marengo park district "what a joke" d...

marengo park district "what a joke" dont go there

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Marengo Long Term

Marengo, IL

#1 Sep 24, 2008
Has anyone recently gone there? The programs are over priced the majority of the instructors are boring. The preschool programs are good there teachers are decent to the kids. But the staff in the office-customer service area "WHAT A JOKE" UNFREIENDLY and UNORGANIZED did they ever finally get rid of that HORRIBLE Pam woman?(The curly headed blond, overweight, complaining one) I heard she was stealing ALOT of park money under there noses Duh no wonder they are broke, was she even charged with the money theft? ever since they appointed that horrible woman (DENISE ANDERSON) in the position of Director the Park has gone down the toilet she is RUDE, OPINIATED and talks bad about the community and the worst part WAY OVERPAID our tax dollars pay for her HUGE salary The Park District Board needs to REVAMP The PARK before it also has a 'For Sale' sign on the property. SOMEONE MAKE A CHANGE !!!
Busy Marengo Family

Marengo, IL

#2 Sep 24, 2008
My wife and four children moved here two years ago and I would have to say we have joined different programs at the Marengo Park District, they were a disappointment a lot of $ for the programs and not a great return from the coaches and instructors, The front desk associates are Rude, Short Tempered and always seemed to be Bothered or Preoccupied when signing up or asking questions, I asked for upper management once and was told Mrs. Anderson does not like to be disturbed. Is Mrs. Anderson supposed to be in charge of the Park? If so someone better terminate her employment and hire some polite, patient, personable staff. Well to say the least my family has stopped going to the Marengo Park District and has joined the Crystal Lake Park District and we are very happy with the programs in Crystal Lake and the Outstanding staff. The citizens of Marengo need to join together and take action I pay over $6000 dollars a year in taxes on my home and I do NOT want any of that money going towards the Marengo Park District.
ur so lame

Marengo, IL

#3 Sep 24, 2008
haha nice name change there idiot.
talk about a gossip monger,,read what you wrote. You are exactly like the person you just described! haha!
Marengo Long Term

Marengo, IL

#4 Sep 24, 2008
I own a Prosperous business in the Marengo area and one of my colleagues wrote the truthful information using my computer regarding the Marengo Park so unless your interested in making a change in the Park District, so they don't keep abusing the Marengo tax paying citizens. Keep your small judgemental opinions to yourself. I think that if you or your family spent $1000 a year for children's programs you would want something in return.

“It's a bathroom”

Since: Jul 07

Get over it, already

#5 Sep 24, 2008
There - a place (as in, kindly wait over there by the park district office).
Their - possession (as in, their employees are awesome).
They're - contraction of they and are (as in they're the sweetest people I've met).

And there you have it. So there....
Marengo Long Term

Marengo, IL

#6 Sep 26, 2008
What does the spelling lesson have to do with The Marengo Park District ? The Board of Trusties needs to be taking a investigative look at what has been going on financially and the Parks staff inconsistent, impatient personalities. Marengo is not a prosperous community and does not have a lot to offer is residents, eventually the Marengo Park District with go under. What I've been told by several people here not so many years ago The Park District was financially secure and had polite, dependable people working in every department what happened they say it's because of the new Director, Ms. Anderson. Sounds like it's time for a change.
Find the facts

Elmhurst, IL

#7 Sep 27, 2008
To Everyone that wants to park district to look things over or make a change, go to a meeting and tell them. The park is run with our tax money. You the people have every right to demand change. All you need to do is show up and say so.
Just as unhappy

South Haven, MI

#8 Sep 29, 2008
I agree with everyone about the Marengo Park District. Everyone in the back offices seem to be working just for themselves. The people in charge won't even talk to upset customers. What kind of customer service is that. Our money pays for nothing!!! Other then the head office staff noone is making anything there. So where is the money going?
Just as unhappy

South Haven, MI

#10 Sep 29, 2008
I agree with uncovering lies. It seems that everytime you drive by the building it is empty!! All that money tht went into putting up the new addition to the building and now it sits empty!!! I have signed up for a few programs and all of them have never went. Why waste time and sign up for programs that don't go? Now I have been looking at Hampsire Park District and they are looking better and better each day. If anyone has any stories about how the park has screwed them over I'm sure everyone would like to hear them!!!!

Marengo, IL

#11 Sep 30, 2008
I love the marengo park district. I have never been treated rudely and love the classes they offer. Their prices are a bit higher than Id like. But all in all we have a wonderful time there. Thanks Marengo Park District for everything you offer us!

Thank you for also employing our teens! That is so needed in our community!

Since: Sep 08


#12 Sep 30, 2008
The Park District employs teens because they can pay LESS THAN state minimum wage!!! Minimum wage is $7.75. The teens this summer were barely getting $6.75 an hour! Yeah, great job Marengo Park District - you offer a GREAT job to our Marengo teens.

Don't get me wrong, not everyone who works for the Marengo Park District will treat you poorly. In fact, some of the staff has EXCELLENT customer service skills and are very pleasant to talk with.
Just as unhappy

South Haven, MI

#13 Oct 1, 2008
If you were getting paid minimum wage wouldn't you be crabby too?

Marengo, IL

#14 Oct 7, 2008
He probably is getting that, or less. Who would hire such a person. Not I.

All he wants to do is bish about bad service and doesnt have the balls to go to a meeting or talk to the people that can fix it. He just hides behind the internet and complains and whines like a little kid with no friends because he is so what people do not like.... they wotn play with him.

Grow the f up and go handle the problem you feel the park has, face to face.. coward.

People like that are never happy, expect others do serve them for some strange reason, and are always cowards, very unprofessional.

Go talk to them, let them know how unhappy you are,, or are you too scared? Affraid what people will think of you being such a crabby old whiner???


Since: Sep 08


#15 Oct 8, 2008
Well, "Joes" - are you on the side of Denise Anderson? Do you believe she is running a wonderful public facility that meets YOUR needs? Tell me, "Joes" what do YOU like about the Marengo Park District?

Don't accuse me of not facing the problems of the park face to face. I have talked face to face with the people at the park until my face turned blue. So, I turned to this forum to speak of my frustrations.

It's time that Marengo Citizens step up and work together to OUST Denise Anderson from the position of Director. She's stealing our precious tax dollars by not allowing programs to run.

So, "Joes" - what can YOU do to make the Park District a better place for the community?
Find the facts

Wayne, IL

#16 Oct 11, 2008
To "uncovering lies" Thank you! Now all we need to do is bring on change. The park district is run with all of our tax dollars, therefore we should have the programs and classes that we the tax payor want! The facility itself would not be all that bad. Sure it could have used a gymnasium but whats done is done now. Could we get some good programs for the children of Marengo. Any decent adult classes. How about fitness classes. Any people think that it would make sence to run classes for adults and children at the same time. You know "kill two birds with one stone". Oh hay lets think about an adult fitness class at the same time as oh say a kids arts and craft class. Would that really be that dificult to do? I can not be the only person to think of that.

Since: Sep 08


#17 Oct 13, 2008
Find the Facts: I believe that if the park district had thought of running two programs at the same time - an adult class and a children's class - they surely would have done it by now. I believe this only confirms my opinion that the WRONG people are running the park district! I would love to be on the "inside" and see exactly how Denise Anderson makes decisions or how she gets her work done. Actually, it would be to see WHY she doesn't get her work done! haha
Find the facts

Elmhurst, IL

#18 Oct 16, 2008
I wish I could tell you the answers. I have questioned that myself. I an unaware of when the board over turns. If we could get new board members maybe things would change.
Marengo Insider

Marengo, IL

#19 Oct 20, 2008
The Marengo Park District-I've lived here several years now and the Park used to have excellent employees, I have two friends who work in the day care and they both say the same thing that the Park is being run financially into the ground by the Denise Anderson she is extremely rude and talk about self centered! WOW I have been to three Board meetings and well lets say that the Board of Directors DO NOT want to here the communities comments they love the ass kissing Anderson and she has them bluffed with lies. Besides they make you feel that what you have to say is unimportant and if only one or two people show up to the meetings nothing will get done about how the Park District is run. I don't think the citizens of the Marengo Community especially the Senior citizens even know who much of our taxes pay for the salaries, building expenses and the horrible fitness center which by the way I heard cost MILLIONS of dollars. Now that our economy is getting tight I would like to think more and more people take a stand and do something about who our taxes are spent. They do have a few polite people working in the fitness center but that does not justify the Overhead and the Managements unbelievable attitude towards the very people who pay the weekly salaries. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO GO TO THE MEETINGS THEN WRITE A LETTER TO THE MARENGO MAYOR AND THE PARK DISTRICT BOARD OF DIRECTORS I HAVE BEEN TOLD THAT MR. STEVE SECOR IS THE ONE TO CONTACT. REQUEST THAT SOMETHING BE DONE NOW!
Marengo Long Term

Marengo, IL

#20 Oct 20, 2008
Denise Anderson, 437 W Prairie St, Marengo, IL 60152
Let's give her a call and find out what she is planning on doing to change the Marengo Park District for the better!!!!! and if any one is interested I heard she employed her daughter at the park and pays her a pretty hefty salary! Hey Board of Directors how does that work? To the community of Marengo,IL. if you want change to happen then start by either going to the Board meetings or write to the Marengo Mayor or the Directors they are listed on the Parks pathetic web site, Demand Denise Anderson be replaced. The people who don't want her fired are the employees she pays well or they are related to her.
Just as unhappy

Shawano, WI

#21 Oct 20, 2008
I know a few people who work at the park and they are wonderful people. Just are just like any of us citizen who wish and hope for the best at the park. I don't even feel that the people in charge are bad people. These people either are not suited for the position, or they have make a few bad choices that are too hard to get back. Sitting back and putting the park down is not going to change how it is ran. We need to stand up as a community and find ways to improve it. As we see by all the posts this is not a one time occurance that the park upset someone. There are a few people her who have had bad run ins. I'm sure among these people there is atleast one person that would do well on the board. All it takes is one person who is willing to stand up and have people follow and believe in their choices. I encourage anyone who has the time and believes they can do better to run for a position on the board. What do you have to lose?

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