Are you losing sleep over your job? Looking for a job?

Do you know what do about?

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Sleep Like a Baby, Energy of An Athlete
This seminar shows people how to sleep like a baby and have the energy of an athlete. It shows how to increase productivity and reduce accidents by discussing methods to sleep better and increase energy levels by up to 300%. The information packed speech discusses natural sleep methods and the best over-the-counter sleep aids. In addition, methods to enhance energy, including high-energy foods, and natural energy enhancers are discussed. You will learn what every person needs to know to get a better night sleep, and how to have more energy every day.

When: Thu, June 23, 2011, 7-8.30pm

Where: Clark library, Clark, NJ

Cost: Free but due to limited space you must register in advance to reserve your soar space:

More information/register at: