UP City Council Forcing Businesses To Close

Someone explain to me what sense it makes for University Place Democrat City Hall to raise rent forcing several businesses to close. Can University Place afford to intentionally shut-down the economy?

Perhaps Democrat Olympia is replacing lost city revenue from a "Slush Fund"...with Olympia bleeding-off American taxpayers through Washington DC to offset Washington State's failed Democrat economy.

During the last two years of the Bush administration the Republicans wanted an investigation into the coming collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack. Key Democrat members of congress and the senate [including Obama] accepted $200,000 campaign contributions to block the investigation.

The Bush administration did not generate the financial collapse... Obama and the corrupt Russian backed Democrat Party generated the collapse. Are we witnessing an Olympia-generated economic collapse in University Place?

As to renaming "University Place" to "Chambers Bay" [idea sucks] so why not simply [more accurately] rename the city "Ladenburg Place" with the cute logo "Ladenburg Place on Ladenburg Chambers Bay".

John Ladenburg and the University Place City Council could use $20,000,000 taxpayer funds to build a mono-rail from University Place to John Ladenburg's $20,000,000 Chambers Bay Golf Course.

Long story - short version... Political Corruption is "Big Business" in Liberal Controlled Pierce County. In 1969 Democrats ran Sheriff George Janovich and the Mafia out of Pierce County, and replaced the operation with political and police protection from Olympia. Is it any wonder Seattle is referred to as "Chicago" of the Pacific Northwest!

Dan Collins - Fircrest