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Not Impressed

Sharon, WI

#42 Sep 23, 2010
Dr spice wrote:
By the way, A pint is a measure of volume, not weight.
They cheated me and my family out of money. Wishing that they lose their business is entirely within my right. Warning others to watch out is my responsibility.
They will ultimately lose their business because of their hit or miss food, lousy service and dishonest business practices.
You are correct about my stating that it was a weight, I apologize for my mistake. I still stand by my comment that wishing someone out of business is harsh and cruel. Don't give them anymore of your money and leave them alone. Have a good day.

United States

#43 Sep 23, 2010
i think i will show up and buy a cone just to lick it in your face. ummmmmm rasberry my fav.
come on on jr., what you have done here is ok but to take 14 bucks and turn it into this makes you crazier then even me.
drawn to the flame

Britton, MI

#44 Nov 4, 2010
Oh my goodness!! I was reading the reviews posted hear with my mouth on the floor! Yes, I agree this is a public forum to leave constructive criticism but I don't consider it constructive criticism wishing some to loose the business or use a loaded revolver! If you have had bad service simply state it as a warning to further customers.
I have to say all the "talk" sent me to experience Fire & Ice. I found it to be very good. Loved the ribs and ice cream. I think they have done a good job with this being a new experience to the owners. While I know I probably won't change Dr. Spice or herestheskinny. I say give them a chance to iron out the bumps. Most of all be considerate of the things you say. That's what's wrong with this world... wishing ill/death on a bad experience at a restaurant, come on. God Bless you Fire & Ice even you dr. spice and herestheskinny.
hoping for the best

Beecher, IL

#45 Nov 5, 2010
I just checked out their facebook page, so the way I look at it, one person who doesn't like their landscaping and another who obviously doesn't like them at all versus 419 fans. I don't think they should be too worried about two opinions.
dr spice

Ashland, IL

#46 Nov 6, 2010
There is a difference betwwen making a single simple mistake and making a multiple of "Mistakes".

Once a mistake has been made a person can do what you did; acknowledge it and then move on to correct it.

Or the person can go on making one mistake after another.

If they go on making mistakes, one after another after another (as is the case here), one must assume that the people making the mistakes is either incompetent or dishonest.

Either way they are none too bright. But repeatedly making the mistakes and compounding the problems, the frustrated me more and more and more thus ensuring that I would never give them another chance and ultimately irritating me to the point that I felt the need to vent my frustration in a public forum and hopefully causing them to lose more business than just my own.

Al Capone had two sayings that apply here. "Don't s**t where you eat", meaning that you should cause harm where you do business or you'll ruin your own market. The other; "once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action". A string of mistakes confirms to a great degree my feeling about the place.

By the way. I wish that people who want to disagree with me would use more intelligent logic.
Not Impressed wrote:
"By the way, A pint is a measure of volume, not weight."
You are correct, and I apologize for my mistake. I guess by making a mistake though that puts me into the same catagory as a cheater.

United States

#47 Nov 20, 2010
Wow! I was searching for a link to the Fire & Ice website and came across this. I am the manager there and first I would like to thank all who have given us positive comments. I personally don't know about the instance that happened to "dr spice", but let me take the opportunity to apologize for the issue. I also will defend his right to express his opinion in a public forum. That is one of the founding principles of our freedom in this country. However, I am disturbed by his wishes for our failure. I have a family that depends on this, and so do the owners. To wish that on me also wishes that on my wife and two kids. I can't help but take this personally. But, I must forge on regardless. I am sure the issue at hand with "dr spice" was a mistake and unfortunately the individual must have continued to make mistakes. From the date of the original post by "dr spice" I see it was closer to our opening. Everyone was learning back then. I believe we have gotten better. Anyway, I welcome comments from all, positive and negative. How are we supposed to improve unless we know what is wrong. I wish blessings on all of you! If you wish to send me any comments please feel free to email me at [email protected] Thank you all!
Dr Spice

Ashland, IL

#48 Nov 20, 2010
Thank you for your response. You are now acting in a way that should have been the first response to my post.

May I make a suggestion? Next time you make a batch of ice cream, do what most other artisan ice cream makers do and pour some pints right from the machine, that way customers get a full pint and don't feel cheated. Keep them in a freezer ready for sale and that will also save you time.

Lyons, IL

#49 Nov 20, 2010
Dr Spice wrote:
Thank you for your response. You are now acting in a way that should have been the first response to my post.
May I make a suggestion? Next time you make a batch of ice cream, do what most other artisan ice cream makers do and pour some pints right from the machine, that way customers get a full pint and don't feel cheated. Keep them in a freezer ready for sale and that will also save you time.
I would have acted that way the first time had I known. I honestly did not know until reading this forum for the first time this morning. Now that you have my email, again, please feel free to comment any time. I do value feedback. As for your suggestion, that is a good idea. It is a little difficult to do considering the machine I use. I currently am looking for a source for 1 gallon pails. The gallon size would be much easier than the pint or quart size. In our defense, Baskin Robbins also hand packs their pints and quarts. On the other hand, it is no excuse for us not "pack" a hand packed package. It is supposed to be filled. I will address this issue with our staff to ensure that we are filling the packages so our customers don't feel cheated. Again, thank you for your input and again I apologize for your unpleasant experience and I hope you consider giving us another chance. At the very least, please consider the feelings of my family, or anyone's family for that matter, when expressing your opinions in a public forum in the future. There is constructive criticism and there is destructive criticism. Thank you!

Genoa City, WI

#51 Dec 20, 2010
LOVED the brisket sandwich....MMmmmmm

Barrington, IL

#52 Feb 17, 2011
I just heard a rumor that the chef/manager is no longer at fire & ice. Anybody know what happened there?

Algonquin, IL

#53 Apr 13, 2012
herestheskinny wrote:
<quoted text> It sure looks like it. I just drive by and never stopped to even eat, dance or ask. That is whats called a budget and a contract so you don't go over budget. And when you do it's figured into the budget. lol It still brings the first appearance of the establisment a bit hard to enjoy. My comment is completly true so if it's judgemental then as I judge ...judge me.
What an a-hole....
enough is enough

Escanaba, MI

#54 Nov 2, 2012
herestheskinny wrote:
Wow you sure jump to a wrong conclusion. Just looking at the outside says it wasn't done by a landscaper contractor for sure. I like trees and the such and I am not a landscaper but can see a proper design when I see one. Or in this case can see a botched one. A shrub that gets 12' tall next to a birch tree and only 4 feet away on that pile of rubble they call a berm. Time and a short wait will show what I am saying. If they want with just a small amount of research I could come up with something alot better. Tell me where you have seen other places starting out that way. You must see things that others can't. If you think that looks nice outside then my 11 year old daughter will come do your house for you. With all the money they put into it then all they had to do was get a professional design that might cost $200 at best and plant from there.
You know, you stated you have an eleven year old daughter. Why don't you go do something with her, rather than complain about what you do and don't like about Marengo businesses. If people like you spent half the time you spend complaining doing something productive, you wouldn't have time to RANT about something as piddley as landscaping. On top of that you are teaching your your daughter how to judge others unnessisarily. Great JOB!
After the fact

Eustis, FL

#55 Nov 2, 2012
Wow "enough is enough", way to respond to a post that is two years old!!

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