Some Crystal Lake Residents Upset Ove...

Some Crystal Lake Residents Upset Over Gay Games

There are 79 comments on the WBBM-TV Chicago story from Mar 2, 2006, titled Some Crystal Lake Residents Upset Over Gay Games. In it, WBBM-TV Chicago reports that:

CRYSTAL LAKE A plan to host part of the Gay Games in suburban Crystal Lake this summer has some residents up in arms.

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Hampshire, IL

#1 Mar 3, 2006
I applaud the people of Crystal Lake for defending their convictions. I am so sick to death of this "politically correct", extremely tolerant society we now live in. It's about time someone stood up to all this.
C Thornburg

Woodstock, IL

#2 Mar 4, 2006
I have been a resident of Crystal Lake for 31 years. I do not want any part of any Gay Agenda in my home town. I am appalled by anyone who would back such terrible idea. This is a family oriented community. we don't need their culture war coming to our town.
[Ephesians 5:11.] And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them. For it is shameful even to speak of those things which are done by them in secret.

Gary, IN

#3 Mar 4, 2006
I also applaud Mr. Breeden and Mr. Phelps for standing up to the brown shirt tactics of the Perv Lobby. The founding principle of this country is that we have the right to govern ourselves. The gays will not be missed. Our restaurants and stores are full without them.

North Chicago, IL

#4 Mar 6, 2006
Hate to break it to the citizens of Crystal Lake, but your "family oriented community" includes people of the gay community. It's is just ironic that the Gay Games is what made you realize it. How will your life change knowing you are already part of a "family oriented AND gay community". If you didn't know it before, how has your life changed now. Let them have their Games. You never had a problem with the money that it would generate for the city before.

United States

#5 Mar 6, 2006
So. What's the point? Our "family oriented community" also includes people that drink too much and drug users. We're not celebrating them with a day for them, either.

Hate to break it to you Amber, it's our right as a community to govern ourselves. If you like them so much, invite them to your community. Use your tax dollars. You don't pay a dime of tax dollars in Crystal Lake, so it doesn't concern you.

Our stores and restuarants are doing just fine without their money, but thank you for your concern. They can help out a more disadvantaged community.

Plano, TX

#6 Mar 6, 2006
Thank god for open minded people like Amber. The Gay Community will prevail in Crystal Lake because the law is on their side. All these holier than thou zealots like Mr. Thornburg here will realize the error in their ways when judgement day comes. And no "angelus" I'm not gay. I have 4 beautiful children that have been raised to accept all types of people who live in our community. Whether it be gays, christians, poor people, or, religious idiots like yourselves. Perhaps this is coming a little close to HOME(O) for some of you in the closet!!! Ha!

Plano, TX

#7 Mar 6, 2006
Not sure why my post came up Cumming, GA, but I'm a resident of CL and will have a blast watching these events this summer. Because like it or not, they WILL happen.

Plano, TX

#8 Mar 6, 2006
No "gay" money pouring into CL Angelus, Thornburg, Cathy? Next time you're in Best Buy, or 'Round the Clock, or maybe (heaven forbid)the church you undoubtably belong to (because you're soooo christlike!) take a look around. How many gays do you think you'll see. Guess what close-minded jerks, they're there!!! You think the CL border has some kind of "gaydar" that keeps them in Cary, or Woodstock, or Lake in the Hills? Guess again. They're out there. I guess that means we really don't have a Family Values community after all. If you weren't so pathetic you'd be funny.

See you Tuesday evening. I'll be the straight guy sitting with the gays. I may even bring my four kids!!!!

Chicago, IL

#9 Mar 6, 2006
I am so disappointed in this community. Let us remember that this is a rowing event- what do you think they are going to be doing (hint-- they are going to be rowing boats). It is sad that this is even an issue. And the comments on what are you to tell your children- whatever you want to tell them, if you are offended by the games don't go to Main Beach for 4 hours that day- there are other options--go to West Beach. I too would bring my children to this event to show them a great sporting event and to support the continued use of Crystal Lake for this and other rowing events.

United States

#10 Mar 6, 2006
Notice who the are the name callers here. The intolerant ones. Brownshirt tactics – shouting down speakers, name calling, disrupting opposition rallies, demonstrations that degenerate into riots – have all been used repeatedly by those on the political Left.

Ken uses no fewer than 6 insults in three paragraphs. Amazing. There is nothing in his statements but intellectual vacancy and name calling. Hatred and vitriol.(I'm guessing a public school graduate.) Who cares that he's not gay? That has nothing to do with the right of us to govern ourselves. Of course, there is no evidence that he is actually reading anybody else's points. It's a travesty if anybody's tax dollars are used to educate his children, if name calling and insults are all they are being taught in the home.

I never cease to be amazed at the hatred of people like Ken. He refuses to even recognize any other side. Nothing but insults. Again, 6 insults in 3 paragraphs. And he's supposed to be taken seriously?

Just as it is often the criminal himself who is first to cry, "Thief!" so it is usually those who scream, "zealot" loudest who are the quickest to resort to the brown-shirt tactics of a zealot.

It is most often these types who believe in punishing and even criminalizing speech and thought that contradicts egalitarian ideology on issues of race, sex, disability, and sexuality. Abolishing the freedom of association and mandating adherence to detailed government rules concerning all uses of private property in hiring, firing, consumer service, and housing. Cracking down on any form of humor that pokes fun at any politically favored group.

Tolerance just ain't what it's cracked up to be.

Plano, TX

#11 Mar 7, 2006

Actually, I have a graduate degree from Northwestern. Hardly the bastion of public education. However, I DID attend public institutions for the first 16 years. Including an engineering degree from the University of Illinois. Thanks for letting me clear that up. BTW, what is your educational background? I didn't realize that a public education was something to be frowned-upon here in the Midwest. Did you move here from New England, where all "good folks" go to prep schools?

You are correct on one point however. In rereading my post I did come across a number of insulting words. This was uncalled for and I apologize. I can definitely get my point across without them. But, maybe you should reread your post on March 4th. "Perv Lobby"? "Our stores and restaurants will be full without them"? Just who is spewing insults?

Looking at your post, I notice you say we have a right to govern ourselves. You are correct in this assumption - but only to a point. A local government has the right to pass laws and dictate assembly, but they must abide by state and federal law and each constitution. Last time I checked, both state that rights will not be infringed upon based on sex, race, religion, or sexual preference. And that's where your group is going to lose this war. You may win the initial battle in the lily white, overwhelmingly republican, McHenry County. But, when push comes to shove and the gay rights advocates sue the city, and make no bones about it, they WILL if the vote tonight is NO (can you believe it, those gays have MONEY!), they will win in court. And you and I and the rest of the taxpayers in CL will foot the bill. Now THAT will torque me off.

See Angelus, Crystal Lake is NOT private property. It is a park district easement. All legally viable groups have the same rights to it as long as they pay the documented fee. Of course, we both would probably be upset (well, at least I would be) if the Nazi party wanted to use the lake for something like, oh, minority drowning practice, or Hate Jews Day, but, just like the Village of Skokie, we'd have to abide by the law and let them in. Of course, Nazi's don't have AIDS that they can spread to our precious children. Come on Angelus, can you really sit hear and say that kook wasn't hilarious? Is that the humor you talk about in the last sentence of your 5th paragraph? If that's your definition of humor, I'd stay away from a career in stand-up. I don't mean to be insulting but come-on. And THAT's tolerance????? How in anybody's right mind can you say a couple of hundred gay men and women, rowing their boats on Crystal Lake, is going to proliferate the spread of AIDS/HIV in our children. The funny thing is, if you right-wing zealots hadn't made a big deal out of this, nobody would have know they were even there! But, you have the right to have your views heard and the rest of us have to accept that.

-next post please...

Plano, TX

#12 Mar 7, 2006

Now to the question of having gays "in our town", guess what Angelus, and Mr. Thornburg, and Cathy.....THEY'RE HEEERE!!!! Even taking a conservative estimate, even though the word "conservative" is ALMOST a swear word in my book (there's some humor for ya), there are about 1500 - 2000 gays among the 40k plus population of CL. Where do you think these people eat? Worship? Go to the bathroom in public places (perhaps there was even one checking out your penis in the urinal next to you at 'Round the Clock last week)- more humor for you. Where do you think they shop? "The gays will not be missed. Our restaurants and stores are full without them." quote you. No, our restaurants and stores are full WITH THEM! Don't you get that?

I'm sorry Angelus. I will NEVER understand the other side if it includes demagoguery like yours and Mr.. Thornburg's.

Finally, you talk about "these types" (and I assume you mean liberals) abolishing the freedom of association. Don't you realize that's exactly what your group is doing? You are talking from two-sides of your mouth. I probably wouldn't have noticed that if not for my "private" education at Northwestern (one more bit of sarcastic humor for you). Boy, shouting down speakers, disrupting rallies, demonstrations that turn into riots (like the Boston Tea Party?). That's sooooo scary. I'm sure glad those founding fathers of ours weren't as intolerant as you or I'd be a member of the Church of England and pledging my allegiance to the king/queen right now.

See you tonight Angelus. I'll be the guy in the red and green sweater.

United States

#13 Mar 7, 2006
First, you may want to check your federal law again. There is nothing in federal law that protects "sexual orientation".

Secondly, you may want familiarize yourself with the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution:

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people. "

Nowhere in the Constitution are powers delegated to the United States to force communities to associate with those with whom they would otherwise choose to avoid. So they may sue. And they may win with an activist judge who ignores the Constitution. That activist radical judges sometimes force people (like the good citizens of Skokie) to provide access to local public property does not make it any more Constitutional than the Supreme Court calling a person's growing marijuana in their back yard for medicinal purposes "interstate commerce". Our Founders would be appalled at the Central Government dictating to the States and to the people. Reread your Ninth and Tenth Amendment.

Crystal Lake is not private property. It belongs to the citizens of Crystal Lake. As such, they and no other entity should be the people to decide who may or may not have access to it's parks and/or lakes.

Thirdly, is "lily white" McHenry County a bad thing? If so, please explain the overwhelming growth in McHenry County. Are the people moving here from the panacea of more diverse areas all wrong? Are the people flocking to "lily white" McHenry County in droves to find good schools with good students all wrong? Are the people who move to "lily white" McHenry to avoid the higher crime rate and pollution that more diverse communities have to offer all wrong?

Finally, it isn't the Right outlawing freedom of association. "Talking from two-sides" of my mouth? We just want to be left alone. The Left refuses to leave anybody alone. Anybody not buying into the "diversity is our strength" nonsense of the Left must not be left alone. Hence the "lily white" and "intolerant" insults. Wanting to be left alone is hardly "intolerant", but it's something our official thought police on the Left can't handle.

Remind me of who it was who outlawed the rights of business owners, landlords, churches to hire who they wanted? The Right or even the citizens of Crystal Lake aren't telling anybody they can't associate freely. They don't want the Gay Games in Crystal Lake. The Right isn't suing to get them to allow all access. The Right wouldn't have any issues if they did it on private property, unlike the Left, who refuse to leave anybody alone. Don't hire a member of a privileged class? The Left has outlawed it. Don't want to rent (on your own private property) to a member of a privileged class? Outlawed.

Most, if not all, people agree that job seekers should have the right to choose whatever career they want and the freedom to apply wherever they want. It is just fine if a homo job seeker purposely looks for a work environment with a homo supervisor or owner and homo co-workers. On the other hand, God forbid an employer who does not hire someone just because they are homo. What hypocrisy!

United States

#14 Mar 7, 2006

A society that says it values freedom must respect the business owner’s freedom to associate with whom he wishes. Unfortunately the Left does not, never has valued freedom. Freedom of association applies to not just employees, but also to employers. Just as you and I should be free to work, or not to work, for anyone we wish, so employers should be free to hire, or not to hire, anyone they choose. There should be no legal privileges; freedom of association applies to all. Just as the government does not tell us whom we can associate with in our personal lives, it should not tell us whom we can associate with in our economic lives.

Also, you may want to look up your early American history to see just how tolerant our Founding Fathers really were, what with their official State religions and all. Check out the State Constitutions banning non-Protestants from serving in the State Legislatures.

United States

#15 Mar 7, 2006
One final post on this thread: I must confess my confusion at your statement "Crystal Lake is NOT private property". Perhaps you are different than most others with your viewpoint, but does it really matter to you? If a landlord or a business owner chose not to associate with homos privately or economically the Left has already outlawed it. Am I to understand that you support repealing this law and allowing private property owners freely associate with whom they choose privately or economically? I'd be genuinely surprised were that the case. Unfortunately, as is most often the case when it comes to the Left the statement "Crystal Lake is NOT private property" makes not one iota of difference.

Plano, TX

#16 Mar 7, 2006
Private people and entities have the right to include or exlude anybody they want to. They're private. However, Crystal Lake is not. That's where you're way off base.

I have one more post for you. Then I'm gone

Plano, TX

#17 Mar 7, 2006

Obviously I touched a nerve. I just knew if I baited you enough your true bigoted right-wing colors would shine though, and you didn't disappoint me. I honestly believe that you're scared some homo is going to put one up your "lily white" poop shoot on July 16th (perhaps the same guy who checked you out at the urinal the other day?).

Interestingly enough, you didn't respond to my question regarding education. It was you who brought it up - let's hear it. Why? Not nearly as impressive as mine?

Here's an idea for you. Go, be left alone. Move out of the civilized world and go hole yourself up in rural Utah or Montana. Better yet, move the hell out of dodge all together. I hear they need more goofballs in Chile.

See, by your rambling and going on about all things OTHER than the issue at hand (gays rowing, homo's, fudge-packers, whatever you want to call them), you show us you lost. And you have. That's why your so f'ing angry. An angry, angry white guy.

I'm having so much fun with you I can't believe it.

United States

#18 Mar 7, 2006
Apparently you are reading something else. There's no bigotry here, other than your own towards those who don't agree with you (but you haven't defined any point of view other than insulting those who don't think as you do).

I didn't respond to your question regarding education because unlike you my personal history (family life, education, etc.) has nothing to do with the issue. Your family is irrelevant to the issue. Your education is irrelevant. They may be interesting anectdotes but they are completely irrelevant. Nothing more than anectdotes.

It's ironic to read the people interested in forcing beliefs on those who want to be left alone telling others to leave.

You are the only one rambling on about "lily white", "they're already here", "my kids", "my education" but you can't admit (or don't believe or, more likely based on the evidence at hand, don't understand) that people should be left alone to govern themselves. That is the only issue. You are being swept up in the homo-euphoria. You are so blinded by sex you can't see the real issue is the right of people to govern themselves. I'm sorry you can't focus on the issue long enough to have a discussion that you have to start in with the insults and imagined thought crimes.

There's no anger on my side. You appear to be the only one who hates "lily white" traditionalists. You hate "zealots" yet you are the only one displaying any sort of rabid zealotry. You are the only one who calls names. You are the only one displaying any sort hatred/bigotry. You are the only one unfocused on the issue. If not, explain the 6 insults in three paragraphs earlier, then 5 in 5 paragraphs in the last post. Do you really have that short of an attention span that you can catch yourself, admit that you should not debate by resorting to insults, then go back to insults after 1 post? It was one post later!!! If that isn't unfocused, I don't know what is. I must say I'm shocked - Shocked!- at your short attention span.

Your hatred and anger are seeping through the screen. Yet, in all these posts, nobody has insulted you. Not a single time. Interesting. Not when you resort to insults. Not when you can't remain focused on the issue. Not when you don't know what you are talking about (see federal laws, 10th Amendment, private property rights). How is it that the people you accuse of anger are the only ones not insulting anybody? Interesting.

You wrote that you can get your point across without resorting to name-calling and insults, yet you have yet to display that ability (I'm shocked - Shocked!). You have shown no ability to understand the right of people to govern themselves, the separation of powers, private and local property. Your entire posts come down to sophmoric slogans and insults. Nothing more. You can't engage in debate. Nothing more than insults.

Sad, but not surprised.

Plano, TX

#19 Mar 7, 2006

But you INFERRED in your first post that my public education has somehow misguided me. You opened the door. Like the lawyer who puts the accused on the stand. And now you don't want to make it an issue? Interesting. And quite humorous. I think it's the funniest thing you've done since deciding to spar with me.

Go ahead and govern yourself. Have a ball. Knock yourself out. But when you find that other people (like the majority) don't share your viewpoints, don't get all pissy because you don't get your way.

Sure I'm hurling insults. I'm having sport with you. That's the advantage of being smarter than the next guy. I'm shocked, yes SHOCKED, that you don't have a better sense of humor. Let's find one joke or funny innuendo in your posts, just one. You conservatives are so serious all the time. Like Howard Stern vs. Rush Limbaugh. Guess who's more funny?

Anyway, we can argue the points of your posts from now 'till the end of time. Fortunately, I have a life. And a job. The facts; a protected class (too bad, so sad, that's what they are) want to pay for access to a public easement, the law, like it or not, is pretty much is on their side (because of all those radical legislators and judges), a bunch of homophobic people like yourself think they'll get AIDS if more gays come to Crystal Lake even though there are thousands here already, the media, the left wing jerks they are, will paint Crystal Lake as some type of Neanderthal village, AND, at the end of the day, the gays will end-up rowing their little row-boats in our lily-white lake. There. Summed in one paragraph.

Now go back and crawl underneath the rock where you came from.(By the way, that was an insult)

Macomb, IL

#20 Mar 7, 2006
Angelus = B-O-R-I-N-G
Ken = H-I-L-A-R-I-U-S

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