Federal judge recommends tossing Bran...

Federal judge recommends tossing Brandon Bloss' appeal in Devon Guzman murder case

There are 48 comments on the Easton Express-Times story from Dec 18, 2008, titled Federal judge recommends tossing Brandon Bloss' appeal in Devon Guzman murder case. In it, Easton Express-Times reports that:

A federal magistrate thinks Brandon Bloss' appeal of his murder conviction should be dismissed because it wasn't filed on time.

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Northampton, PA

#1 Dec 30, 2008
I have read the book,'Lipstick and Blood" which clearly states Brandon is only guilty of conspiracy and his wife being the potential murderer. How accurate the book is, I dont know. If the info in the book is accurate, why should Brandon get a life sentence when there are murderers and molesters out there walking the streets whom commited their crimes first hand? He should have gotten rid of that "nut-case" wife of his when he discovered her relationship with Devon and none of this would have happened.
Ida Clair

Highland, CA

#2 Jan 17, 2009
I too read "Lipstick and Blood" and thought it did a pretty good job of putting the knife in Brandon's hand.

That doesn't really matter anyway, when something really bad like that happens and you play a part, you are just as guilty - maybe not in all states, but I believe that was the case in this instance.
why not the death penalty

Los Angeles, CA

#3 Feb 13, 2009
kevin dowling got death penalty..why didnt these two
records spec

Salinas, CA

#4 Apr 24, 2009
In each state there are a set of critirium that need to be met if the DA wants to go for the death penalty....the circumstances of this crime did not fit all of critirium

Wenatchee, WA

#5 May 27, 2009
I loved that book and wondered about the two sets of rubber gloves found in the trunk. Why were they not tested for dna as people's hands sweat? Yhey also can be turned inside out and printed for fingerprints. I have to wonder also why this was not done? Any ideas guys. Lori

Philadelphia, PA

#6 Sep 28, 2009
who stabbed her Brandon or Michelle but they all in same boat. i hate conviction of innocent people as Kerri

Redford, MI

#7 Dec 9, 2009
Brandon doesn't deserve death, but Michelle does. I hope and pray that she never, ever sees freedom again.
JD John Doe

United States

#8 Dec 10, 2009
I think Barry hit it square on the nose. Brandon was an accessory after the fact. However in PA, if you help after the fact you are just as guilty as the person committing the crime. His idiot lawyers should have know that before even admitting to that in court.

I believe he was counseled to get rid of her also, but "love" makes idiots of us all.

This is a sad situation all around.
Devons Friend

Junction City, KS

#9 Jan 8, 2010
You all have to understand that they were both involved. You cant go by a book that you can get on amazon. I knew Devon when she lived in az with her mother and brother. Her father also lived there at the time. Then they went back to PA. I have talked to her mother sence it all had happend. Devon was one of my best friends actually. she was at my house all the time. Anyway these two got what they both deserved. Although if it was up to me I would have giving them the death penalty. This Brandon is not innocent at all. Micelle was the master mind but he has a brian and he knows right from wrong. They both did it and now they get to pay the price. They will never ever ever get out of prison unless its in a body bag.
Alisa Rabbit

Sierra Vista, AZ

#10 Jun 10, 2010
I read the book, "Lipstick and Blood". I re-read and made some shocking notes while I turned the pages back and forth. Here are revelant notes I wrote down:

Joseph Welsh, a neighbor who lived across the street from Bloss/Hetzel residence, testified that he saw Devon getting in the car (after arguments with Brandon) at 12:45 AM. There were a passenger in her car. The passenger definately was not Keary Renner.

Keary Renner wrote her journals (to her husband) at 12:45 AM. She was at home at that time. If time was accurate, there was no way Keary could be the passenger waiting in Devon's car at the identical time witnessed by Joseph Welsh.

Thus, who really was the passenger in Devon's car at the time of 12:45 AM? Brandon had been at his doorstep by his house. Where was Michelle at that point? Was she inside the house or inside Devon's car waiting for Devon to pull away and going somewhere else?

Michelle claimed she paged Keary at 12:45 AM (along with other pages, too but this one was essential point because of the time that made the connections). Where did Michelle page Keary from? Inaide her house or inside Devon's car? That would be very interesting because obviously Keary Renner did not murder Ms Guzman even though she physically was extremely violent with her at least one hour earlier at Mineral Springs place.

Also evidently, Brandon could not have commit the murder even though he played some roles in it by concealing the crime scenes by "cleaning up" for sake of his "pregnant wife" (Michelle was not pregnant at all; she lied about that to woo Brandon into a mess)

That left WHO KILLED DEVON!!!???? MICHELLE !!!

If Michelle was in fact inside Devon's car at 12:45 AM (remember, she paged Keary to deceive her), then she led Devon to some place to kill her. Michelle called Brandon to come down to carry the bloody body back to their house. From that point on, who knew exactly what poor Brandon had to do even though he may wanted no part of murder his wife performed.

But there were some problems. How did bite mark from Devon end up on Brandon's arm? Did she bite him on the evening of the murder? Could the bite mark occur on other days other than June 14, 2000?
Where did that biting take place? At Brandon's house or at some park where Brandon, Michelle, and Devon got into heated arguments? That's something the detectives neglected to look into that.

To sum it all, it was real unfortuate that Brandon had to be sent to prison for his involvement with wicked wife of his. Michelle lied to her husband on numerous occassions including up to pregnancy that did not exist at all. MICHELLE WAS, IS, AND WILL ALWAYS BE A MURDERER. MAY HER SOUL ROT IN "HELL". Not so sure about Brandon. He certainly will have to carry black mark on his soul for getting involved with stupid, bitchy wife against his will.

Good day to you.
The Jason

Roanoke, VA

#11 Sep 27, 2010
To Alisa; I believe Keary Renner admitted to being in the car on the first visit. Times will never align 100 percent from different witnesses.
I just think when Devon returned she and Michelle got into a fight, which Brandon broke up and received the bite - as argued through his attorneys. The part I don't think they bothered to tell the jury was that Brandon told them to take it outside but Michelle grabbed a knife and made a threat that if Devon came after her she'd kill her. As just about everyone else who testified said Michelle's threats were never taken seriously as she's full of crap. Brandon probably blew off this threat much like Devon would've and George Vine did weeks before. So, when he realized they'd been gone a while and he found Michelle with Devon's dead body he freaked.
But that's why it wasn't part of his defense; who in their right mind wouldn't take the knife away (even from someone who REPEATEDLY made nonsensical threats). And keeping in mind this trial came shortly after 9/11; how would the jury respond to Brandon's inaction after hearing all those stories about those who took action against the terrorists on the plane that crashed in PA?
Kevin Newman

Nashville, TN

#12 Oct 10, 2010
I knew Brandon and his whole family growing up.

Phoenix, AZ

#13 Feb 8, 2011
Devons Friend wrote:
I knew Devon when she lived in az with her mother and brother.

I just saw the episode on forensic files. I was completely shocked, when they showed the picture of her and said her name I was positive she was the same girl I went to High School with. I didn't knew her very well, we weren't friends or anything. But I remember her being very sweet and always smiling. I'm not 100% positive it's the same girl, I can't find my year book, but her age matches up. Seeing she had a connection to Arizona makes me really think I did know her. Do you know if she attended a private high school, I want to say it was only for freshman year.
Dawn Marie

Hesperia, CA

#14 Sep 18, 2011
I read the book and numerous articles on the case. I think what happened is pretty obvious. Michelle was a spoiled rotten little bitch who was used to getting her way and the more Devon played head games with her and went back and forth with Keary, the more Michelle became obsessed with her to the point of if she could not have her no one would.That's why she offered their friend money months before the murder if he could "get rid of Devon". So she was thinking about it for a while.Michelle went to great lengths to get Devon to break up with Keary and be with her. She manipulated Brandon and said whatever she had to so he would continue to be her chump and support her financially while she traipsed off to Puerto Rico and proposed to Devon in a last ditch effort to get Devon to commit to her. That's why she also called Devon's father to see if they could live with him when they got back from their "honeymoon". Devon probably lied or felt pressured into telling Michelle she would leave Keary for good and be with her. When they got back, Devon broke up with her yet again and gave her back her rings. Michele was desperate to get to Devon that night so she pretended to be sick knowing that was probably the only way she could get Devon to go back to her house that night. Michelle was so enraged that when Devon came by with Keary she snapped and insisted that Devon take Keary home and come back alone. I think by this time, Michelle had already decided she was going to kill Devon. I think she and Devon went into the garage alone to "talk" and she called Brandon into the garage after the fact.Brandon was not the aggressor in the relationship, that's pretty obvious. Because of low self-esteem and his love for Michelle, he basically would do anything to make her happy or to protect her. He is guilty of helping to cover up the crime and should do some time for that, but you also gotta look into this guy's psychological state at the time. He was what people would term if roles were reversed a "battered husband". It doesn't mean he didn't know right from wrong, obviously, he was very intelligent, but emotionally, he was pretty messed up. Michelle walked all over him. I think Brandon helped her clean up the garage and figure out what to do with Devon's body. The syringe they found in the car shows premeditation on Michelle's behalf. She tried to buy Devon and I think she decided that if Devon flaked on her one more time after this trip she paid for and after the proposal, she would kill her and frame her husband. Brandon is guilty of being incredibly naive and he should have left the bitch a long time before he did. She was nothing without him. Both her and Devon would have been living on people's couches or in motel rooms until they got on each other's nerves and Michelle would have killed her then or maybe crawled back to Brandon. What a waste, he was intelligent and could have picked himself back up. Brandon's the sucker in this scenario. It's sad. He had a lousy defense lawyer. Michelle's mother testified that he said he killed Devon. Well, hello? What do you think she would say? Anything to save her daughter, just like Cindy Anthony perjuring herself and risking jail time to say she conducted those internet searches when it was proven she was at work.Even Michelle's father testified that he advised Brandon to leave and divorce his daughter. Hopefully, y some miracle, Brandon can get a retrial before most of his life is over. Michelle is a callous, sociopathic bitch who needs to rot.

Tampa, FL

#15 Oct 9, 2011
I just can't help thinking that the husband played atleaset a very large role in how brutal the attack on devon was. I think the husband was the one that slit this poor girls neck almost all the way to the spine, as I saw the police describe the neck wound. Michelle loved this girl

Berkeley Heights, NJ

#16 Oct 10, 2011
Kevin Newman wrote:
I knew Brandon and his whole family growing up.
So did I, and Brandon was always a good, smart guy. His "wife" was nothing but a piece of crap who used him to move out from under her parent's rules. She was not mature enough to have an adult relationship. Especially with someone like Brandon. All she had ever done was play everyone against each other and now she has absolutely ruined Brandon's life! I still consider him my friend. He was a fool who loved someone not worthy yet he tried his best to please her.
sas kay

Kingston, Jamaica

#17 Oct 12, 2011
i think he hold her while his wife slit her throat.that explain the bite mark
sas kay

Kingston, Jamaica

#18 Oct 12, 2011
i think she should get the death penalty and he life in prison,anyone taking a life does'nt deserve to be free unless they are 100 percent sure it was self-defence
Pig boy

Belvidere, IL

#19 Oct 16, 2011
One two three four....ROT.
Karen Stickney

North Conway, NH

#20 Nov 25, 2011
They were just using the whole "He killed her not me" defense that is always used whenever a woman kills another woman and they are fighting over a man. Society wants you to believe that women are incapable of murdering their own kind so they place blame on the men they were fighting over. Take your pick. It has happened in cases like Carla Hughes Shannon Crawley Carolyn Warmus Sarah Johnson Sarah Kolb (maybe) Michelle Hetzel Shawna Nelsonet al and it will happen in other cases like this.

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