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There are 143 comments on the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin story from Oct 9, 2008, titled Anaheim District Church of the Nazarene officials, parents of U.... In it, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin reports that:

A meeting on Wednesday night involving Anaheim District Church of the Nazarene officials and parents of students attending Upland Christian Schools turned hostile when district Superintendent Ray Doane refused ...

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Alta Loma

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#1 Oct 9, 2008
Was I at the same meeting...
"At the parent meeting on campus Wednesday evening, a number of questions were answered that came from the many e-mails, telephone calls and letters received by Upland school's board of directors," Morse said. "The directors hoped to answer more questions there, but the interruptions by attendees, and the resulting noise in the school gym rendered it difficult at best to accommodate many questions. It probably prevented many from hearing what was said."
I am thinking one of the at least 3-4 vidoe recordings of the meeting needs to be made public.
I'm with Judy (I think that who said) contact 20/20, 60 minutes, dateline
I'm still in shock fron the meeting
This is getting old fast

San Bernardino, CA

#2 Oct 9, 2008
I have not talked to any parents who have said any of their questions were answered. According to most parents Doane told them to sit down and shut up or he wouldn't even talk to them.
If the school has not been paying the church open the books and show us. If UCS's books show the 30,000 dollars leaving then where did the money go? But UCS has not been allowed to open the books. UCS does go through an independent audit every year. Talk to them!
At every Christian School I know of, the enrollment lowers when the school year ends, but it creeps steadily up during the summer. This is what has happened with UCS this year.
How would they know if "collaboration with another school was the most feasible option" if they haven't ever explored if the administration, staff, and parents would maybe want to buy the land themselves?
A great question to ask, "If the church was in real trouble, and the school was in trouble, why were they forced to cut back tuition?"
Ms. Winters, we know you don't want to close the school. You need our students. Unfortunately, we are not sure we can afford WCS tuition, are not sure the amount of students will fit at UCS, and a little scared to say the least about the clandestine way this whole transaction has taken place. This may not be anything you dreamed of when you were approached with this opportunity, but there it is now. You might also understand if we are not any happier when you explain, "e are going to take a long time to figure out what the best transition is, we will not immediately try to take possession of any property or assets."
Sandra, according to many sources, you thought Doane's actions on Wed were atrocious, but there is no mention of that here. I know you are supposed to be impartial, but aren't you also supposed to reveal the truth to the public?
Confused and tired

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#3 Oct 10, 2008
Mrs. Winters, I am so confused or they are misquoting you in the paper everyday....Today you say you are not taking over possesion of any assets or property immediately but yesterdays article said as soon as escrow closes you (Western Christian) will be using Upland Christians football field and Gymnasium!!!! What is the true story? Do you know?
Wanting some truth

San Bernardino, CA

#4 Oct 10, 2008
Does anyone know if the school is actually in escrow yet? If the sale has taken place, the legal road gets much harder. Is there any injunction filed?

None of the articles have stated if the escrow has begun yet. One of them kind of implied it, but none has really stated it. If escrow hasn't started an injunction needs to be filed ASAP... anyone have the resources to do this?
UCS parent

Desert Hot Springs, CA

#5 Oct 10, 2008
I think Sandra Emerson was very wise in the way she wrote the article. UCS recorded Dr. Doane's behavior and his words. There is a pharisee and sadducee spirit overtaking the Anaheim District Board. UCS is being stonewalled. UCS keep blowing the trumpets. The walls will come down! Keep praying for the deliverance of the Anaheim District Board. Take the scales off their eyes Lord. Set the captives free Lord. Fight the good fight UCS! Prayer truly changes everything! God, grant us the strength to persevere. We will overcome.

Pomona, CA

#6 Oct 10, 2008
The article has a few quotes from the attorney for the Anaheim District who are selling UCS. Gary Morse apparently said they had answered questions and intended to answer more. I guess that's legal technical talk that says the questions in your head will be answered if you listen to all the points we planned in advance to tell you. This statement reminded me of shenanigans I pulled with my parents when I was a pre-teen. They'd ask me if I fed the dog. "Yes", I said, as the dog sat there begging. Though technically I had, my parents were wise to ask a few more questions. "WHEN did you feed the dog?".... "Uh, I fed her yesterday." ... So you see, technically they may be saying they were there to answer questions so that the readers of this article might THINK they stood there trying to field parent questions. But the truth is, Doane stated repeatedly that they were not there to take questions and left the meeting when questions kept rising.

And noise in the gym? There were a few times of applause.... there were times when a number of people asked questions. But the gym was relatively quiet because when those questions arose, I could actually distinguish the questions of the individuals across the room. The statement from Morse made it appear the noise in the gym made it impossible to hear, which was far from reality. The parents continued the meeting after Doane/attorney and others walked out and it was completely orderly.

I also found it interesting that according to the article they didn't declare crisis until last week, although negotiations for the sale were ongoing over a long period of time prior to that and escrow was entered. I looked over the Nazarene Manual online and I would say the national headquarters should have a few questions related to polity.
Parent of Former student

Long Beach, CA

#7 Oct 10, 2008
We pulled our daughter from UCS because quite frankly, while they are good people trying to do good things - the school did not deliver on its promises. I am very sorry for the pain the school is going through right now, and it appears that the powers that be - from the denomination to Western - have absolutely no clue how to make this transition happen peacefully. Keeping people in the dark never works out well. The article states that parents AGREED to a tuition increase last spring that was later revoked. Nothing could be further from the truth. I did not AGREE with a second tuition increase in two years - I was TOLD there'd be an increase - even though in 2007 I was promised by Sue Chiappone in writing that there would not be any further increases in the foreseeable future. I was incensed and this second increase in two years was one of the reasons we pulled our daughter. But the most important reason we puller her was the school just wasn't that good. The administration seemed to more interested in making sure a boys hair didn't touch his collar and that a girls dress wasn't half an inch too short. While I agree that rules are important, it seems under the latest school principal, rules became the end all. Jesus came to set us free, not to give us more rules. I hope that cooler heads will prevail and that this situation can somehow be turned around for positive.
UCS Parent

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#8 Oct 10, 2008
Please, let's be clear on this, Greg Morse is the attorney for the Anaheim District Board and Dr. Ray Doane. He does not represent Upland Christian Schools - nor their administration, teachers, parents, and students.
ucs Alumni Advocate

United States

#9 Oct 10, 2008
Let's Not forget the Reporter's Blog and first impression.

Meeting at Upland Christian turns ugly
By Sandra Emerson on October 9, 2008 12:32 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)
Superintendent Ray Doane of the Anaheim District Church of the Nazarene, accompanied by fellow board members and their lawyers, met with concerned parents of Upland Christian Schools' students yesterday.

Doane refused to take any questions and threatened to shut the school down the the parents kept expressing their outrage about the sale of Upland Christian to Western Christian.

Doane left the meeting 10 minutes in, but returned to attempt to speak to the parents a second time.

Much information is still unclear, but he said the board is doing what they can to keep the Upland First Church of the Nazarene and the school open.

Read the full story tomorrow online at or in the Friday October 9th edition of the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin newspaper.

What the UCS parents and alumni have to say
By Sandra Emerson on October 9, 2008 12:38 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)
Parents during the meeting at Upland Christian Schools expressed their outrage about the way Ray Doane, Anaheim District Church of the Nazarene superintendent, conducted the meeting.

"Why can't they just open the books? That would be an answer to everything," said Laura Johnston, parent. "He wouldn't answer any questions. People just want answers."

"Everything they are saying and the way everything went down is wrongful to Upland Christian Schools," said Danny Roseberry, 2007 alumnus. "They're conniving."

"What I always loved about Upland Christian Schools is they are always fair and ethical," said Amy Payne, parent. "Nobody wants to see the school lose its fingerprint."
What the _______

United States

#10 Oct 10, 2008
About Dr. Doane not talking to the parents or answering questions, do you blame him? He has received multiple death threats and so has his staff. He might not have acted "perfect" during this ordeal, but at least he hasn't threatened anyone's life!

Los Angeles, CA

#12 Oct 10, 2008
I did not threaten his life, and have not seen evidence that his life was threatened and feel if it truly was he would not have come - I was there to hear the truth...instead I was yelled at and accussed of things that I did not do. If there were actual threats, as he said, those will be addressed, but the UCS gym was not the appropirate forum to yell his frustrations and even more, in his position he should have composed himself in a Christian like manner and shown some leadership. He came because of his 'timeline' as he stated. None of us are excused for misbehaving and he is included. It saddens me that anyone can bec=gin to justify Ray Doane's behavior.
Knows the Truth

Los Angeles, CA

#13 Oct 10, 2008
This is getting old fast wrote:
If the school has not been paying the church open the books and show us.
Because this is blatantly untrue. UCS has covered the cost of many things for the church. Furthermore, a few years ago, the church was in serious debt to many vendors and couldn't pay for operating costs. The school completely paid that debt (over $100k), in addition to paying for maintenance staff and sharing the cost of pastoral staff.
What the _______

United States

#14 Oct 10, 2008
I'm an outside observer of the whole thing. I do know, however, that Dr. Doane is a GOOD man. Has he made mistakes in his life, of course he has. Is he handling all of this perfectly? I don't think so! With that being said, God is in control and He will do His will for all of us.
UCS parent

Desert Hot Springs, CA

#15 Oct 10, 2008
If you think about it. Dr. Doane could be seen as threatening the future life of the Upland Christian Schools, the students, the staff, the teachers, the administrators, the parents and countless others because of his choices. I am not condoning nor can I control or be responsible for the actions of a few people. If Dr. Doane is seriously in fear of his life he needs to follow the appropriate guidelines to insure that he feels safe. Dr. Doane is in a position of power and of leadership. He is held to a higher standard according to the Bible.
What the _______

United States

#16 Oct 10, 2008
This is a joke

United States

#17 Oct 10, 2008
If the OC Board wan't trying to be deceitful and "put one over" on Upland, they'd be forthcoming with info about exactly what facilities are being sold and which aren't.
When did the crisis start and what steps were taken to midigate the crisis before proceeding with a "fire sale"
Now they come out with statements... both Western Christian and the OC Board, and say "after much prayer and carefull deliberation..." or words to that effect... like they want people to believe God is on their side.
This has nothing to do with God.
This has to do with Individuals in power positions in religeous organizations who are on a power trip and trying to shove their will down the throats of others.
Doane and Western Christian can either answer questions, fully, honestly and openly or they should get out of the way and let others who can be impartial step in and evaluate whether or not these are the right decisions for all involved.

Ontario, CA

#18 Oct 10, 2008
Doane didn't want to share the truth. It is false to characterize the crowd as hostile. The crowd got riled up by Doane antagonizing them with comments like "child abuse" and "Terrorists" when referring to the letter writing by and the parents.

Los Angeles, CA

#19 Oct 10, 2008
This is my opinion that is shared by others present at the meeting 10/8/08:

Ray Doane was the most 'hostile' person present at that meeting while he cast stones upon us - he hurt many.

My heart ached that night in his presence and continues to ache. Its my prayers and faith in the most high God that will pull me through these struggles and heal my wounds.

Redondo Beach, CA

#20 Oct 10, 2008
I think the whole thing is blown way out of proportion. Mainly due to a lack of communication. Everyone needs to understand that this is being done in the interest of both parties. In regards to the quietness during initial negotiations involving real estate or business entities, there usually is a confidentially agreement enforced to protect both parties based upon their financial interest. I strongly believe that this new acquisition will benefit both parents and their children from both schools. It is understandable though from the point of view from parents of Upland Christian Schools may feel mistreated since the majority of the school was built and sustained by not only from the tuition fees paid but also monies obtained from many donations. I understand this fully since my older son attended Upland Christian along with many other piers children as well. I also have a child at Western Christan School. In seeing and experiencing both schools first hand, I can state honestly and being unbiased that the outcome of the merger will benefit all involved. People, please get educated on the facts prior to jumping into conclusions. How could this not benefit allowing a larger Christian environment with more funds and a track record of Western Christian Schools to benefit all of our Children? This is common sense. Outcome =Better environment and lower tuition for an excellent Christian environment education. Know the Facts!

Los Angeles, CA

#21 Oct 10, 2008
I understand the law and confidentiality agreements that are asked to be signed at that stage of the game, the truth UCS seek is how it came to this as there was no indication to the School Board or Church Board.

Does Western require their teachers to have credentials?

Karen Winters will not lower tuition, it is not her way, and with this merger, proposed busing system and renovations, she will justify it very easily. She can't even reply to an email with good grammar.

I really do not want to see that woman in charge of the Upland Christian Schools.

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