Kids at the Movies?
seen it too many times

Alcoa, TN

#21 May 26, 2010
Irresponsible wrote:
"Think there might be a correlation between this thread and this the one about pregnant girls at OCCHS? "
In the long run, don't you think there ought to be?? I'm not on here to offend anyone, but at least this is a starting point to get parents to wake up and see that their sweet kids, may not always be so sweet and innocent and that they need to check up on their children!
IF these kids are making out in a PUBLIC theater at the age of 11-14, what will they be doing when they're 15 & 16??? When I was that age, I was too afraid of someone telling my parents what I was doing when they saw me out... these kids don't care! I've seen & heard them run out of the theater and Los Portales cussing like sailors, dipping, and making several sexual inuendos.
I would be embarrassed if someone told me that my child was behaving so badly, then I'd beat them within every inch of their life! Most parents chalk it up to "oh they're just being kids and having fun"... Well, those kids are going to be the kids having kids or STDs, and these pretty, young, nieve, girls are going to make a great name for themselves!!
Yes, I do think their correlation between this pre-teen sexual exhibitions at the theater and the high pregnancy rate in this area.
If a 11, 12 or 13 year is permitted to go to the movie wearing skimpy clothes, participate in a heavy make out session, become sexually adventurous with "hands in the pants" and in rumored oral sex, then what is left for them to do when they are 14, 15 or 16?

Yes, they are going to think they are sexually mature enough to engage in sex. The problem is that they are not mature enough to understand how their reproductive system works, and they become a teenage pregnancy statistic.

This all leads back to bad parenting. These parents are very much aware of how their young daughter is dressed when she steps out of their vehicle. There is no need to be wearing skimpy clothes when they are entering an air conditioned building.

If the parents would "check up" on their children at the movies, they would/should be surprised at their behavior.

The problem with some of these parents is that they are too permissive with their children. They are too concerned with being the "cool parent" or with "reliving their own youth".

They are not even concerned when their child becomes a teenage parent. They are only concerned with being a young, attractive grandparent.

Some of the parents in this area have a serious problem with priorities and morals.

Alcoa, TN

#22 May 26, 2010
"The above post makes me wish I was young again. Nothing wrong with getting a little stink'ie on the finger "


I know that these kids are going to have to "grow up sooner or later", but you're not going to put them behind the wheel of a car to teach them how to drive unsupervised, are you? You teach them the rules, put them behind the wheel, and you sit back and coach them through it. Dating is NO different!! They need to know rules/limitations, they need to be watched and talked to, so they'll know what appropriate behavior is.

Rives, MO

#23 Jul 9, 2010
But, you do have to think, not all pre-teens/teens are like that. There are some that know how to behave in public. And they should get a little credit for that, and not put in the same catigory. So, all of you saying "kid's these days" or "all kids" should think about thous few that aren't 'nasty' when they go to the theater.

I am 15 years old, but I am most certainly not the type of teens you are talking about. I was brought up right, and i know that anyone who does those types of things at the movies, in public shows disrespect for their family. And I would never.

So just give some credit for those who know how they are to act, and don't group them with these teens who have no morals. That's all I ask, Please.

Dunmor, KY

#24 Jul 10, 2010
Parents, please go to the movies with your children. It's not a good place for them to be by themselves. Especially good kids can be influenced or taken in by older no-good ones. They don't realize that the person being "nice" to them may be a predator. This does lead to teen sex and pregnancy.
boat man

Alcoa, TN

#25 Jul 10, 2010
silence wrote:
I remember several years ago while attending the theater. There was a couple of teens sitting beside me making out. Instead of making a complaint to the manager. I went to the concessions counter and purchased a large cup of ice water. When I returned to my seat. The teens was still groping one another. So after waiting a few minutes I ( accidentally ) spilled the entire cup in the young man's lap. They decided to leave. Best 3 dollars I spent
im sure that took care of everything and changed their lives for the arent you just the smart one. what if the kid had pulled out a pistol and shot your ass and ten or 12 others.. ever think of that oh wise one?

United States

#26 Jul 29, 2010
Okay, I dont think its right for pre-teens to date, but 14 and up I dont think there's a problem with it. All teenagers have hormones and they all think about sex! And you did too when you was a teen, and occhs is NOT the only high school with teen parents ! This is a new generation and things are different now. We dont live in the time of Andy and Barney anymore, and its no one's buisness how parents raise their children, why yall are all on here talking about everyone else's kids yours is probally doing something stupid right at this very moment. People really need to get off their high horses! And 99% of the time , the parents that are more strict usually have the more wild children. Just remember you were once young too, and probally just mad because you still arnt. Kids are going ot be kids, and what they dont do in front of your face they are doing it behinde your back. Everyone makes mistakes and we all have screwed up and did something we've regretted .

Waterloo, Canada

#27 Jul 29, 2010
OC Parent wrote:
I want to know why these kids are not asked to show I.D. to get a ticket for a PG13 movie? Is it illegal to drop your 13 and under kids off at the theater unsupervised?
I don't think it is illegal because either at age 12 or 13 you are able to be at home by yourself and if u can be home alone at that age then ur aloud to drop them off at the movies the bowling alley and the skating rink. I personally think it should be illegal cause anything can happen to your kids. I remember getting dropped off at that age at the bowling alley and skating rink and the movies.

Martin, TN

#28 Jul 29, 2010
hmmm wrote:
They're too young to be dropped off at the movies for a "date" when they're under the age of 14. They're also too young to be on social websites, have cell phones, and e-mail addresses without some kind of parental supervision. Some parents give in too easily to all of the above mentioned things and don't check up on them...don't you think that's irresponsible? Have you noticed the number of teenage girls pregnant in this area? Have you seen/heard about these young people taking nude pictures of themselves and sending them out via text/e-mail?If you allow your children to go to the movies, make sure there's an adult present. If you allow your child a cell phone, randomly check it to make sure what's going on. Social websites, don't allow them to have one, unless you have their passwords.
Maybe that's a little off topic, but needed to be said.
The girls who take nude shots and send those pics out are called 'Attention Whores.' They want to be thought of as 'hot,' but what they really are is trashy. I'm sick of low-slung jeans with butt cracks showing, and tattoos or whatever. These practically flat-chested, no-hip sticks walking around showing off their anorexic bodies -- at age 11 and up -- in my opinion, their parents need a reality check. They need to be kids first and then gradually grow up. The number of underage pregnant girls in this area is just staggering. Who is paying for all of these young girls to stay home and get state aid? We the taxpayers, that's who. So we do have a right to bitch and complain about how our tax dollars are being spent... and we have a right to complain about these young girls becoming unwed mothers. It's not 'cool' to be pregnant and unmarried. It's not cool to ask your parents to babysit while you go out and have sex or 'date' someone. It's not cool not to get an education and make something of yourself. It's not cool to be used by a guy and it's not cool to think that you're an adult simply because you have a kid. These poor babies are being brought into this world without a clue as to who their fathers are, and they're being raised by their grandparents. There needs to be some incentive for these young girls to think more of themselves than they do. They must think they're not worthy of a good life... a life without being used by some teenage boy who could care less 3 seconds after it's over. Seriously.
ha ha

Hendersonville, NC

#29 Jul 30, 2010
We all did it wrote:
I remember going to the Volunteer Twin Cinema as a kid. You Can't control everything that kids do
wrong, wrong, wrong!

Owensboro, KY

#30 Jul 30, 2010
Most of the movies aren't worth watching anyway. Parents, do not let your kids run loose at the theater. If they pay attention to the movie, what kind of junk will go into their heads???
Robert Jimerson

Granville, TN

#31 Jun 30, 2012
We all did it wrote:
I remember going to the Volunteer Twin Cinema as a kid. You Can't control everything that kids do
I recall going to the Volunteer Twin Cinema, but never seeing a photo of it anywhere. Has anyone ever seen a photo of it or know where I could find a copy? Thanks.
Fanger Bowl

Newbern, TN

#32 Jun 30, 2012
Why are all the young boys smelling each others fingers at Los Potalas around 9pm tonight? They got some new Salsa?

Troy, TN

#33 Jul 1, 2012
Spay and neuter the kids! Then throw their asses in cells. I hate god damn kids
Think about it

Cookeville, TN

#34 Jul 1, 2012
I'm not being a smart *SS, but maybe concerned adults should start some undercover work at the theaters. Too much making out? Call them on it and then call their parents. Of course, this will only work if you only confront kids whose parents have standards compatible with this action. Good luck.

Martin, TN

#35 Jul 2, 2012
I rember the capital in the early 70s anybody know who the user was?

United States

#36 Jul 2, 2012
It's somewhat difficult to break the chain of bad parenting when white trash people breed new white trash. Unfortunately, society and it's taxpayers are left to take care of the mess that is created from pure ignorance. .

United States

#37 Jul 2, 2012
Black trash too! Don't want to leave out anyone. Fortunately, thanks to Obama's helpful advice, more blacks than ever are having abortions at astounding rates.

Martin, TN

#38 Jul 2, 2012
You know when their parents or step-parents do these things in front of them and start them horomones running for them, its the parents fault. I've seen them do it at baseball and basketball games all over Union City and Obion Co. And the sad part about all this is, most all these kids go to church on Sundays and txt and hold hands there also.

Cypress, TX

#39 Jul 9, 2012
I drop my 16year old off with her friends, I dont see anything wrong in it, I trust my child.
the thong hunter

Buna, TX

#40 Jul 11, 2012
HappyGoLucky wrote:
I drop my 16year old off with her friends, I dont see anything wrong in it, I trust my child.
Wait til she tells you you're gonna be a granny, then you're gonna wish you had kept an eye on her. Have fun changing diapers again! Ha

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