police profiling
its me

Maury City, TN

#21 Sep 6, 2012
white or black is no issue in any of this its 2012 we all being treated like dirt by the police

ted you are obviously to old to even know whats happening out here anymore times have changed

as for them pulling people over its bogus they are looking at a vehicle with one thing in mind and thats "they must have drugs on them" many people would allow a search for the simple fact is i dont want to go to jail or wait for them to get a warrant for refusing it

and those saying you have nothing to worry about then its obvious youve never had this happen it feels as though your car is being broken into and destroyed RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU those cops to me are strangers and who knows what they will do

Mount Juliet, TN

#22 Sep 13, 2012
“The Lousy Cop”

Well Mr. Citizen, I guess you have me figured out. I seem to fit neatly into the category you place me in. I'm stereotyped, characterized, standardized, classified, grouped, and always typical. I'm the “lousy cop.” Unfortunately, the reverse isn't true. I can never figure you out.

From birth you teach your children that I am the bogeyman, and then you're shocked when they identify me with my traditional enemy, the criminal. You accuse me of coddling juveniles, until I catch your kid doing something. You may take an hour for lunch, and have several coffee breaks each day, but point me out as a loafer if you see me having just one cup.

You pride yourself on your polished manners, but think nothing of interrupting my meals at noon with your troubles. You raise hell about the guy who cuts you off in traffic, but let me catch you doing the same thing and I'm picking on you. You know all the traffic laws, but never got a single ticket you deserved. You shout “foul” if you observe me driving fast enroute to an emergency call, but literally raise hell if I take more than ten seconds responding to your call.

You call it “part of the job” if someone strikes me, but it's “police brutality” if I strike back. You wouldn't think of telling your dentist how to pull a badly decayed tooth, or your doctor how to take out your appendix, but you are always willing to give me a few pointers on law enforcement. You talk to me in a manner and use language that would assure a bloody nose from anyone else, but you expect me to stand and take it without batting an eye.

You cry,“Something has to be done about all the crime!” but you can't be bothered with getting involved.

You've got no use for me at all, but, of course, it's OK if I change a tire for your wife, or deliver your baby in the back seat of my patrol car on the way to the hospital, or save your son's life with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, or work many hours over-time to find your lost daughter.

So Mr. Citizen, you stand there on your soapbox and rant and rave about the way I do my job, calling me every name in the book, but never stop a minute to think that your property, your family, or maybe your life might depend on one thing, ME, or one of my buddies.

Yours truly,
The Lousy Cop

United States

#23 Sep 13, 2012
Its called the patriot act. They abuse the crap out of it and can!

Jackson, TN

#24 Sep 13, 2012
Wow wrote:
“The Lousy Cop”
The Lousy Cop
you get what you give in this world
TheTruthWillSetY ouFree

Union City, TN

#25 Sep 16, 2012
You drive these cars around that the rims and tires cost more than the car. You paint these cars all up put in loud stereo systems keep people up all night driving around playing your music all the time you have no job and pay no taxes. And for the cry baby from Gibson County you have no drivers license drug charges you have not been to court on as per radio traffic on the scanner for all to hear so SHUT UP STOP LYING AND STOP CRING.
Mr Magic

Atlanta, TX

#26 Sep 16, 2012
BlaBlaBla everybody talk all this smack these cops are the best,DOING THERE JOB THAT, but ive lived around obion county,Fulton county& couple more my WHOLE LIFE and its the same dealers its been for as long as I can remember these popo Dnt no smck they just playing guessing games or they too scared one!Plus there a few on the force that keep certain ones informed on Wats going on & I no that for a FACT!Shhht gimme a gun & a badge & I wud go down in history!
Mr Magic

Atlanta, TX

#27 Sep 16, 2012
And I'm gnna tell ya one more mapuckin thing before I lose my buzz its the ones u wud least expect hell its even right under your noses & yall too dumb to smell it!But that'd ok u keep doing u & I'm gnna do me. Popo haha dayum yall funny!

United States

#28 Nov 3, 2012
citizen wrote:
I have no problem saying that they are doing a fine job also. If your not guilty then you have no need to be concerned if they pull you over. And they are not gonna rip your car apart unless the dog picks up on something.
Ok first off everytime i get pulled over they surch my vehicle. I have two kids and drive a decent car so yea they will just pull u over and search your vehicle if they feel like it. They dont always have dogs and wont have dogs unless absolutely necessary

United States

#29 Nov 4, 2012
The little dude in the black suv will Get his azz beat. I'm not a criminal and he treated me Like one. Just a little guy that has little man syndrome. Proof that cops need mental evaluations regularly. I'm behind the police 100%. Society needs them. I appreciate the police. But this little turd is gives good ones a bad rap. Bully is the word that best defines this jerk. Is nothing without that badge he hides behind!!!!

United States

#30 Feb 5, 2013
The police are the thugs. They harass anyone fitting a profile. Do illegal searches and have no regard for the law or morals.

United States

#31 Feb 5, 2013
And about dogs. If the dog doesn't smell anything they will give the dog a signal to fake a hit. They did it to my vehicle. Illegally searched it, found nothing of course. The police are the criminals.
Joe Dirt

Union City, TN

#32 Feb 5, 2013
Theese loosers definately know who not to pull over & practice their John Wayne moves on.
I think your right, once they figure your not connected, or can't afford an attorney, they take their bullying to the next level. They rip your vehicle apart. I was warned for loud pipes & charged with nothing. At least it gave me a chance to re organize my truck & tool box. Thank you Piggs!
Oh yea, I'm white.
Cha cya

White Plains, KY

#33 Feb 5, 2013
Well it's funny to me every time I see them it seems to be someone from out of state pulled over. Just like all officers do that work highway only. They usually are looking for people involved in criminal activity . And people hauling large amounts of drugs. Not Obion co. Dime bag transporters. And if you ever make it out of Obion co. Onto an Interstate or larger Hwys you will see the same. How else do you expect drugs to be gotten off the streets if someone doesn't look for them.. Could you do it?

Union City, TN

#34 Feb 6, 2013
Pay a little closer attention to them. Mostly you see them between u.c and troy, but most importantly, its usually the southbound lane..which in theory would be the MONEY side. Much the same as all the attention the Nashville area has gotten over the last couple of years with stops and searches being conducted 10 to 1 on the westbound side of the interstate..again, the money side. So its not the drugs, but the money they are after! If you dont believe this or havent seen it on the news, then search for "policing for profits"..even better watch the documentary that news channel 5 out of nashville done about this, it will blow your mind..or atleast those of you who dont believe in crooked cops!
Big Ol BadAss Bob

Dresden, TN

#35 Feb 6, 2013
Book em Dano !!!
Thug Life

Dresden, TN

#36 Feb 6, 2013
Seriously. Have you ever seen someone pulled over that didn't need to be ? If you see a caprice with 24" rims and the driver has his ass hangin out his pants sayin "What you pull me over for?"
WTF ? Why is it people want to act like thugs but as soon as you treat them like one they start bitchin?
just guessing

Troy, TN

#37 Feb 6, 2013
The person that started this thread is black. Some white people aren't prejudice so stop being that way about white people. We don't owe y'all anything.

Union City, TN

#38 Feb 6, 2013
I'm the one who started this thread and I am white. However I can certainly understand why you were to guess otherwise. I just wanted to bring this up to see if others were noticing this going on around here. This is one of those things that shouldnt be about black or white but about right and wrong! And its definitely wrong how people are being treated by their abuse of power!
No Trust

Union City, TN

#39 Feb 7, 2013
I have heard of police pulling people over and taking their money. If a person has over a certain amount, they automatically assume it's "drug money" and confiscate it. Ever tried to get any of that money back? You won't get it back. It could be your hard-earned savings. It could be a deposit you're taking to the bank. It makes me nervous to carry over a certain amount of money for fear of being mugged/robbed... not to have to worry about the police doing the same thing! Not everybody puts all their money in the bank. Some of us keep out a few bucks to buy a Coke or cup of coffee, or even lunch.

Ever been behind somebody in line who will write a check for a loaf of bread? I've seen people write checks for $2.00. How stupid is THAT ? So tell me, do people keep most of their cash in the banks? Banks who could go belly-up at any given moment? If that happens, no matter how guaranteed it is that you'll get most of it back - can a person really depend on that? Would you risk your life savings "just in case" something happens and you need cash and can't get your money? Or do you risk carrying a lot of cash with you?

It's hard to know who to trust these days, and if you can't trust the cops, who the hell can you trust??

Union City, TN

#40 Feb 7, 2013
Exactly! The really messed up part if it is that these cops are taking the money and letting the people go without even charging them with anything! This should be VERY illegal!

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