also will allow me if elected the time to focus on this city which she knows is very, very important to me.

I would like to say to both of the other candidates running in the mayoral race and also to the alderman candidates, good luck and God bless. No matter who you are voting for please get out next Tuesday and place your vote. The City needs its citizens to be involved.

Yours truly,

Jamie L Duncan
Delois Acting Mayor

Eldridge, MO

#19 Mar 30, 2012
Very well done Jamie, this is how an educated and thoughtful person responds to lies and slander. Everyone take a lesson. Notice he also signed his name.

Ozark, MO

#20 Mar 30, 2012
Dear acting mayor: It's not slander or lies if it's true. Why didn't you sign your name?

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