Meeting between schools results in mi...

Meeting between schools results in mixed emotions

There are 40 comments on the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin story from Jan 28, 2009, titled Meeting between schools results in mixed emotions. In it, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin reports that:

The first public meeting between Western Christian Schools officials and parents of students enrolled at Upland Christian Schools seemingly satisfied some parents while leaving others enraged.

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Downey, CA

#1 Jan 28, 2009
I didn't go to these meetings because I just refuse to suffer any more insult at the hands of these people. After reading the recap, I am so glad I made the decision not to go. Are they really so clueless and out of touch with us that they think they can heal and unite without ever addressing and dealing with everything that has happened? I guess we all know the answer to that!

All families truly interested in preserving our exceptional educational climate and environment for their children should come to the UCS parent meeting on Feb. 5th. I am so impressed with the things our parent board is doing, and I know you will be, too.

This isn't about a campus anymore. That part is over. This is about our kids and our families. I can't wait to see what God will do when we unite and put it in His hands. This is not just rogue parents. This is well researched, and there is help from professionals who specialize in school start ups and education. Plus, as a school family, we have so many collective resources to add. With the right guidance, we can build a place where our UCS family can put down independent roots and be free of the lies and manipulation - and where we can welcome all families who want a quality Christian education for their kids. And, we don't have the debt that comes with the other campus, so tuition can be kept low. Come to the meeting any parents who are interested. Help to get the word out to other parents you know. If nothing else, you've heard the option that has been forced on you; just come hear another before you make up your mind.
ucs parent

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#2 Jan 28, 2009
Karen needs to give it up. Her school board and parents should be giving second thoughts to her actions. I can't believe they put her in charge of a 12 million dollar deal when she can't even answer basic questions. Her lies and threats are getting old. UCS parents need to go to the meeting next week and hear about the NEW UCS school! ENOUGH OF THE LIES! Oh I'm curious to know how do the WC families feel about Karen's plans to charge WC families a HIGER tuition rate then the UCS families, If I were a WC family I'd be really upset. I guess they can join us at our new school. This is just too crazy to believe!

Los Angeles, CA

#3 Jan 28, 2009
I suggest if you don't want your kids to go there, then by all means, start your school.

As far as I am concerned, it's been in God's hands since November of 2008.
ucs mom

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#4 Jan 28, 2009
Fred wrote:
I suggest if you don't want your kids to go there, then by all means, start your school.
As far as I am concerned, it's been in God's hands since November of 2008.
Fred you don't have children here, don't you have anything better to do you haven't the hurt. Our children and the staff are tired! More then you will ever know. Mine came home in tears today because WC students have been coming on our campus while our children are in school the ate at our lunch tables. Their parent walked through our building Drooling over what we worked so hard to build and what they watched being built. You have no clue! How much more is Winters going to put them through?? Please find another blog to blog on. One that maybe you know more about.
UCS Parent of four

North Hollywood, CA

#5 Jan 29, 2009
We gave WCS a chance. We are going to build a new school with the UCS family we know and love. We will be the first to enroll in the NEW Upland Christian School...I wonder if Karen will let us keep our name? She probably bought that too.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#6 Jan 29, 2009
We will be the second to enroll! Others who plan to please note it here--
UCS Parent

Chino, CA

#7 Jan 29, 2009
Count us in, too!
Parent 2004

Anaheim, CA

#8 Jan 29, 2009
Well actually when my son went there the name was 9th Street Christian School and then they changed it.
It would be nice if you could keep the name Upland Christian but if she complains you could alter it some by adding a word or 2 I suppose. Or like the original look at the street your new place is on and call it xyz street Christian School.
Knows the Truth

United States

#9 Jan 29, 2009
Fred wrote:
As far as I am concerned, it's been in God's hands since November of 2008.
Sounds rather apathetic.

Aren't we the body of Christ? Doesn't God perform His Will through His people?
ucs parent

Santa Ana, CA

#10 Jan 29, 2009
As our shirts say "All In" LORD - FAITH - UNITY
We're going to enroll in the new UCS!
A Dedicated UCS Parent

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#11 Jan 29, 2009
I did go to the first meeting but....after reading the article I think I was maybe at the wrong place! I wasted 2 hours found out nothing! Well yes,I found out if I did think about staying (which We weren't) that I wouldn't be after the meeting. I wouldn't send my kids to a school that has no plan (or not wanting us to know the truth??) just excuses for not having a plan. The 2 exuses for everything: 1. The lawsuit 2. depend on enrollment
Well I know for a fact you need a business plan to get a loan of that amount. I wouldn't put any planning on hold because of the lawsuit. Enrollment - use percentages to give us an idea. Example if enrollment goes down 20% this will happen, 40% this will happen, stays up this will happen...etc..that is more info than we received. The meeting was to just do PR for WCS no answers to our concerns/questions. Hint Ms. Winters - a lot of people's decision whether or not to enroll is based on the answers to our questions, which didn't happen. I received more information from the parent association meeting last week regarding UCS continuing than I did Tuesday night with WCS.

Arcadia, CA

#12 Jan 29, 2009
Karen Winters mentioned how sadden she was to see her name in these blogs, well my dear... here it is again (que teardrop rolling down cheek.) When you spoke to the staff and teachers at Upland Christian regarding "the merger" (lol) with Western, you mentioned that several Upland Christian students are now attending Western. Well if that's true, then why has there been no requests for their transcripts to be sent. NOT TRUE!
I have spoken with many Western alumni and parents and they have said that Western is not the same as it used to be since Karen Winters came on board. Oh, the teahers are great, but the administration is very cold and seem to be driven by money.

Listen up you Nazarene District office people in Anaheim... You have made a royal mess of things. There probably has been several people who have just walked away from the church and the Lord just because of what you let happen here. I will pray that the Lord will some day open your eyes to see exactly what has been done her at Upland Christian.

My mind is made up. We will not be "merging" next school year with Western or Karen Winters (que teardrop rolling down cheek.)

Take heart my fellow Upland Christian kids and parents, there's a new day dawning with the proposal of a new school. A school that will be a reflection of how Upland Christian is and has been. Strong and united by faith in the Lord.

Remember... FEBRUARY 5th, we begin again a new.
Parent 2004

San Jose, CA

#13 Jan 29, 2009
Even if the enroll forms come back with a small check does not mean you will see these kids next year Karen. The way the economy is going or is th by then will be worse. Read the paper and every day more places are closing and laying off.
Boeing 10 thousand announced yesterday. Today JC Penney closing of some stores.
Here is a small article from Virgina
A Consumerist reader and property manager in Virginia posted a notice for a part-time evening receptionist, and in response to the 12-hour a week job, she got 3520 emails. Roberta writes, "The attached picture was my email in-box this morning, with 0 spam emails and 0 non-Craigslist emails. 3520 (and climbing as we speak)..." Perhaps this can become a new metric to gauge how bad the employment situation is, how many resumes a 12-hour receptionist-job posting on Craigslist receives in a 24-hour period.
My son has been looking for work since May and nothing. He is a new college grad with a business/marketing degree. My friend just got her pink slip in NY. She is a ICU RN and the hospital she is at is closing. She said for every RN job there 200 show up. This is getting ugly and you think people have big money to pay for Johnny to
come to your school. Johnny will be in public school getting a free lunch because daddy and mommy
have no jobs. His Christian education will be on Sunday.

Arcadia, CA

#14 Jan 29, 2009
One more thing. If any of the Western parents reading this blog has seen something different that's making you think twice about your decision to be with WCS... you are welcome to come to the Feb. 5th meeting. This is also true for everyone who may have left UCS earlier this school year due to the conflicts. I can assure you, questions about our new school will be answered, truthfully!
The BEST UCS Parent

Brea, CA

#15 Jan 29, 2009
I’m going to take my two kids to the best school with the best teachers, the best coaches, the best cheerleaders, and the best team spirit, the best non-accredited non-functioning non-existent best independent parent school because I am the best Christian.

And the District and WCS are the worst because they aren’t UCS enough for me.

And, I am the BEST anonymous slanderous blogger!

PS: You’re all liars.
A Dedicated UCS Parent

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#16 Jan 29, 2009
One more thing. If any of the Western parents reading this blog has seen something different that's making you think twice about your decision to be with WCS... you are welcome to come to the Feb. 5th meeting. This is also true for everyone who may have left UCS earlier this school year due to the conflicts. I can assure you, questions about our new school will be answered, truthfully!
I have to say I went to the 1st meeting for our new UCS which was basic information to get the word out of keeping UCS continuing. I actually got more information and answers at this meeting than I did at the WCS meeting with Karen Winters! So far our new UCS is already staying with what we loved about UCS!

Downey, CA

#17 Jan 29, 2009
Let's ignore the negative and move forward in a positive frame of mind. The fight is over, and it's time to look at the future. With God's help, the right guidance, and dedication, we can build the school we want for our children. I'm sick of all the negativity. It's poison to our souls.

Let's focus on building something wonderful. Start by coming to the meeting Feb. 5, and see what is being offered.

UCS Parent

Downey, CA

#18 Jan 29, 2009
Parent 2004, what does our current economic woes add to this discussion?? That hurts all people and all private schools. We need to be glad that as many kids as possible get a Christian education at the school that's the best fit.

We don't want to be slamming WCS families and staff. The leadership has handled things badly, that's true. But there are good people that are part of WCS. And there we all at UCS are fallen and imperfect too.

It is time for all to move forward - wherever they need to do that for the good of their families.

I'm going to the Save UCS parent meeting on Feb. 5th, and I'm ready to roll up my sleeves and contribute to starting a great school. I wish those that choose otherwise peace with their decisions.
Upland 911

Diamond Bar, CA

#19 Jan 29, 2009
I would not send my kid to either one of these schools now after listening to all of you over the last several months. Take a good look at yourselves in the way that you're all back-biting each other in all directions at once! Prayerfully your children will grow up to be wiser than what you have portrayed recently. Ya'll are simply flogging a dead horse. Look... go get a new life by getting busy in finding another school... or in starting your own school... but just quit your whining!
WCS and WCHS Parent

Sylmar, CA

#20 Jan 29, 2009
Our family has been at Western since 2001. We have had ups and downs, like we would at any school. No school is perfect, but we have enjoyed many aspects of WCS, such as a small, safe environment, a beautiful campus, dedicated teachers, a feeling of family, and a biblical grounding. We were so excited to see two baptisms at a recent chapel at the high school! Ultimately, isn’t this what it is all about?

Karen Winter has been treated quite unfairly in this blog. I am very sorry for your loss; I understand it runs very deep, but it seems Karen has become your favorite “whipping boy”, and it is not right.

Yes, Mrs. Winter is a natural fundraiser. Some complain the money requests come too often, and this point could be up for discussion. However, if you look at the recent history of WCS, fundraising was not a priority, and WCS suffered for it. Since Mrs. Winter arrived, she led the administration team to accomplish many things in a short time, such as brand new rooms for the middle school (to use while planning the new and improved middle school building), a new fundraising drive, new computers, a new library for the high school, a new roof for the high school, a new football field, and much more.

Yes, schools need money. I’m sure UCS was “all about money” when they had capital campaigns to build that beautiful high school. Many years before Mrs. Winter became superintendent, WCS was “all about money” when they built their elementary building. At a recent basketball game that took place at Ontario Christian, I noticed a large banner announcing a fundraiser for over $2 million! Even public schools have their improvement bonds to work with! The money simply goes back to our kids.

Regarding “the lies” and “the secrecy”, WCS has been seeking a new high school for forever. For years, the families and staff were on a rollercoaster ride, getting excited about a new property here and there that did not end up working out. The “secrecy” on the part of WCS was a result of attempting to be professional and not reveal prematurely anything that would possibly not come to fruition. Please do not forget that WCS was approached by the church, not the other way around.
As far as the meetings go, many UC parents were frustrated by a lack of answers, but seriously, how can the answers be known by anyone until it is known how many students will enroll this spring? How can you budget when you don’t know your income yet?

To those at UCS who enroll at WCS this spring, we at WCS look forward to growing a wonderful school with you all and with the faculty who are able to remain.

To those who must leave and start a new school, go with God; we truly wish you the best and pray for healing in your lives.

To those who don’t know yet what they will do due to a lack of finances, Western is stressing scholarships this year. Give it a try; you have nothing to lose in simply inquiring.

God bless you all, and go with the Lord!

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