So Far Stephen Fincher Is A Disappoin...

So Far Stephen Fincher Is A Disappointment

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#1 Mar 30, 2011
I'm really disappointed with Stephen Fincher so far. He's been in Washingotn for only a few months, but is already voting like an insider, moderate democrat.

He's a RINO so far (Republican In Name Only). Fincher has not been helping with the massive debt crisis either. He's already voted against several budget cuts that we need to eliminate to bring the debt down. He's also voted to keep certain provisions of Obamacare in place! Obamacare!

I know he said he would never "reach across the aisle", but so far he's looking like he wants to be on the other side of the aisle with the democrats.

If he keeps this up, he needs to be primaried so we can get a real conservative in there!

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#2 Mar 30, 2011
Why are you surprised? He was acting this way during the campaign! Fincher is no conservative, hes more worried now to pay back political favors.
Alan on Palawan

Imus, Philippines

#4 Mar 30, 2011
I agree. He has been a big disappointment. Guys like him clearly show why it is important for conservatives to get active in the primaries. I wrote to him about the current budget mess. I didn't even get the courtesy of the "Thank you for contacting our office" form letter. At least John Tanner's office would acknowledge you when you contacted his office.

He's young & things in that cesspool where he now works are nothing like he is used to. I'm willing to give him some time to learn the ropes there, but I really need to some evidence that he is learning.

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#5 Mar 30, 2011
Well his office staff is a disappointment too. I found out he didn't even hire a Tennessean to be his chief of staff. He got some lady from California. To boot, most of his staff in DC is not Tennessean either. Is it not too much to ask that you actually hire people from the state and district you represent?

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#6 Mar 30, 2011
Now you know why the washington dc goons were pushing so hard for Fincher in the primary. They knew they could count on him to keep the status quo. We need a real conservative, not a democrat pretending to be a republican.

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#7 Mar 31, 2011
This is why I never voted for Fincher. I opposed his election back in the summer, and in november I wrote someone else in. I'm glad to see someone else is waking up to the fact that we elected a fraud. Stephen Fincher was outed for being a democrat, and now he's openly acting like one.
freedom rules

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#8 Mar 31, 2011
Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker are the two worst RINOs in the United States Senate.

Fiddling while Rome burns. And helping Obama throw a little napalm into the fire by voting for unilateral nuclear disarmament.

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#9 Mar 31, 2011
And Stephen Fincher isn't too far behind those two.

Memphis, TN

#10 Feb 18, 2012
Fincher has spent our money like 1000 drunken sailors.

He is dangerous to American freedom and must be defeated.

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#11 Feb 18, 2012
U f uck s don't know what u want! Control your local governments first and then worry about your state, and finally your country.

"heal the lepre in front of you". Mother Theresa

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#12 Feb 18, 2012
I wonder who may be positioning themselves for finches seat seeing as the revived old threads about him. Hmmm.

Newbern, TN

#13 Feb 18, 2012
Northwest Tennessee will never again control this state, or this congressional seat. The population shift has changed everything, including the district voting.

You bumpkins had 30 years and yet the population has shrunk in real terms. But you got what u thought was most important: Concrete , asphalt, and commercial government contracts.

And now, your loyal union voters watch industry pack up and leave behind your "roads to nowhere". Thanks for the memories!

Last one to leave Northwest Tennessee turn out the lights and congratulate the churches for presiding over the most hedonistic era state politics has ever seen.

Thank goodness Herron fell on the sword. I thought it would take a wooden stake to get rid of that weasel.

That's about it, and now back to bashing the goof on the other side from Frog Jump... What a dumb hass .
Freedom Watch

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#14 Feb 24, 2012
Fincher's running scared.

He has a "conservative" Super Pac running ads for him on the Jackson radio station. Oh yes, Fincher is really a conservative.

And what a "conservative" Fincher is! He voted to raise the debt ceiling in his first YEAR of office. He voted for indefinite imprisonment of Americans with no trial, no jury, NO NOTHING. Secret prisons. Your family will have no clue.

So Fincher is a spendthrift. America is about to die from his wild spending. Instead of cutting spending, he decided to spend more. And he will raise the debt ceiling AGAIN before the election.

He took an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution. Instead, Fincher has trampled the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Amendments to the US Constitution. His voting record is that of an un-American tyrant.

Fincher really needs some primary opposition if it is not too late.

"Mr. Conservative."
Fincher Strikes Again

Rockdale, TX

#15 May 2, 2012
CISPA is a greater threat to privacy than SOPA, which was opposed by a deluge of major tech firms after a viral online opposition campaign. CISPA has received less attention because Fincher and his buddies rammed it through full speed ahead Monday morning with no notice or debate.

Fincher knew the American people were against SOPA. CISPA is SOPA on steroids. He voted for CISPA anyway.

Not only would CISPA mandate ISPs to share Internet data of users with the government “notwithstanding any other provision of law,” it also empowers the Department of Homeland Security to monitor the communications of the federal courts and Congress, and intercept tax returns sent to the IRS.

“The government will be able to search information it collects under CISPA for the purposes of investigating American citizens with complete immunity from all privacy protections as long as they can claim someone committed a “cybersecurity crime”. Basically it says the 4th Amendment does not apply online, at all.

Don't expect Obama to veto it, either. This is another area where Obama and Fincher are bosom buddies.

Read more here:

You would think with our current national debt, Fincher would be occupied with things other than destroying American freedom.

Martin, TN

#16 May 3, 2012
Don't Republicans claim they want "less government interference"? They run for office claiming just that.... But when they get into office, you see them going rampant on citizens rights.
Hope everybody that voted for these bozos gets their belly full!!
Think about it

Monterey, TN

#17 May 3, 2012
Hee Hee
Katniss Everdeen

Fort Worth, TX

#18 May 4, 2012
In 2010, the Tea Party handed the House to the Republicans on a silver platter.

Instead of fighting for the Constitution they were sworn to uphold, the Tea Party congressmen have joined with old-line liberal Republicans like Senators Corker and Alexander and liberal Democrats like Obama to destroy the Bill of Rights.

No sooner than their chairs were warm, the Tea Party Republicans agreed with Obama to RAISE THE DEBT CEILING BY $1.5 TRILLION.

We are being hammered by both parties. We have been betrayed by the Tea Party congressmen like Allen West, Stephen Fincher, Michelle Bachmann and Marsha Blackburn.

Fiddling while America burns.

We will never stop the fight to RESTORE AMERICA NOW.

Time to clean House. Again.

Vote them out!!

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