Heather Haw Infinger
Gina Noah

Douglasville, GA

#1 Jan 14, 2011

Whats wrong heather you couldnt take the heat of your name being on the Hickman,Ky forum so you had to go off and delet it? Well honey dont try to dish something out that you cant take yourself.You went beyond extreme measures to post Seth name all on that forum as being a bad person but sure dont want people to know all the dirty little secrets that you have done in your life. Do you honesty think that Seth is going to go away? Come on now you took his daughter out of state and he wants his rights to see her. You have violated everylaw that there is to his visitation rights not to mention all the fraud that you have done to obtain things in thatyou shouldnt have had. Only in matter of time will it all hit you like a big slap in the face. Seth is not going to go away so you can get the thought out of your big head that Sharon is all yours. Do you honestly think that I cant copy and paste stuff. Gees you arent to smart. I didnt go down to the dirty little things that you have done till you plaster seth name on here I just wanted everyone to know that Elgin isnt what he makes himself out to be. I mean come on he cant ever bother to see his children for a year and goes to jail for not paying child support and ya'll both tried to make seth out to be little of nothing when Elgin is in the wrong as well. Now with saying all this have fun with getting this post deleted. I knew tha tyou wouldnt even bother to commit back cause again we showed eveybody what your true colors really are! Now Heather go and try to have a nice weekend!And remind your husband that he needs to go and father his own children and leave Seth to be Sharon father
Gina Noah

Douglasville, GA

#2 Jan 14, 2011
You know what Heather you dont know nothing about seth. You dont know anything that lead up to the circumstances of what really happened!Its kind of odd that you to say that he done that when I have his indictment papers right here in the filing cabinet along with every other important paper! The police never found no gun and never could proof that one was even used!Have you ever thought that maybe he just pled to it so he could get the hell out of jail cause his bond was so high that nobody could come up with the money to get him out! People go to jail and get accused of doing things that they didnt really do all the time! You know that girl was pregnant and she went and had an abortion behind his back and then when he found out what she did he wanted to leave and when he decided to leave she threatened to kill herself in front of her very own children! When seth went out that door she came at him with a knife towards him! That crazy ass ex girlfriend of his still aint any better she still the same ol pathological liar that she will always be! Not to long ago the girl was harrassing us and I had to call the cops on her!For Seth to have done what you are accussing him of doing then I dont think the girl would have been trying to get him to leave me to go back to her! I dont know nobody in the right or wrong mind that would want to be with somebody that stuck a gun to their head! She is a good for nothing person that is going to always put drugs over her own children. She couldnt even go to rehab and successfully come out and stay clean! People make mistakes in their lifetime and people can change but she has proven to everybody that she cant change her ways! If he hadnt of left then no telling what would have happened to him!Seth is a different person. He has walked down his probation with no problems! He doesnt drink anymore and as a matter of fact hasnt had anything to drink in over a year now so go chalk that one up Heather! I know its you on here making seth out to be the bad one when in reality you are the bad one! Time is coming for you my dear friend. We tried to be nice as we could be about you letting us see sharon but you just want to be the big a$$ b*tch that you are being!

Douglasville, GA

#6 Jan 14, 2011
If for one minute I thought that my or my family life was at risk with seth I wouldnt be here. U see I had a ex ol man that was very abusive who tend to beat on me and break everything in the house and I can tell you Heather that Seth has never in any way ever threatened, abused or even made me scared for my life. We cant help that you and him didnt work out! Maybe just maybe had you not gone all psycho on him and run him over with a truck you two might have worked out!Seth past has nothing to do with him wanting to see his daughter! You collected all that money over the years in child support and honey all I see you as is a gold digger!Everytime that the court would set an amount of money for him to pay in child support you would go and appeal iot like it wasnt eenough money. You know the man does have to live to.Lets see i know of a few things that you have done illegally in the past year or so if I was you then I wouldnt try to make Seth out to be the bad guy in this! Only With one phone call can I get you in so much trouble that you cant even think fast enough to get out of so if I was you I would watch what you say and how you react to certain things! Oh and Heather if you aint got so much to hide from then why didnt you just put you name on here! We know that your hiding alot and its only going to be a matter of time that all the wrong that you have done towards Seth catches up with you! I dont care if I have to pay a millioon dollars to the best lawyer HE WILL GET TO SEE HIS DAUGHTER!!!!! You cant use that crap against him cause I know a lawyer that will chalk that up into pure dust he helped someone else out that I know that had her ex trying to take her child from her when something happend that the child wasnt even around! Just to let you know that you time is running out till we get to see Sharon! I dont know why you want to be so ugly about it when all we want is to see her its not like we are wanting to take her from you but thats ok we know that your a greedy person and all this money that is being spent on a lawyer could actually go to Sharon going to college!Heather you can sit here and try to make Seth out to be the bad one and Elgin and you to be the saint but honey there has got to be reasons as to why he went a whole year without seeing his children! He needs to go be a daddy to his own children and leave Seth to be Sharon father. Seth will never sign over his rights to you so you might as well give that up! We have every letter that he has written you so one day that little girl will know that you have kept her from other family that loves her and cares about her! I hope that it comes back to bite you in the butt! Now you go and have a nice day now Heather. I got to get ready for the long 16 hours that I fixing to go and work and I am sure that Seth will be on here later to comment to you when he gets home from work!
Seth J Noah

Douglasville, GA

#7 Jan 14, 2011
a winner you say lmao this is funny one i fail to see where that has anything to do with my daughter and there isn't a judge in the world that will find that of any interest in having to do with my daughter that has nothing to do with it but since you want to get all up in my buisness thats fine you want to go low and i can get down with the worst of them first off "allegedly" that means there was no proof secondly i didn't spend no six months in jail i spent 135 days as time served secondly they found no handgun why because there wasn't one thus why i only spent 135 days in jail the supposed sentence that you was refering to isn't a sentence but was the distric attorney's offer which i didn't take i did take a plea of better interest later on and did as the court ordered you don't know what your talking about i don't take any of that back and i would do it again if put in that situation again it came down to a decision on let her stab me or stop her my choice was me over her now i seem to wonder why one would plaster my name on here when the thread isn't even about me i find it humourous keep telling yourself everything is alright i just want you to keep on word in you little bitty mind that word is "fraud" something your guilty of so you best get a lawyer because mine assures me that i will have full custody of my daughter especially when the evidence gets out against you ive tried being nice but my being nice days to you are over so keep my name out of your mouth or is it because i just taste that good lol i have no time deal with your stupidity on this slum forum but when im told my name is on here i just have to comment but im sure your use to being on this slum forum well....i guess your just use to slumming it have a nice day and hope you sleep well at night because they are numbered

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