Parents Of Non-Immunized Students Fac...

Parents Of Non-Immunized Students Face Criminal Charges

There are 49 comments on the WUSA Washington, DC story from Nov 13, 2007, titled Parents Of Non-Immunized Students Face Criminal Charges. In it, WUSA Washington, DC reports that:

UPPER MARLBORO, Md. -- Prince George's County School officials have announced a last chance for parents to have their children immunized.

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Benton, KY

#29 Nov 14, 2007
Oh, and by the way, I pay taxes too, and this is also my country, so if I choose to put my child into a public school system, that's my choice. If my child DID contract a disease (which I doubt) they would stay home. The "excuse" as it's called by Jada, is NOT that it's not a 100% guarantee, although that can play a part. It's that it's actually DANGEROUS to vaccinate your child in many cases. Diseases mutate and go in cycles - it can't be avoided. I'd rather my child get the measles or the chicken pox while they're young, and by natural means so that their body can fight it off and they can be TRULY immune rather than get it as an adult when they can end up sterile, extremely sick, or worse, dead. There is so much more to this than can be put into this little post. Do some real research people.
My 2 Cents

Falls Church, VA

#31 Nov 14, 2007
Its not just chicken pox. Again our lovely President has allowed several folks to come into our borders and bring diseases that can be harmful to us & our children. Get the shots!!!!
Concerned wrote:
Getting shots should not be a governmental issue. If they mandate what shots your child has to have, what's to say they aren't going to mandate every other medical decision? Letm ME decide what shots my child needs, NOT the government. If you've got a religious objection or philosophical objection, then sign the waiver for the state of MD and get your kid back into school.
To the others who say non-vaccinating is ignorant, if the shots work so well, then why worry about your VACCINATED child? Surely they won't get it right? The risk is not to the vaccinated child! That chicken pox shot is only good for about 5-7 years and even then only 70% of the time. Outbreak of chicken pox in the schools? Yep you guessed it, 95% of those kids had the shot. If they're going to get it anyway,(and you're consequentially going to miss a week of work... anyway) why worry with a shot that doesn't last and is only 70% effective? Chicken pox can be deadly in an adult. Rather get it young and get it over with and have LIFETIME immunity than a shot that you have to keep paying for.

Washington, DC

#32 Nov 14, 2007
The last time I took one of my kids to the local health department for immunizations, it was NOT free for everyone. There was a sliding fee scale based on your income; although they do offer some free clinics a couple times of the year just for school purposes. MCHIP is still based on income and other factors in order to be eligible for free health insurance. When I was making a third of what I make now, I still couldn't get anything free because I "made too much money." And I had two school-age children and was taking care of an elderly parent. If they can't afford it, they should have taken advantage of the free clinics. They're even getting a break this weekend because the vaccinations will be free.
Used to Vax

United States

#36 Nov 14, 2007
We used to vaccinate but when a vax went horribly wrong for our 17 month old, I found out that the system doesn't really have a protocol in place for a child that is in the process of being damaged. I was told I was an overly concerned mother, that is wasn't SO bad and if she had ever contracted the actual disease it would have probably been fatal. I am not sure how they even figure that as a child can't both be vaxed AND show the reaction to a disease from the unvaxed standpoint. All conjecture on their part. Well they didn't sit up with her the first night of high pitched screaming, or the next night of it either. They didn't watch her regress in skills back to pre 12 month status. They didn't pay for her care. I was told that by the clinic that her reaction was an "acceptable LOSS" as if they had written her off already. They quickly phoned our pediatrician and he let me know he was told what to say. He never forced vax on her or any of our other children after that, but he also did not report her adverse reaction. I'm told that he did half dose vaccination for an acquaintance's daughter who had reactions similar to our daughter's and she ended up more vaccine damaged than our child.

Don't trust a system that has effective outs for reporting actual problems to vaccination or works like a well oiled machine to cover up problems. After we quit vaccinating we were able to kiss frequent ear infections goodbye and the children seemed to be less inclined to take flu or colds. I personally feel vaccination ruins children's immune systems. Been on both sides with vaxing and NON vaxing and this is my observation which is backed up by most non vaxing families I know.

Warrenton, VA

#40 Nov 14, 2007
I believe I'd move to another state.
Born American

Rockville, MD

#41 Nov 14, 2007
I totally agree; I was one of those parents that signed the form to have my child immunized at the Dr.’s Office that Relinquishes the Doctors of any wrong doing because there is a 20% chance of side effects occurring. Well my child was one of those 20% who at 3 months of age started having seizures due to the pertusis in the DPT Shot, they say it was an allergic reaction. This is an out rage in this day and age with all the technology. There should not be Zero tolerance for risks if the government is forcing immunizations, there should be a government enforced rule making it a 0% risk before they can force this practice on people. Luckily for us we had insurance during this time, first of all my doctor tried to dismiss me saying that babies make jerky moves, and at that age they Normally do not get seizures, well he DID! Then we had to take him to several specialists, running thousands of dollars worth of tests to narrow down the cause. Which lead to years on medication not to mention that cost? All because I was a responsible parent and immunized my child. THE IMMUNIZATION Shot DPT Diphtheria, Pertusis, Tetanus caused my child’s Seizures and he can NEVER have anything that has Pertusis in it ever again. And Now you can not get a Tetanus shot without it having the Pertusis in it. So my son will not be able to get that shot either. So if the government mandates that my son get this shot THEY will KILL him. So… NO the Government should NOT have this Right!!
Let them chose wrote:
The government has NO right whatsoever, in saying that our children should have shots. They have many toxins in them and are affecting the health of our children in many other ways, not to mention the fact that MUCH of the time they don't work(except to increase the chances of ADD, ADHD, Autistic spectrum disorders, seizures, infertility, and a host of other things). It is not for the government to dictate what we do for our children, if you chose to poison your children, fine, that is YOUR decision, but don't force that on everyone else, for the sake of following the masses.

Woodbridge, VA

#45 Nov 14, 2007
Lets not forget about HPV the one to prevent Cervicle Cancer in young women. I have read the posts, I think the story is poorly written and gotten everyone into a tyrade. Your basic Shots required for school should be done, MMR, DPT, Hep B is questionable, I think its a good idea, there isnt one for TB, Chicken Pox, I would rather have the child exposed and almost guaranteed to not get it later inlife,(yes there are cases of multiple exposures and reinfection) Small Pox was given when we where in school in the early 70's but not anymore. Flu Shot (My Opinion its totally useless, you can only get that strain of flu once then your body builds an immunity to it.) Its not ignorance on not having your child Immunized with Optional Vaccines its a right to decide and not a place for the Government Local or Federal to get involved in, lord knows they cannot deal with everything they need to do anyway.

We had a neighbor who bathed their child whenever she got a little dirt on her, parents use Anti Bacterial soap way too much that your preventing the child from building up an Immune System to the everyday germs which can be even more harmful. Something to think about!!!
I would move

United States

#46 Nov 14, 2007
"Follow the rules and regulations the school board sets as far as vaccinations are concerned or lose your right to enroll them in school. Plain and simple!!!"

At some point you need to start thinking for yourself and stop believing everything you hear. It is total irresponsibility to "follow the rules" when there is so much information out there pointing to the toxic affects of vaccines. Go ahead and vaccinate your children if that is what you feel is best. Leave those of us that actually do our homework alone.

Junction City, KS

#48 Nov 15, 2007
Good grief! All you parents who are in a tizzy of worry because your VACCINATED child might be put at risk by unvaccinated children... Don't you realize that you are acknowledging that you don't believe the vaccinations are going to protect your child!? Did your vaccinations kill your brain cells, or what?

Winter Park, FL

#50 Nov 15, 2007
I say..WHO cares? IF your children are Vax'd, HOW is it putting them at risk? Unless you feel the shots aren't doing what they are supossed to???
So really, in all honesty here....Isen't it the "parents" choice! It should not be the govt. choice, but our own as parents. My kids ARE vax'd! But I totally Disagree with this! I also think the Pox vax is crazy! Why do it? Now there is a mutated form of pox going around, from the vax.
the philosopher

Decatur, GA

#51 Nov 15, 2007
All of you people talking about why get vaccinated, religious reasons, blah blah blah, have all been alive way after these vaccinations have been put into effect and have never seen the health issues that occurred in children pre-vaccination. Polio killed thousands, mumps..measles also killed kids. Look at the tb scare that happened when that unvaccinated fool decided to board a plane. There are reasons for vaccinations. Research your history and see how it was before these vaccinations. It's amazing how some parents don't have a problem with buying their kids mp3 players that blow their hearing, but scoff at vaccinations. Amazing!

Chagrin Falls, OH

#52 Nov 15, 2007
Amy wrote:
<quoted text>
The chickenpox Vaccine is REQUIRED to go to school and I think that parents that refuse to have their children immunized are ignorant. Look how many illegal people are in these country and how many diseases that puts our children at risk for contracting.
No shot is REQUIRED to go to school, you can fill out a religious, medical or in some states philosophical exempt form. Vaccines are a personal choice parent make for their children, choosing to do so or not to do so does not make one ignorant parent, so long as it is an informed choice. Rambling about other people being ignorant because you don't agree with them or blaming "illegals" for that's just down right immature and uneducated. Maybe next time before you go throwing things in CAPS as if you are stating a fact you should do a little research first. It will help keep you from looking like an idiot.
And why do "illegal people" put our children at risk exactly? Last illness I caught was from a true blue American citizen, as a matter of fact I can say I've ever caught anything from "an illegal" Let me know if you'd like some links or references to some books so you can do some research before you jump on the pro or anti bandwagon. Just from reading your post I doubt you've ever really cracked a book on the subject and are just rambling about what you "think" is right because someone else told you it was.
Educate yourself, form an opinion of your own.
Until then do the world a favor...less talking, more reading.

Eugene, OR

#53 Nov 15, 2007
This amazes me. People: the parents of these children, who will refuse to vaccinate, are standing up for their childrens health. Vaccines (I lovingly suggest you do just a smidgeon of research!) are dangerous. With relative frequency, they do cause autism, think of the autistic people you most cases it was vaccines that changed their and their families lives forever. And then, some children die from the killer toxins. These are just a couple reasons many educated parents avoid vaccinations like the plague. It is in addition to these facts (which I am only outlining), that parents mention the ineffectiveness of vaccines. There are much deeper issues here than laziness or cheapskating or rejection of authority. And if you are not aware of them,*you* are the ignoramus...which is fine. We can't all be aware of everything all the time!
This action by the system is unprecedented, unconstitutional, and will not be upheld by the court.

Kailua Kona, HI

#54 Nov 15, 2007
And why bring up TB? There is NO VACCINATION for TB!!!

Just shows that those of you who are ranting really have no idea what you are talking about.

United States

#55 Nov 15, 2007
Please go back and study up on the real facts instead of regurgitating statistics you found on sites only in support of vaccination. If you look at the rates of many childhood diseases, you would find that they INCREASED in incidence faster than at any other time as soon as they started the vaccination policies. Vaccination is just a grand experiment which the public is expected to pay for and accept the risks and damages of. When it is YOUR child who pays the cost of vaccination's risks, then perhaps you would think more deeply about the immeasurable cost to parents who paid the ultimate for this scheme. They paid with the life of their child in some cases and others saw their children lose a bright future in others. Please do more research before you judge.

Almost all diseases of these types go through surges in occurence and then die down naturally. Many other health scourges were actually filth borne diseases. The cure for those is to CLEAN THINGS UP! Polio was fading as a common disease and even the the creators of the immunization recognized the danger of the vaccine in keeping polio going. The vaccine manufacturers manipulate the statistics to favor their products. To them it is about the bottom line in earnings and it seems to me you are willingly paying them out the nose based on deceptive sales tactics and sheafs of misinformation.

Illness in third world countries will continue because the children are undernourished and unhealthy. They have no reserves to fight illness. Vaccinating a child there carries an even greater risk because they already are frail. The real answer to handling disease might be better met by shutting down Big Pharma and investing that mispent money on providing good nutrition and clean living for people in every country. I include the US because the standard diet here is so pitiful it is a wonder our children survive childhood at all. More money should be directed at natural health and therein natural defense against illness. After natural prevention is promoted then some of the money could go toward learning to PROPERLY treat illness when it does occur.

How many shots during childhood are acceptable? Is it 30? Is it 50? Is it when they have a vaccine for EVERY illness under the sun, effective or not? This seems like a backwards method to bring true health. It is not worth putting children in harms way by injecting toxins into them in order to supposedly keep them from harms way from illnesses that perhaps could be easily treatable and then provide lifelong immunity.

My mother and uncles had polio. It is a terrible disease. But the medical machine has not wiped it out by creating a vaccine. When the vaccine SEEMED to knock it down in number of cases, the pharmaceutical companies took the credit. When the vaccine was CREATING new cases, they excused it as an acceptable risk but eventually did try to make the vaccine "safer." When the vaccine caused a rash of a rare brain cancer, they covered it up. When it became apparent that polio still exists in spite of their vaccination campaigns, they changed the definition of what constitutes polio to hide their failure. Go ahead...look it up. The facts are out there if you will open your mind and dig deeper than what the pharmaceutical companies put out as propaganda :) Happy reading!
Open Your Eyes

Blountstown, FL

#56 Nov 15, 2007
I have to wonder if the people screaming "just go get the shot" even know the symptoms and basic treatments for the diseases they're immunizing against. My guess would be they don't. Hey, off the top of your head, can you tell me the symptoms of diptheria or Hep B, and what the standard treatments and prognoses for different age groups are?

What, that's the doctor's job to know all that? Oh, man...learn to take some responsibility of your own. Look, Google's made it simple now!

My children are vaccinated, by the way. Selectively, and not before they are of sufficient immune maturity to handle them. I also request specific preperations of vaccinations - do you people evn know that can be done? I did the research. I questioned the medical system. Did you people know that recent research and some of the world's top pediatric specialists are pushing to forgo infant vaccination schedules altogether and don't recommend vaccinating before age three at the very least? Do you know the dangers of the flu vaccine, the chicken pox vaccine, the live polio vaccine, and the new HPV vaccine? Are you informed of the effectiveness of vaccines (average around 80%, depending on the vaccine, people they are NOT 100% effective and in some cases they're not very effective at all)? Why do I get the feeling that most people don't bother with all this "work" at researching and just do what the doc tells you to do? Wow. Sheep.

Also, vaccine reactions are NOT rare. In my family alone: My mother had a reaction from the MMR when she was 4 years old. It burned the inner lining off her lungs permanently and she was left with awful, chronic asthma. My husband, prior service US Army, can tell you all sorts of stories about vaccine reactions (they are tested on the military, if you didn't know) inculding numerous acute reactions of his own from the flu shot and a terrible reaction from the anthrax vaccination. I, too, am prior service Army - I had reactions from the flu shots and the experimental pneumonia shot. I also contracted an extreme case of the measles from my MMR booster prior to starting kindergarten. I also got the mumps that same year, even though I had been vaccinated. And this is only what I know of my own family. There's a reason Congress has a committee set up for vaccine injuries - ever thought about that?

Common sense should dictate that placing foreign, disease-causing organisms, dead or alive, into you or your child's body - along with all the chemicals they're based in - should merit at least a smidgen of homework beforehand, beyond what the health clinic or doctor tells you. This should be as common sense as questioning what a cigarette will do to your body, but why are so many people not questioning? Do we really all need to be asked the juvenille "If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you" question? Wake up, people!

As far as this action in Maryland - it's unconstitutional. Plain and simple. A medical procedure should never be forced, especially on a child. Something should seriously bother people about that, pro- or anti-vax. Government should not have that much power over individual and parental rights. Otherwise, we are not a free country, and even you staunch pro-vaccers need to realize this opens a can of worms you do NOT want opened. Neither I nor my husband fought for this country just so this country could stomp all over the rights of its free citizens. What a tragedy.

Big Lake, MN

#57 Nov 15, 2007
Kimster wrote:
Um...unless you have religious objections, then yes the government needs to step in. Not immunizing your child not only puts your child at risk, but other innocent children as well.
Two months and no compliance??? Lock 'em up and fine them. I along with other parents follow the rules regarding immunizations...why can't they???
Who are the unvaccinated putting at risk? Your statement makes no sense at all. It the vaccinated kids who put others at risk, walking around with fresh, live viruses injected into them against their will. If you want to expose your children to disease and poisons that's your bag, not anyone elses. Lock them up and fine them... are you insane? Or are you just angry that they know the truth and you are a follower?

Chagrin Falls, OH

#58 Nov 15, 2007
wow...all those pro vaxers that were up in arms rambling on sure have quieted down now. I can only hope they are too busy researching to post ;)
Happy reading!

Longmeadow, MA

#59 Nov 16, 2007
There is so much to this disaster, it's hard to start. First, if you read any product insert for almost any vaccine it will tell you that it's not 100% effective. Second, a vaccine bypasses the normal immune system (tonsils, thymus, etc) and goes directly into the body ... this is not conducive with the theory of vaccination. Third, vaccine contain much more that live or dead virus... they also contain thermarisol, aluminum (mercury and aluminum should never be combined), formaldehyde and sometimes monkey kidneys, cows brains, duck eggs and other things that they don't want you to know about. Fourth, nothing should be given to anybody, at any age, unless the doctor know what is already in the body. If your child already has a body burden of mercury, lead, cadmium, etc. and the medical professional wants to add to that without checking for existing body burden ... I suggest that that might be malpractice and it should be questioned by a LAWYER! - read about poisoning in a systemic way

Walnut, CA

#60 Nov 17, 2007
Val wrote:
To require parents to vaccinate against HepB and Chicken Pox is crazy!! First of all, we live in a country that is supposed to be "free", yet the government is forcing parents into unwanted medical procedures. The likelihood of developing complications from Chicken Pox is lower than the complications one can have from the vaccine itself. The HepB vaccine has the potential to cause reactions in all age groups. The chances of a child contracting HepB is small, thus making them get vaccinated even more redundant. Parents should be able to vaccinate or not without being threatened with fines, jail time or their child getting expelled. Remember, we live in AMERICA!!!
FURTHERMORE , our Constitutional rights have been stripped from us ('just a piece of paper intoned "W") and dear old "HILL' pushes for socialized medicine, required yearly visits to clinics - the results WILL go to the government. The same kind of people (like the evil doctor who recently proclaimed that 'black people are inferior') in Eugenitics Research, who 'design' viruses, vaccinations that are race specific, contain all the junk another poster told about AND something I dare not tell because it's too horrid. Don't be fooled by 'catchy' programs like National Geographics Human Genome Program who "find" lost relatives for you. While you may be excited to know 'where you came from' be assured you will become part of that vast experiment in the governments hands. Any government official, D.A., school official, welfare and social worker who is pushing for control over you and your family is either in compliance with or unwitting parties to this. Our government is responsible for the disease coming via illegal aliens, we have them because their government gave them to us..courtesy our present and past NWO presidents. To persecute the poor or the intelligence for not getting the vaccinations is reprehensible. Home schooling for everyone. Return schools to their communities.

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