hi brothers and sisters i love prince george county
but as african americans we have to stop the hate
with each other and the fuckin crime with killing
each other man look i love latinos whites people
are people thats one thing that i know a bout the
southern maryland baltimore has a hell of a gang
problem ms13 bloods crips gangster disciples almighty vice lords e m e 18th street mexican mafia
and sureno mexican gang look i live here in clinton
maryland it is a small area with little crime
that is good but if you go to landover hills
captiol heights seat pleasnt marlow heights
forest heights those areas have gang crews like
the alabama boys nasty mafia crew jungle hit mob
undercover crew hoody mob play boys thin in some
areas you have insane party duce crew 37th street
crew dirty mob killers corner mob ms13 18th street
vato locos ddp dominicans dont play gangs are all
over maryland its sad iam from miami and we used to
kill each other and beat each other down but
crime has gone down back home in miami and a other
thing black women here in the dc area love thugs
they do not like brothers that are not hard or try
to be hard if you are a nice down to earth man most
of them do not want you homie i have been to
losangeles dallas denver atlanta sisters in those
cities really do not care what you look like
the only thing you have to have brother is a job
and you have your own place and a car and look
when i go to new york city ilove to see brothers
and latinos get a long with each other peuto ricans
and dominicans they party in the clubs and have fun
the women are fine looking with long hair but
down here you see a lot of hate and bull shit thats
why i am moving out of here i really hope some day
that people here will get a long some day