Are people born bisexual?

Wattsville, AL

#21 Sep 24, 2011
Capri wrote:
Are people born bisexual or is it a choice because of let downs in relationships?
Choice I say. Just becasue I think of killing someone doesnt mean I go do it!! I dont believe you can be born that way because its not the human nature.

Martin, TN

#22 Sep 24, 2011
Capri wrote:
Are people born bisexual or is it a choice because of let downs in relationships?
Why dont you tell us fruit loop!

Marietta, OH

#23 Sep 24, 2011

United States

#24 Sep 24, 2011
yes i was born this way so dont say anything bad about us? it is just like stuck ups from goodyear to say stuff like this about people like us! i will chop the next one in the chest that says bad stuff about us?

Martin, TN

#26 Sep 24, 2011
guest wrote:
<quoted text>Why dont you tell us fruit loop!
f**ck you! how bout that! i'm not bi, but i have met some people here lately at school who are & its a simple question.

United States

#27 Sep 25, 2011
They need to be eradicated as rabid animal. That's what is wrong with our society now! OH!! I forgot to be Politicly Correct!!!!
Someones_own_exp erience

Orlando, FL

#28 Sep 18, 2012
Hello everyone,
I would like to tell you guys my own experience. These are facts because I am telling you what I have gone through (experienced) myself.

I found out that I was bisexual at the age of 22. Before the age of 22, I was a straight man. How do I know this with 100% certainty? It is an easy answered question. Before the age of 22, I couldn't watch gay porn because I thought it was disgusting. It was a very true and natural body response. It was so true that I immediately used to loose my erections just with the thought of other male. Another fact is that whenever I was around too many guys, I would feel uneasy and disgusted. I was 100% inclined to women.

When did it change? It all started when I began watching Transsexual porn. Those "girls" looked so much like HOT that point I was very curious as to what a Transsexual was. I didn't even know what the word Transsexual meant. At that point in time, I was attracted to the FEMALE part of the Transsexual but also very curious about a women with a penis. So that sprout out ideas into my head.

The next thing I know is...I am masturbating with that idea of having a woman with a penis. The curiosity was so big that I had to break the ice and try it. So I paid a transsexual to have sex with me. At first, I was shaking at the idea of doing it. I had anal sex for the first time...something that changed me forever.

After I crossed that line, I looked for someone on craigslist. That guy was close to where I used lived. We got together and there I gave him my first head. ONCE you cross that line, there is NO turning back.

Since that day, I have been seeing men and having sex with men. I love to give oral and I love anal sex. But I am NOT gay.

I am more inclined to women.

Indeed, do I believe that we are born BISEXUAL? Not in a million years. It is pretty much a CHOICE! But once you make that CHOICE, you are BI for don't turn back.
well then

United States

#29 Sep 18, 2012
Its a choice. We are all born into a world of sin and perversion. We choose to participate in these perverted acts or not. Sleeping with anything that has a heartbeat male or female just because you can is not right. It is dirty. That's why there is so many sexually transmitted diseases out there!!

San Antonio, TX

#30 Nov 4, 2012
Is Necrophilia innate?
Who knows

Martin, TN

#31 Nov 5, 2012

Martin, TN

#32 Nov 5, 2012
ok, here's the thing. for all you saying it's a choice, let me ask you a question. do you choose to be straight or does it just come naturally to you? I mean you don't have to make a choice do you? something just tells you that you like women right?

There have been a lot of studies into this and science proves that this essentially happens on a chemical level. I've personally seen young children displaying homosexual tendencies well before they reach an age where they are supposed to make their "choice". You can look at some people and just tell, women or men.

I'm not saying that's 100% the case every time. I'm sure some straight people have made a conscious decision to try it. but what's the real problem here, anyway? the problem is that religion wants you to believe that homosexuality is a sin. in fact, everything you do is a sin and in other words, wrong, especially anything dealing with sex.

but for some reason, homosexuality is a hot button especially for Christians. Correct me if I'm wrong but does it say anything about homosexuality in the 10 commandments? It doesn't, right? I know there's murder, theft, rape, coveting and all that but I don't remember "Thou shalt not be gay." My personal philosophy is, instead of just accepting the fact that some people are actually born like that, Christians will always deny it, even though there's substantial findings in scientific studies. Why? because if it turns out to be true then it means they were wrong, and it means the Bible was wrong as well. And from what I understand, most Christians believe everything the bible says from cover to cover with no questions.

this creates a dilemma for them when something challenges that and they are forced to reconsider some of the beliefs that they have accepted as fact, even though they themselves have no evidence to support them. instead of just confronting this, they decide to dismiss anything that conflicts with what they believe as blasphemy. it's a dangerous road but nothing new. many scientists and philosophers have been killed for discovering real truths that conflict with the popular beliefs of their time. basically, for someone to admit homosexuality/bisexuality is a naturally occurring phenomena, is to claim that the Bible and the people who blindly follow it are wrong and that that is transferred to their religion and their God. and if one of their main beliefs is wrong, it might open up speculation that others are incorrect as well.

when in actuality, they should realize that if their belief is based on their maker being perfect & omniscient and that man is created in His image, shouldn't that extend to everyone? not just the ones like them? the main goal with man mating with woman is to propagate the species. seeing as how the planet is now overpopulated, perhaps this is God's way of rebalancing things. with all the other really, really bad stuff, all the true evil in this world, I highly doubt God considers two guys or girls getting together a top priority.

Martin, TN

#33 Nov 5, 2012
oh BTW, all the people blaming all of societies woes on people's sexual preferences need to do some research. yes, there is a high number of STDs among gays, just as there are amongst straight people. STDs didnt start with gay people, they've been around for thousands of years.

and that's what's wrong with society? really? people being bisexual is the main concern right now? how about corporate greed or political corruptness? how about religious and racial intolerance? how about economical and financial imbalance between the classes? there are people living on the streets, children starving and being raped and murdered, not to mention everything else that goes on around the world in other countries. Do you really think a guys sucking another guy is where we went off the tracks???
Whose business

Martin, TN

#34 Nov 5, 2012
First, who cares? It's nine of our business!

United States

#35 Nov 13, 2012
Well one things for sure, to each their own. Leave em be.

Opelika, AL

#36 Nov 17, 2012
Of course people are born bi just like people are born lusting after children and animals. bi people are very confused. they may be gay because they think they cannot ever get a partner of the other sex but will take it if they can get it

Tyler, TX

#37 Nov 18, 2012
I think so. From a pretty young age I found both genders to be visually appealing.

San Diego, CA

#38 Feb 8, 2013
Well I believe ppl are born bi. I'm bi and trust me I prlly wld not have chosen to be like this. It's fun and I'm having fun, but yah
sfedfokepsfkpoew rkf


#40 Nov 20, 2014
If we take the fact that babies before birth are all females it is logical that all guys are born bisexual - and depends of enviroment what will be --> homo/hetero/bi/a sexual. So yes, everything is normal. I think more difficult is to explain why there are lesbians ...... I really don't believe this actually exist ....+ i know animals have gay sex but never heard about female animals having sex. i realy doubt lesbians exist i think that is just in their head

Memphis, TN

#41 Nov 20, 2014
No people make the choice to be queer!!!!

Humboldt, TN

#42 Nov 21, 2014
Are people born judgemental?

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