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ull b moving again

Charlotte, NC

#63 May 24, 2011
unless ur black &youll b just fine.

Memphis, TN

#64 May 24, 2011
in pink, purple, blue and black. want to move with me

Charlotte, NC

#65 May 24, 2011
no bc im white & i wouldbe scared to death to walk down the st. if i lived there. thankgoodness for white ppl neighborhoods. lol but ive been in there to get weed years ago & actually i wasnt all that scared at the time but i was also young & dumb & with my boyfriend (at the time) & he had a pistol permit so maybe thats why i felt safe. lol

Memphis, TN

#66 May 24, 2011
well there you go
live free or die

United States

#67 May 26, 2011
You people of Union City are easilly the most pathetic,ignorant inbred mouth breathers ive ever seen. I love reading these comments,its hard to believe such a place exists.

Brooklyn, NY

#68 Jun 10, 2011
eastgate resident wrote:
monkey gates,,,,o good to no yall aint dressin out in uniform ne mo,,,,kkk looking mf hit me up personally hoe,,,,im cool wit all des racial ass comments monkey,,,,to all you scarey white supremacises (sp chck),,,yall hideing behind aka,,,,and yea its easy for yall to talk cash money shit,,,we cant confront you,,,,,,but no one thing half or most of us wasnt afforded that life like yall,,,,hell whites been winning over 500sumn years,,,,the christian thing to do would b walk threw hood,,,what is it you can do to make this community better,,wat child can i help,,,i mean plz,,,dont u want that comfy life to continue,,,,,gods way,,,,,,remembr,,,its ur community to???
U fkn disgrace to man kind do ur research dumb fk statics show a ratio bt whites ,& Blacks guess who has da winning ratio... Dats right white people there are more whites on welfare than blacks get ur ish 2gether dumb a$$ fk!!!!

Brooklyn, NY

#69 Jun 10, 2011
haha yea right wrote:
dont u remember the young boy about 5 or 6yrs ago that got shot there? i do. bc i was riding w a friend that day & saw the crime scene. it was summer.~ sorry about your luck, im white, momna white daddy white, siblibgs white, gmaw white, gdad white, cousins white, my whole fkn fam white & proud of it, so theres no changing my skin color or my beliefs, or what is right & what is wrong. MY HUSBAND IS WHITE & MY BABIES ARE WHITE, SO SORRY ABOUT YOUR LUCK BUT WE WHITE PPL & LOVIN IT. & i kno alot of rednecks, & actualy were alll smart and have common sense, street smarts, education, & then some, sooooo DONT HATE ME BC IM white & beautiful, caz im always gonna b white & proud of my heritage and where i come from. Your just mad bc i spoke truth. hater. have a blessed day brotha, & may the next white redneck u see smile proudly in ur face.
U are white trailorpark TRASH sorry 2 break the news 2 u honey & far from educated u embread red neck piece of filth!!! U live off welfare itself so y r u post comments trailorparks r just as bad as eastgate retarded cracker

York, SC

#70 Jun 11, 2011
live free or die wrote:
You people of Union City are easilly the most pathetic,ignorant inbred mouth breathers ive ever seen. I love reading these comments,its hard to believe such a place exists.
thats why you monkeys are in the projects living off food stamp and selling dope real nice values
big robbie

Miami, FL

#71 Jun 25, 2011
yes im using my name because i dont care are you people serious! i will never respond to ignorance yae i stay in Eastgate but i have stayed in much worst places. go stay in the compton projects then you would see something. come in eastgate today u see blacc and white kids playin together. but jus to down people because they stay in the pj's thats retarded. but i guess people are taught hate but i love u anyway. in a min
wow some people

United States

#72 Jun 25, 2011
to "ha ha yeah right" you are digusting. that is all. you say that you are educated? lmao you cannot tell by the way you type. learn some grammar before you down anyone. as for myself, i am a college educated woman who has had friends that live in Eastgate. oh and guess what?? my skin color happens to be white. and no, i am not out there to buy drugs or screw anyone. i am not afraid to go there or drive through there. i do not judge people, so most of the time people do not judge me. if you actually talked to people and got to know them,instead hiding behind your racist fear and ignorance, you might be surprised at how many good friends you could make. the people i know there would give me the shirt off their back, and i would do the same for them. would you do that for me? even though i'm white like you? i highly doubt it. i'm not denying that there is crime there, but really, where is there not crime? of course i know i am just wasting my breath on you. and that is sad because you will just go on to teach your children the same ignorance that was passed down to you....and so the vicious cycle will continue. i hope your children do not grow up to be as pathetic as you.
and to end this i would like to say i did not post my name on here because i'm more scared of you and your stupidity than i am of anyone from the gates.
have a nice deluded life in the trailer park!

Martin, TN

#74 Jun 26, 2011
Sweet wrote:
EastGate Rocks!! Gotta Love Dat Place!!!!

Martin, TN

#75 Jul 1, 2011

Newberg, OR

#78 Aug 6, 2011
Angie wrote:
Has anyone ever been in those apts. How much are they.
Im sure they are infested and nasty.
They are income based. It just depends on how much you make.

Nashville, TN

#79 May 28, 2014

United States

#80 May 28, 2014
All government makes sure the monkeys are contained in one place. They shouldn't call it E.G it should be the U.C ZOO!

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