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#1 Mar 4, 2013
deathcultreject23-01-2008, 10:12 AM
I've found some research from four years ago which (in my mind) indicates that Satanic Ritual abuse might have more to do with mind controll than occult lizards.

MKULTRA files look like they were working on it forty years ago.

People in NMR scans show agitation of the Anterior Cingulate Cortex during Hypnosis and post hypnotic suggestion.(that's the 'new' research.)

The ACC is like a bridge between the frontal lobes and the motor functions.

It corrects errors, and it's job is to make sure that only direct messages go to the motor brain etc.

It's also involved with rewards and expectations, and can get involved with strong emotions.

It's job is to filter out "conflict" as in contradictions, paradoxes and violation of expectation.

In Ericsonian hypnosis,(which Bandler is probably the leading exponent of) it gets overloaded by ambiguous and contradictory subliminals such as the hypnotic script.

It would also get agitated by spirals revolving in other directions, etc. etc.

As it gets tied in knots, the hypnotists influence gains more access directly to the motor brain, and they take on a "this is the way" aproach whilst the ACC is kept busy.

Before NMR, psychology experiments tended to involve the stroop task where someone would respond by pressing buttons as quickly as they could in response to things like arrows or numbers etc.

Someone might respond to RED (written in red) faster than they might respond to GREEN (written in purple) for example, because the safety filter also deals with contradictions.

The MKULTRA files have clear evidence of research into the effects of fatigue in the response speeds measured in the stroop task.

The relevance of this in hypnosis was discovered four years ago with brain scans.

MKULTRA probably discovered it secretly with electrodes (causing the side effect of temporal lobe epilepsy)

Here are three implications from this.

1) The strangeness of surviver accounts and Satanic Ritual Abuse memories are all explainable as methods of overloading the ACC through trauma rather than through relaxed misleading and concentration on growing amounts of contradicting words or themes.

Time paradoxes, murder at chrismas time, torture by big fluffy animals etc. all look like attempts at overloading the ACC,
and the SRA etc. accounts came out many years before the public knew about the ACC's role in hypnotic induction.

The snigger factor and sinister clown effect might not just be a discrediting screen memory, it might come more directly from methods of overloading the ACC.

Safe amounts of this kind of contradiction are naturaly dealt with by laughter. People seek it out and it's safely explored in commedy.

2) hypnotic induction of this kind would cause a decrease in reaction time. Survivers probably do not have real deltas, because it would not be suitable for military special ops, etc.

The Delta theme might (sometimes) be explained as disinformation intended to make survivers self isolate.

3) Bandlers methods draw heavily on overloading the ACC, and he's kind of pushing the theme of treating people by frightening them. This might be due to his CIA connection.

I hope this turns out helpful for survivers, I've only done shallow research into it so far.
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#2 Mar 5, 2013
Hello mk. ultra, how are you today ? My name is otto...( you can pronounce my name backwards if like I won't get offended ) I'm writting you a letter of thanks. I have been researching this topic of mind for awhile here and there without letting obsession possess me. I'm afraid to bury myself in this study because it just scares the ever living f... out of me. It makes me sweat just to toss it out here in the open on topix. Why should I get all hot and bothered by reading and writting about this? Because I have been a target victim before ( for now it sleeps it seems). I always watch and listen at every moment within my head for silent thought invaders. If you think I'm crazy that's ok too I won't get offended. Because I don't Argue petty issues of opposites right &wrong sane &insane. I am smarter than that to be a mental prisoner in a matrix of black & white checkered thought concepts. I don't know bout you mk.ultra...but I'm like clint eastwood in escape from alcatraz. I am always chipping away at the bricks of our so called reality structure. In my left eye is a black circle and in my right eye is a white square . All I can really see is a triangle. That's it...a pryamid. Black,white,and absoluteness as the all seeing eye. While muslim war with the jews and christians rage war on secularism,and the governments stage illusions of dept. I will always walk between the buildings of free masonary and laugh to myself, what idiots these men are to play into the game.
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#3 Mar 5, 2013
So long as men insist they have a purpose and chase after desire they will be rightful property to mind control owners. As jesus said; give back to ceasar what belongs to ceasar. In regards to taxes what should we do with this problem of money? Money is the emblem of all our desire on earth. This seems to be the king of all mind control operations. People who don't believe in such nonsence of mindcontrol don't realize that every moment of their lives is being manipulated by unknown men and invisiable powers that be. Our natures are our program that is being perverted,this is what means to be in a fallen state. To be a sock puppet for forces both seen and unseen. So while you all pretend to be free I will gaze my eye and stare beyond good and evil
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#4 Mar 5, 2013
Your mind already wants to attack the the concepts I previously written. How dare I. Violate the rule of the universe and say black is white. I supose our captors would agree to hang me or drag me to room 101 at the ministry of love. With any game there must be rules to hold the game togeather. In ours it is to be perpetualy confused in the realm of opposites. To know the differance...those who hold the power to unite these togeather are the mind kontrol department. There is a interesting google app. That is pattern illusion of boxes,black and white. Inside boxes are collapsing and outside boxes are expanding. If you stare into it for 30sec. And look away you will hallucinate for a moment while you perceive everything moving as if melting. In responce to your orginal posting. Our mind must be stable in conformed opposition it seems. Control chaos....?
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#5 Mar 5, 2013
One phenomenon I have endured by mind control experiments such as I didn't induce this experiance but by people who practice occultism. I was trapped to percieve everything in a mental mirror. Everything seemed mirrored to who I am...a song would mock me. It seemed as if every song I listened to was speaking to me. And I. Believed it was a subliminal message wrote to me. When people spoke to each other my mind would scan and pick out sentances that seemed to pertain to me personally. Thus, paranoid delusion would be a symptom of my insanity says the doctor. What the doctor doesn't know is my mind was programmed to do this by handlers that are adept at witchcraft. Perhaps doctors need to study occult magic before they go spouting off at the mouth claiming authority on matters of the mind.
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#6 Mar 5, 2013
This mirror mind effect came from staring into the abyss. The meaning of this abyss is something if understood would have you on your knees praying for salvation in a hurry. It is the watery reflection of all that is evil inside of you. So in due process everything you percieve turns into a paranoid delusion tale spin of friends and family speaking strange riddles to you. Strangers are all demonicaly possessed and conspire behind your ignorance. The world seems to be a illusion and you are already in hell watching your life on a projection screen. A combination of movies hellraiser and in the mouth of madness. Would fit this explaination.....minus all the hooks tearing your flesh apart. It took me two years to convince myself of this reality and I still do not trust it all. Trauma based perhaps...
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#7 Mar 5, 2013
There is no proof I can say this experience was sent by the holy spirit god, or if it were due to drugs given into my water supply, or if it were indeed demons vowing for my soul. What I must say in the fashion it was carried out smells of human activity. When you are surrounded by people all claiming of occult knowledge and witch craft type women, you can't help but wonder maybe they were not kooks after all and profess at what they say. I ignored their kooky claims and smiled back at them with doubt. And without warning a subtle lasting experience overwelmed my mind. It was a very sneeky and smart way of going about inducing a psycological experience without the tools of scarey clowns and bad teddybears.
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#8 Mar 9, 2013
how would you know if you wee mind controller or had sex cahnge with out remembering ......we look at the people who surived........we do studys on them ...look at the patterns......and start from their ....before 2012 ...because someone put a speel a curse within the hypnosis no one could stop it before 2012......this caused a from of musical chairs espcailly in the government.....we still have more likely over 80 pecent of us government employees are not suppose to be in those if peole ask why the us government is so stupid half the people are from other countries half the people were forced into those can tell that one of the only few that know this no one is talking about..........lets exzpalin ahypnosis that out of control.....and someone in the hypnosis dies.......well the people in the hypnosis still need that they have to find look al ikes a have facial surgery so the hypnotised ...dont go completly what im writeing sound crazy.........dosent hypnotiesd people who get worse if you try to change their hyp nosis or try to change their i dont make since to anyone not even the peole who are wtching and reading this write now as i ill explain one more time..........hypnosis is like a record unless your the bomb at hypnosis the people wont respond to you only i have to wait another five ten years for htese retasrd to leave their postions and let professional in to the postions unti lthen go0 shoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooopping

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