sherrifs race again.

Ulysses, KS

#62 Jul 24, 2008
Babcock Fiasco part 3
At the beginning of their terms in 2001 when Reserve Deputy Robbie Reeves was caught in a hotel room in Liberal Kansas with Reserve Deputy Greg Heckel’s underage daughter. Babcock obtained information that Reeves and the girl were at this particular hotel in Liberal and he sent Undersheriff Loy Henderson with Greg Heckel to check it out. They caught Reeves in the act. Reeves was suspended for a short time and then was reinstated to his position. Heckel’s protests fell on deaf ears so he resigned. Can you blame him. Reeves is probably lucky Heckel did kill him. Where are Babcock’s and Henderson’s Morals, their sense of right and wrong?
Finally we come to document doctoring, staring Undersheriff Loy Henderson and Reserve Deputy Robbie Reeves. Reeves is scheduled to work at his full time job when he learns about search warrant that is going down. He calls in sick to the gas company and clocks in with the Sheriffs Department. During the operation, Reeves’ employer believes that he see Reeves driving a Sheriffs vehicle. The employer confronted Reeves and he lies saying he was sick and not working for the Sheriff’s Department. To cover his assets, Reeves goes to Henderson and asks him to lie. When the employer from the gas company goes to visit Henderson about whether or not Reeves was working for the Sheriff that day, Henderson lies for Reeves. Henderson also goes to the clerk’s office and changes Reeves time card to indicate he was not working the day of the search warrant. It is rumored that the warrant was changed and charges could not be filed in what became a drug case, all to cover for Reeves. Does any of this sound illegal to you?
Well, that is it for now. I am working on more leads and Mr Lee has given me more to look at. The new leads include Jailer Steve Kinsey punching a handcuffed suspect in the face for calling Steve names. All this leads me to this conclusion, Why are paying these people? This is the most unprofessional group I have ever heard about. I've heard people say,“But Lance has never done anything to me” and “He is a nice guy”. That’s great but this is not a Miss Congeniality contest, he wants to be sheriff. Babcock and Henderson are highly paid elected and public officials, they carry guns and make judgments on whether or not you get a ticket or go to jail. They are supposed to be professional, ethical and moral and they are none of these things.
Mr Babcock and Mr Henderson, it is time for you to step down. Turn in your resignations and let this county get a fresh start, free of corruption, incompetence and on duty sex. It is time to stop embarrassing the citizens of this county not to mention yourselves. Resign Now.
Sincerely, MelISSa SWick KrauSe

Ulysses, KS

#63 Jul 24, 2008
Babcock Fiasco part 2

Next is the whole incompetent fiasco with the prisoner that escaped and was not discovered missing for four days. Only after Finney County showed up to pick up their prisoner, did a city officer make the discovery. What the hell is going on down there? Where was Undersheriff Loy Henderson? He is the Jail Administrator and responsible for what goes on there. Was no one watching these inmates? Were they being counted on a regular basis? Where was Babcock? He is in charge of whole department. Were these two bumbling fools doing anything? There needs to be a complete review of all the jail policies and procedures, Babcock, Henderson and the jailers involved need to be held accountable and a more professional jail staff and administrator hired to replace Marx Brothers who are working there now.

Maybe the next incident can explain why no one was watching the jail and why no one was fired for their incompetence. This one involves Jailer Wayne Stepp and a female inmate being housed in the Grant County Jail. Wayne who was married with children apparently developed an intimate relationship on duty with this female prisoner. At one point during this relationship Wayne was caught kissing this inmate in the kitchen area of the jail. This incident was reported to Babcock and Henderson and their solution to problem was?? Transfer the girl to Stanton County and Wayne got nothing, literally. Now, I am a reasonable person and I do not believe in sticking my nose into other peoples business, but when they are a public servant being paid by my tax dollars then I feel I have the right to. I don’t think we should be paying for Wayne Stepp to make out with female prisoners. Now I have been told he was fired just recently for another incident involving this girl. Why in gods name did Babcock not get rid of this guy the first time this happened? Do Babcock and Henderson have a spine between them? Or, maybe they don’t have a moral leg to stand on when it comes to disciplining employees for on duty affairs? Well anyway Wayne lost his job and his wife and kids but he did gain a girlfriend with no job and a criminal record. Good move.

The “Moral Leg” to stand on? It is hard to punish someone for an on duty affair when you have just done this yourself. That being said, maybe people don’t know that Lance Babcock had an on duty affair with Cindy Heaton which produced a child and nearly a divorce. Somehow the Babcock’s stuck it out and perhaps their relationship will be stronger for it but it does not diminish the fact that he was meeting her out on country roads, knocked her up and offered to pay her child support. Again we paid for Babcock to have sex. Maybe the county should be paying child support. Perhaps his time would have been better spent checking on his jailers and inmates? How can a man lead a Sheriff’s Dept and discipline employees when they can hold this over his head? Isn’t he supposed to be a role model and representative for this county. Good Job Lance. It seems that Lance and Loy have problems dealing with sex scandals in their department.

Ulysses, KS

#64 Jul 24, 2008
As report by my favorite woman.
The truth about Lonnie Lee Part 1

Dear Citizens of Grant County and Ulysses,
Please forward this email to all your friends. After much consideration and research I have decided to tell you the truth about Lonnie Lee and his terms in office as the Sheriff of Grant County and the Chief of Police of the City of Ulysses . Although I have never met Mr Lee I have heard many disturbing things about his time as Sheriff and Chief. I put out some feelers a few months ago when I heard he was running against Lance Babcock and found out some really interesting things. The problem is they are two peas in a pod. Their sins and blunders are different and similar but in the end neither should be allowed to wear badge ever again.
In my research I read newspaper articles in the Ulysses News and Garden City Telegram and spoke to some of the officers who worked with Lee during those days, some who still work at the LEC. When I was done I asked myself, DO WE REALLY WANT 4 MORE YEARS OF LONNIE LEE AS SHERIFF? No we do not. From all accounts he was a Hot Tempered, Power Hungary, Womanizing, EGOMANIAC, who alledgedly had affairs with at least 4 female employees that worked for him, broke up two marriages, was investigated twice by the KBI and by the City of Ulysses, Used his County computer and internet and email service to visit multiple pornographic web sites and online dating services, exchanged emails with perspective women he met online, was placed on medical leave for a mental evaluation, was fired by the City and blown out of the water in the election by Lance Babcock. I have scanned some of the Headlines for you to see. Ask yourself, DO YOU WANT HIM AS YOUR SHERIFF?
Me Lee's complete hypocrisy is unbelievable. This would have been funny if he was not very serious about being Sheriff again. Mr Lee’s letters in the newspaper and the articles from him and about him during his terms in office show his completely delusional assessments of his years as Sheriff. He is so full of himself and completely delusional. I am sure Mr Lee did have some accomplishments during his time in office but for me the bad outweighed any good the man ever did. In his first letter this year he brags about his accomplishments with kids programs. What he does not tell you is that he supported underage drinking of alcohol by minors and refused to allow his officers to enter and arrest minors who were consuming alcohol in a city parking lot just off of Main St that was once called Hell Parking Lot. According to officers, this sanctuary parking lot and an area out at the "Railroad Bridge" were off limits . Officers were reprimanded for violating this rule and were told that,“Young people need a place to drink”. Sounds like a "Hell" of a guy.

Ulysses, KS

#65 Jul 24, 2008
As reported by her

The truth about Lonnie Lee Part 2

At about the same time as this letter was printed in the paper, Lee sent out a private mailing to several hundred people in Ulysses. This letter was aimed directly at Babcock. Again it was laughable, Lee chastising Babcock for not disciplining Wayne Stepp for an on duty in the jail affair with an inmate when Lee himself did very similar things. According to my sources, Lee had questionable relationships with Lora Foresman Jailer/ Undersheriff and now his Campaign Treasurer, Deb Richter Jailer, Shelia Harding Dispatcher and Kathy Schwartzer Secretary. During these times there were improprieties involving at least two of these women and inmates and no disciplinary action was taken against them. According to a former jailer, Richter was caught taking guitar string and other contraband into the jail and giving it to inmates, whom she had grown close to, to help them make tattoo machines. Guitar string can also be used to strangle a jailer. Lee was reportedly having an affair with Richter at the time and she was kept on as Jailer. Lora Foresman was seen taking a Wichita inmate home several times to,“ Work on her home”. This inmate later stole a highway patrol car and was involved in a chase. Foresman was suspected of having an affair with this inmate and Lee did nothing. I received pages of documents about incidents including what borders on domestic violence with dispatcher Shelia Hardin.
If a person like me can find out this much info then can imagine how much stuff is still out there about him.
Please, don't take my word for it. Take time to read these news clippings, ask questions and do your own research. An uninformed vote is a wasted vote.
Sincerely, MelISSa SWick KrauSe

Ulysses, KS

#66 Jul 24, 2008
As reported by my girl.

Lonnie Lee working with kids.

Dear Citizens of Grant County

Please forward this email to all your friends.Here is another example of Mr Lee’s working with kids was his attack on a minor child whose name I am withholding for now. I will call him CG. I have attached the news article where the City Administrator ref this KBI investigation. According to witnesses, CG was no angel but he made no aggressive moves towards Lee in the parking of what was the Kerr McGee Gas Station in 1999. Simply calling Lee “Dude” was enough provocation for Lee to choke CG almost to unconsciousness in front of 3 fellow officers and 6 to 8 other witnesses including CG's Mother. Lee was investigated for Battery by the Kansas Bureau of Investigations.

Sincerely, MelISSa SWick KrauSe

Ulysses, KS

#67 Jul 24, 2008

Let's see how long these posts remain up here. I'm betting not long.

Holcomb, KS

#68 Jul 24, 2008
same sh** different day!
nothing new here!
Barney Fife

Johnson, KS

#69 Jul 25, 2008
I always thought it was wrong when Andy would let Otis lock himself up in jail, then let himself out whenever he thought that he was sober. If that is not condoning drinking, I don't know what is. Also, how could I properly defend Mayberry when I was only allowed to carry one bullet, in my pocket? I wasn't even allowed to carry it in the gun! For cryin' out loud! I always suspected Floyd the Barber of being on cocaine too, the way he couldn't put a sentence together....and the way he talked...A..a...a...a...Andy.. .give me a break. Heck, we all knew he was a coke head. Would Andy do anything??? Heck no! And there's more!! All of the cheating by the ladies in the ladies auxilliary club's rose contest, or baking contest, or even the quilting contest!!! I mean, there was some real fraud going on there. What did Andy do??? Nothing! He supported his Aunt Bea! I mean, Opie turned out okay, and I don't know why or how. We all knew that Andy hit on every new single lady in town. Drug every single one of them over to to the city, Mt. Pilot. Who knows what went on over there? From the school teacher to the flower ship lady, to the lady who opened up the hair place, Andy was all over
'em. Remember that time he had TWO of his girlfriends show up at the county fair? I felt so bad for them. Neither of them knew about the other. Andy really thought he was a ladies man, and I will tell you this much. He talked to them a LOT on the county's time. You can ask the operator, whe was always hooking them up. She should be fired too!! That's a fact!! Come to think of it, he took Opie fishing a lot on work time as well. OH...and this too. Remember how Gomer Pyle would always get money for messing up his mechanics job? Another fraudulent mess, if you ask me. Andy would usually just go talk to him, and make him work on it some more. He was never charged with anything illegal! Thank God that Sgt Carter straightened Gomer out once he got shipped to the Marine Corp.

Holcomb, KS

#70 Jul 25, 2008
and dont forget Gomer is also gay! That could really stir some stuff up in Mayberry not to mention the Marines!
Barney Fife

Johnson, KS

#71 Jul 25, 2008
That's true. Gomer hit on me all of the time. Andy wouldn't do anything about that either!

Oh, I found proof that Andy went fishing on county time.

&fe ature=related
also knows

Richfield, KS

#72 Jul 27, 2008
Protect Your Children wrote:
If you're any DECENT PARENT that cares for your child you WILL NOT vote for Lonnie Lee! He covers up and condones child molestation and incest, I know from personal experience. I was just one child of many more. The predator is still walking the streets of Ulysses and I'm sure still molesting children. If he is voted I WILL reveal this once again! I thank God everyday I no longer live there. I beg of you to please look out for the youth of Ulysses. It's a sick and horrible experience to have to go through and live with. This is NOT slander this is the absolute TRUTH!
I am glad someone besides me knows the REAL Lonnie Lee, and has the guts to say it publicly; too bad you don't live in the area any more so you could help spread the truth on the street.

My memory of Mr. Lee goes back to the '50's and '60's when our generation was growing up; seems the most corrupt families for sex crimes and other, such as theft, were "close friends and good buddies" with Mr. Lee and his family

(going back in his ancestry, there is significant negativeness present in the family tree prior to their family ever settling in Grant County, I have talked to distant cousins of Mr. Lee who confirmed this, but we should judge an individual mostly on their own individual merit rather than past history they may be derivatives of),

and every time someone complained about them, they would fall back on Lonnie Lee for defense, even as he was a kid.
also knows

Richfield, KS

#73 Jul 27, 2008
Also seems I recall, that Lonnie Lee and several of his closest friends, were in so much trouble with the law, that ultimately the judge said to them (including Lonnie), OK, here are your choices, you are either going to the penitentiary for a substantial period of time,(like maybe life), or you can join the Army, what do you want to do ? Lonnie was one who said, "You know, I've been thinking about joining the Army".

Through a career in the military and associated discipline, he has been polishing his halo in many ways, but I see him as still the same basic Lonnie.

He got his own (and has helped others) criminal record expunged, a legal process that wipes the record clean as though it never happened (with nothing on the record, it is un-provable); if he really has had a change of heart, I have no problems with this, but I don't see such a fundamental change as history unfolds.

He participates in various civic groups, such as the American Legion and I believe the Lions Club, and others as part of his public image molding process for political reasons like typical politicians do, more concerned with image than substance.

The story is told how his mother, Bessie Lee, while working at the hospital, was caught, I believe with others, going through doctor's clothes and wallets in the doctor's lounge while the doctors were scrubbed up and in surgery, taking money out of their pants and wallets; the doctors noticed when they came out of surgery to change back into non-surgical attire they would find money missing out of their pants and wallets. Lonnie's' mother was one who was exposed as guilty. Supposedly, Lonnie (probably in the role of a military policeman by now) got her (perhaps others) of the hook and she retired from the hospital "with a gold watch" for years of public service as I recall.
also knows

Richfield, KS

#74 Jul 27, 2008
This reminds me of the story about Ray Siscoe, when he was Sheriff of Grant County, whose wife was a confirmed kleptomaniac (kleptomania: a persistent neurotic impulse to steal especially without economic motive ), as as such, her husband (Sheriff of Grant County) would go around to all the businesses in town and explain that his wife was mentally ill with this psychiatric disorder and they had her to numerous therapists but it was in-curable, so if they caught her shop-lifting out of the store, instead of filing a complaint against her, they should just call him and he would come down and pay for it; of course what ever she hauled out of the store without getting caught, the Sisco family was just that much ahead. It is hard to believe that on the Sheriff's salary at the time, if they couldn't afford to pay for it up front, how could they pay for it when they got caught.

I believe Sheriff Sisco was in control at the time and helped Mr. Lee go to the army instead of the pen; perhaps Mr. Lee had good training instructions, and his bragging that he has hired and trained a lot of the current officers might explain why we have had so many rotten eggs in law enforcement in Grant County since Sheriff Sisco (given Grant County history, maybe before).
also knows

Richfield, KS

#75 Jul 27, 2008
I also found your comment regarding Lonnie Lee's record on protecting sexual offenders (child molesters, whores, queers, etc.) interesting and agree with you 100%. Might you be referring to a certain photographer in town (JB).; he has been a known sexual offender since the family moved to Ulysses in the early 1950's, and used his job as a janitor at the school district as a convenient tool to exploit numerous children since the early '50's; this went on for decades, and finally I understand so many complaints arose that he was ultimately committed to Larned State Hospital for evaluation and confinement; his name should be on the list of sexual predators and offenders for public knowledge. I understand, Lonnie Lee (good friend and by now career military man with supposedly military police status/training) got Mr. B. out of detention and off the hook that had taken years for him to be put away, and possibly his criminal record of sexual crimes expunged as well. He is out, walking free in Ulysses, and may be pimping whores at the current time in addition to his other known activities.

Seems a lot of corruption (sex crimes, drugs, theft) has historically come from a certain group of individuals in Grant County, many of whom were affiliated at one time or another with a certain "religious" denomination located on Colorado Street not far north from highway 160 that these people went through the motions of being "Christians" in.

I distinctly remember a lot of these (and those "friends" of Lonnie Lee outside of said organization) were notorious for picking and creating a fight, and then if they began to loose, would immediately seek refuge in the protection of Lonnie Lee, even as a kid, who reveled in the supposed role of being a “call a truce” mediator, of course always mediating the situation in favor of Lonnie's buddies who started the whole fight in the first place.
also knows

Richfield, KS

#76 Jul 27, 2008
Lonnie Lee publicly claims to be anti-drug. His "under cover" drug operations (utilizing many of his old gang and crowd of cronies from an already negative past) probably introduced MORE drugs to Grant County than they ever resolved; I know people who claim when he was coming out of the military and getting into civilian law enforcement (including Sheriff) that the cops would set in the alley and sell drugs behind Lonnie's mother's house nearly every night, but the drug busts only occurred when they needed to go after someone who was getting out of their control. He did bust druggies (mainly Mexicans, the white top pushers have never been prosecuted even during Lonnie's reign as Sheriff and are still on the street, maybe active, maybe inactive) from time to time, probably for publicity; I would like to know how much money he and his "under cover" agents MADE in the process.

I am aware that the current Sheriff and city police do maintain an active current TRUE UNDERCOVER anti-drug operation, with K-9 agents; perhaps you hear about it less because it is truly undercover WITHOUT CAUSING IT, and it is more effective resulting in LESS drugs in Grant County than in the past, although I'm sure drugs are still and always will be a major problem for all jurisdictions. Maybe it is so undercover, that the "official" publicly obvious law enforcement team is even unaware of it in total or part, in case they need to be investigated. Large jurisdictions have units like this. I once saw a photo in a national magazine of a busy street a block long (packed with hundreds of people, maybe over a thousand) in New York City. It appeared to be a normal city street scene from any given day; turned out to be a staged planned aerial photo. Every one in the whole picture was an undercover cop in plain clothes on the payroll of the New York City police force, taxi drivers and street sweepers included, even the hot dog vendors. Most of the uniformed officers did not even know these agents or their status. So how does Lonnie know undercover drug operations are non-existent in Grant County. Since he is not a member of the team or in control, it is none of his business if such an organization exists or who is in it if it does. Truly professional law enforcement organizations have internal affairs and other units who "watch the watchers".
also knows

Richfield, KS

#77 Jul 27, 2008
One poster made the point that Lonnie was fired from his last job, a high level security position for a large company. Don't know for sure if this is true, but have wondered the very same thing; wouldn't surprise me a bit if it is true. This issue needs to be investigated and exposed if correct -- was the reason sexual harassment, or other ? In any event, if true, I guess this company discovered the real Lonnie Lee.
also knows

Richfield, KS

#78 Jul 27, 2008
Lonnie is playing the Sherry Leighty murder case as a political football, trying to get the sympathy vote. To every one's knowledge, there is no NEW evidence beyond what they had while he was Sheriff; if he couldn't solve the case then, he can't solve it now. Crime profilers, while used by law enforcement especially in larger jurisdictions where the budget can support them, seldom solve a case until the case is solved by other concrete evidence, and at that time they stand up retroactively and say "I told you so" trying to claim as much credit for solving it as the hair pulling, worn shoe leather efforts of the detectives who actually break the case. Profilers have their place, perhaps Babcock should have followed through on this, but Lonnie had plenty of time while still Sheriff to do so (if he believes in it so much) and DID NOT. Profilers work with what MIGHT BE (which has to be considered); hard core detectives who break cases work with WHAT IS PROVABLE. It is too bad that Lonnie Lee is trying to use/exploit the Sherry Leighty murder case for his own selfish political purposes, but typically Lonnie Lee.
also knows

Richfield, KS

#79 Jul 27, 2008
I hope the voters will remember all the reasons they dumped Lonnie in the past, as far as I am concerned, all those reasons still apply.

Regarding Mr. Cavasos, if he was really screwing all the teachers in the school district before he got into police work, that sexual perversion alone should have pre-empted him from ever having gotten on the force (same as for Lonnie), much less running for Sheriff; but I suppose he did so under Sheriff Lee and as such, is another officer "trained" by Lonnie. It seems Lonnie loves to be surrounded by a "harem" of female officers and be king of the roost -- yet Lonnie's personal married life is, as I recall, a disaster with multiple divorces, not uncommon for cops. Before Mr. Cavasos announced his candidacy for Sheriff, one of the well established Mexicans in the community told me that Officer Cavasos was one of the “dumbest” officers on the force; I did not say this, he did.
also knows

Richfield, KS

#80 Jul 27, 2008
I was aware of some mistakes by Sheriff Babcock, or his employees that he may have been too lenient with when they screwed up with theirs, perhaps he planned on replacing them when higher quality personnel became available, only he knows. Due to the stress of the job and high moral and ethical requirements, high quality personnel is difficult to recruit and retain in any jurisdiction, and often the criminal element takes advantage of this to infiltrate a law enforcement organization to hide behind a badge and a gun using it for legal cover easily controlling the system like a Mexican drug cartel. It saddens me to learn that some of the negatives being posted about Lance are apparently true. But I don't believe he came into power with any or a lot of negative baggage like the other two candidates seem to have.

So I guess local politics is just like the state and federal, the voters really have no clear choice, and must decide between the lesser of evils.

Richfield, KS

#81 Jul 27, 2008
concerncitizenuly wrote:
Grow up. If it takes DNA, then no I can not prove it. Ask Lance. Ask Cindy Heaton. Ask Brenda why she filed for a divorce. Ask Lonnie, he has a mole getting him documents. Lance is not a nice guy. He has done some bad things and needs to pay. Loy got caught up in it and turning a blind eye makes him a bad man also.
<quoted text>
I got my bubble burst today. I found out it was true about him getting Cindy pregnant, but the next person said she was too old to have a baby. So what do we all beleive, nothing of what we've heard and half of what we've seen personally.

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