Media's guilt plays well for Obama an...

Media's guilt plays well for Obama and McCain

There are 792 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Jul 22, 2008, titled Media's guilt plays well for Obama and McCain. In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

T he Drudge Report ran a juicy item about the fact that only one reporter showed up to cover Republican John McCain at a campaign stop in New Hampshire the other day.

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Ian Barton

Chicago, IL

#1 Jul 22, 2008
Is it really 'Liberal' bias, or just bias towards what they think provides the more compelling story? If the complaint is that style and a consistent Narrative are obscuring more critical analysis, perhaps the distinction doesn't make much difference. But I don't think it's really a conscious attempt to push a particular poltical agenda, rather the tendency of the media to stoke up a story that they can not just report upon but help create. Ask liberal John Kerry whether he found that tendency helpful four years ago.

Lexington, KY

#2 Jul 23, 2008
Gaffes Happen may soon become the official McCain campaign teeshirt. They should be careful what they wish for as McCain will be getting more news coverage than they might care for with his latest gaffe.

Politicians put their foot in their mouth on a regular basis. Sometimes it may be the result of long hours on the campaign trail, sometimes because they simply can't keep their facts straight and sometimes because they can't keep their lies straight. Sometimes it's simply because they do not understand the facts.

Couric/McCain Interview:

McCain: I don't know how you respond to something that is such a false depiction of what actually happened. Colonel McFarland was contacted by one of the major Sunni sheiks. Because of the surge we were able to go out and protect that sheik and others. And it began the Anbar awakening.”

Per President Bush and Col. MacFarland, the Anbar awakening was already well under way through organized efforts by the tribal leaders well before the surge began. These events took place months before the surge was even announced. Per McCain, the surge 'began' the Anbar awakening.

The Couric interview gets even more interesting as McCain tries to distance himself from the numerous failed Iraq policies under the Bush administration:

McCain: The fact is we had four years of failed policy. We were losing. We were losing the war in Iraq. The consequences of failure and defeat of the United States of America in the first major conflict since 9/11 would have had devastating impacts throughout the region and the world.”

You have to ask why would McCain support a president responsible for four years of failure.

“no one has supported President Bush on Iraq more than I have.”[John McCain, 03/28/08)

“The fact is that I have agreed with President Bush far more than I have disagreed. And on the transcendent issues, the most important issues of our day, I’ve been totally in agreement and support of President Bush.”[John McCain, 06/19/05]

“I am proud of this president’s strategy in Iraq.”[John McCain, upon receiving endorsement from President Bush, 02/13/08]

Gaffes and old quotes are a living history of our thought processes, how well we think, what we think and when we think it. Even Carly can't change that fact:

“To say that John McCain was aligned with President Bush on the prosecution of the war in Iraq is to change history.”[Carly Fiorina, McCain Campaign Advisor, 07/13/08]
pat S austin

Round Rock, TX

#3 Jul 23, 2008
Instead of whining, McCain should use his energy to take out our troops from Iraq. Of course he has to talk about success, because he was an endorser and supporter of the war anyhow. We would not have needed any surge if the was not an upsurge of killings, delimbing,and traumatizing of our beloved troops.Nothing can be called success, when a life is lost, a limb is lost, an eye is lost, a mind is lost, the economy is lost and somebody's love one is lost. Surge or not, it is cruel and inhumane to call that success.But of course in guilt, and desperation McCain will call anything success.
So while Obama excels nationally and internationally,MCain whines in denial and blame the media.What a shame!

Albuquerque, NM

#4 Jul 23, 2008
RE: "But I don't think it's really a conscious attempt to push a particular political agenda..."

Once in awhile, you might want to consider lifting your head out of the sand...

Wayne, PA

#5 Jul 23, 2008
Obama will not win. All of this is just a big build up to a great crash.

The people who are staying home, watching it all, are figuring it out for themselves. They are not running out to see a rock star, they are choosing a president.
Who cares

Azusa, CA

#6 Jul 23, 2008
How dare anybody criticize the Messiah!

Birmingham, AL

#7 Jul 23, 2008
Well, I guess MSM can't be as "Fair and Balanced" as, ahem, certain media outlets.

Birmingham, AL

#8 Jul 23, 2008
If McCain wants attention, maybe he should do something of substantive importance, as opposed to screwing up and constantly attacking Obama.
Toon Moene

De Bilt, Netherlands

#9 Jul 23, 2008
> And when reporters weren't arguing about getting access to his
> fact-finding-tour-campaign-com mercial this week, they were tossing
> rose petals before him, so that his feet wouldn't touch the ground.

I think you are mistaken.

The red carpet laid out in Bagdad was put there on behalf of the al-Maliki government, not the reporters that were present.

United States

#10 Jul 23, 2008
Oh come on. Your nickname is not Jack, is it? This is a put on, right. You're not Jack Kass.
A lowly reader

Ottawa, Canada

#11 Jul 23, 2008
"Since I mentioned it a few days ago, newspapers, Web sites, radio and TV news have been full of stories about media bias and outraged denials, recrimination and guilt."
Wow! Can you mention some topics that will help bring attention to real issues that affect society? Your view of the power of your influence is so insightful.
Edwin Herdman

Battle Creek, MI

#12 Jul 23, 2008
I've been leaning towards Obama for some time, but for an even longer time we've known that McCain was getting a less-than-positive treatment since the end of May with the release of the Pew report. The "maverick" label is not doing wonders for McCain's campaign, and I don't think the slur's continuing use (which I spotted again today, albeit in a different skin than before) serves the electorate well.

Of course, the easy question is whether the negative labels applied to McCain are not in fact warranted. But then I realized, when considering how I felt about (insert McNasty, wife deserter, "like a trollop," air tanker contracts, or whatever you please here) I realized that it becomes the primary consideration wholly divorced from the issues.

I believe Sen. McCain blew it yesterday; in the face of Sen. Obama's media coup he would have done better to formulate his attack on Obama's opposition to the troop surge to sound less like irrelevant griping and water under the bridge, and instead tie it in more clearly with the prospect of Obama's miscalculating military problems as President.

The cloud of collective guilt (and not just white guilt) that trails the Obama campaign's hangers-on might be placated somewhat by Obama's insistence that it was the Awakening Councils that led to success in Iraq, but certainly we should, as image-conscious Americans, point out the role of the military and indeed of the current team installed to tackle the problem. The international perception of America depends on our being fair to ourselves.

And I continue to wonder what the hell "conditioned-based" is supposed to be. How many BTUs (Blase Temperament Units) does it rate a politician when he again utters this strange phrase borrowed from Army logistics?

I have to give it up for "TV anchors were all but ululating..." and what followed, pure genius that sentence (and many of the others in this piece even if they imply Obama can play the flute and chant simultaneously, a logistical challenge I'd rather not consider).

Elkhart, IN

#13 Jul 23, 2008
Mr. Kass, many of life's wounds are self-inflicted and John McCain not exempt. I think the media stopped taking him seriously as a candidate when he gave his famous green screen speech before a crowd about as large and animated as a Jr. High PTA meeting, on the night Obama claimed the Democratic nomination. At least in TV land, it was clear that if there was going to be any excitement in the campaign, it wasn't going to be coming from the McCain camp. All this is not to say the election won't be close. Remember, Nixon nearly beat Kennedy and his Camelot mystique. Obama needs to remember that charisma does not equal good governance and his detractors need to remember that the ability to inspire is an incredibly valuable presidential trait.

Manassas, VA

#14 Jul 23, 2008
If the mainstream media cared about its future, it would at least pretend to provide equal coverage of both candidates. The massive layoffs at media companies, especially in the editorial departments, would, you'd think, be a warning to change their biased ways. But what do they do instead? Create a media circus around Obama's trip overseas. They pile on in self-congratulatory reporter-on-reporter interviews and televised chit-chat sessions.

Is the MSM suicidal or just thumbing its nose back at the public that has seen through its silly games and said, No thanks? Obama's overseas trip is mostly irrelevant. It comes at a time when most voters aren't paying attention, and those voters who are following political events are more concerned with domestic issues.

The real story will be the backlash against the MSM, with more layoffs to come. Success will be measured by the coming adjunct professorships for Maureen Dowd and Andrea Mitchell.
Andrew P

Washington, DC

#15 Jul 23, 2008
And Lord Barack Obama, the Messiah, will ride in on his White Unicorn over the rainbow to bring us all to the light.

The light of thermonuclear fireballs as Barack disarms the USA and leaves ue open to destruction.

“The enemy is in our camp.”

Since: Mar 08

Location hidden

#16 Jul 23, 2008
BTW there are other candidates beside Obama and McCain and they don't get ANY coverage. This entire election is skewed and one-sided. The public deserves to know about ALL the candidates, not just Republicans and Democrats.

Willow Street, PA

#18 Jul 23, 2008
And let's not forget the media's love affair with John McCain, the old "straight talker." They all fell at his feet in Arizona, bought off with a chicken and ribs BBQ at McCain's house. And not a word about his multiple gaffes since January. How about *that* bias??? That McCain or you should complain about the fawning press is laffable.

“The enemy is in our camp.”

Since: Mar 08

Location hidden

#19 Jul 23, 2008
Kris wrote:
Wow, what a whining douchebag you are. Could it be that Obama's just more interesting, not to mention the historic nature of his candidacy? Let's see.... old, white, angry Republican v. young, biracial, historic, charasmatic, articulate Democrat about to lead us out of the nightmare morass of the last eight years. Hmmm... which would you prefer to cover? I thought so.
Interesting isn't always the best, it's just interesting. A boil on my butt is interesting but my butt can't run a country. Batman beating on his mother and sister is interesting, but does nothing for our economy. Charismatic (notice the correct spelling vs. above) isn't a necessity. Experience is a necessity.
Eat my shorts

Gloucester, VA

#20 Jul 23, 2008
Screw Obama. He is a fake!


#21 Jul 23, 2008
And there is the question, How was it that "Der Speigel" just happened to release the supporting story of Malaki ageeing with Obama on timelines, right when Obama plants a foot on Iarqi soil?

Complex questions for simple minds explains it.

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